Friday, October 28, 2011

28th of October 2011 Update

28th of October 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Adams, Ryan      "Ashes & Fire"
Atelecine      "The Falcon And the Pod" (Grey Splatter Vinyl)
Bayside      "Sirens And Condolences" (+ D/L)
Beach Boys, The      "Smile"
Bjork      "Biophilia"   
Black Label Society      "1919 Eternal"
Black Sabbath      "Sabotage"
Coldplay      "Mylo Xyloto"
Dead Meadow      "Got Live If You Want It!"
Dio      "Evil Or Divine: Live In New York City"
Fidan, Tolga      "We're Strangers Now"
Flaming Lips      "Zaireeka" (Unofficial)
Fu Manchu      "The Covers" (Void, JFA, Black Flag, The Cars, Thin Lizzy…)
Give Up The Ghost      "Year One" (+ D/L)
Green, Colleen      "Cujo" (+ D/L)
Head Automatica      "Decademce"
Helmet      "Meantime"
Hooker, John Lee      "Sittin' Here Thinkin'"
Ilya Monosov      "Sailor Man" (+ D/L)
Jonti      "Twirligig"
Knife, The      "Marble House"
Koray, Erkin      "Mechul: Singles & Rarities"
Mercury Rev      "Deserter's Songs"
Muhammad, Idris      "Pow"er Of Soul"
Ohbijou      "Metal Meets
Pianos Become The Teeth      "The Lack Long After"
Prurient      "Time's Arrow"
Psychic Dancehall      "Dreamers" (+ D/L)
Queers, The      "Grow Up"
Russian Circles      "Station"
Sadier, Laetitia      "La Piscine: An Invitation By Laetitia Sadier To Keep On Swimming
Strife    One Truth" (+ D/L)
Sun Ra      "The Mike Huckaby Reel-To-Reel Edits Vol. 1" (U.F.O. / Antique Blacks)
Swervedriver      "Planes Over The Skyline: Rare And Unreleased Recordings" (Screened Fan Club Edition)
Various Artists      "Mississippi Blues 1927-1941"
Void      "Sessions 1981-83"
Warzone      "Old School To New School" (+ D/L)
Wolfe, Chelsea      "Ἀποκάλυψις"
Zorn, John      "A Dreamers Christmas"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
Alias G      "Delite Tonite / Pulsate"
AnD    "Non Compliant / Reverberate / Molecular Deconstruction"
Anstam    "Dispel Dances"
Banton, Solo    "Music Addict EP"
Bogdan Irkuk (A.K.A. Bulgari)    "The Thracian EP (W/ Prins Thomas)"
Burns, Willie    "Willie Burns"
Dro Carey    "Cancy Red / Hungry Horse"
Dubmatix     "Clash Of The Titans: The System Shakedown Remixes"
Ernestus, Mark / Konono     "Masikulu"
Greene, Jacque    "Greene 01 (10")"
King Midas Sound    "Goodbye Girl"
Kito & Reija Lee    "Sweet Talk"
Knwledge  "Klouds"
Kuedo    "Severant (+ D/L)"
L-Vis 1990  "Lost In Love""
Midnight Magic    "Drop Me A Line
Mosca    "Done Me Wrong / Bax"
Quantax      "Cinematics/Who Needs Attack (10")"
Robot Koch  "The Other Side (2XLP)"
Samoyed      "Spit EP (Spit/Maybe Yes) (10")"
Stingray Enters The Unknown    "The Sadist EP"
Thelem    "Lucid Dream"
Vakula      "Saturday Remixes (Deetron, Jeff Sharel, Legowelt, Fudge Fingas)"
Various Artists      "Surreal Estate EP (XI, Distal, Sepalcure, Kuru & UFO!, DJG, Bravo & Teeko)"
Various Artists      "RDY#6"
Various Artists      "Ghettoteknitianz E.P. (DJ Rashad & Gant-Man, DJ Earl, Traxman)"
Various Artists      "Fac Dance: Factory Records 12" Mixes & Rarities 1980-1987"
Willie Burns      "Willie Burns = House (I'm Gonna Get You / Windows Down / Waste Your Time / Another Night)"
XXXY      "Kerpow / Down Wit U"

Hip-Hop 12"s & LPs
GZA / Genius      "Liquid Swords"
Nosaj Thing      "Drift"
Yesterdays New Quintet (MadLib)      "Yesterday's Universe"
Yesterdays New Quintet (MadLib)         "Yesterdays New Quintet"
Zavala      "he Dark Time Sunshine Vessel Instrumentals" (Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl)

DMX Krew      "Funky Dancer"
Fed Up!      "Live At WFMU"
Grave Babies      "Pleasures"
Jawbox      "Jackpot Plus!"
Reivers      "Schemata"
Swing Kids      "Swing Kids"
Tall Black Guy      "Water No Enemy"
Tall Black Guy      "Return Of Here"
Terrible Feelings      "Impending Doom / Death To Everyone"
Terry Malts      "Someting About You"

