Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) March 25, 2008 Edition


  1. Will you sell my stuff? Most likely, yes. We do consignment which we will work out on the spot. Come in, we'll talk. If you live far away, like more than a days drive, seek out the help of a distributor.

  1. Will you buy my old cds, records, tapes, dvds, etc.? How much? We sell used merchandise and the only way to restock it is to buy used items from people like you. We will give you a fair but modest price (different items have different ranges – talk to us about it). We are currently not accepting cassettes (video or audio) or other currently less-accessible formats (mini-discs, reel-to-reel, wax cylinders… actually, if you have some really interesting or worthwhile items we’ll look at ‘em and give you an offer).

  1. Why did you open a record store? We love music. We love being involved with music. We've each been involved with the underground music scene for a combined 20+ years. This is a logical continuation of our involvement; helping the central/southern CT scene grow and prosper.

  1. Will you record my band? We do not record bands, but we could possibly recommend some people who do. Come down to the store and talk to us about it.

  1. Will you book my band? We do book an occasional show. We mostly book locals so if you are an out of state band you are most likely out of luck, unless we're ol' friends from way back when.

  1. Do you have Gift Certificates? Why yes we do and we'd love for you to buy them for all of your loved ones for their birthday, holidays or as a random act of kindness. They are wonderful for everyone – even pets love them.

  1. Can I buy Manic Productions tickets at your store? Let me check with the manager. Yes, we have those in stock. How many should I put you down for? A hundred? Sounds good.

  1. Will you sell tickets for my show/concert/production? We will consider selling tickets for your event on a case by case basis. We’ll talk it over with you and each other to make sure it’s a good idea all around and go from there.

  1. Do you really have Pinball? Yes! We had a Pinball Tournament as well and it was won by Erik Reich. Come play our machine. It is fun and has flashing lights and sounds. Hopefully we'll get a new machine soon. UPDATE ON THE PINBALL AND ARCADE MACHINES: We have Lord of the Rings Pinball. So does the Movie Theatre down the street, but there are so many damn looky-loos there and distractions. We will give you tips and tricks if you want. We also had it first. I'm not joking. We rule. If you can get the Grand Champion score on the machine we'll give you a free record or compact disc of your choosing (within reason/our discretion). The arcade machine we have now (Ultracade) rules. It's only a quarter to play some pretty great classic games. It's got some pretty great weird non-U.S. released stuff too! Challenge us to Bubble Bobble and it's very likely we'll pay for it. UPDATE NUMBER 2: Nobody has beaten the Grand Champ score on LotR and if you do the prize is still up for grabs.

  1. How's business? Stop asking this question. Not to be mean, but it's the MOST FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION…roughly ten million times a day. Honest.

  1. What is the deal with your musical classifications? The deal is this: Some kinds of music just fit together and since we can do what we want we did so there. Cake is delicious.

  1. Do you do special orders? For you, yes. Only for you though. Unless you know someone else who wants to make a special order then we can make an exception because they know you.

  1. What kind of records do you carry? We carry round records, oddly shaped and sized records, rare records, re-issued and new records. We have vintage rock and new punk. We have hot beats and smooth jams.

  1. Do you have actual records? Yeah we do. They even make new ones to this day and we carry them. They are very collectible. You should start a collection.

  1. What does "Redscroll" mean? I have no idea. But you can consider it just the pre-fix to "Records." It's a way to identify the shop. I love Redscroll Records. You should too.

  1. Do you have a website? Yes we do, RedscrollRecords.com

  1. Do you do mail order? We don’t have a problem doing mail order for people who live too far away to make it into the store. Let us know what it is you want and we’ll go from there.

  1. Is it true you also do a zine? Yes, we do. It’s centered on the goings on of life in Connecticut. Feel free to mail us your demo, CD, DVD, record, etc… and we’ll review it in the next issue. You must be from CT though.

