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SUNDAY: 78 RPM Records From The Ottoman-American Diaspora 1916-1929

78 RPM Records From The Ottoman-American Diaspora 1916-1929||Facebook Event||

Sunday, September 4 · 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Neverending Books, 810 State Street, New Haven, CT

Ian Nagoski will play 78 rpm records and lecture on the history of the music, musicians and record labels documented in the beautiful new 3CD set he complied:
To What Strange Place : The Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora, 1916 - 1929

Before the Golden Age of Americana on Record, immigrants from the
dissolving Ottoman Empire were singing their joys and sorrows to disc
in New York City. The virtuosic musicians from Anatolia, the Eastern
Mediterranean, and the Levant living in the U.S. who recorded between
WWI and the Depression are presented here across two discs, along with
a third disc of masterpieces they imported as memories on
shellac-and-stone. The intermingled lives and musics of Christians,
Jews, and Muslims represent Middle Eastern culture as it existed
within the U.S. a century ago.
A fascinating, new view of American Folk Music.
Designed by Susan Archie.
83-second Trailer :
10-minute Featurette:

Ian Nagoski is music researcher, musician, writer and record producer.
His avocation is inspiring people who love music to love it more. In
2007 Ian released Black Mirror, a collection of gripping folk and
devotional music recorded between 1918 and 1954 in Syria, Bali,
Scotland, Yugoslavia, Cameroon, and a dozen or so other countries. It
was released on Grammy-winning label Dust-to-Digital; taste-makers
Pitchfork gave it an 8.6 and Baltimore’s City Paper called it
“enigmatic, transfixing, haunting, pretty, and just plain odd,” and
the Kronos Quartet (whose David Harrington called it the Record of the
Year in the UK paper the Independent began performing a piece from it.
The academic journal Ethnomusicology lauded it as an exceptional
collection, despite having been made for the general public.

Nagoski followed Black Mirror with two more international collections
A String of Pearls, Brass Pins & Match Heads for his own Canary
imprint (manufactured and distributed by the Porland, OR label
Mississippi Records) as well as an LP of the under-recognized and
brilliant 1920s Greek singer Marika Papagika, which LA Times Music
Editor Randall Roberts has called "awe-inspiring." and an LP of the
mid-30s recordings of the Indian classical singer Abdul Karim Khan
which Aquarius Records named the record of the week in August, '11,
saying it was "something else altogether [...], dense, lush, emotional
and spiritual ragas, haunting and mystical and completely
gorgeous.[...], so powerful and so passionate [...] you'll be whisked
away, totally transported, as the sounds surround you, and seep into
your spirit and soul. The music here so utterly transcendent, so lush,
warm and welcoming, yet at the same time, so strange and wondrous,
Khan's voice sounding like its bathed in divine light. Incredible."

Nagoski is also a writer, who has contributed to dozens of magazines
and blogs, and he is the writer and host of Fonotopia, a radio show
based around his obsession with early 20th century recordings, which
David Srebnik, the Music Format Curator at the Public Radio Exchange
has called "a deeply rich hour of music and compelling storytelling,"
noting that Nagoski has "not gathered any collector-nerd moss along
the way." Over the past several years, he has traveled widely as a
teacher and lecturer, moving between galleries, bars, coffee houses,
sound-art festivals, radio.

He is the recipient of a Kindle Foundation award, which has made this
tour possible.

A Washington Post feature on Nagoski was selected for Da Capo's Best
Music Writing 2011.


8.3 "It feels as essential to an understanding of American music as
anything else."
- Pitchfork

4.5/5 "a beautiful and labyrinthine Americana, one that stretches
confines of the definition of the word itself. It is an essential
document for collectors of world music, but also for those interested
in the unsung personas that created 20th century America."
- AllMusic

"Comparisons with Harry Smith's anthology or Revenant's American
Primitive are in order, not least because this is American music with
a capital A, animated by the same feelings of desperation, nostalgia,
the quest for cheap kicks and the agony of loss. Like Smith, Nagoski
is a Walter Benjamin visionary, using his collection of 78s to
hallucinate a history that actually happened but which remains hidden
beneath official dogma and nationalisms."
-The Wire, August 2011.

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We will be closed on Sunday 8/27/11.  
Be safe. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