Black Tusk      "Set The Dial"
Body, The / Braveyoung      "Nothing Passes"
Fuck The Facts      "Die Miserable"
Giant Squid      "Cenote"
Kid Koala      "Space Cadet" (CD + Book)
Necros Christos      "Doom Of..."
Oswalt, Patton      "Finest Hour"
Spits      "Spits"
Sultan, Mark      "Whatever I Want"
Various Artists      "African Pearls Volume 2"
Viodre      "Interpol Alchemi"
Zinn, Howard      "Vol 1: People's History"


Wolves in The Throne Room - Celestial Lineage

Wolves In The Throne Room is an ambient black metal band from Olympia,
Washington. They were formed by two brothers (Aaron
& Nathan Weaver) in 2002, and released their first full length,
""Diadem of Twelve Stars"  in 2006. Since then, they have been signed
to Southern Lord Records and released 2 full lengths, and EP, and a
live album. "Celestial Lineage" marks their fourth full length

Wolves is not like most black metal bands, in that they do not promote
satanism, wear corpse pain or do much of what the average black metal
band does. Instead, they fuse their music with themes of nature, often
play outdoors, and promote meditation during live shows. "Celestial
Lineage" is as alluring and beautiful as it is aggressive and dark. It
has not left my turntable for about 5 days now, and I don't see it
leaving anytime soon.

This double LP comes on 180 gram vinyl in a thick gatefold jacket with
printed inner sleeves and an OBI strip. Really top notch packaging,
but that's to expect from Southern Lord.

(Review: Sean)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Out & About: WFMU Record Fair (NYC)

Out & About: WFMU Record Fair (NYC)

Josh and I (Rick) and our friend Ben will be at the WFMU Record Fair on Friday and Saturday. We'll have 2 tables set up. The fair goes through Sunday, but we'll not be there that last day. It is the best event like this anywhere. There are hundreds of dealers (dealer list here) with a wide variety of specialties. And there are other special events and performances (Prince Rama, Black Hollies, CSC Funk Band... list). If you can't make it, but want us to keep a look out for something in particular please feel free to send us an email with what it is you'd like us to look for and (this is important) how much you'd be willing to pay for it.

Take a look at this walking tour I did of the event last year (single shaky shot of me walking through the whole thing with as little back-tracking as possible - it's hard to hit every spot without going back a little).

(PS - We're also seeing Danzig's Legacy show on Saturday night! Danzig, Misfits and Samhain songs! Stoked!)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pixies Free Tickets Contest

Pixies Free Tickets Contest
(Read on and learn how.)

This Saturday, October 29th, Pixies will be taking the stage at the Palace Theater in Waterbury, CT to perform  their second album, "Doolittle". Florida indie rockers, Surfer Blood will be opening up the show.

Manic Productions is co-promoting this show and was nice enough to give us a pair of tickets to give away! All you have to do is come down to the store & bring a Pixies album up to the counter. You don't need to even buy it.  No purchase necessary! We only have one pair (2 for the first person to do this) so get here quick!

Speaking of Manic Productions, we recently did an interview with the brains behind that operation, Mark Nussbaum. We're still putting that video together, but here is a sneak peek!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Video: Tour Of the Store October 2011

Video: Tour Of the Store October 2011

As a regular or maybe less frequent visitor to our modest shop you might know that things get moved around every so often to make it possible to fit more and more into the store.  In order to make it easier upon your next visit you can take a gander at this quick tour of the store we put together. Enjoy!

