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25th Of February 2011 Update (Reviews!)

25th of February 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Reviews on the bottom!

LPs & 12"s
Adicts, The    "Sound Of Music (180 Gram)"
Bananas, The    "A Slippery Subject"
Bikini Kill    "Bikini Kill (Repress; + D/L)"
Chixdiggit!    "Safeways Here We Come"
Crowbar    "Sever The Wicked Hand (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram 2LP)"
D.Y.S.    "Brotherhood"
Danava / Earthless / Lecherous Gaze    "Danava / Earthless / Lecherous Gaze (+ D/L /750)"
Dead Moon    "Dead Moon Night"
Deaf Center    "Owl Splinters (+ CD)"
Detroit Cobras, The    "Tied & True (PIC LP)"
Dismemberment Plan, The    "Emergency & I (+ D/L)"
Folded Shirt    "Folded Shirt (F/S)"
Fucking Wrath, The    "Terra Fire"
Ghost    "Opus Eponymous"
Gnaw    "This Face (+ D/L)"
Haack, Bruce "Farad" (Back In Stock)
Hated Youth / Roach Motel    "Hated Youth / Roach Motel"
Hold Steady, The    "Boys And Girls In America "
Instigators    "Live In Berlin (Recorded Live In Berlin)"
Iron Chic    "Not Like This"
King Khan & His Shrines    "Three Hairs And You're Mine"
Libyans    "Discography"
Mamiffer / House Of Low Culture    "House Of Low Culture / Mamiffer (/500)"
Manifest Destiny    "Manifest Destiny"
Melvins    "Boris The Pervert"
Mercyful Fate    "Don't Break The Oath (Reissue 180 Gram)"
Minott, Sugar    "Sheriff John Brown"
Napalm Death    "Utopia Banished (Reissue)"
No Statik    "We All Die In The End"
PJ Harvey    "To Bring You My Love (Import: Holland)"
PJ Harvey & John Parish    "A Woman A Man Walked By (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram + D/L)"
Plant, Robert / Kraus, Alison     "Raising Sand (Robert Plant | Alison Kraus)"
Rage Against The Machine    "Evil Empire (180 Gram)"
Shellac    "At Action Park"
Skitkids    "Besoket Vid Krubban"
Skull Defekts, The    "Peer Amid"
Social Spit    "There's No Place Like Home"
Soldiers Of Fortune    "Ball Strenth (Ltd. Ed. + D/L /1000)"
Teams Vs. Star Slinger    "Teams Vs. Star Slinger (Ltd. Ed. + D/L /2000)"
Throbbing Gristle    "20 Jazz Funk Greats (Reissue)" (The ones I got of this have a bent corner = Reduced Price/Cheap)
Toots & The Maytals    "Pressure Drop"
Turner, Frank    "Love, Ire & Song"
Turner, Frank    "Poetry Of The Deed (+ D/L)"
Various Artists    "West Indies Funk (2LP)"
Von Oswald, Moritz Trio    "Horizontal Structures"
Warpaint    "Shadows / Undertow (Javelin Remix)"
Warsaw (Joy Division)    "Warsaw (DMM Cutting; + Bonus Tracks)"
Wollard, Chris & The Ship Thieves    "Chris Wollard And The Ship Thieves (+ D/L)"
Xasthur    "Portal Of Sorrow (+ D/L /2000)"
Zombi     "Twilight Sentinel"

Hip-Hop LPs & 12"s
Big L    "Return Of The Devils Son (First Time Ever On Vinyl)"
J Dilla    "Ruff Draft Instrumentals"
Lau, Eric    "Quadrivium (Ltd. Ed. 20 Track LP From Eric Lau)"
Talib Kweli      "Gutter Rainbows (Multi-Color Vinyl)"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
Daedeuls    "Meanwhile…"
Rainbow Arabia    "Boys And Diamonds (+ CD)"
Stateless    "Matilda (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)"
Zarate, Morgan    "Hookid"