26th Of August 2011 Update

26th Of August 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
All Pigs Must Die    "God Is War (180 Gram)"
Barrett, Syd    "The Madcap Laughs (180 Gram)"
Beirut    "The Rip Tide (Special Edition Cloth Cover + D/L)"
Big Eyes    "Hard Life"
Bjork    "The Crystalline Series (Matthew Herbert Mixes; 2 In A Series Of 4)"
Black Lips    "200 Million Thousand"
Black Lips    "Good Bad Not Evil"
Black Lips    "Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo"
Blood Orange    "Coastal Grooves (+ D/L)"
CSS    "La Liberacion (+ D/L)"
Cultus Sabbati    "The Garden Of Forking Ways"
Dead Hearts    "Bitter Verses"
Dirty Beaches / Ela Orleans    "Ela Orleans / Dirty Beaches"
DJ Spinna    "The Boogie Back (Post Disco Club Jams)"
Future Shuttle    "Water's Edge (+ D/L)"
Hercules & Love Affair    "Blue Songs MMXI (U.S. Version + D/L Of LP, 3 Unreleased + 7 Bonus Remixes)"
Innergaze    "Shadow Disco"
Jacuzzi Boys    "Glazin' (+ D/L)"
Joy Formidable, The    "The Big Roar (+ D/L)"
Limes    "Tarantula! (150 Gram + D/L)"
Liquor Store    "Yeah Buddy (2xLP)"
Low    "Trust (Analog-Analog-Analog)"
Male Bonding    "Endless Now (+ D/L)"
Nig-Heist    "Nig-Heist (+ Free Live CD)"
No Funeral    "6 Song EP"
Octo Octa    "Let Me See"
Pearl Harbor (Puro Instinct)    "Something About Chaparrals (Ltd. Ed. Second Pressing Colored Vinyl + D/L)"
Pentagram    "Last Rites (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram)"
Racebannon    "Six Sik Sisters: A Story Cloaked In The Black Plague (+ D/L)"
Red Horse    "Red Horse"
Red Mass    "Split Brain Experiment [10"]"
Rotting Out    "Street Prowl"
Sacred Love    "Dividing Lines"
Sutekh Hexen    "Luciform"
Total Control    "Henge Beat"
Williams, Devon    "Euphoria (+ D/L)"
Yacht    "Shangri-La (Deluxe Gatefold)"
You And I    "Saturdays Cab Ride Home: A Twelve Inch Release"
Yussuf Jerusalem    "Blast From The Past"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
Balam Acab    "Wander/Wonder"
Bass Clef    "Zamyatin Tapes Volume 1"
Clams Casino    "Instrumentals"
Claro Intelecto    "Metanarrative (2xLP)"
Dexplicit    "Pull Up Riddim / Pull Up Vocal"
DJ Diamond    "Flight Muzik (+ D/L)"
Falty DL    "Phreqaflex"
Ford Inc.    "Satire / Delirium"
Pendle Coven    "Hex EP"

Hip-Hop 12"s & LPs
Madlib    "Madlib Medicine Show #9: Channel 85 Presents Nittyville "
Raekwon    "Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang"
Royce da 5'9"    "Success is Certain"
Slum Village    "Fantastic Vol 2. Intrumentals"

Big Troubles "Sad Girls"
Bloodyminded "Phases 3 (Box)"
Cerekloth "Halo Of Syringes"
FocusedXMinds "Stay Focused
Polar Bear Club "The View"
Raw Nerves "Burnt Skin"
Take Offense "Peace In..."

All Pigs Must Die "God Is War"
Balam Acab "Wander/Wonder"
Beirut "The Rip Tide (Deluxe Edition)"
Cerekloth "Halo Of Syringes"
Crucified Mortals "Crucified Mortals"
Cultes Des Ghoules "Haxan"
Destroyer 666 "To The Devil His Due"
Esplendor Geometrico "Sheikh"
Flame "March Into The Firelands"
NYC Mayhem Metal & Crossover Days (2xCD)
Ravencult "Morbid Blood"
Yot "Atma"

Boneshop Of The Heart: Outsider Art From The American South
Trimpin: The Sound Of Invention (Featuring The Kronos Quartet)


Balam Acab Wander/Wonder LP/CD
(Tri Angle)

Clams Casino Instrumentals LP

Yes, a piggybacked review here. Why? Because, to be honest, if you like one then most likely you'll like the other. Dubbed/drugged/dragged/morphined/heroined/slowed/sleep-deprived/hallucinatory beats. I recommended the Balam Acab EP last year. Guess what? The LP is more of the same and no less great. All new tracks with pitched up and down vocal tracks over smooth tripped out melodies, waves and thuds. The Clams Casino LP really creeps up on you. Or at least, while I gave it the initial listen I found myself deeper and deeper in it. I was fully immersed when I got hit with a Bjork sample - at which point I probably exclaimed something aloud to whoever was around me. Something like, "This is the album of the century!" with much hyperbole, mind you, but not lacking the sincerity of the sentiment. A couple solid Hip-Hop influenced (Clams Casino is arguably just hip-hop; he does produce beats for a few rappers after all) down-tempo electronic beat releases here. So many solid ones lately (see: last update's Shlohmo review). I'm enjoying it.
[Reviewer: Rick]

Parasite / Vermapyre 7"
(Holy Terror)

You can add Parasite to the ever-growing list of Japanese bands that I dig. D-beat hardcore punk that will make you want to dance more then just hold a beer and pump your fist. A few riffs sound middle eastern-influenced to me. I love that Japanese bands aren't afraid to get a little weird with their crust. For fans of G.I.S.M. & Paintbox. Vermapyre is another mysterious outfit. I'm not even sure which country they're from is it Japan or Belgium? Either way, these dudes kicks it off with an extremely raw black metal track called, "March Of Thee Vermapyrical Legions". Then you get hit with "Thee Cold Invocation" which is more of a spooky noise track with some female whispers buried in the mix. The last track is, "Return Of The Sorcerer" which sounds more like a rough live Integrity recording. Locked groove? I'm sold. For fans of Bone Awl & weirder Integ jams.
[Reviewer: Josh]

