Friday, November 30, 2012

30th of November 2012 Update

30th of November 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Addison Groove    "I Go Boom - DJ Rasad & Doc Daneeka Remixes"
Ben, Jorge    "Forca Bruta" (180 Gram)
Blakey, Art    "Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers: Moanin'"
Blkout    "Total Depravity"
Caspian    "You Are The Conductor"
Clouds    "Tannhauser Acid Works I"
Commodo    "Buckwild / Axis"
Container    "LP (2)"
Crushed Butler    "Uncrushed" (Fan Club)
Davis, Miles    "Live-Evil"
Deal With It    "Eyiafjallalokill"
Dirty Projectors    "About To Die"
Dixon, Jack    "E / Find Shelter"
Down    "Threefold Live: Diary Of A Mad Band" (Trifold Gatefold
Drake, Nick    "Demo Collection" Volume 2 (fan club)
Drake, Nick    "Demo Collection" Volume 1 (fan club)
Efterklang    "Magic Chairs" (+ D/L)
Factory Floor    "Remix Series 2"
Flaming Lips, The    "Oh My Gawd!!!..." (Clear Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)
Forma    "Off/On"
Gengras, M. Geddes    "Test Leads" (+ D/L)
Gibson, Daughn    "All Hell"
Graveyard    "LightsOut" (Ltd. Black Marble Vinyl)
Hecker, Tim / Daniel Lopatin    "Instrumental Tourist" (Ltd. Numbered /2,000 + D/L)
Hirsute Pursuit     "Boyd Keeps Swinging (Feat. Boyd Rice)"
Hubble Bubble    "Faking" (Fan Club)
Hubble Bubble    "Hubble Bubble" (Fan Club)
J.B.'s, The (The JB's)    "Doing It To Death" (180 Gram German Press)
Jayson Brothers    "Monster Box / All My Life"
Joker    "Old Era"
Karthala 72    "Diable Du Feu"
Konkoma    "Remixed" (Ltd. Ed. Single Series + D/L)
Kumbia Queers    "Pecados Tropicales"
Kylesa    "From The Vaults Vol. 1" (Colored Vinyl Ltd. Ed. /250 + D/L)
Lady Gaga    "The Fame"
Lapalux    "When You're Gone" (+ D/L)
Louvin Brothers, The    "Satan Is Real"
Mala    "Stand Against War / Maintain Thru Madness"
Mammifer / Pyramids    "Mammifer: Sophia, Tica Noc / Pyramids: This One Is For Everyone"
Milk 'N' Cookies    "Milk 'N' Cookies" (Fan Club 2LP)
Minaj, Nicki    "Pink Friday"
Moore, Steve    "Primitive Neural Pathways"
Morrissey    "Reader Meet Author" (Fan Club)
Mummies, The     "Tales From The Crypt" (fan club)
Necros    "Necros" (fan club)
Nurse With Wound    "Drunk With The Old Man Of The Mountains"
OBN IIIs    "OBN IIIs" (+ D/L)
Oneohtrix Point Never    "Returnal"
Pedro The Lion    "Achilles Heel" (+ D/L)
Prodigy    "The Fat Of The Land"
Prodigy    "The Added Fat EP" (Major Lazer, Noisia, Zeds Dead, Alvin Risk)
Radio City    "Radio City: Recorded 1977-1980 New York" (Class of '77) (Fan Club)
Rage Against The Machine    "Rage Against The Machine: 20th Anniversary Edition Remastered Picture Disc"
Randomer    "We Laugh, We Scream / Nar / Freak Dub"
Raxola    "Raxola" (Fan Club)
Rites Wild    "Ways Of Being"
Roger, Franck    "Take You Up"
Sabbath Assembly    "Ye Are Gods" (Gatefold)
Scott, Simon    "Bunny" (+ D/L With Bonus Material)
Scuba    "A Mutual Antipathy" (2LP)
Scuba    "Triangulation" (3LP)
Sharrock, Sonny    "Black Woman" (180 Gram)
Sigha    "Living With Ghosts" (2LP)
Smashing Pumpkins    "Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness" (4LP 180 Gram + 2 Books)
Smiths, The    "Hatful Of Hollow"
Smiths, The    "Barbarism Begins At Home" (fan club)
Sonic Youth    "Rather Ripped"
Starkey    "Orbits" (2LP + D/L)
Stereolab    "Refried Ectoplasm [Switched On Volume 2]"
Thelema    "Hearing The Light" (+ CD)
Times New Viking, The    "The New Times New Viking EP Over & Over" (+ D/L)
TMSV    "Stress / Lost" (10")
Various    "Death Might Be Your Santa Claus: Sermons, Music, Blues, Jazz, Gospel And Devotionals" (RSD Black Friday Title)
Various    "Diablos Del Ritmo 1975-1985 Part 1: The Colombian Melting Pot (Afrobeat, Palenque Sounds, Terapia, Lumbalu, Caribbean Funk)" (2LP Gatefold)
Various    "Diablos Del Ritmo 1960-1983 Part 2: The Colombian Melting Pot (Puya, Porro, Gaita, Cumbiamba, Mapale, Chande, Descarga)"(2LP Gatefold)
Watain    "Sworn To The Dark" (+ D/L)
XX, The    "XX" (+ D/L)
Y0ga (Yoga)    "Skinwalker" (+ D/L)
Yva Las Vegass    "I Was Born In A Place Of Sunshine And The Smell Of Ripe Mangoes"
Zoltan    "First Stage Zoltan" (Ltd. Ed.)

20/20    "Going"
Asobi Seksu / Boris    "Asobi Seksu X Boris Split EP" "Farewell X Neu Years" (+ D/L With Extras)
Authorities    "Soundtrack For Trouble"
Indians    "Cakelakers"
L.S.D.    "Destroy"
Lanegan, Mark Covers Karen Dalton    "Same Old Man"
Malefice    "Overboard"
Necros    "Sex Drive"
Sutekh Hexen    "Shadows" (+ Patch)
Victims    "I'm Flipped Out"

Aluk Todolo    "Occult Rock"
Bell Witch    "Longing"
Black Keys, The    "El Camino"
Converge    "Jane Doe"
Forgetters    "Forgetters"
Gaslamp Killer, The    "Breakthrough"
Head Of The Demon    "Head Of The Demon"
Isis    "Temporal" (2xCD + DVD)
Sabbath Assembly    "Ye Are Gods" (Gnostic Hymns)
Squarepusher    "Ufabulum" (Digipack)
Talabot, John    "Fin (Special Edition)"
Theologian    "The Chasms Of My Heart" (DVD Size Case)
Twin Shadow    "Confess"
Valley Of Fear    "Valley Of Fear"
Various    "Death Might Be Your Santa Claus" (Blues, Gospel)
X-TG (Peter Christopherson, Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti)    "Desertshore / The Final Report" (2CD Deluxe Digipack)

Patrick Lundbord "Psychedelia: An Ancient Culture, A Modern Way Of Life"