  1. Are you hiring? Not at the moment, but please drop off your resume. You might be too good to resist.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

New & Key Restocks in on 3/20/08

New Items & Key Restocks for 3/20/08

As Tall As Lions - Into The Flood (+CD)
Autechre - Quarstice (2XLP)
Booka Shade - Planetary
Current 93 - Of Ruine
Dead Boys - We Have Come For
Decemberists - Castaways And Cutouts (180gm)
Diplo / Newham / Elewedu - Fuji
DJ Sandrino / Haaksman / Beware - Rio Baile Funk Breaks
Lemuria - Get Better
Nick Lowe - Jesus Of Cool
No Neck - Aftypiclipse
Stephen Malkmus - Pig Lib
My Morning Jacket - Chocolate And Ice
Osborne - Ruling
Rocket From The Crypt - All Systems Go (2XLP)
Tetine - A Historia Da Garca
Tyrannosaurus Rex - A Star Of Beards (180gm)
Spedicati / Capriati - Giallo
Silver Mt. Zion - 13 Blues
VA - An Uncommon Nature
Zomby - Mu5h

Adult - Why Bother
Adult - Anxiety Always
Oren Ambarchi & Z'ev - Spirit Transform Me
Autechre - Quarstice
Bitcrush - Epilogue In Waves
Ceephax - Volume One
Clark - Turning Dragon
Crystal Castles - s/t
Dear Matthew - Asa Breed
Eyeless In Gaza - Flux / Eyes
Fireflight - Healing Of Harms
Good Riddance - Remain In Memory: Final Show
Jarboe / Justin Broadrick - J2
Murder By Death - Red Of Tooth Ad Claw
OS Mutantes - Everything Is
Ravi Shankar - Flowers Of India
She And Him - Volume One
Silver Mt. Zion - 13 Blues
Yeti - #5

Blood Creature / Werewolf In A Girls Dormatory
Bucket Of Blood / Giant Gila Monster
Ghosts Of Mars
Gathering - Noise Severe
Less Than Jake - People's History
No Country For Old Men

Lead Balloon

Saturday, March 15, 2008

ONE YEAR! Get psyched! We are! This flier is a bit of a hard read as a picture and not as a printed page in front of you where things are a bit bigger, so here is the week's events in text form:

Saturday, April 12



We opened April 12, 2007. Help us celebrate by coming in, hanging out and picking up some cool new jams.




Sunday, April 13

We’re open regular hours and then we’re sponsoring a show:

Tom Greenwood (Jackie-O-MotherF#!*er), Joanne Robertson (UK/Textile Records), The Skaters, Dolphins for the Future (Belguim), 21+over, FREE (myspace.com/shakipresents)

@ BAR, 254 Crown Street, New Haven, Connecticut

Monday, April 14 - CLOSED (Rest Up)

Tuesday, April 15


We’ll be showing some short films by local independent film-makers.


FREE! In the store. B.Y.O.Popcorn. 8PM START

Wednesday, April 16

BOARD GAME NIGHT! Stratego tournament! Winner gets a $25 Gift Certificate!

Thursday, April 17


Malcolm Tent (Aggressive Acoustic), M.P. Miglieta, Luc Rioual, Corey & Ed, Jesus Israel and Kyle Anthony.

Also celebrate the release of, “A Guide To Life: You Live In Connecticut” by picking up a copy. 6PM START

Friday, April 18


Conure & Medhammer in store performances. 7PM-9PM then,

The Dream Team, Dev79 & Starkey (Seclusiasis, Philly). $5

@ Sully’s Pub, 2871 Park St., Hartford, Connecticut

Saturday, April 19

RECORD STORE DAY (recordstoreday.com)


With: Haunted Continents (James Downes of Call It Arson), Monitor & the Merrimac, Chris Listorti & Jettison

Free T-Shirts, $25 Gift Certificate for the first person to beat Bubble Bobble, and more fun!