Poison Planet Demo 7"
(Offside Records)

Poison Planet is a straight edge powerviolence band on Offside Records. Kinda reminds me of Dropdead with a couple guitar solos thrown in. Lot's of politically motivated lyrics. The insert has explanations behind some of the lyrics, which is something I always thought was great. Earth Crisis did it on the "All Out War" 7" about their use of the word "fetus." The album ends with an animal noise. I say it sounds like a wolf, Rick thinks it's a whale. YOU DECIDE.
[Reviewer: Sean]

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CANCELLED: Sunday Benefit: CHIP!

Mother Nature is cruel. Well, she is at least ambivalent. And she's bringing the wrath this weekend. The Governor has already declared a state of emergency for Connecticut on Sunday. So, yes, the Benefit event for Matthew "Chip" Crane is cancelled. That doesn't mean we can't still raise money for him. We will. We have raffle prizes and a karaoke machine (which unless we figure out something for Monday may sadly go unused). Stay tuned. We'll send a message out through all the channels (blogs, facebook, twitter).  

Thanks to all who planned on attending and we hope you'll keep an eye out for the future effort on this.

Back On His Feet
A Benefit For Matthew "Chip" Crane

||Facebook Event Page||
Sunday, August 28th 7:00 PM
Daniel Street
21 Daniel St., Milford, CT
$10 (minimum donation) 21+

(Rock band from DC area with members of Lion of Judah)
(Rock band from New Haven area that Chip once played drums in)
(Medhammer noise leprechaun flute something something)
(Hartford Party Starters Union)


Be ready to sing like David Lee Roth! 
(or y'know, like yourself while singing popular hits of the past)

Brass City Tattoo, Liberty Tattoo, Manic Productions, Redscroll Records, Shop Shogun & more!

A few months back Matthew "Chip" Crane was on a fire escape when it collapsed. He landed on his feet and shattered his heels. This is a benefit to lift his spirits and to try and help with the financial burden that comes along with an accident like this. Matthew has played with seminal CT bands; such as Fired Up, Tombstone Minds and Estrogen Highs.

Chip on drums:

A cursory search didn't turn up any footage of Chip playing bass in Fired Up, but here's a song and the cover art (Chip is all the way on the right of the cover):

Couldn't find any Tombstone Minds footage either. Come see this guy in the flesh and forget the videos. I guarantee he'll be doing Karaoke which is more entertaining than most things in life anyhow. Get ready for fun while helping a friend (whether he's yours now or soon to be).

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23rd Of August Update

23rd Of August 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

We didn't have any reviews on the last update.  Friday's in-stocks also didn't get added onto that either. So, today you get a bonus update with a few reviews and the stock that's come in between Thursday and today.  Bonus!

LPs & 12"s
Alkaline Trio / One Man Army    "BYO Split Series Volume V"
Bad Sports    "Kings Of The Weekend "
Basement     "I Wish I Could Stay Here"
Black Flag    "Everything Went Black"
Black Flag    "Family Man"
Bridges, Jeff    "Jeff Bridges"
City Of Ships    "Minor World "
CSC Funk Band    "Things Are Getting Too Casual"
DJ Spinna    "The Boogie Back (Post Disco Club Jams)"
Don Caballero    "For Respect"
Fool's Gold    "Leave No Trace"
Ganglians    "Still Living"
Icarus Line, The    "Black Lives At The Golden Coast"
Knife, The    "We Share Our Mothers' Health"
Leatherface    "Viva La Arthouse: Live In Melbourne"
Malkmus, Stephen And The Jicks    "Mirror Traffic"
Man Overboard    "The Human Highlight Reel: EP's, B-Sides, And Other Songs"
NOFX     "White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean"
P.O.D.     "When Angels & Serpents Dance"
Slowdive     "Just For A Day"
Spraynard    "Funtitled"
Stepkids, The    "Legend . Suburban Dream"
Today Is The Day    "Pain Is A Warning"
Unkind    "Harhakuvat"
War Hungry    "War Hungry"

Hip-Hop 12"s & LPs
Madlib    "Madlib Medicine Show #9: Channel 85 Presents Nittyville "
Raekwon    "Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang"
Royce da 5'9"    "Success is Certain"
Slum Village    "Fantastic Vol 2. Intrumentals"

Black Milk / Jack White
Caves / Sundials
Dead Hearts "A Death In..."
F. Boys
Jonti "Firework Spraying Moon"
Nature "Workout"
Praise "Two Songs"
Seaweed "Service..."
Talk Normal "Lone Gener..."
Trench Rot
Yellow Fever "Bermuda Triangle"