Matt & Kim Lightning

(Fader Label)
I first learned of this jubilant indie-pop duo upon discovering their 2009 stripping-nude-in-Times-Square music video “Lessons Learned.” Since that proved their awesomeness, I checked out the rest of their music and was impressed. Their charismatic duality beams throughout their upbeat music, with Matt Johnson optimism-filled voice and keyboard backed by Kim Schifino’s energetic drumming. Their fourth album Lightning is another great addition to their catalogue, particularly for demonstrating their versatility with so few instruments. Johnson kicks it off by singing about feeling free to say whatever he wants on the starry-eyed opener “Let’s Go.” The high-speed chiptune-esque “Overexposed” is another excellent standout, with a reference to screaming and shouting, even if the world doesn’t listen. “Tonight” is another favorite as well, focusing on living for the moment without wasting time worrying about what tomorrow brings.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Evangelista In Animal Tongue

Born in New York City and currently based in Los Angeles, vocalist-guitarist-composer Carla Bozulich has been recording music since 1982. On the latest album from her Evangelista project, she creates a particularly dark experiment of guitar strumming, uncompromising sampler sounds and, most memorably, her uniquely emphatic voice.
Her complex imagery sets the mood for opener “Artificial Lamb,” which is primarily backed by Sam Mickens’ spacey guitar strumming. The foreboding title track is certainly another standout, with a sound that rises like smoke amidst eerie references to feral life and religion. On “Die Alone” – the only track with every sound created by Bozulich – she creates a creepy, minimalist sound with her mournful voice backed by little more than shimmering, punctuated percussion and ghostly electronic sounds. It feels like being lost in some sort of surreal forest at night, particularly with “Tunnel To The Stars” using doubled-up vocals and a swirling, dissonant multi-string foundation, and the unpredictable “Hatching” going all out with a particularly frightening atmosphere comprised of many layers of very loosely-structured, varied instrument noises and tweaks.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

21st Of November 2012 Update / Black Friday Releases

21st Of November 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
Black Friday Record Store Day Releases Included!

at Redscroll Records

We are closed for Thanksgiving. Have a great day and get rested for an early start on Friday.

Once again we'll be using the back door as an entrance. There will be signs again too, but if you're lining up before we open just leave some space for the tent that we'll be setting up again. It's supposed to hover around 60 degrees too so plan to spend some quality time in that tent!

Don't forget, we've got a sale! (I know you didn't forget, but just in case here's the link.)

For the update I've got the Black Friday Record Store Day releases first and then the regular weekly update after that.


Beck    "Sea Change" (Pink Vinyl Special Edition /1,000 Original Master Recordings)
Big Boys    "Wreck Collection" (2LP Gatefold)
Big Brother & The Holding Company    "Cheap Thrills" (180 Gram Numbered Ltd. Ed. Mono)
Borknagar    "The Olden Domain"
Burdon, Eric & The Greenhornes    "Eric Burdon & The Greenhornes" (+ D/L)
Cash, Johnny    "The Fabulous Johnny Cash" (180 Gram Numbered Ltd. Ed. Mono)
Coheed And Cambria    "The Afterman: Ascension // Big Beige Demos" (Clear Vinyl Ltd. Ed.)
Davis, Miles    "Sketches Of Spain" (180 Gram Numbered Ltd. Ed. Mono)
Davis, Miles    "Miles Ahead" (180 Gram Numbered Ltd. Ed. Mono)
Davis, Miles    "Porgy And Bess" (180 Gram Numbered Ltd. Ed. Mono)
Dr. Dog    "Wild Race" (+ CD)
Fat Boys    "Fat Boys: Pizza Box Set" (Ltd. Ed. Pepperoni Pizza Picture Disc + Extras)
Flaming Lips     "Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions Of The Flaming Lips" (+ D/L; Colored Vinyl)
Grateful Dead    "Live Recordings From Winterland May 30, 1971" (2LP Gatefold 180 Gram)
House Of Hayduk (Members Of Faith No More, This Heat, Health…)    "City Of Quartz" (180 Gram + D/L Ltd. Ed. /500)
Ilsa    "Intoxications"
Incubus    "Morning View" (2LP 180 Gram)
Incubus    "S.C.I.E.N.C.E." (2LP 180 Gram)
Incubus    "Light Grenades" (2LP 180 Gram)
Incubus    "Make Yourself" (2LP 180 Gram)
Incubus    "A Crow Left Of The Murder…" (2LP 180 Gram)
Jett, Joan    "Bad Reputation" (180 Gram)
Judas Priest    "Screaming For Vengeance: Special 30th Anniversary Edition Picture Disc"
King Diamond    "No Presents For Christmas  / Charon" (Picture Disc)
Love    "Forever Changes" (180 Gram)
M83    "'Reunion' Remixes"
Markie, Biz    "The Diabolical Biz Markie: The Biz Never Sleeps" (Picture Disc + "Just A Friend" Postcard Flexi Disc)
Mayer, John    "The Complete Mr. J. C. Mayer 2012 Performances Collection"
Mayhem    "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas"
Mogwai    "A Wrenched Virile Lore" (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl)
Nirvana    "Incesticide" (45 RPM Audiophile Edition 200 Gram Ltd. Ed. Numbered  2LP Gatefold)
Nothing    "Downward Years To Come"
Skrillex    "Bangarang" (180 Gram, + D/L)
Skrillex    Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites" (180 Gram, + D/L)
Skrillex    "More Monsters And Sprites" (180 Gram, + D/L)
Strummer, Joe & The Mescaleros    "Friday 15th November 2002 Acton Town Hall, London" (2LP)
Tenacious D    "Jazz (Simply Jazz)"
Various    "Reservoir Dogs (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" (20th Anniversary Edition Colored Vinyl)
Velvet Underground, The    "(Scepter Studios Sessions) 4-25-66"
Volbeat    "The Strength / The Sound / The Songs" (PIC)
Volbeat    "Rock The Rebel / Metal The Devil" (Picture Disc)
Volbeat    "Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood" (Picture Disc)

Beach Boys    "Surfin' Safari"
Crenshaw, Marshall    "I Don't See You Laughing Now" (+ D/L)
Desplat, Alexandre / Mark Mothersbaugh    "Moonrise Kingdom (Original Score)"
Gaslight Anthem, The    "Hold You Up" (Red Vinyl; 3 New Acoustic Tracks)
Haggard, Merle    "Capitol Rarities"
Hawthorne, Mayer    "KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic" (+ D/L)
Jackson, Wanda    "Capitol Rarities"
Jones, Norah    "…Little Broken Hearts Remix EP"
Lumineers, The    "Winter EP"
Mad Season    "River Of Deceit / I Don't Know Anything (Live)"
My Morning Jacket    "It Makes No Difference"
Primus    "Green Naugahyde" (Green Vinyl)
Ramsey, Tyler    "Raven Shadow / Black Pines" (78RPM)
Williams, Lucinda / Michael Chapman    "That Time Of Night" (78RPM)