Friday, October 21, 2011

21st Of October 2011 Update

21st Of October 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Airbird    "City Vs. Mountains / Rotating Cloud (/500)"
Beets, The    "Let The Poison Out. (+ D/L)"
Black Tusk    "Set The Dial (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl)"
Blink-182 (Blink 182)    "Neighborhoods (Ltd. Ed. Blue & White Marble Color Vinyl + D/L)"
Cinema Red And Blue    "Cinema Red & Blue"
Citizens Patrol    "Citizens Patrol"
Comet Gain    "Howl Of The Lonely Crowd"
Comet Gain    "Broken Record Prayers (2xLP)"
Comet Gain    "Tigertown Pictures"
Crow, Rob (Of Pinback)    "He Thinks He's People (+ D/L)"
Danava    "Hemisphere Of Shadows (/1,000)"
Deer Tick    "Divine Providence (+ D/L)"
Dirty Projectors + Bjork    "Mount Wittenberg Orca (180 Gram, 3D Lenticular Sleeve & Deluxe Insert + D/L)"
El Rego    "El Rego Et Ses Commandos (+ Bonus 45' + D/L)"
Ferraro, James    "FARSIDEVIRTUAL (+ D/L)"
Forest Fire    "Staring At The X (+ D/L)"
Gauntlet Hair    "Gauntlet Hair (+ D/L)"
Gringo Star    "Count Yer Lucky Stars (Purple Vinyl + D/L)"
Happy Jawbone Family Band    "OK Midnight, You Win"
Harmonizer    "World Complete (Ltd. Ed. /500)"
Jesu    "Jesu (2xLP)"
Joy Division    "Autosuggestion"
Junius    "Reports From The Threshold Of Death (+ D/L)"
Landmines    "Commerce And Marx"
Latterman    "No Matter Where We Go..!"
Magnetic Fields, The    "Holiday (180 Gram Vinyl + D/L)"
Man Overboard     "Man Overboard"
Moholy-Nagy (Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Danny Grody, Trevor Montgomery)    "Like Mirage (+ D/L)"
Morrissey    "Reader Meet Author"
Na Hawa Doumbia    "La Grande Cantatrice Malienne (+ D/L)"
Oingo Boingo    "Marching In Time"
Perri, Sandro    "Impossible Spaces (180 Gram + Art Print Poster + D/L)"
Pioulard, Benoit Honore    "Benoit Honore Pioulard Plays Thelma"
Primus    "Green Naugahyde"
Psychic Ills    "Hazed Dream (+ D/L)"
Raconteurs, The    "Consolers Of The Lonely"
Red Hot Chili Peppers, The    "I'm With You (180 Gram)"
Roots Manuva    "4EVEREVOLUTION (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)"
Savaging Spires    "Savaging Spires"
Screaming Females    "Baby Teeth"
Screaming Females    "What If Someone Is Watching Their TV?"
Senders     "Lucidity/Lividity"
Sex Church    "Growing Over"
She & Him    "A Very She & Him Christmas: 12 Holiday Classics (Portion Of Proceeds Support 826 National; + D/L)"
Shoppers    "Silver Year"
Slow Death, The    "Born Ugly Got Worse"
Slowdive    "Hide Yer Eyes"
Sluggy Ranks    "Ghetto Youth"
Sluggy Ranks    "Nitty Gritty"
Snowing    "I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted"
Surfer Blood    "Tarot Classics (+ D/L)"
This Is Hell    "Black Mass"
Total Abuse    "Prison Sweat"
Transit    "Listen & Forgive (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)"
Trapped Under Ice    "Big Kiss Goodnight"
Unlearn    "Unlearn"
Wilson, Gary    "Forgotten Lovers"
Wolves In The Throne Room    "Celestial Lineage (180 Gram Black Vinyl)"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
Daphni    "Cos Ber Zam - Ne Noya (Daphni Mix) / Yes, I Know / Jiao"
Four Tet    "Locked / Pyramid"
Korallreven    "As Young As Yesterday (Remixes By Girl Unit, The Final Fantasy & Panda Bear)"
Pillow Talk    "The Comeback EP"
Various Artists    "If This Is House I Want My Money Back: ZWEI EP02"

Mr. Chop    Switched On (2x10")
New Navy    (ULUWATU)
Protestant    Stalemate

Agitator "Walls Closing In"
Alert "Find Your Way"
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Willow Garden"
Cornered "F&ck Off!"
Elvis Christ
Get Destroyed "Shut In"
Home Blitz "ATK"
Nuclear Sanda Claust
Picked Clean
Post Teens
Reivers "Schemata"
Swervedriver "Hitcher"

9th Wonder "Wonder Years"
Adams, Ryan "Ashes + Fire"
Alvarius B "Blood Op..."
Coldplay "Mylo Xyloto"
Electro Quarterstaff "Aykroy..."
El Rego "El Rego..."
Hammers Of Misfortune "17th..."
Jonti "Twirligig"
Liles, Andrew "Flesh Creep... (6CD Box)"
M83 "Hurry Up We're Dreaming"
Prurient "Time's Arrow"
She & Him "A Very She & Him Christmas"
Skinny Puppy "Handover"
Trapped Under Ice "Big Kiss..."
Various Arists "Opika Pende... (4CD/Book)"
Various Artists "Bambara Mystic Soul"
Waits, Tom "Bad As Me (Deluxe 2CD/Book)"
Waits, Tom "Bad As Me (Regular Version)"
Wareika "Per Aspera"

Max G. Morton "There Must Be Some Kind Of Way Out Of Here: Sleep Vol. 1"
Anthony Pappalardo / Max G. Morton "Live... Suburbia: Is There Life After Youth"
Bryan Ray Turcotte / Christopher T. Miller "Fucked Up + Photocopied: Instant Art Of The Punk Rock Movement (Punk Flyers, Posters, Set Lists, Fan Letters, Photos, 'Zines)"