Big Eyes "Prefer..."
Big Soda "Paper..."
Buyer's Remorse "A Thorough Analysis"
Culo "Toxic Vision"
Electric Voyage "Flight"
Incendiary / Suburban Scum
Iron Boots "Weight Of..."
Merdoso "In Silence"
Mighty Mighty Bosstones "Where'd You Go"
Miles Away "Memory"
New Found Glory "Don't Let..."
Nothing To Nothing "To..."
Not Sorry "Our Choices"
OBN III's "Now Way To Rock'N'Roll"
Outer Limit Recordings "$20 Bill"
Ritual "Kissing Pavement"
Sagan, Carl "A Glorious Dawn"
Sandwitches, The "Summer Of Love"
School Jerks
Simple Circuit "Boarded Up House"
Sinaloa / Catena Collapse
Social Spit "Psycho Ward"
Stick Together "No More Games"
Talk Is Poison "Rage To..."
These New Puritans "Swords Of Truth"
White, Jack "Fly Farm Blues"
Wollard, Chris & The Ship Theives

Demdike Stare "Tryptych (3xCD)"
How To Dress Well "Love Remains"
Madlib "Medicine Show #11: Lowbudget High..."
PJ Harvey "Let England Shake"
Red House Painters "Retrospective"
Saint Vitus "Mournful Cries"
Saint Vitus "Heavier Than Thou"
Scott-Heron, Gil & Jamie xx "We're New Here"
Silkie "City Limits Vol. 1"
White Hills "White Hills"

Cassette Tapes
Caboladies / OneOhTrix Point Never
Ettinger, Dylan
Fresh Coats "A Train Wreck Named Desire"
Holter, Julia
Lust For Youth
Pulse Emitter
Seeno, Ken
Wanda Group
Waxahatchee / Chris Clavin

Back-Patches (Yea, we got some more finally.)


Deathrats Deathrats 
7" (To Live A Lie)
 Deathrats is a female-fronted crusty hardcore band from DC, featuring members of His Hero Is Gone. This release includes 6 chaotic songs spitting pissed off lyrics about feminism and shitty attitudes. Originally recorded in 2009 but finally given a proper release this year, this 7" is selling out fast. Get it while you can!
[Reviewer: Sean]

NNA TAPES (3 Reviews In One - In 3 Parts, Ha!)
 The quoted sections are summaries taken directly off of the NNA Tapes blog (there are also audio samples of everything there). All of these and more NNA Tapes can be found at the shop.

NNA006: Caboladies / Oneohtrix Point Never (split) c30
"This split unfolds as a singular and flowing journey. Caboladies reaches out to solar gods above while Oneohtrix Point Never wanders through the arid deserts of the mind and heart."
The Caboladies side starts entirely tribal - like a fire ritual fueled by woodwinds (from the future?).  The pulse settles down and the percussive sounds disappear to leave you floating on the synths left behind. Blasts of noise intermittently enter beneath the created sound wall while synth stabs/bleeps/bloops/lazers enter above and then all retreat to a distance (though not completely).
The OneOhTrix Point Never side can definitely seen as a continuation to this release, but truthfully I found it to be its own animal.  His (0PN) reputation precedes him.  Search for reviews on "Returnal" and be barraged with results of praise.  His contribution here eclipses much of that release ("Returnal") for me. Melodies upon melodies interspersed with spine tingling tones.

NNA007: Harmonizer (s/t) c30

"Harmonizer is the new duo of Burlington, Vermont residents Greg Davis (Kranky, Carpark, Autumn Records) and Toby Aronson (NNA Tapes, RATS COPS). Future world sample-driven electronic synthesis, heavy rhythms, and total harmonizer worship."
True to the name (and the summary above), this brings the harmonizer worship.  Hypnotic flowing with stabs of melody and ethereal voices.  The second side will wake you up with a drum break and bagpipe samples - while still being totally hypnotic.  Walk on the clouds and dip your head in the electrified rain (excuse that nonsensical hyperbole).