15 March 2008 Update of New and Key Restocked Items

15 March 2008 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Able Baker Fox "Voices" LP
Black Tusk "Passage Through"LP
Call Me Lightning/Get Rad 7"
Crime Desire "Nadir" 7"
Destroy LA "Vandalize" 7"
The Effort "Wear Your..." 7"
Embrace LP
The First Step "Connection" 7"
Flogging Molly "Float" LP
Forfeit "Visions" 7"
Get Up Kids/RFTC 7"
Ghastly City Sleep LP
Gravemaker "Demolition" 7"
Mum "They Made Frogs Smoke" 7"
Needles 7"
Old Man Gloom "Seminar III" LP
Palehorse "Secrets within Secrets" LP
Gregor Samsa "27:36+2Dot" LP
various artists "I Thrash, Therefore..." LP
Warbringer "War Without End" LP

Arckanum "Kampen"
Arckanum "Kostogher"
Complete Failure "Perversions"
Dark Fortress "Eidolon"
Flogging Molly "Float"
Jucifer "L'autrichienne"
Meshuggah "Obzen"
Sarcofago "Worst/Crust"
Sole "Desert Eagle vol. 1"
Today is the Day "Willpower"
Today is the Day "Supernova"
Unearthly Trance "Electrocution"
Warbringer "War Without End"
Witch "Paralyzed"

Expect Resistance (Book)
Visionaire Sound Issue #53 - Sound (http://www.visionaireworld.com)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

New & Key Restocks 3/13/08

Aphex Twin - Richard D James Album
Bauhaus - Go Away White
Benga - Diary Of An Afro
Boogie Down - Criminal Minded Deluxe
Buzzoven - Welcome To Violence
C-64 Orchestra - Run 10 (2XCD)
Chumbawamba - English Rebel Songs
City And Colour - Bring Me Your Love
Dick Dale - King Of Surf Guitar
Dirty Bombs - We Have You Surrounded
Dead Kennedys - Milking The Sacred Cow
Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit For Rotting
Dead Kennedys - Frankenchrist
Dead Kennedys - Give Me Convenience
Dead Meadow - Old Growth
Del The Funky Homosapien - Eleventh Hour
Doubtful Guest - Acid Sauna
Earth - Bee Made Honey In The
Food For Animals - Belly
Guapo - Elixirs
Gutter Twins - Saturnalia
Charlie Haden - Not In Our Name
Indian Jewelry - We Are The Wild Beast
Barry Lynn - Balancing Lakes
Stephen Malkmus - Real Emotional Trash
MB - Symphony For A
Meatmen - Stud Powercock
Megafaun - Bury The Square
Merzbow - 1930
Miasm & The Caroussel - Perils
Miss Kitten - Batbox
Miss Kitten - First Album (+bonus tracks)
New Blockdrs / Moore / O'Rourke
Old Crow Medicine Show - Eutaw
Our Last Night - The Ghosts Among Us
OS Mutantes - s/t
Pegasus XL - Antiphon
Tinchy Stryder - Cloud 9
Squarepusher - Feed Me Weird
Daniel Tosh - True Stories I Made Up (+DVD)
Trans AM - Sex Change
Mia Doi Todd - Gea
Townes Van Zandt - Rear View Window
V/A - Dont Stop: Recording
V/A - England Story (2XCD)
Viva Voce - Lovers Lead The Way / Heat
Viva Voce - Get Yr Blood Sucked Out
Why - Alopecia
White Williams - New Violence
Young Gods - Super Ready - Fragmente