Algernon Cadwallader "Parrot"
Apathy "Honkey Kong"
Ceremony "Covers EP"
Icarus Line "Wildlife"
Nebula / Lowrider
Poison Control "Stranger"
Premonition "13"


Botany Feeling Today [EP] 12"
(Western Vinyl)

Botany is an experimental/electronic project from young Texas musician Spencer Stephenson, and this EP, according to Western Vinyl’s website, is “a humble collection of tracks dedicated to his recently deceased mother, pieced together in the house where she raised him.” It provides a very dream-like experience – I get the feeling of flying amidst puffy clouds surrounding a castle in the sky at sundown. A variety of samples, from celestial orchestra swelling to wind chimes, come together to paint an atmosphere that’s thick, otherworldly, and refreshing. The luscious synth lines are the main driving force, though, laying the foundation for the ornate instrumentation. The opening title track is the perfect starter with its uprising far-as-the-eye-can-see melody and airy-yet-resonant vocals. “Benefactress” is another example of uniqueness, with natural-sounding, loosely structured chimes and a fluffy, pounding backbeat. The closing track “Agave” is the “darkest” sounding - it dishes out more abstract instrumentation with both a chandelier of elegant jingling and a buzzing electronic shade. With sounds as beautiful as these on a five-track EP, it will be interesting to see what a full-length album will yield, too.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Shabazz Palaces Black Up LP/CD
(Sub Pop)

I know this is on Sub Pop and it has an ambiguous band name and title.  It's hip-hop.  It's smooth and it's rough.  It's atmospheric and conscious and full of braggadocio and abrasive. It's Digable Planets meets Dalek.  It's really good. 
[Reviewer: Rick]

Shlohmo Bad Vibes LP/CD
(Friends Of Friends)

Seems this guy has been up to some chill vibes (though the title proclaims these are bad I don't really feel that; perhaps melancholic at times, sure) for a couple years now.  This is my introduction to his work.  It's down-tempo electronic music which would really easily fit in with the Tri Angle Records roster.  It's got a level of atmospheric samplings (vocal ooohs and ahhhs) with a level of syncopated string tinged glitch-hop laid under (or over) each track (nevermind production techniques with this sentence - you get the idea). I recently put this on during a train ride and when it ended I found myself mesmerized by the ambient sound of the train and its passengers (not because the latter was all that mesmerizing - it was a residual effect I assure you).  Get mesmerized by the strumming strings oooh ahh blip boom.
[Reviewer: Rick]

Friday, August 19, 2011

18th Of August 2011 Update

18th Of August 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Agalloch    "Marrow Of The Spirit"
Ahmed, Mahmoud    "Jeguol Naw Betwa"
Astatke, Mulatu    "Timeless: The Composer / Arranger Series (Remixed)"
Ben Folds Five    "Ben Folds Five (180 Gram)"
Borghesia    "Ljubav Je Hladnija Od Smrti"
Burning Itch    "Burning Itch"
Container    "Container LP"
Coum Transmissions    "Sugarmorphoses"
Dadfag    "Probably (+ D/L)"
Danquah, George    "Hot And Jumpy: New Dimensions In African Hustle! Reggae! Native! Soul! (+ D/L)"
De Ma Vaere Belgiere / End Of Your Garden    "Er Det Tirsdag Ma Det Vere Belgien / Celebration (/500)"
Eleven Pond    "Bas Relief (/500)"
Elkington, James & Nathan Salsburg    "Avos"
Ensemble Economique    "Standing Still, Facing Forward"
Fell, Mark & Peter Rehberg    "Zikir / Kubu"
Hard Skin    "Hard Nuts And Hard Cunts: The Wave Of Close Shave (+ D/L)"
Heatmiser    "Mic City Sons (180 Gram)"
Hole    "Pretty On The Inside (180 Gram)"
Hurley, Michael    "Fatboy Spring"
Into It. Over It.    "Twelve Towns (+ D/L)"
Kabaka, Remi    "Black Goddess: The Soundtrack From Ola Balogun's Film (1978 Nigerian Soundtrack + D/L)"
Kid Romance    "Scared Of Outside"
King Dude    "My Beloved Ghost EP"
Lungfish    "The Unanimous Hour (+ D/L)"
Magic Trick (Tim Cohen)    "The Glad Birth Of Love"
Merritt, Stephin (Magnetic Fields)    "Obscurities: Rare & Unreleased Tracks By The Magnetic Fields, The 6ths And Others (+ D/L)"
Minerva, Maria    "Cabaret Cixous"
Neon Judgement    "Early Tapes (/500)"
O'Rourke, Jim    "Old News #6 (Maroon Cover)"
Parade Ground    "The Golden Years"
Psychic Ills    "Telesthetic Tape"
Radiohead    "Give Up The Ghost / Codex / Little By Little" (Available 8/23/11)
Rocket From The Tombs    "Barfly"
Sex Pistols    "Sex, Anarchy & Rock N' Roll Swindle"
Squeaky Lobster    "Will-O-The-Wisp EP" (10")
Starter    "Starter"
Sun Araw    "Ancient Romans"
Van Wissem, Jozef    "The Joy That Never Ends"
Various Artists    "BART: Bay Area Retrograde (Vol. 1)"
Wax Museums, The    "Zoo Full Of Ramones: The Singles 2006-2008"
Why?    "Elephant Eyelash"
Widowspeak    "Widowspeak (+ D/L)"
Wiese, John    "Gga"
XEX    "Group: XEX"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
Adele    "Rolling In The Deep (Native Racket Mix) / Key-A-Pella / Original"
Ancient Astronauts    "Into Bass And Time"
Area Forty_One    "Discharging Clouds"
Blake, James    "Order / Pan"
Booka Shade    "The Sun & The Neon Light: The Vinyl Mixes"
Boris Noiz    "Tryptych EP"
CFCF    "Cometrue / Cometrue (D'Eon Mix) / Looking So"
Guido & Baobinga    "Ballin / Bumba"
Hanuman / Atki2 & Dub Boy    "Bola (Atki2 & Dub Boy Remix) / Tigerflower / Tigerflower (Grievous Angel Remix) "
Headhunter    "Lost Prophet / Chasing Dragons"
HTRK    "Eat Yr Heart / Sweetheart"
Krytpic Minds    "Time Flies (Feat. Alys Be)"
Machinedrum    "Room(s) (+ D/L)"
Morphology    "(Urania's Mirror Remixes)"
Nu    "We Love The Sun"
Obsolete Music Technology    "Inner Voice / Evening Star / Lowjack"
Peverelist    "On & On"
Photek    "Sleepwalking / FaltyDL Remix"
Rapture, The    "How Deep Is Your Love?"
Roska    "Jackpot"
Rrose X Bob Ostertag    "Motormouth Variations"
Rusko    "Everyday / Lick The Lizard (With Reso)"
Shafiq / Om'Mas    "Los Angeles 0/10" (10")
Shlohmo    "Bad Vibes (+ D/L)"
Simonelli, Victor    "Bateria-Latin Impressions"
Stefanik, Daniel    "Dambala Experience (10")"
Szare    "Volya / Action Five"
Tamara, Elan    "Organ"
Tropics    "Mouves"
Various Artists    "Nickodemus Presents: Turntables On The Hudson Reflecting Cielo"
Virgo    "(Untitled)(Seminal House Reissue)"
Walls    "Sunporch"