Dolphins Into The Future ... On Seafaring Isolation LP
(Not Not Fun)
This is the kind of music that doesn’t abide by traditional “songwriting” – it’s better to just close your eyes and lose yourself in the freely flowing atmosphere. DITR is a project from Belgian composer Lieven Martens, who combines elegant, tranquil electronics with perpetual ocean ambience (chirping seabirds, barking sea lions, a creaking boat, clanging buoy bells and lots of crashing ocean waves are heard through most of this record.) The insert says that this LP is a tribute to Cetacean Nation founder John Cunningham Lilly M.D.’s “Seafaring Isolation” writings, which analyze “what happens when an isolated mind roams around the oceanic world by itself, only surrounded by this vast system of overwhelming natural elements.” Themes of unconscious thoughts and dreams are prevalent, particularly in “Lapse ~ Dream,” combining what sounds like nighttime swamp ambience with a woodwind instrument that sounds like it’s making bird calls. The overall experience is curiously soothing; a very palatable mix of not only electronic ambience, but also elements of trance and even new age. Personally, this is the kind of music I love to put on for a blissful chill-out.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Live Music: Spraynard, Laugh It Off, MLK

Live Music: Spraynard, Laugh It Off, MLK

TONIGHT the 15th Of ROCKtober 2011

Secret location:
meet at Redscroll Records (for directions)
(Yeah, it's got an end time! You can make plans for after!)

Spraynard (Square of Opp 32 / Asian Man ??)
West Chester PA's pop punk sweethearts, playstation magazine gave their most recent video game themed album 'funtitled' 4.5/5 joysticks up so you know it's the dankest. Under no circumstance should you miss this band.

Laugh It Off
(Square of Opp 38 or 39 probably)
Hailing mostly from Philadelphia PA by way of the Lehigh Valley comes your new favorite poppy hardcore wrecking crew. They have been compared to early Saves The Day and other good sounding music. Ex members of Yo Man Go, Hypatia, Robot Attack, Government Satire, Audioheart, Paramedic..... I could keep going.... but i won't. The most electrifying band in fun hardcore today. I LOVE THESE GUYS!!!

Martin Luther & the Kings

Chaotic Lutheran indie rock from CT. Check out their demo you'll see.