Adele    "Skyfall"
Band Of Horses    "Sonic Ranch Sessions: Mirage Rock & Relly's Dream"
Bowie, David    "The Jean Genie" (Pic Disc)
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band    "Abba Zaba / Yellow Brick Road"
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band    "Plastic Factory / Where There's Woman"
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band    "Upon The My-O-My / I Got Love On My Mind"
Clark, Gene    "Echoes / I Found You"
Cohen, Leonard / Jeff Buckley    "Hallelujah"
Del Rey, Lana    "Ride / Ride (Active Child Remix)"
Dylan, Bob    "Duquesne Whistle"
Green, Ceelo / Donny Hathaway    "This Christmas"
Hazlewood, Lee    "You Turned My Head Around: Lee Hazlewood Industries 1967-70 (Limited Edition 45 Box Set)" (/3,000 Hand Numbered 11x7" + D/L + Lots Of Extras)
Jeff The Brotherhood    "Dark Energy"
Johns, Ethan    "Whip Poor Will"
Lucero    "Live At Sun Studios"
Malhombre    "Musique Rock / Fini"
Mothers Of Invention    "Why Don'tcha Do Me Right? / Big Leg Emma"
Rolling Stones, The    "The Rolling Stones"
Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros, Edward    "Give Me A Sign"
Shins, The    "No Way Down"
Thompson, Teddy    "Window Up Above"
Tomahawk    "Stone Letter"
Toro Y Moi    "So Many Details"
White Stripes, The    "Dead Leaves And the Dirty Ground"
White Stripes, The    "Hotel Yorba"
White Stripes, The    "Fell In Love With A Girl"
Wray And The Raymen, Link    "Big City After Dark" (2x7")

LaVette, Bettye    "More Thankful, More Thoughtful"

Regular Weekly Update:
LPs & 12"s
Abduktio    "Thermidor"
All Pigs Must Die    "God Is War" (180 Gram Black Vinyl)
Bags, The    "All Bagged Up: The Collected Works 1977-1980"
Black Keys, The    "BBC Sessions" (Unofficial; Colored Vinyl)
Boys Next Door, The    "Door, Door" (Unofficial)
Burns, Willie    "The Overlord" (TRILOGY 005)
Bury The Living    "Bury The Living"
Cale, John    "Paris 1919" (180 Gram)
Can    "Tago Mago" (2LP; Unofficial)
Creeps On Candy    "Wonders Of Giardia"
Deathbed    "Birds Of A Coming Storm"
Edna's Goldfish    "Before You Knew Better…"
Eno, Brian    "Here Come The Warm Jets" (Japanes Obi Strip)
Eno, Brian    "Before And After Science" (Japanese; Obi Strip)
Forward    "War Nuke And Death Sentence"
Ghetto Brothers    "Power Fuerza" (Deluxe Reissue + D/L)
Glass, Philip    "Rework_Philip Glass Remixes"
Grand Magus    "The Hunt" (180 Gram, 2LP, Gatefold)
Harvey, PJ    "Let England Shake"
Herndon, Holly    "Movement" (+ D/L)
I Am Heresy (Ex-Boy Sets Fire)    "I Am Heresy" (Color Vinyl + D/L)
Iceburn    "Poetry Of Fire"
Imperial Leather    "Something Out Of Nothing"
In My Eyes    "The Difference Between"
Iron Curtain    "Desertion 1982-1988"
Jaar, Nicolas    "Space Is Only Noise"
Judd, Elmore / Bullion     "Petrol Laughs"
Lanegan Band, Mark    "Blues Funeral" (+ D/L; Colored Vinyl)
Master Musicians Of Bukkake    "Totem One" (2012 Re-Issue)
McCarthy, Douglas J.    "12" Remixes" (Blue Vinyl)
McCarthy, Douglas J.    "Kill Your Friends" (LP + CD)
Mekurya, Getatchew    "Ethiopian Urban Modern Music Vol. 5"
Menahan Street Band    "The Crossing" (+ D/L)
Morphine    "Cure For Pain"
Neu!    Neu! (Red Cover 1972) (Unofficial)
Northless / Light Bearer    "Northless / Light Bearer"
Pilfers    "Pilfers"
Pink Floyd    "Demos (& Alternative Versions) (Ceci N'Est Pas Une Version Officielle)"
Queens Of The Stone Age    "Vinyl Firsts, B-Sides & Remixes" (Unofficial)
Raindrops, The    "The Raindrops"
River City Extension    "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Anger" (2LP Gatefold)
Sam & Dave    "Hold On, I'm Comin'"
Sensations' Fix    "Music Is Painting In The Air (1974-1977)"
Sigur Ros    "Petta Er Island (This Is Iceland)" (3LP Live 6 Oktober 2008)
Sleep    "Dopesmoker" (2LP, 180 Gram, Gatefold)
Smith, Elliott    "XO" (180 Gram)
Smith, Elliott    "From A Basement On The Hill"
Speak    "Knee Deep In Guilt"
Sum 41    "All Killer No Filler"
Tool    "10,000 Days" (Unofficial; 2LP Color Vinyl)
Touche Amore    "Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me"
Tragedy    "Darker Days Ahead"
Uzi Rash    "Coreless Roll Can-Liner" (+ D/L)
Various    "Bird (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)"
Watain    "Rabid Death's Curse"

Man Is The Bastard (AKA Charred Remains) / Aunt Mary    "Man Is The Bastard (AKA Charred Remains) / Aunt Mary"

Howarth, Alan    "Halloween III - Season Of The Witch" (Flexi)
Powerblessings    "Powerblessings 4-Song 7""
Turner, Frank / Franz Nicolay    "Sing Noel Coward"
Underdog    "Underdog!"
Blues Project, The    "Parchman Farm"
Cape Of Bats    "Transylvania"
Cold Cave    "A Little Death To Laugh"
Depeche Mode    "BBC Sessions 1981" (2x7")
Gehenna / Integrity    "Gehenna / Integrity"
Integrity    "Walpurgisnacht" (Green)
Kromosom    "Paranoid"
Libertines, The    "What A Waster / I Get Along"
Mauser / Post Teens    "Mauser / Post Teens" (Flexi Disc)
McCarthy, Dawn & Bonnie 'Prince' Billy    "Christmas Eve Can Kill You"
Oede    "One Man's Trash"
Purity Ring    "Coping"
Ritual Mess    "Ritual Mess"
Winning Looks    "Winning Looks" (+ D/L; Recorded And Mixed By Kathleen Hannah)

Alchemist, The    "Russian Roulette"
Can    "The Lost Tapes" (3CD Set)
Death In June    "Braun Buch Zwei (Brown Book II)" (Embossed Cover)
Goat    "World Music" (Die-Cut Sleeve)
iamamiwhoami    "kin"
K.I.S.S. (Kiss)    "Monster"
Lust For Youth    "Growing Seeds"
Mumford & Son    "Babel"
Redding, Otis    "The Dock Of The Bay"
Young With Crazy Horse, Neil    "Psychedelic Pill"

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

T-USED-DAY Update for November 20th, 2012

T-USED-DAY Update for November 20th, 2012
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn't include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in. These are the in-store prices - if you'd like to find any of these online please visit us here:

LPs & 12"s
Ancient Vvisdom    "A Godlike Inferno"    LP        $10.00
Black Cobra    "Chronomega"    LP        $10.00
Black Sabbath    "Mob Rules"    LP        $8.00
Blood Ceremony    "Living With The Ancients"    LP        $28.00
Boston Strangler    "Primitive"    LP        $25.00
Brubeck, Dave Quartet    "Jazz At Oberlin"    LP        $8.00
Burzum    "From The Depths Of Darkness"    LP        $20.00
Byrd, Charlie    "Bossa Nova Pelos Passaros"    LP        $6.00
Calloused / Shitlist    "Calloused / Shitlist"    LP        $5.00
Church Of Misery    "Vol. 1"    LP        $15.00
Cohen, Leonard    "Songs Of Leonard Cohen"    LP        $12.00
Dead Dog    "Don't Touch Me"    LP        $6.00
Des Ark    "Loose Lips Sink Ships"    LP        $6.00
Dio    "The Last In Line"    LP        $8.00
DJ Food    "Magpies, Maps And Moons"    12"        $7.00
DJ Food & Amorphous Androgynous    "The Illectric Hoax"    12"        $9.00
Dove    "Dove"    LP        $23.00
Emperor    "In The Nightside Eclipse"    LP        $25.00
Emperor    "Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk"    LP        $16.00
Fastbreak    "Whenever You're Ready"    LP        $10.00
Hombrinus Dudes / Merkit    "Hombrinus / Merkit"    LP        $3.00
Hooded Menace    "Never Cross The Dead"    LP        $18.00
Iron Maiden    "Killers"    LP        $8.00
J. Rocc    "Some Cold Rock Stuff" (3LP)    LP        $20.00
Judas Priest    "British Steel"    LP        $5.00
Judas Priest    "Defenders Of The Faith"    LP        $5.00
K.I.S.S.    "Destroyer"    LP        $5.00
Kick Axe    "Vices"    LP        $3.00
Kinks, The    "The Kink Kronikles"    LP        $11.00
Madlib    "Madlib Medicine Show #12/13 Filthy Ass Remixes"    LP        $15.00
Markay, Barbara    "Hot Box"    LP        $12.00
Mayhem    "Ordo Ad Chao"    LP        $26.00
Midnight    "Satanic Royalty"    LP        $14.00
Mobb Deep / Red Café    "Burn Something / Move Out"    LP        $1.00
Mothers Of Invention, The    "We're Only In It For The Money"    LP        $22.00
Nunslaughter    "Hells Unholy Fire"    LP        $15.00
Pearls Before Swine    "These Things Too"    LP        $14.00
Rvivr    "Rvivr"    LP        $8.00
Satyricon    "The Age Of Nero"    LP        $13.00
Sourvein    "Black Fangs"    LP        $16.00
South, The / Chomp Chomp Chomp    "South, The / Chomp Chomp Chomp"    LP        $5.00
Spoonboy    "The Papas"    LP        $7.00
Talas    "Sink Your Teeth Into That"    LP        $3.00
Tombs    "Tombs"    LP        $8.00
Tones On Tail    "Pop"    LP        $15.00
Tones On Tail    "Tones On Tail"    LP        $7.00
Total Fucking Destruction    "Hater"    LP        $12.00
Up Front    "Movement" (Blue)    LP        $7.00
Van Morrison    "Astral Weeks"    LP        $15.00
Various    "Killed By Death #16 Rare Punk 77-78"    LP        $10.00
Waters, Muddy    "After The Rain"    LP        $18.00

 Totallies    "Drunk Over You"    7"        $2.00
Black Rainbow    "Black Rainbow"    7"        $5.00
Boog Brown    "My Love"    7"        $9.00
Carrie Nations    "Carrie Nations"    7"        $2.00
Coffins / Sourvein    "Coffins / Sourvein"    7"        $4.00
DJ Soko    "Stand Up"    7"        $5.00
El Michels Affair    "Run Fay Run"    7"        $6.00
Enzuigiri    "Enzuigiri"    7"        $1.00
Four Eyes    "Towards the End Of Loneliness"    7"        $4.00
Game Face (Gameface)    "Beach Chair"    7"        $3.00
Game Face (Gameface)    "A Day In June"    7"        $3.00
Gensu Dean    "Forever"    7"        $10.00
Gensu Dean    "Ramesses / Wantchu"    7"        $7.00
Has-Lo    "Stained Glass"    7"        $7.00
Ignite / Good Riddance    "Ignite / Good Riddance"    7"        $3.00
Integrity    "Walpurgisnacht" (Clear Vinyl)    7"        $7.00
Integrity    "Walpurgisnacht" (Gray Vinyl)    7"        $7.00
Jammy Dodgers / Nervous Dogs    "Jammy Dodgers / Nervous Dogs"    7"        $7.00
Kill The Man Who Questions    "Untitled"    7"        $2.00
Mr. Dibbs    "Ugly And Proud Vol. I & II" (2x7")    7"        $3.00
Mr. Dibbs    "Ugly And Proud Vol. 3"    7"        $2.00
Oddisee    "Slow It Down"    7"        $8.00
Panzram    "A New Mental Disorder For Youth In Disapproval"    7"        $3.00
Positive Noise / Xtra Vomit    "Xtra Noise"    7"        $2.00
Sass Dragons / Party Garbage    "Snacking Is For Sissies"    7"        $5.00
Swarm / Force Fed  Glass    "Swarm / Force Fed  Glass"    7"        $7.00
This Is My Fist / Marked Men    "This Is My Fist / Marked Men"    7"        $5.00
True Stereo    "True Stereo"    7"        $3.00
Various    "To Us It Was So Much More: Chain Of Strength Compilation"    7"        $4.00
yU    "Dreams"    7"        $8.00

DJs On Black Friday

DJs On Black Friday

Throughout the day on day one of our 6th Annual Blackout at Sunrise Sale we're having some local musically inclined friends play some records. Here's a quick rundown:

Mr. Anthony Fantano will join us. You might know him from the Needle Drop. He'll play records that he has probably reviewed favorably (with a chance that he'll play favorable things he hasn't reviewed at all).

You might remember the free Shaki Presents: Sunday night concert series that occurred at BAR (New Haven) that came to a bit of an abrupt end a couple years back. Or maybe you're familiar with Rick Omonte as a musician playing with Crooked Hook or the Mountain Movers (among others). However you're familiar with him (even if it's just because of this short write up) you can check out his selections for you this Friday. 
Our friend Tony used to do sound for a lot of shows around CT. He went on to become a rocket scientist of sound (that's not a real thing, but you get the idea). He's going to be DJing on Friday during the Blackout at Sunrise Sale from 4:30PM-5:30 PM. DJ BIG $$ starts with "some silly gangster rap. go to gangster soul, go to some soul indie, go to some indie. so go some post rock go to some soul shit, some electronic sh*#, some jazz, some post rock jazz and end with some of the best new sh*#."
 [gize, this is really DJ Big $$. This is real. There is absolutely no trickery.]

 Chuck Fresh steps up to the decks. This gentleman is currently in a band called Hunger Strike though that has little to do with what he'll be playing. I'm guessing golden age of hip-hop and party jams.
  Hartford Party Starters Union's finest, PK Ripper and Dirty D. (Pat and Dustin) will be finishing off the night with fine selections (drum solos and Amon Duul II the whole time for Pat? Come find out) from their respective collections.  Also, check out their link for information on the party they have going on at Mad Dawgs this Wednesday (Thanksgiving Eve). 