Hip-Hop 12"s & LPs
Big L    "The Big Picture 1974-1999"
London, Theodophilus    "Timez Are Weird These Days"
Serengeti    "Family & Friends (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)"
Streets, The    "The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living "
Sugar Hill Gang    "8th Wonder"
Ultra Magnetic MC's     "Mo Love's Basement Tapes: All Previously Unreleased Recordings"

Chimp Beams Vs. Dub Nomads
Coleman, John Wesley III / ...
Ginn, Greg & Taylor Texas...
Hoop Dreams "Xcpr"
Sic Alps "Breadhead"

Arcade Fire "Suburbs (Deluxe + DVD)"
Ras G "Down 2 Earth"
Shlohmo "Bad Vibes"
Various "Rising 116 (Hessle Audio)"
Zinn, Howard "(Vol. 1) People's History (6xCD)"

Cassette Tape
Prurient "Bermuda Drain (2nd Pressing)"

Maximum Rock N Roll #340 - September
Special Interests #6 (from maker of Freak Animal zine)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Live Music: End of Summer

Live Music: End of Summer 2011

Summer doesn't technically end until sometime in September, but we all know that when the school year starts a lot of the care-free attitude of it does.  Fill the rest of your care-free days with shows.  Here's a bunch in CT (I've included flyers for those I could readily find on the internet):

August 18
Book Slave
The Living City
All Ages/$5 (Suggested Donation) 6PM
The Handsome Woman, Willimantic

August 19
Ferocious Fucking Teeth
21+/$5 10 PM
The Oasis, New London

August 20
Stone Titan
All Ages 7:30PM
Whitney House, Hartford

August 23
Colin Stetson
Emily Wells
All Ages/$12 7PM
Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford

August 24
Wolves At Bay
Night Owls
All Ages/$8 6PM
The Hall, New Britain

August 26
Heavy Breath (LP Release Show)
My Fictions
All Ages/$8 6:30PM
American Legion, Branford

August 26
The Defcon Five
Lush Life
The Hulls
Cafe Nine, New Haven

August 26
Napoleon Complex
All Ages/$5 7PM
Popeye's Garage, New Haven

August 27
Cold Snap
All Ages/$5 or Free with purchase of Ipsissimus CD
Clandestine Location, Wallingford

August 27
Bust It!
Al Borland
All Ages/$5 7:30PM
The Whitney House, Hartford

August 28
Benefit show for Matthew Chip Crane
Estrogen Highs
Matt Grem
DJs PK Ripper & Dirty D.
+ Karaoke & Raffle Prizes
21+/$10 (Minimum Donation) 7PM
Daniel Street, Milford