Friday, October 14, 2011

14th Of October 2011 Update

14th of October 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Afghan Wigs, The    "Gentlemen"
Blackshaw, James    "Holly EP"
Boots Electric (Jesse Hughes Of Eagles Of Death Metal)    "Honkey Kong"
Brain F    "Sleep Rough"
Chubby Wolf    "Turkey Decoy"
Class Actress    "Rapprocher (+ D/L)"
Coltrane, Alice    "Transfiguration Live (180 Gram Ltd. Ed.)"
Cormans, Thee    "Halloween Record (W/ Sound Effects)"
Devine, Kevin    "Between The Concrete & Clouds"
DMZ    "DMZ (180 Gram)"
Elitist    "Fear In A Handful Of Dust (+ D/L)"
Ettes, The    "Wicked Will"
Feist    "Metals (180 Gram + D/L)"
Fitz And The Tantrums    "Pickin Up The Pieces"
Friedberger, Matthew    "Death-In-Life"
Full Of Hell    "Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home"
Glass Candy    "Warm In The Winter / Beautiful Object"
Hollis, Mark (Of Talk Talk)    "Mark Hollis"
Hyun, Shin Joong    "Beautiful Rivers And Mountains: The Psychedelic Rock Sound Of South Korea's Shin Joong Hyun 1958-1974 (2LP)"
Jovontaes    "Things Are Different Here"
Kunitaka, Sato    "Wandering Shadow Of Southern Streets: Blind Itinerant Musican From Amami Island"
Lewis, Jeffrey    "A Turn In The Dream-Songs"
Low Places    "Spiritual"
M83    "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming (2x 180 Gram LP)"
Master Musicians Of Bukkake    "Totem Three (PICLP)"
Mellow Grave    "Smoke Filled The Room, We Slept"
Menahan Street Band    "Make The Road By Walking (+ D/L)"
Mpese Mpses Band / Canadoes Dance Band    "Mpese Theme (DrumTalk Remix) / Fine Woman (Sofrito Edit)"
My Brightest Diamond    "All Things Will Unwind (+ D/L)"
Native    "Wrestling Moves"
New Order    "Western Works Demos 9-7-80 (Unofficial)"
Night Birds    "The Other Side Of Darkness"
Parrish, Theo / Burnt Friedman    "Meets Mancingelani / Meets Zinja Hungwani"
Pharoahs    "Uhh Uhh / What ???"
Polyps, The    "Ants On The Golden Cone"
Psandwich    "Northren Psych"
Rangers    "Pan Am Stories"
RazorxFade    "RazorxFade"
Real Estate    "Days (180 Gram + D/L)"
Shiflet, Mike    "Sufferers"
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin    "Tape Club (2xLP 180 Gram + D/L)"
Sun Ra    "The Mike Huckaby Reel-To-Reel Edits Vol. 2 (Friendly Galaxy / Space Is The Place / To Nature's God)"
Superheavy (Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, Damian Marley, Dave Stewart, A.R. Rahman)    "Superheavy"
Talk Talk    "Laughing Stock (BING074)"
TieDye    "Fisherman's Bend (+ 2 Exclusive Remixes)"
Various Artists    "Disco Not Disco: Post Punk, Electro & Leftfield Disco Classics 1974-1986"
VHS Head    "Midnight Section"
VHS Head    "Trademark Ribbons Of Gold"
Weekend    "Red (+ D/L)"
Xeno & Oaklander    "Sets & Lights (+ D/L)"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
Abstraxion    "Jus Acid"
Age Of Love, The    "Remixes"
Agoria     "Speechless (Remixes Vol. 1) (Feat. Carl Craig & La Scalars)"
Analogue Cops, The (& Blawan & Ryan Elliot)    "Big Family E.P."
Answer Code Request    "Subway Into"
Antiparallel    "01"
Artists Formerly Known As, The    "Speed Bomb - Skudge"
Auser, Roberto    "Lovemaker (Original) / Lovemaker (Moguh Edit)"
Barem    "After The Storm"
Bibio    "Toys"
Blue Daisy    "Sunday Gift (2LP + CD)"
BNJMN    "Second Kiss (Nightvision / Nightvision (Andy Stott Remix))"
Brunn, Benjamin    "Dust P. 1 (10")"
Captain Planet    "The Ningane EP (Bastard Jazz Presents)"
Chromeo    "When The Night Falls (Feat. Solange Knowles)"
Com Truise    "Fairlight (45RPM)"
Dday One    "Loop Extension | Deluxe (Ltd. 2x180 Gram Vinyl)"
Driphouse    "SPECTRUM 008"
Emika    "Emika (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)"
Exaltics, The    "They Arrive"
Fear Ratio, The    "Morning Blues Plaid Remix / Guv Three Deadhand Mix"
Fengler, Marcel    "Sphinx EP"
Field, The    "Looping State Of Mind (+ CD)"
Glass Domain    "Fairy / Interlock"
Hackman    "More Than Ever / Nobody Minds"
Henning Baer    "Fierce Hundred EP"
Jordan, Dan    "Slamdunk / Michigan Flake"
Jupiter Tuning Centre & Boogie Arkestra    "Jupiter Tuning Centre & Boogie Arkestra EP"
Kan Kick (A.K.A. Kan Zulu)    "Rummage To Royalty"
KRTS    "Hold On"
L.A.M.    "Balance Of Terror"
Lando Kal    "Maneuver / Run It"
Las    "Power Surge / Power Surge (Desto Remix)"
Long Arm    "Organic"
Martyn    "Ghost People (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)"
Other People Place, The    "Sunday Night Live At The Laptop Café (Ft. Mystic Tribe A.I.)"
Pink Skull    "Psychic Welfare (+ D/L With Extras)"
Rashim, Abdulla    "Asayita"
Sabo & Zeb (Feat. Nappy G) / Nickodemus (Feat. Zeb)    "Afro Azucar / Gibraltar (Sabo & Zeb Remix)"
SBTRKT    "2020 (2x12")"
Sistol / Pole    "The Synth Remixes"
TEETH    "Swarm Part One (10")"
Tresher, Greg    "Lights From The Inside: The Remixes Pt. 1"
Tresher, Greg    "Lights From The Inside: The Remixes Pt. 2"
Tyson    "After You're Gone"
Various Artists    "Brooklyn To The Balkans And Beyond"
Velo, Mary    "Methods - Original Mix / Random - Original Mix / Methods - Conforce Remix"
Yves De May    "Counting Triggers (2x12")"

Hip-Hop 12"s & LPs
Apollo Brown    "Clouds (Colored Vinyl)"
Evidence    "Cats & Dogs (Ltd. 2x Coloured Vinyl + D/L)"
Greneberg (Roc Marciano, The Alchemist + Oh No (Gangrene))    "Greneberg (PICLP)"
J-Live    "S.P.T.A.: Said Person Of That Ability (Pronounced Spitta)"
Strong Arm Steady    "In Search Of Stoney Jackson"

Mr. Chop    "Switched On (2x10")"
New Navy    "(ULUWATU)"
Protestant    "Stalemate"

Carrying The Fire "Passed"
Children Of God "Coup De..."
Ding-Dongs "4 Song EP"
Tim Hecker "Dropped Pianos"
King Khan & BBQ Show "We Are The Reason"
Kurt Vile / Woods
Low Places
Real Estate "It's Real"
Mark Sultan "Livin My Life"
Triac "Always Meant To"