NNA017: Lust For Youth "Bodies In Barrels" c23

"Swedish duo Lust For Youth produce two sides of barren serenity, settled in a thick, gaseous haze of industrial pollution. Beds of distant synth melodies wander through bleak noise textures and rhythms."
Drones, yes.  Lust for Youth brings us an edge - crunch.  Dissonance.  Industrial drone, perhaps, but not like Delirium by any stretch; no new age spacey music.  Dwell in the dark corners and rest in melancholy.
[Reviewer: Rick]

Stick Together No More Games
7" (BackToBack002)

Stick Together is a positive straight edge hardcore band from Wilkes-Barre, PA. Features members of War Hungry and Force Fed. They remind me a lot of Fired Up,  I would say this would also appeal to dudes into Lockin' Out Records stuff. Tight release.
[Reviewer: Josh]

Thursday, February 24, 2011



Sunday, February 27
6:00 PM
$ Sliding scale / donation $

Michigan native Paul Baribeau has spent the last handful of years adhering to a fairly rigorous tour life. His acoustic songs can be romantically tender, nostalgically bittersweet, and introspective, with a healthy infusion of humor and humility. Paul's latest album, "Unbearable," is out now on No Idea. Listen here:

The Boy Who Could Fly is Kari Jorgensen, on tour with Paul through the first half of March. Her latest album, "Brain Cloud," comes out on March 21, but you can listen to it here first:

Canvas hails from CT and is ex-Call It Arson. Check out their "La Lechuza" EP & "Acoustic Jams" here:

Also from CT, The World Is A Beautiful Place.. play awesome twinkly jams. Check out their soon-to-be-released EP, "Josh Is Dead," here:


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18th Of February 2011 Update (Now With REVIEWS!)

18th Of February 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Starting NOW we're going to try and review a few releases each week.
Reviews are at the bottom of the update.  Enjoy!  Let us know what you
think, if you found them helpful, if you want more,...