August 31
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die
Empire! Empire!
Big Soda
All Ages/$5 (Suggested Donation) 6PM
The Handsome Woman, Willimantic

Friday, August 12, 2011

12th Of August 2011 Update

12th Of August 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Agnostic Front    "Another Voice"
Amen Dunes    "Through Donkey Jaw (+ D/L)"
Ampere    "Like Shadows (+ D/L)"
Animal Collective    "Sung Tongs (+ D/L)"
Battles    "Mirrored"
Battles    "My Machines"
Belle And Sebastian    "Tigermilk (120 Gram Low Price + D/L)"
Belle And Sebastian    "The Boy With The Arab Strap (120 Gram Low Price + D/L)"
Belle And Sebastian    "If You're Feeling Sinister (120 Gram Low Price + D/L)"
Bestial Mouths    "Hissing Veil (/500)"
Bitches / Yuppies    "Bitches / Yuppies (/500 + D/L)"
Blues Control    "Puff"
Bomb The Music Industry!    "Vacation"
Botany    "Feeling Today EP (+ D/L)""
Braid    "Closer To Closed (180 Gram + D/L)"
Canon Blue    "Rumspringa"
Case Studies    "The World Is Just A Shape To Fill The Night (+ D/L)"
Cat Power    "The Covers Record (120 Gram Low Price)"
Cat Power    "What Would The Community Think (120 Gram Low Price + D/L)"
Chariot, The    "Long Live (/2000)"
Davila 666    "Third Man Live 03-06-2011"
Defiance    "Out Of Order"
Descendents    "I Don't Want To Grow Up"
Emuul    "The Drawing Of The Line"
Fruit Bats    "Tripper (+ D/L)"
Funerot    "And Then You Fucking Die, Man"
Generationals    "Actor-Caster"
Gravehill    "Practitioners Of Fell Sorcery"
Graves    "Summr Bummr"
Heartsounds    "Drifter"
Hello=Fire (Dean Fertita Of QOTSA & Dead Weather)    "Hello=Fire (DMM 180 Gram)"
Hold Tight!    "Can't Take This Away"
Horrors, The    "Skying (+ D/L)"
Imaginary Softwoods    "The Path Of Spectrolite"
Inc.    "3"
IWrestledABearOnce    "Ruining It For Everybody (Swirled Vinyl /1000)"
Killing Joke    "Killing Joke (Reissue)"
Laurent, Philippe    "Hot Bip"
Lotus Plaza / Odonis Odonis    "Lotus Plaza / Odonis Odonis (/500; + D/L)"
Made Out Of Babies    "The Ruiner"
Made Out Of Babies    "Coward"
Oak & Bone    "Oak And Bone"
Poison Control Center, The    "Stranger Ballet"
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry    "Smashed Hits (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl)"
Ringworm    "Scars (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)"
Ringworm    "Birth Is Pain (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)"
Simonetti, Mike    "Capricorn Rising (+ D/L)"
Skin Like Iron    "Arrival"
Sloppy Seconds    "E.P. Garbage Days Regurgitated"
Tabou Combo    "Respect… (Haiti 1973)"
Various Artists    "Striving Higher: A Hardcore Compilation (Foundation, Rival Mob, Blacklisted, Nails, Bracewar, War Hungry…)"
War On Drugs, The    "Slave Ambient (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)"
Witch-Lord    "Atomized In The Black Solarian (+ D/L)"
Yo La Tengo    "And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out (120 Gram Low Price + D/L)"
Yo La Tengo    "Painful! (120 Gram Low Price + D/L)"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
Busy Signal    "Badman Place (Remixes)"
Cosmin TRG    "Skream! (3xLP)"
Cosmin TRG    "Simulat"
Creep    "Days Remixes"
Dubkasm    "RMX P4"
Fink    "Perfect Darkness"
Graff, Willie & Tuccillo    "Poseidonia"
Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts    "Ubiquitous Gaze"
GusGus    "Over Remixe"
Hyetal    "Phoenix RMX (10")"
Kryptic Minds    "Arcane"
Mungo's Hi Fi    "Bogle / Gimme Gimme"
Photek    "Closer"
Saarid    "Fever Dream"
Squarepusher    "Squarepusher & EdRec Present Shobaleader One"
Trago, Tom    "Iris Album Sampler"
Untold    "Yukon RMX (10")"
Various Artists    "Jubilee Comp. #050.3"
Yellowman    "Zungguzungguguzungguzeng (Remix)"

Hip-Hop 12"s & LPs
Cypress Hill    "Cypress Hill (20th Anniversary Ed. Red Vinyl)"
London, Theodophilus    "Timez Are Weird These Days"
Serengeti    "Family & Friends (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)"
Streets, The    "The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living "

Scream    "Complete Control Recording Sessions (+ D/L)"

Earth Crisis "Into A Sea..."
Gehenna "Land Of II/Grave..." 7"+CD
Imposters, The "Down By The..."
Midnight Souls "Colder"
No Omega
Parasite / Vermapyre
Penetration Panthers "Per..."
Title Fight "The Last..."