Bjork "Biophilia"
Group Inerane "Guitars"
Antoni Maiovi "Battlestar Trans..."
Martyn "Ghost People"
Primus "Naugahyde"
Sandwell District "Sandwell District"
Various "Black Power And Liberation (Spoken Word 6xCD)"
Various "(Vol.1) Ranters, Reformers... (Spoken Word 6xCD)"
Various "(Vol.2) Ranters, Reformers... (Spoken Word 6xCD)"
Wilco "Whole Love (Deluxe)"


Björk  Biophilia CD/LP
All right, so let's just go with the obvious question. I know it's the obvious question because it's the one I have heard already a good couple dozen times. "Is it better than the last few albums?" First of all, last few? Few? I think the amount of Bjork releases gets distorted because of the amount of time in between each - or maybe the Drawing Restraint soundtrack is being counted or all the singles?  I'm not sure really.  Secondly, Bjork is great and I'm totally biased.  I like Volta and I like Voltaic too (the live one consisting of songs from the former - maybe this is included in the "few."). I like Medulla and I like Selma Songs (also a soundtrack and arguably not a proper Bjork album).  I absolutely love Vespertine and Homogenic and Post and Debut.  I even find the more folky solo things before those pretty endearing (let's not even begin to discuss those though).  Biophilia is great.  My slanted prejudice view had me believing this before I heard one note, but each note I've heard (I'd say I'm on my 12th or so listen) since has been a reassurance of that thought. It's great. There are fun breakcore/hard-tek elements which doubly draw me in.  The light strings and her voice make this a minimal journey at times and then the maximalist bursts of drums balance it.  Yes, it's better than Volta.  I said it there.  There, I said it.  It's got way more elements than I can begin to discuss here in my short review. Listen for yourself.  If you're like me you already know you like it.  This is just some reassurance.  Oh, and the LP got pushed to a 24th of October release so we only have the CD right now. Oh and since this is fairly a non-review I'll give you another heads up from my ears/guts - the TEETH 10" that's on this update is easily the most soothing disc to my inner bass fiend this week.
[Reviewer: Rick]

Exitmusic From Silence 12"
(Secretly Canadian)
There’s a great deal of emotive passion on this EP. Originally a duo consisting of Brooklyn-based couple Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church, the addition of drummer Dru Prentiss and electronic musician Nicholas Shelestak enhances their forceful, provocative electronic sound. There’s an epic, dream-like sound throughout, as if it were recorded in a vast marble palace by the ocean. This ethereal sound, complete with breathy, resonant vocals, is reminiscent of bands like Sigur Rós. The vocals sound incredibly mournful; Palladino delivers them in a way that sounds like crying out her message so the whole world can hear it. It will be interesting to see what this group experiments with in the future. They certainly know how to convey the theme of loss, and make sure the listener knows exactly how they feel.
[Reviewer: Mark]

RazorxFade RazorxFade LP
(Not Normal Tapes)
RazorxFade is a straightedge outfit from Chicago, IL. Midwest Wolfpack.These dudes play fast pissed off hardcore with just the right amount of squealing feedback and plenty of punch-anything-that-moves mosh parts. They've got an early Boston influence for sure, but if you like bands like Tear It Up, Cokebust or even Colin Of Arabia, you'll probably dig this. Most bands coming out with this style shouldn't put out more than a 7" worth of material at a time (I feel this way about 75% of all hardcore). It gets old and boring fast, much better in little bursts. Not RXF, this 10 song LP is well written & structured and leaves me wanting more! I hope they make the trek to CT soon.
[Reviewer: Josh]

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Movie Ticket Give-Away: Gainsbourg

Movie Ticket Give-Away: Gainsbourg

(Still from Gainsbourg)

Basically, everything good you know about France was encapsulated in Serge Gainsbourg. Hell, he's probably what you think of when you think of France. Sophisticated and sexy and a smoking notorious lady's man (also, he was architecture - all right, maybe not everything good). Perhaps there are some negative connotations in there too.  Perhaps that was all part of what made him interesting enough to have this movie made about him.  Perhaps you've heard or seen the work of Serge's daughter, Charlotte.  Perhaps you've heard his own work with Beck. He also made his own music (I am not leaving this as a given as I thought to initially). 

Best-selling comic book artist Joann Sfar delivers an inventive biography of famed French singer Serge Gainsbourg (Eric Elmosnino). Born Lucien Ginsburg to Russian-Jewish parents, Sfar follows him from his childhood in Nazi-occupied Paris, his transition from painter to jazz musician to pop superstar and his many relationships including Juliette Greco (Anna Mouglalis), Brigitte Bardot (Laetitia Casta) and Jane Birkin (Lucy Gordon) while employing a witty surrealistic style and a soundtrack that acts like a time capsule to ‘60’s Paris.