Amebix - Arise
Anakrid / Blue Sabbath - Collaborative
Avarus - Kirppujen Saari
Bag Raiders - Remix
Benga - Diary Of An Afro (3XLP)
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Dandelion Gum
Bong Ra - Colony Of
Budos Band - Budos Band II
Clarke / Lil Louis - Our Dark
Decemberists - Picaresque (2XLP)
Del The Funky Homosapien - Eleventh Hour (2XLP)
Diplo / Newham / Elewedu - Fuji
Dirty Bombs - We Have You Surrounded
DJ Ayres - I Like Make Dance
DJ Craze - Bully Breaks 2
DJ Eli - Motion Lotion Vol 4
Doubtful Guest - Acid Sauna (3XLP)
Edu K ft. Marina - Me Bota
Few Nolder - No Mo
Flower Travellin' Band - Sat
Gris Gris - For The Season
Ill Sanity - Grounmd Xero
Likhan - Terre / Uwill
Barry Lynn - Balancing Lakes (2XLP)
Juan Maclean - Happy House
Moondog - Viking Of Sixth (2XLP)
Mono - Gone (3XLP)
Muscles - One Inch Badge
My Morning Jacket - Z (2XLP)
My Morning Jacket - Acoustic Citsuoca
Niave New Beaters - Bang
Nico - The End
Oakhelm - Betwixt & Between
Osborne - Ruling
A. Shankar - s/t
Skream - Skreamizm V1 (2X12")
Skream - Skreamizm v2 (2X12")
Son Pelenque - Samba
Tetine - Go To The Doctor
Times New Viking - Dig Yourself
Van She / Dangerous - Around
V/A - England Story Vol 1 (2XLP)
V/A - England Story Vol 2 (2XLP)
Warrior Queen - Things

Robedoor / Yellow - split

Darjeeling Limited
Day Of The Animals
High Tension (unrated)
Hiruko The Goblin
Hitman (unrated special ed.)
Into The Wild - (2disc special ed.)
Miike Collection II
Slices - Appetiz Slices
Tin Man (collectors ed)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

5 March 2008 Update of Key Restocks and New Items

5 March 2008 Update of Key Restocks and New Items
at Redscroll Records

Compact Discs:
Todd Barry "From Heaven"
Bauhaus "Go Away White"
C-64 Orchestra "Run 10"
Daft Punk "Discovery"
Dead Can Dance "A Passage In Time"
Evol Intent "Era of Diversion"
Horna "Pimeyden Hehku"
Miss Kitten "Batbox"
Our Last Night "The Ghosts Among Us"
Quiet Life "Act Naturally"
Various "World is Gone"
Ricardo Villalobos "Fabric 36"

Flaming Lips "In a Priest Driven Ambulance" LP
Growing "Lateral" LP
Hot Chip "Made in the Dark" LP
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks "Real Emotional Trash" LP
Mewithoutyou "A)B Life" LP
Mewithoutyou "Catch Us for the Foxes" LP
Neptune "Gong Lake" LP
Sword "Age of Winters" LP
Vetiver "To Find Me Gone" 2xLP
Walkmen "Hundred Miles Off" LP

Digital Video Discs:
Alley Cat
Christopher Lee Collection
Frog Song
Hell Up In Harlem
Human Giant
Into the Wild
Kurt Cobain About a Son
Legend of Black Scorpion
Living Dead at Manchester Morgue

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

4 March 2008 Update of New and Key Restocked Items

4 March 2008 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Acrostix "Truth Turned Gray..." 7"
Born Ruffians "Red, Yellow..." LP
DMX Krew "Transactional..." LP
DonDon "Final Warning" LP
False "Fed on Youth" 12"
Flower Travelin' Band "Satori" LP
Graf Orlock "Destination (TAN)" LP
Kromestar "Hungry Bully" 12"
Numbers "Alphabet" 7"
Jim O'Rourke "Insignificace" LP
The Silver Apples "The Garden" 2xLP
Tayo & Baobinga "Style and Trend" 12"
Van She/Dangerous "Around the World" 12"

Compact Discs:
Anal Blast "Vaginal Vempire"
Black Tusk "Passage Through..."
Born Ruffians "Red, Yellow..."
Insect Warfare "World Extermination"
Jandek "The Myth of Blue"
Jim O'Rourke "Eureka"
Perth Express "Discography"
Sun City Girls "You're Never..."
Tangorodrim "Justus Ex Fide Viv..."
The Weird Weeds "I Miss..."

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