Ancient VVisdom "A Godlike Inferno"
Hello=Fire "Hello=Fire"
Minerva, Maria "Cabaret"
Obsessed, The "Lunar Womb"
Today Is The Day "Pain Is..."
Unida / Dozer
Various Artists "50 Weapons 10-19"
War On Drugs, The "Slave Ambient (Deluxe)"

Cometbus: Add...
Sun Ra: This Planet Is...


Ampere Like Shadows LP/CD
(No Idea)

This week my friend Brian put together a blog to archive the fliers of the shows he had a hand in booking from 2001-2004. In that time, the clubs that had regularly hosted shows in CT had closed down or slowed down (or in the case of The Hanover House been knocked down!). Brian managed to regularly squeeze free-to-cheap rooms out of the University Of Connecticut that were sizable enough to hold shows for hundreds of kids. Mixed bills? no problem. Fights? almost never. There was always a place to crash and someone was always willing to scan you into the dining hall. Utopian times. (

It seems fitting that this week's review is of a new record by a band who played a bunch of those Uconn shows. Ampere has been a band for ten years and their formula hasn't changed. They aim to put you on a fast-as-fuck screamo rollercoaster that they keep turning off and on (some songs are as short as 20 seconds). Don't try to bang your head; your neck will break. The 15 song, "Like Shadows" has the best recording quality of any Ampere record, it's bright without being entirely clean either, which helps to convey how intense & chaotic their live shows are.
[Reviewer: Josh]

Deskonocidos En La Oscuridad LP
(Todo Destruido / Trabuc Records)

Texican dark rock that could easily have been from two decades ago and remembered as some lost cult band loved by hundreds.  I would be among those mythological hundreds. Of course, that's all moot because they existed up until just recently (unfortunately, I believe their last show was very recently in or close to their hometown in Texas - I'm writing this stream of conscious so don't expect me to research things you lazy reader dewdz; Rufus!).  So, they sing in spanish and it's great.  I have no idea what they're talking about, but really I don't often know what most bands are talking about so a language barrier is just one more hurdle I don't have to worry about jumping. These guys could have played at London's Batcave in the '80s alongside Southern Death Cult or Sex Gang Children or Specimen or The Virgin Prunes or... you get it.  Jangly and moody, but also fist pumping and rocking and uhhh Texican(!).
[Reviewer: Rick]

Ringworm Scars LP/CD
(Victory Records)

"Scars" marks the fifth full length from Cleveland based metal/hardcore band Ringworm. This album is sure to add some fuel to the fire for the "Which Ringworm album is the best" debate that I often hear. There are few vocalists out there that come close to Human Furnace's violent growls, and no pair of guitarists can shred as hard and precise as Matt Sorg and John Comprix. Put these two together, along with some really top notch artwork done by none other than J. Bannon, and you have yourself a completely solid release.

Ringworm is playing at the El N Gee in CT in November. I highly recommend checking it out. You will not be disappointed. Victory Records has also released Ringworm's 2nd full length, "Birth is Pain," and that's in stock as well. Snag the pair. There is no God.
[Reviewer: Sean]

The UV Race Homo LP/CD
(In The Red Records)

Not many music teachers will endorse it, but sloppy production and instrumentation genuinely enhances this Australian six-piece’s garage rock. This band doesn’t like to play by the rules. With vocals easily comparable to The Velvet Underground, the music varies from straightforward lo-fi strumming to very discordant, highly experimental structures drawing from psychedelia, Krautrock, and the earliest noise rock (this is especially present in the outro of the closing title-track, which, to avoid any confusion, lyrically refers to the fact that we are all human.) An organ-sounding keyboard buzzes throughout much of the album, bringing the atmosphere of a sweaty, grimy bar to mind. The most unique track, “Burn That Cat,” is memorable for not only its quick moments of what sounds like truly avant-garde jazz, but also its bizarre lyrics inspired by a very disturbing dream. Still, it’s easy to feel right at home with down-to-earth, relatable themes such as shyness (Down Your Street) and friends who never show up on  time (Always Late.) 
[Reviewer: Mark]