So, we have a couple pairs of tickets to give away for this thanks to our friends at REAL ART WAYS in Hartford.  It's playing up at R.A.W. for the next week.  Come by the store (anytime after 3PM on tomorrow/Friday; the tickets will be here by then) and find any record having to do with Serge Gainsbourg (we have many) and ask for the passes and you'll get them (you don't have to buy the record - just show it to any of us).  I'll post when they're gone.    

Saturday, October 8, 2011

SALE! Blackout at Sunrise #5

SALE! Blackout at Sunrise #5
On November 25-27th we'll be having our annual Blackout at Sunrise Sale. It's the 5th one so far! 
On Black Friday we're opening up at 6AM and closing at 10PM.
On Saturday and Sunday we're opening at 10AM and closing at 9PM.
25% Off Everything (Excluding Turntables)
The $1 Records are marked down to 10 cents.
A fun new thing we're doing this year is giving out a free Christmas LP (there might be other winter holiday LPs mixed in too, but mostly Xmas) to anyone who spends $20 or more.
We've lowered the amount total in order to get a free Redscroll T-Shirt to $100.
We'll have some free refreshments while they last on Friday morning - cider & chocolate covered sandwich cookies.
We'll have some more secrets and surprises as well.  We'll be dropping hints leading up to the event so stay tuned.

We are participating in the Record Store Day Black Friday releases as well.  A full update including these releases will be up by Wednesday evening (November 23rd). 
And here's a fun video we made with our friend Kyle to celebrate this announcement!

Friday, October 7, 2011

7th Of October 2011 Update

7th Of October 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

At some point I (Rick) rearranged the inventory during the week so that I didn't keep the last week's stuff in line.  I think this is everything, but there is the possibility we got more than what is listed below.  Give us a call if you're curious about anything in particular.  Heck, give us a call anytime you want us to get something you don't see listed.  

LPs & 12"s
Aklaff, P "House Of..."
Ambarchi / Talia "Hit & Run"
Andrew Jackson Jihad "Knife Man"
Austra "Feel It Break (+ D/L)"
Austra "Sparkle"
Bolt Thrower "In Battle There Is No Law (Reissue 180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Coloured Vinyl)"
Bonnie Prince Billy "Wolfroy..."
Bridge & Tunnel "Rebuild"
Casiokids "Aabenbaringen Over Aaskammen (180 Gram + Poster + D/L)"
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah "Hysterical"
Copyrights "Sent..."
Dark Ages "Can America..."
Diop/Tall "Diamonoye"
Future Islands "On The Water"
Heavy Breath "The E.P.s"
High Places "Original..."
Hundredth "Let Go"
Lattermen "Turn..."
Less Life "Today Will Be..."
Lifeless "No Love..."
Lights "Siberia"
Lil Wayne "Tha Carter IV (Deluxe Edition Red Vinyl + 3 Bonus Tracks)"
MonoMono "Dawn Of..."
MonoMono "Beggar..."
New Found Glory "Radiosurgery (+ CD)"
Ridgemont "Colder..."
Roll The Dice "In Dust (Ltd. Ed. Double LP + CD)"
Saves The Day "Daybreak"
Scott, Simon "Bunny"
S.C.U.M. "Again Into Eyes (180 Gram + CD)"
Skeletonwitch "Forever Abomiation (180 Gram Triple-Gatefold + D/L)"
Spalding, Esperanza "Junjo "
Street Eaters "Rusty"
Various Artists "Studio One '63-'80"
Water Borders "Harbored Mantras"
Wild Flag "Wild Flag"
Youth Lagoon "The Year Of Hibernation (+ 7" + D/L)"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
Aquarius Heaven "Can't Buy Love EP"
Azari & III "Azari & III"
Bakongo "Amhara"
Curly, Nick "Sun City EP"
Darkness Falls "The Void (Ltd. Ed. + 7")"
Gescom "Skull Snap"
Joker "Here Come The Lights (Feat. Silas - Turboweekend)"
Kahn "Way Mi Defend (10")"
Magician, The "I Don't Know What To Do (Feat. Jeppe)"
Martyn "Masks / Viper"
Muller, Florian Project, The "As Usual EP"
Plastikman "Nostalgik.2"
Remain + Mlle Caro "Remain + Mlle Caro"
Second Life "Inner Love (Give It Up)"
Sensational Meets Koyxen "Sensational Meets Koyxen"
Skudge / Substance / October & Appleblim "Skudge Remixes Part 4"
Stott, Andy "We Stay Together"
Tropics "Parodia Flare"
Trueby, Rainer "Jeck"
Vaz, Andy "Straight Vacationing"
Venegas, Felipe "I Ching"
Walls "Coracle (Ltd. Ed. White Vinyl + CD)"
We Love "Timeless"
ZZT "Vulkan Alarm!"