Friday, November 16, 2012

16th Of November 2012 Update

16th Of November 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Adult    "Resuscitation" (Classic 2001 Collection First Time On Vinyl + D/L With Bonus Tracks)
Alexander, Amir    "Gutter Flex EP"
American Steel    "Rogue's March"
Andrew Jackson Jihad    "Candy Cigarettes Capguns Issue Problems And Such"
Andrew Jackson Jihad    "People Who Eat People Are the Luckiest People In The World"
Apollo Brown + OC    "Trophies" (2LP Gold Vinyl)
Avett Brothers, The    "Four Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions" (3LP 180 Gram + D/L)
Bad Brains    "Into The Future"
Basement    "Colourmeinkindness" (Ltd. Ed. Blue Vinyl)
Basinski, William    "The Disintegration Loops" (9LP + 5CD + DVD Box Set)
Beatles, The    "The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set"
Beatles, The    "Help!" (180 Gram Stereo Remastered)
Beatles, The    "Rubber Soul" (180 Gram Stereo Remastered)
Beatles, The    "A Hard Day's Night" (180 Gram Stereo Remastered)
Beatles, The    "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (180 Gram Stereo Remastered)
Beatles, The    "Magical Mystery Tour" (180 Gram Stereo Remastered)
Beatles, The    "With The Beatles" (180 Gram Stereo Remastered)
Beatles, The    "Beatles For Sale" (180 Gram Stereo Remastered)
Beatles, The    "Revolver" (180 Gram Stereo Remastered)
Beatles, The    "Please Please Me" (180 Gram Stereo Remastered)
Beatles, The    "Past Masters" (180 Gram Stereo Remastered)
Beatles, The    "The Beatles (White Album)" (180 Gram Stereo Remastered)
Beatles, The    "Yellow Submarine (Nothing Is Real)" (180 Gram Stereo Remastered)
Beatles, The    "Let It Be" (180 Gram Stereo Remastered)
Bee Mask    "When Were Eating Unripe Pears"
Beirut    "The Flying Club Cup"
Birken, Paul And Freddy Fresh    "Midwest Whippersnappers EP"
Black Sheep    "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing"
Boratto, Gui    "This Is Not the End (Remixes)"
Bottin    "Artifacts 5"
Brad    "Welcome To Discovery Park" (Ltd. Ed. 2LP + Bonus Tracks)
Catfish Haven    "Tell Me"
Claro Intelecto    "Second Blood EP"
Code Orange Kids    "Love Is Love / Return To Dust" Or "LOVEISLOVE//RETURNTODUST"
Danielson Famile    "Tri-Danielson (Alpha + Omega)" (2LP)
Das Ding    "H.S.T.A."
Decemberists, The    "The King Is Dead"
Deux    "Golden Dreams" (EP)
Dinosaur Jr.     "Chocomel Daze: Live In The Netherlands, 1987" (+ D/L)
Doom    "Lost The Fight / Pro-Life Control Sessions"
Egyptian Hip Hop    "Good Don't Sleep"
Elgato    "Tonight / Blue"
Emeralds    "Just To Feel Anything"
Estasy    "Wild Songs"
Featureless Ghost    "Personality Matrix"
Flaherty, Paul    "Aria Nativa" (+ D/L)
Four Tet    "Lion / Peace For Earth"
Frak    "Wobbler" (KNWL003)
Gamble, Lee    "Diversions 1994-1996" (White Vinyl)
Girl Talk    "Night Ripper" (180 Gram 2LP Gatefold)
Glass Ghost    "Idol Omen" (+ D/L)
Grabass Charlestons    "Dale & The Careeners"
Hawkwind    "Onward" (2LP Gatefold 180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Coloured Vinyl)
Here We Go Magic    "Here We Go Magic"
Hessian / Pale Creation    "Hessian (Gen, Belgium) / Pale Creation (Clevo, Ohio)"
Holy Other    "Held" (+ D/L)
Hood Internet, The    "Feat" (There Are So Many Guests On This, Here's One: Class Actress)
Huckaby, Mike    "The Versatility EP"
I Hate Myself / Twelve Hour Turn    "I Hate Myself / Twelve Hour Turn"
Ihsahn    "ER E MI T A" (2LP Gatefold 180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Coloured Vinyl)
Ike Yard    "Ike Yard"
In Trance 95    "Cities Of Steel And Neon"
Innerspace Halflife    "Astrodynamics EP"
Isis    "Temporal" (3LP Tri-Fold + DVD + D/L)
Ital    "Dream On" (+ D/L)
J Dilla (Jay Dee)    "Donuts" (Donut Shop Cover)
Jay Dee (AKA J Dilla)    "Welcome 2 Detroit"
Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe    "Kidsuke" (2LP)
LA Vampires With Maria Minerva    "The Integration LP"
Ladyhawk    "Shots" (+ D/L)
Ladyhawk    "Fight For Anarchy"
Langille, Suzanne / Neel Murgai    "Wild & Foolish Heart"
LB Lynam    "Get Things Straight"
Legowelt    "The Paranormal Soul Sampler"
Lekman, Jens    "Night Falls Over Kortedala" (+ D/L)
Lowe, Robert Aiki Aubrey    "Timon Irnok Manta"
Lust For Youth    "Growing Seeds" (+ D/L)
Majeure    "Solar Maximum" (+ D/L)
Major Lazer    "Guns Don't Kill People Lazers Do" (+ D/L)
Marley, Bob    "African Herbsman"
Martinez, Cliff    "Music From The Motion Picture Arbitrage" (Original Score)
Maserati    "VII" (+ D/L)
Menzingers, The    "A Lesson In The Abuse Of Information Technology"
Metz    "Metz" (+ D/L)
MF Doom    "Hoe Cakes / Potholders" (Pink Vinyl)
MF Doom    "MM.. Food?"
Minaj, Nicki    "Pink Friday Roman Reloaded" (+ D/L)
Model 500    "OFI (Apollo Mixes)"
Moon Duo    "Circles" (+ D/L)
Moore, Steve    "Panther Moderns"
Motley Crue    "Girls Girls Girls"
NHK'Koyxen    "Dance Classics Vol. II"
Ninja High School    "Young Adults Against Suicide"
Nite Jewel    "Good Evening" (2012 Reissue Of 2008 Debut + D/L With Bonus Tracks)
Ohama    "The Potato Farm Tapes"
Okkervil River    "I Am Very Far" (+ D/L)
Old Man Gloom    "Christmas" (2LP)
Omar S    "-998"
Oneida    "A List Of The Burning Mountains" (+ D/L)
Parassela (Blawan Lucretio Marieu)    "Label Nightmares EP"
Pearson Sound    "Blanked / Blue Eyes"
Pentagram    "Last Rites" (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram)
Pernice Brothers    "The World Won't End" (+ D/L)
Phosphorescent    "To Willie" (+ D/L)
Pittsburgh Track Authority    "Giza"
Ponytail    "Ice Cream Spiritual" (+ D/L)
Professor Genius    "Hassan" (2LP)
Psychic Paramount    "II"
Racebannon    "Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In"
Raglani    "Real Colors Of The Physical World"
Ramesses    "Take The Curse" (2LP)
Raneri, Anthony    "New Cathedrals"
Sass Dragons    "New Kids On The Bong"
Saves The Day    "Stay What You Are" (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)
Scanner    "Colofon & Compendium 1991-1994" (2LP Gatefold)
Schnitzler, Conrad    "Consequenz" (180 Gram)
Schnitzler, Conrad    "Con 3" (180 Gram)
Sex Church    "Somnambulist"
Skudge    "Haste / Wonder Stories"
Soundgarden    "King Animal" (2LP Gatefold 180 Gram)
St. Dad    "St. Dad"
Stepkids, The    "Sweet Salvation"
Stepkids, The    "The Stepkids" (+ D/L)
Stevens, Sufjan    "All Delighted People EP" (2LP)
Stevens, Sufjan    "Greetings From Michigan" (2LP)
Sun Araw    "The Inner Treaty"
Sutekh Hexen    "Behind The Throne" (Deep Red Marble Vinyl)
Sympathy Nervous    "Plastic Love"
Teebs    "Ardour" (+ D/L)
Thou / Salome    "Our Enemy Civilization"
Total Abuse    "Mutt" ( + D/L)
Trop Tard    "Photodrame" (+D/L)
Trop Tard    "Ils Etaient 9 Dans L'Oscurite"
Turunen, Matti    "Elokuu EP"
Two Dogs In A House    "Eliminator"
Tyvek    "On Triple Beams" (+ D/L)
Ultraista    "Ultraista" (Laura Bettinson, Nigel Godrich, Joey Waronker) (+ D/L)
Underground Railroad To Candyland, The    "Know Your Sins"
Van Wissem, Jozef & Jim Jarmusch    "The Mystery Of Heaven" (+ D/L)
Various    "The Comedy: A Film By Rick Alverson" (+ D/L)
Various    "The Funky 16 Corners" (2LP Gatefold)
Velvet Underground, The    "LA Cave 1968: Problems In Urban Living" (180 Gram)
Viktor Vaughn    "Vaudeville Villain" (2LP)
Voivod    "War And Pain"
West, Kanye    "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" (3LP)
Wires Under Tension    "Replicant" (+ D/L)
Wollard, Chris & The Ship Thieves    "Canyons"
Wovenhand    "The Laughing Stalk (Deluxe Edition)" (LP + CD; Hand-Printed Letterpress Art)
Wovenhand    "Consider The Birds"
Wye Oak    "My Neighbor / My Creator" (45 RPM Ltd. Ed. + D/L)
Xosar    "Night People"
Young, Neil With Crazy Horse    "Psychedelic Pill" (180 Gram 3LP Gatefold Pressed At Pallas Mastered At Bernie Grundman Mastering; Side F Etched) *Note: This is a bit of a high ticket item at $78.99*
Zodiac    "Zodiac"