Friday, August 5, 2011

4th of August 2011 Update

4th of August 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Anhedonist    "The Drear"
Archers Of Loaf    "Icky Mettle (Ltd. Ed. Blue Vinyl + D/L Of Remastered Tracks + 14 Bonus Tracks)"
Bathory    "Nordland I & II (Gatefold Reissue)"
Boston Spaceships    "Let It Beard"
Bradley, Charles    "No Time For Dreaming: The Instrumentals (Played By Menahan Street Band)"
Brainoil    "Death Of This Dry Season"
Brilliant Colors    "Again And Again (+ D/L)"
Buckner, Richard    "Our Blood (+ D/L)"
Cauldron Black Ram    "Skullduggery"
Cindytalk    "Hold Everything Dear"
Ducktails    "Killin The Vibe"
Ferraro, James    "On Air"
Heaven & Hell    "Neon Nights: 30 Years Of Heaven & Hell - Live At Wacken (180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Coloured Vinyl)"
Howling Wind, The    "Into The Cryosphere"
Knelt Rote    "Insignificance"
K-X-P (KXP)    "K-X-P"
Magazine    "Concerts, Festivals, Shows And Other Special Events"
Magic Touch    "I Can Feel The Heat"
Michael And The Mumbles    "Michael And The Mumbles (+ D/L)"
PAGENINETYNINE (PG.99)    "Singles"
Radiohead    "Feral (Lone Remix)..." [Available Tuesday 8-9-11]
Roedelius    "Wasser Im Wind (180 Gram)"
Sanso-Xtro    "Fountain Fountain Joyous Mountain"
Schnitzler, Conrad, Borngraber & Struver    "Con-Struct"
Sight Below, The    "N-Plants_Remixes"
Soft Metals    "Soft Metals (+ D/L)"
Talcum, Joe Jack    "Home Recordings 1984-1990 (+ D/L)"
Thou    "The Archer And The Owle"
Vainio, Mika    "Life (… It Eats You Up)"
Various Artists    "The Hidden Tapes: A Compilation Of Minimal Wave From Around The World '79-'85"
Various Artists    "Fanafody: A Collection Of Recordings And Photography From Madagasikara Volume II"
Various Artists    "Street Musicians Of Yogyakarta."
Various Artists    "Chicago Soul: Electric Blues, Funk & Soul - Chess Records: The New Sound Of Chicago In The 1960s"
Various Artists    "Studio One Story: The Original"
Various Artists    "The Black Caribs Of Belize - Garifuna: Ancestral Travellers Of The Afro-Caribbean"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
Creep    "Days Remixes"
Dubkasm    "RMX P4"
Fink    "Perfect Darkness"
GusGus    "Over Remixe"
Hyetal    "Phoenix RMX (10")"
Kryptic Minds    "Arcane"
Photek    "Closer"
Saarid    "Fever Dream"
Trago, Tom    "Iris Album Sampler"
Untold    "Yukon RMX (10")"

Hip-Hop 12"s & LPs
Cypress Hill    "Cypress Hill (20th Anniversary Ed. Red Vinyl)"
Serengeti    "Family & Friends (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)"

Dom    "Family Of Love (+ D/L)"
General Surgery    "Necrology"
Loss    "Life Without Hope… …Death Without Reason"
Machetazo    "Necrocovered"

Avichi "Devil's Fractal"
Boston Spaceships "Let It Beard"
Caina "Hands That Pluck (2xCD)"
Diamanda Galas "Litinies Of Satan (3")"
Disma "Towards The Megalith"
Haters / Styrofoam Sanchez / P.C.R.V. / Crank Sturgeon (Ratskin Records)
Various Artists "Chicago Soul: Electric Blues, Funk & Soul - Chess Records: The New Sound Of Chicago In The 1960s"

Triple Six Mafia "Smoked Out Loced Out"

Studio One Story

As Loud As Possible #1 (Got it back in! NOISE!)


Page99 Singles LP/CD

(LP on Robotic Empire / CD on Reptilian)

Page99 was a grindy screamo punk band that existed from 1998-2003. They are one of my all-time favorite bands. Recently they've gotten back together to play a few more shows, which makes this the perfect time for Robotic Empire to release, "Singles" for the first time on vinyl. This is the collected works of all the 7"s, splits and demo material that would cost you a pretty penny to hunt down individually. This is also a great way to get a feel for a band that grew so much in a short amount of time. From the early days of straight grind to the final releases which were heavily layered and atmospheric. Members went on to form such bands as Pygmy Lush, Mannequin (who have a
release on Redscroll!), City Of Caterpillar, Malady, Ghastly City Sleep, and so many more.

They were incredible live. Here is a video of them the first time they played Connecticut at the Bristol Skatepark. Jeromes Dream played the show too. Hassan I Sabbah dropped off. Toward the end of the video you can see Chris Taylor hanging from a pipe, he falls and cracks his head open, but still manages to come back and sing the final lines. Everytime they played CT after this, it was a special event, but thats a story for another time.
[Reviewer: Josh]

Triple Six Mafia Smoked Out Loced Out Cassette

You have to know who this is.  It's the only hip-hop crew to win an Oscar (Hustle & Flow). Three Six Mafia.  This is the tape demo someone we know on the west coast decided to bootleg.  I'm glad they did.  It seems to have actually been bootlegged with an actual copy of the tape rather than some download or anything. It doesn't have slick art - it's got the photocopied insert with a plug for Paul's Club House and teasers for their mixtapes inside (mixtapes that maybe we'll see boots of down the line?). Yea, so anyway, for those not familiar with the beginnings of the 666 Mafia they formed in that time when Horror-Core was running rampant, but they didn't fall into the trappings like some groups did (see: Flatlinerz).  They kept their southern/regional influences intact.  The flow gets clunky at times, but it's not bad, it's endearing and great.  Kids jumpin' on the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All wagon should do themselves a favor and visit the early Trip6click (did I vary up their name enough times?).
[Reviewer: Rick]

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