Brain Tumors
Cold World / War Hungry
Ergs! "Blue"
Naked Raygun "7" Series #3"
Whirr "June"

Saves The Day "Daybreak"
Various Artists "Studio One '63-'80"


Elzhi (And Will Sessions) Elmatic LP
(Fat Beats / Jae.B Group)
Elmatic... Illmatic. That's the essence of this - Elzhi's (pronounced EL - ZI (as in eye)) The Detroit take on Nas's quintessential New York classic.  Outrageously bold to do this and then beyond bold to release it physically (and not just like a Wugazi joint - which in my opinion is worth only one full listen).  I've listened to Illmatic more times than I can exaggerate about (a number so big that if I thought to exaggerate I might actually hit it on the head).  I was listening to this while the last Detroit vs. Yankees game was on last night.  "Detroit State of Mind" came on and destiny was sealed.  Elmatic may never be the classic that Illmatic is (it can't be - it relies on that to exist), but it is a nice fresh approach and much more than a hot mixtape (not to undermine the worth of a hot mixtape). Illmatic in Detroit - plain and simple and great. 
(Bonus: Hear it here.)
[Reviewer: Rick]

Matahari Never The Same 7"
(Get Young)
Get Young Records, CT's transplanted gift to Boston, brings us an EP by Matahari entitled, "Never The Same." It takes real balls to invest a few grand out of your own pocket to help propel someone else's band forward. And with releases this year by Cold Snap, Heavy Breath, and Canvas it goes without saying that Rich & co. deserve your respect and attention. I haven't heard Matahari before this and the bio I read online has them pegged for fans of Converge and Trap Them, but I don't hear that at all. Converge gets tagged on to so many band descriptions and pretty much no one ever sounds like them, except The Secret. They would certainly fit in well with the left-of-center hardcore scene of the early 2000s. With an intricate guitar vibe and zero dance parts Matahari bares more of a resemblance to bands just over the post-hardcore lines like Draw Blood, Defeater or maybe even some of the non-mosh Botch stuff. 
[Reviewer: Josh]

Primus Green Naugahyde LP/CD
(ATO Records / Prawn Song)
Primus is one of those bands that’s truly inimitable; anyone trying to clone Les Claypool’s signature style, including songwriting, vocalizations and sense of wit, should expect to be labeled an obvious rip-off. He’s played in several bands since 1999’s Antipop, but Green Naugahyde is a true return to a form Primus has become known for (think the driving-tempo sound of Frizzle Fry and Tales From The Punchbowl, with additional ideas from Sailing The Seas Of Cheese.) Although it’s impossible to really “expect” anything from a band as insane as they are, they deliver what a typical Primus fan would look forward to: drug-injected funk-metal riffs, bizarre lyrics and, of course, lots and lots of ultra-dense, cool-sounding slap bass. Unlike the moshpit-ready jams of Antipop (they didn’t want to sound out-of-place at the Family Values Tour, after all,) the tracks on Green Naugahyde concentrate on head-bobbing funkiness (“Tragedy’s A’Comin’” and “Lee Van Cleef” are great examples of that uninhibited, deep-fried-in-cartoony-bass goodness.) Although Primus appear to have a pretty light-hearted demeanor, they have a strong grip on communicating dead-serious subjects such as our consumerist culture (“Eternal Consumption Engine”) and lamenting a friend doomed by drug abuse (“Jilly’s On Smack.”) All in all, this is strong addition to their discography, successfully maintaining their fun, uniqueness, and total insanity. 
[Reviewer: Mark]
(*Note: This Primus got back-ordered on us and we're still waiting on its arrival.*)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Live Music: Thou, The Body, Sea Of Bones

Live Music: Thou, The Body, Sea Of Bones
6th of October 2011 at 8PM, $6 Minimum Donation, All Ages
(at the secret spot located really close to us)

THOU is a band that have enough releases to equal the weight of their music.  I mean the music is heavy.  These New Orleans fellas are coming to town tomorrow evening to shake the foundation of the venue and all who stand before them.

THE BODY (of much more close by Providence, RI) are traveling with Thou to the enigmatic locale. I (Rick) rated their album "All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood" as one of my favorite of 2010 and their new CD with The Braveyoung ain't none too shabby neither. Man, there is a lot of tonnage going into the mysterious berth. May the vibrations not open the mouth of the Earth monster to swallow us all whole (actually, that'd be a pretty good story - may we live to tell it).

And finally, from our home state of CT (more specifically New Haven) SEA OF BONES will shake yours to jelly.  I hope all this hyperbole is going to good use. Share it with your friends and come along.

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