Anberlin    "Vital" (2x10" Gatefold + D/L)
Computer Jay    "Savage Planet Discotheque Vol. 1"
Dimlite    "My Human Wears Acedia Shreds"
Harmonic 313    "Lion Feat. Rikodan" (+ D/L)
Nosaj Thing    "Eclipse / Blue"
Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band, The    "Born Into Trouble As The Sparks Fly Upward"

Big Troubles / Lilys    "Comb My Hair / Well Travelled Is Protest"
Coathangers, The / Heavy Cream    "Merry Go Round / Toasted" (+ D/L) (Ltd. Ed. /750)
Gap Dream    "Ali Baba" (+ D/L) (Ltd. Ed. /750)
Hause, Dave    "C'mon Kid" (+ D/L)
Hospitality    "The Drift / Monkey"
Joyce Manor / Big Kids    "JM/BK"
People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz    "Moon Magic"
Unknown Mortal Orchestra    "Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark) / Waves Of Confidence"
Walkmen, The    "Dance With Your Partner / Vermeer '65"

CDs (Our biggest distributor had a sale so a lot of these CDs are $8 or less - many of the more major label titles listed here)
Anthrax    "Madhouse: The Very Best Of Anthrax"
Apollo Brown / Guilty Simpson    "Dice Game"
Bad Brains    "Into The Future"
Beatles, The (Featuring Tony Sheridan)    "In The Beginning"
Black Sabbath    "Black Sabbath Vol. 4"
Black Sabbath    "Paranoid"
Black Sabbath    "Black Sabbath"
Code Orange Kids    " Love Is Love / Return To Dust"
Cooper, Alice    "Welcome To My Nightmare"
Crystal Castles    "Crystal Castles (III)"
Dinosaur Jr.     "I Bet On Sky"
Dio    "Holy Diver"
Dio    "Lock Up The Wolves"
Elf    "Elf"
Eric B. & Rakim    "Paid In Full"
Eric B. & Rakim    "Follow The Leader"
Fleetwood Mac    "Rumours"
Forma    "Off/On"
Gaslight Anthem, The    "Handwritten"
Insane Clown Posse    "Bang Pow Boom"
Ital    "Dream On"
Judas Priest    "Ram It Down"
Judas Priest    "Stained Class"
KISS    "The Best Of Kiss: 20th Century Masters The Milennium Collection"
L.L. Cool J    "Radio"
Legowelt    "The Paranormal Soul"
Marciano, Roc    "Reloaded"
Modest Mouse    "Everywhere And His Nasty Parlour Tricks"
Morrissey    "Southpaw Grammar"
Motorhead    "1916"
Motorhead    "March Or Die"
Nas    "God's Son (Nasir Jones)"
Nite Jewel    "Good Evening" (2008 Debut Reissue For 2012 + Bonus Tracks)
NON (Boyd Rice)    "Back To Mono"
Pantera    "The Best Of Pantera: Far Beyond The Great Southern Cowboys' Vulgar Hits" (CD+DVD)
Public Enemy    "YO! Bum Rush The Show"
Sewer Goddess    "Disciples Of Shit - Live Waste"
Skrillex    "Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites"
Sonic Youth    "Goo"
Stepkids, The    "The Stepkids"
Stevens, Sufjan    "Silver & Gold (Gift Box)" (5CD + Stickers + Temp. Tattoos + Ornament + Poster + More)
Suicidal Tendencies    "The Art Of Rebellion"
Van Etten, Sharon    "Tramp (Deluxe Edition With Tramp Demos CD)"
Various    "Labyrinth (Original Soundtrack Featuring David Bowie)"
Vessel    "Order Of Noise"
White Stripes, The    "Elephant"
White Stripes, The    "Icky Thump"
White Stripes, The    "Under Great White Northern Lights"
Xiphoid Dementia    "Secular Hymns"

[DVD] The Point: Definitive Collector's Edition (Harry Nilsson, Fred Wolf, Ringo Starr)
[BOOK] Only Death Is Real: An Illustrated History Of Hellhammer And Early Celtic Frost 1981-1985
[MAGAZINE] Maximum RockNRoll #355 December 2012