LPs & 12"s
A Hawk and A Hacksaw    "Cervantine"
Adele   "21" (+ D/L)
Allin, GG       "Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be"
Andrew Jackson Jihad    "Candy Cigarettes Capguns Issue Problems and Such"
Baier, Sibylle  "Colour Green"
Bane    "Holding This Moment "
Bjork, Brant    "Punk Rock Guilt"
Books, The      "The Lemon Of Pink (2011 Remastered Deluxe Edition)"
Books, The      "Thought For Food (2011 Remastered Deluxe Edition)"
Bright Eyes     "The People's Key"
Canadian Rifle  "Visibility Zero"
Cave Singers, The       "No Witch (+ D/L)"
Chain & The Gang        "Music's Not For Everyone"
Cheap Girls     "Find Me A Drink Home"
Cloud Nothings  "Turning On"
Cobra Skulls    "Bringing The War Home"
Cult Of Youth   "Cult Of Youth (An LP Recorded In 2010)"
Daggermouth     "Stallone"
Danielson       "Best Of Gloucester County"
Dead Kennedys   "Frankenchrist"
Dead Kennedys   "Plastic Surgery Disasters"
Descendents     "Everything Sucks"
Die Kreuzen     "Die Kreuzen"
Distractions    "Dark Green Sea"
Drive By Truckers       "Go Go Boots"
Drive By Truckers       "Southern Rock Opera"
Ducktails       "III: Arcade Dynamics"
Electric Wizard "Dopethrone"
Elklink "The Rise Of Elklink"
Erickson, Roky  "Live In Oslo (Live At Oyafestivalen, Oslo, Norway -
August 10th, 2007; Unofficial)"
Fu Manchu       "In Search Of… (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)"
Grails  "The Burden Of Hope (+ D/L)"
Grosskopf, Harald       "Synthesist . Re-synthesist"
Gwar    "Bloody Pit Of Horror"
Heathens        "II"
Howlin Rain     "Good Life"
Ikon / The Victim's Ball        "Ikon / The Victim's Ball"
Iron Maiden     "Piece Of Mind" (Does Not Say That On This Version Of The
Record, But That's The Name)
Joyce Manor     "Joyce Manor"
King Diamond    "Voodoo"
Kleenix / Liliput       "1977-1983"
La Strada       "New Home "
Ladytron        "Light & Magic"
Latterman       "We Are Still Alive"
Lawrence Arms, The      "The Greatest Story Ever Told "
Lawrence Arms, The      "Oh! Calcutta!"
Leo, Ted & The Pharmacists      "The Tyranny Of Distance"
Low Anthem, The "Smart Flesh"
Luyas, The      "Too Beautiful To Work (+ D/L)"
Mayfield, Jessica Lea   "Tell Me"
Medication      "Judgement Day EP"
Mercyful Fate   "Walking Back To Hell (Unofficial) "
Metallica       "Welcome Back! (Live In Gothenburg, Sweden May 5th, 2004 -
Mogwai  "Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will"
Mount Eerie     "Black Wooden (Latitudes Series /1000)"
Moutheater      "Colonial"
My Bloody Valentine     "Geek (Repress 2011)"
New Lows        "Harvest Of The Carcass"
Queens Of The Stone Age "Unplugged & Paralyzed (Unofficial)"
Quiet Life      "Big Green"
Roses Never Fade        "Fade to Black"
Rot In Hell     "As Pearls Before Swine"
Segall, Ty      "Live in Aisle 5"
Seven Sisters Of Sleep  "Seven Sisters Of Sleep"
Shilpa Ray And Her Happy Hookers        "Teenage And Torture (+ D/L)"
Shrinners       "Early Singles "
Slug Guts       "Howlin' Gang "
Smith Westerns  "Dye It Blonde (+ D/L)"
Sonic Youth     "Simon Werner A Disparu"
Stetson, Colin  "New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges (Ltd. Ed. Poster, + CD)"
Stooges, Iggy And The   "I Wanna Be Your Dog"
Tegan And Sara  "This Business Of Art "
Toots & The Maytals     "Pressure Drop"
Toro Y Moi      "Underneath The Pine"
Tyvek   "Third Man Live 09"
Unfun   "Sick Outside View"
Vetiver "Vetiver"
Violation       "Devoured"
Wooden Shjips   "Wooden Shjips"
Young, Neil     "Live In San Fransisco"
Young Prisms    "Friends For Now (+ D/L)"
Yuck    "Yuck (+ D/L)"

Electronic (Genre) 12"s & LPs
Bug, The        "Infected"
DZA     "Bullseye"
Gatekeeper      "Giza"
Illum Sphere    "Dreamstealin'"
Katy B  "Lights On "
Science / Von D "Motion Tween EP"
Scientist       "Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space (Remixes) (2LP)"
Shackleton      "Deadman"
Shackleton      "Fireworks (2x12")"
SP:MC / LXONE   "Down / Judge"
Underworld      "Barking (180 Gram 2LP)"
Various Artists "Cold Waves + Minimal Electronics Volume One"

Bibio   "Excuses"
How To Destroy Angels   "How To Destroy Angels"
Jay, Abner      "Last Ole Minstrel Man"

Askew, Ed "Here We Are"
Brain F=/= "So Dim"
Cake "Sick Of You"
Cheap Girls / Lemuria
Christmas "Namiot"
Creepout / Integrity "Love Is... The Only Weapon"
Crystal Stilts "Shake The Shackles"
Defeater "Dear Father"
Deradoorian / Albert McCloud
Ducktails / Rangers (Bored Fortress Club)
High Wolf / Savage (Bored Fortress Club)
Just Urbain "Burning"
King Khan &... "Fiery Tears Of..."
Ladies, The "Six More"
Lake "You Are Alone"
Mighty Sphincter
Minus "Hard Feelings"
Reckless Aggression "Demo"
Sagan, Carl "Glorious Dawn" (Yes, THAT Carl Sagan!)
Thermals, The "Not Like Any..."
Young Offenders