Perfume Genius Put Your Back N 2 It

[Buy Online From RSR]
On his second album, Seattle-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Mike Hadreas addresses serious issues such as violence, drug addiction, depression, and, most prominently concerning his sexual orientation, homophobia. He expresses those melancholy themes in a soft-spoken way by primarily using a delicate piano, acoustic guitar and synth to paint his emotions. For example, the beautiful-sounding piano-and-synth opener “AWOL Marine” was inspired by a homemade adult film featuring a man who admitted he was just doing it to pay for his wife’s medication. Hadreas also sings about how he’s grown weary from loneliness on “Take Me Home” and, judging by his desire for “love with no hiding” on the title track, he takes the nature of his romance very seriously. Other tracks poetically touch on similarly personal subject matter, such as a gay teen using a suicide letter to ask for everything to be taken away (“17.”) Also, in a moving, deeply-layered synth lament, Hadreas contemplates the reality that he and his boyfriend will only be able to embrace in public hesitation-free when “All Waters” are still (he’s still dealing with the issue, as Youtube didn’t allow the “Hood” music video to be used for a 16-second preview ad because of the non-“family safe” seconds-long image him and another man embracing in just underwear.) Overall, he uses this record to clearly demonstrate emotions straight from the heart, and even if people disagree, he just wants them to listen.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Yva Las Vegass I Was Born In A Place of Sunshine and The Smell of Ripe Mangoes

“Passionate” is the key word here: unapologetically referring to herself as a “motherfucker,” Vegass uses just her voice (which she uses to sing, yell and rant) and energetic cuatro-strumming techniques to express her powerful opinions. Born in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela in 1963, her teenage rebelliousness eventually led her to Seattle, where she and a friend became street performers. Eventually, she got a gig singing at Krist Novoselic’s birthday party, and after Kurt Cobain’s suicide, the two formed the indie/alt-rock band Sweet 75. Despite opening for acts such as Dinosaur Jr. and L7, they didn’t find much success and officially disbanded in 2000 due to “creative differences.” Currently Brooklyn-based, Vegass is back to playing a purely acoustic Latin style, strongly weighing artistic expression over commercialism. Almost the entire record, unsurprisingly, is in Spanish: the exceptions being her questioning why buying crack for white friends earns her the label of a “Crack Whore,” and, on “Pussy In Your Eye,” admitting that she still feels like a loner, just like in fourth grade. She retains a raw, outspoken and genuine sound throughout, especially after years of rough experiences (homelessness, drug addiction, brawling, etc.)
[Reviewer: Mark] [This one should be in within a week.]

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 18

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 18
(If you're seeing this on our home webpage [] you're going to want to press the "Read More" link on the bottom to view the videos.)

After a brief break from this regular feature due to weather and general happenings we're back in the swing of it. Check out some new and not so new music via videos! 

At the end of the night I like to get into my cocoon stasis and this is the soundtrack that Andy Stott provides.

These fuzzed out weirdos keep making fun music and fun videos. This is off their latest.

Sometimes you are just in the mood for some dance jams. Sometimes you want to join the J.A.M.S. That latter part is basically everyday for me (Rick).

Saving Norton Records after Hurricane Sandy from Dust & Grooves on Vimeo.

Norton Records had their warehouse flooded last week during hurricane Sandy. They're in the process of dealing with that nightmare now. If you're in New York, they could use some help with the clean up.

Here's to hoping the new My Bloody Valentine album is released by the end of the year as Mr. Shields promises.

Brit pop with a jazzed out backing band on this melancholic track with pretty desolate imagery.

The original version of this song, by Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs is one of my all time favorites. Actress Amanda Seyfried does a fantastic job with it here.

Friendship! Our friend Chip Crane now lives down in NYC so another friend Benn Grim went down and made a video with him and more friends. We still have some of Benn's last CD here, btw. CT Hip-Hop.

On this title track from the recent album by Mark Stewart (yes, of The Pop Group) and Factory Floor (DFA RECORDS vets) we get exactly what you might expect when an adventurous rock stalwart mixes with a young industrial techno act. Or maybe you wouldn't expect it at all.

Bombastic rhymin' and jukin' rave rhythms. World clash of styles done with great effect.

When it comes to videos and picking directors Björk has consistently been ahead of the curve (see: Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze...). This one from Andrew Thomas Huang is no exception. Tectonic plates, magnetic strife, sandy color spectrums, eruptions... and breakcore. Yep.

Black Marble - "Cruel Summer" from Hardly Art on Vimeo.

The new Black Marble LP came out recently. Some CT expats (Eraas) did a remix for them recently, too. Check out this spooky stage play video for their dark synth pop.

We post these videos daily on Please "Like" that page if you are on FB. If you aren't on Facebook then these are here for you - posted weekly. Music is so extremely important and good. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

T-USED-DAY Update for November 13th, 2012

T-USED-DAY Update 
for November 13th, 2012
at Redscroll Records

Here are some of the latest used arrivals at the shop. Keep in mind this doesn't include any of the CDs or many of the LPs in the general rock/pop/jazz/anything-in-the-back-room that we get in.

These are the in-store prices - if you'd like to find any of these online please visit us here:

LPs & 12"s
AC/DC    "Blow Up Your Video"    LP        $5.00
AC/DC    "For Those About To Rock"    LP        $2.00
Baker, Chet    "Chet"    LP        $5.00
Beat Beat Beat    "Living In The Future…"    LP        $8.00
Bouncing Souls, The    "The Gold Record" (PIC)    LP        $10.00
Bowie, David    "Tonight" (Sealed)    LP        $5.00
Braid    "Lucky To Be Alive"    LP        $10.00
Burning Love    "Songs For Burning Lovers"    LP        $9.00
Case    "Ain't Gonna Dance! Recordings 1980-1985"    LP        $10.00
Cat Power    "Sun"    LP        $10.00
Cat Power    "Moon Pix"    LP        $11.00
Catalyst, The    "Swallow Your Teeth"    LP        $8.00
Cleaners From Venus    "Midnight In America"    LP        $12.00
Cleaners From Venus    "Blow Away Your Troubles"    LP        $13.00
Converge     "No Heroes" (White Vinyl)    LP        $12.00
Dio    "Dream Evil"    LP        $8.00
Dio    "The Last In Line"    LP        $5.00
Drumm, Kevin    "Imperial Distortion" (White Vinyl)    LP        $35.00
Fat Boys    "Crushin'"    LP        $3.00
Fat Boys    "The Best Part Of The Fat Boys"    LP        $2.00
Hammer And The Nails    "Maxi E.P."    LP        $8.00
Hazlewood, Lee    "Poet, Fool Or Bum"    LP        $14.00
Hirax    "Hate, Fear And Power"    LP        $12.00
Iron Age    "Constant Struggle" (Clear Vinyl)    LP        $12.00
Italian Horn    "The Bells Of Spring"    LP        $10.00
Jane's Addiction    "Classic Girl"    LP        $8.00
Judas Priest    "Unleashed In The East"    LP        $3.00
Judas Priest    "Screaming For Vengeance"    LP        $3.00
Live Skull    "Cloud One"    LP        $6.00
Misfits    "Die Die My Darling"    LP        $8.00
Modern Life Is War    "Midnight In America"    LP        $14.00
Murder By Death    "Red Of Tooth And Claw" (Blue Vinyl)    LP        $15.00
N.W.A.    "Greatest Hits"    LP        $12.00
Nuclear Assault    "Brain Death"    LP        $20.00
Ringworm    "The Promise"    LP        $10.00
Shearing, George And The Montgomery Brothers    "George Shearing And The Montgomery Brothers"    LP        $10.00
Slow Gherkin    "Double Happiness"    LP        $10.00
Small Brown Bike    "Our Own Wars"    LP        $8.00
Sonic Youth    "Dirty" (4LP Box Set)    LP        $33.00
Spacemen 3    "Sound Of Confusion"    LP        $13.00
Stormshadow / Fanshen    "Stormshadow / Fanshen"    LP        $3.00
Sweet Ones, The    "Big Mistakes"    LP        $3.00
Touche Amore    "To The Beat Of A Dead Horse"    LP        $18.00
Various    "Suffer This… A Compilation Of Boston's Backwash"    LP        $4.00
Waterboys, The    "Fisherman's Blues"    LP        $5.00

Downtown Struts, The    "Sail The Seas Dry (Extended Version)"    10"        $9.00

American Cheeseburger / Bukkake Boys    "American Cheeseburger / Bukkake Boys"    7"        $3.00
Archers Of Loaf    "Harnessed In Slums"    7"        $7.00
Associates    "PartyFearsTwo"    7"        $2.00
Aughra    "Habidabad Vol. 1"    7"        $1.00
Barry, Tim / Frank Turner    "Tim Barry / Frank Turner"    7"        $8.00
Beyond Reason    "It's Just Begun"    7"        $3.00
Black Flag    "Nervous Breakdown"    7"        $5.00
Blonde Redhead    "Limited Conversation"    7"        $4.00
Braid    "Please Drive Faster"    7"        $4.00
Braid    "I'm Afraid Of Everything."    7"        $4.00
Braid    "Rainsnowmatch"    7"        $4.00
Butt Trumpet    "I Left My Flannel In Seattle / Pink Gun"    7"        $9.00
Chixdiggit    "Best Hung Carrot In The Fridge"    7"        $6.00
Clockcleaner    "Frogrammer"    7"        $3.00
Clockcleaner    "Missing Dick"    7"        $5.00
Cocteau Twins    "Love's Easy Tears"    7"        $4.00
Cornelius    "Free Fall"    7"        $6.00
Costello, Elvis    "Oliver's Army"    7"        $2.00
Cult, The    "For The Animals" (RSD Pic)    7"        $4.00
Daniel Shays / Structure    "Daniel Shays / Structure"    7"        $2.00
Deep Wound    "Deep Wound"    7"        $25.00
Diet Cokeheads    "Nasal"    7"        $3.00
Dinosaur Jr.    "What The Fuck"    7"        $8.00
Dinosaur Jr.    "The Wagon"    7"        $7.00
Elevator Drops, The    "Lennon's Dead"    7"        $4.00
El-P    "Truancy"    7"        $2.00
Eric's Trip    "Song's About Chris"    7"        $7.00
Fleshtones    "The World Has Changed"    7"        $2.00
Flipper    "Some Day / Distant Illusion"    7"        $3.00
Flying Saucer Attack    "Land Beyond…"    7"        $4.00
Francis Harold And The Holograms    "The Eagle Can't Fly With One Wing / Two F&&&&ts One C&&t"    7"        $6.00
Fugazi    "3 Songs"    7"        $3.00
Get Up Kids, The / Coalesce    "The Get Up Kids / Coalesce"    7"        $2.00
Green River    "Demo 1984"    7"        $15.00
Groinoids    "Radiobeat Sessions"    7"        $5.00
Hip Cops / Gate    "Hip Cops / Gate"    7"        $3.00
Hives, The    "Walk Idiot Walk"    7"        $3.00
Holy Rollers    "Cringer"    7"        $3.00
Illegal Motion    "Don't Just Say Goodbye / Into Motion" (Signed)    7"        $3.00
Indian Summer / Ordination Of Aaron    "Speed Kills"    7"        $8.00
Integrity    "Walpurgisnacht" (Green Cover Art; Glow In The Dark Vinyl)    7"        $7.00
Iron Hand    "Liquid Assets"    7"        $3.00
Iron Hand    "Usurper Divine"    7"        $3.00
Jad Fair    "Gunfighter Ballads And Songs Of The Old West"    7"        $5.00
Lose    "What's Your Name?"    7"        $4.00
Misfits, The    "Back With A Bang!"    7"        $7.00
Monster Magnet    "Evil"    7"        $6.00
Ordination Of Aaron    "Acoustic"    7"        $3.00
Outbreak    "Eaten Alive" (Green)    7"        $4.00
Overcast    "Begging For Indifference"    7"        $4.00
Roachclip    "Al Pastor"    7"        $4.00
Roosevelt    "Roosevelt"    7"        $3.00
Run D.M.C.    "You Talk Too Much"    7"        $4.00
Saint Etienne    "Pale Movie"    7"        $2.00
Saints, The    "(I'm) Stranded"    7"        $2.00
Samuel     "Empty And Then Some / Our Baby Outlaw"    7"        $5.00
Schematic Of A Waking Life / Stabyouintheheadandeatyourfaceoff    "Schematic Of A Waking Life / Stabyouintheheadandeatyourfaceoff" (Gold)    7"        $3.00
Sebadoh / Azalia Snail    "Sebadoh / Azalia Snail"    7"        $3.00
Sex Pistols    "The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle"    7"        $3.00
Shroomunion    "Shroomunion"    7"        $4.00
Shroomunion    "Fairy Tales And Dreams"    7"        $4.00
Sixtoo    "Two Strikes"    7"        $3.00
Sixtoo / Matth    "He Did Glass Music"    7"        $3.00
Sixtoo / Simahlak    "All Star Battle"    7"        $4.00
Sore Eros    "Taal Compass"    7"        $3.00
Sudden Walks    "Sudden Walks"    7"        $3.00
Swervedriver / Sophia    "Swervedriver / Sophia Split"    7"        $15.00
Tanz Der Youth"    "I'm Sorry"    7"        $3.00
Teardrop Explodes, The    "Treason"    7"        $4.00
Texas Is The Reason / The Promise Ring    "Texas Is The Reason / The Promise Ring Split"    7"        $7.00
They And The Children      "They And The Children"    7"        $2.00
They And The Children / Daniel Striped Tiger    "They And The Children / Daniel Striped Tiger"    7"        $3.00
Thinner    "Thinner"    7"        $4.00
Trevor & Daniel    "Trevor & Daniel"    7"        $2.00
Various    "Notes From The South" (Hardcore)    7"        $3.00
Various    "Squirrel" (Tuscadero, Frodus, Chisel, Bloodnation)    7"        $4.00
Various    "Quarters Vol. 1" (Red Vinyl)    7"        $3.00
Versus    "Bright Light"    7"        $3.00
Vicious, The    "Igen"    7"        $3.00
Wether / Teeth Collection    "Wether / Teeth Collection"    7"        $5.00
XTC    "Senses Working Overtime"    7"        $3.00
XTC    "This Is Pop"    7"        $5.00
Young Widows / My Disco    "Part 4 Of 4"    7"        $3.00

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