Agalloch "Marrow Of The Spirit"
Babies, The "The Babies"
Blood Of Heroes "Remain"
Bright Eyes "Peoples Key"
Demdike Stare "Tryptych (3xCD)"
Earth "Angels Of Darkness Demons Of..."
Neurosis "Souls At Zero (Deluxe Reissue)"
Smith Westerns "Dye It Blonde"

Cassette Tapes
Gowl / Stone Titan
Nomos / The Men

Cometbus #54


Ghost Opus Eponymous 
(We have this on CD only at the moment - should
be here on LP next week.) (Rise Above/Metal Blade)
Hailing from Sweden, Ghost is a band made up of six nameless figures
covered in face paint and robes.  Their mission is stated as,  "to
trick mankind into believing the end is ultimately a good thing via
the ever so popular rock music medium."  This album is packed with
satanic, sexually charged rock that will be stuck in your head for
days.  Everything about this band works together so well: the imagery,
the message, the riffs and the eerily clean vocals all come together
to really make a stand out album. Praise the beast. The hits: Ritual,
Satan Prayer, Elizabeth
For fans of: Satan, Blue Oyster Cult, Mercyful Fate, cult worship, Castlevania
(Fun Fact: While listening to this album for the first time, I think I
saw a ghost. True story.)
[Reviewer: Sean]

Seven Sisters Of Sleep Seven Sisters Of Sleep
LP Only (A389 Records)
I have been anxiously awaiting this release by California's Seven
Sisters Of Sleep since last year. Lord Dom announced their signing to
A389 Records (home of Integrity, Gehenna, Gray Ghost) by posting a
YouTube video of one of their songs accompanied by clips from the 1922
silent film, Haxan. The music & imagery fused perfectly.  This band
features former members of Tafkata and The Arm & Sword Of A Bastard God
and sort of picks up where those bands left off. SSOS plays dark,
punchy satanic hardcore fused with sludgy stoner metal.
[Reviewer: Josh]

Stetson, Colin  New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges
(Ltd. Ed. Poster, LP + CD) (CST075)
Not being a Constellation Records fanboy did not keep me from being
geeked about this record.  Colin Stetson plays bass saxophone and also
is in the touring band for Arcade Fire (honestly just learned by
checking his Wikipedia page).  The low dulcet tones of that instrument
(Bass Sax) fully dictate the tone/direction of this record with
Colin's guiding breath.  It is hypnotic and soothing.  There are guest
spots by Laurie Anderson and Shara Worden lending some more soothing
qualities (seriously soothing, lulling and entirely welcoming).
"Recorded with no overdubs or looping, using 24 different mic
positions. Mixed by Ben Frost." -
[Reviewer: Rick]

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Estrogen Highs - Cycles EP

Estrogen Highs Cycles EP

If you live in Connecticut, you might know that there aren’t exactly a ton of options if you’re looking for a straight-up garage fix. However, Estrogen Highs totally have you covered. And I don’t mean they have you covered in that sort of default way, I mean they have you covered in the “this band totally rules” way. If you haven’t checked them out yet (what are you waiting for?) you can pick up their latest EP, “Cycles,” out now on New Haven’s own Safety Meeting Records.

Estrogen Highs have been really busy lately—they just released their latest full-length “Friends and Relatives” in December and recently returned from an extensive tour of the west coast and Canada. Even so, they somehow managed to squeeze out this 7-song EP, which was a really nice and unexpected surprise. The super catchy, super jangly “Daily Catastrophes” was a stand-out track for me, as was “I Remember Everything,” a truly beautiful song with some of the best lyrics I’ve heard from them yet. There are only 300 copies of "Cycles," so don't sleep on this!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DJ Kool Herc in Middletown for FREE on SATURDAY

DJ Kool Herc in Middletown on SATURDAY
Kool Herc (Bronx NYC) DJ Berk & DJ N.E.B.
Age limit: 21+

Cover charge: No Cover
Shadow Room
170 Main St

Middletown CT 06457
Website for more info –
connectbeats –
||Facebook Event Page||

To those not aware, Herc has been actively working on an issue that has hit him very closely - Health Care. Check this article about his most recent scare: OneThirtyBPM. And check his site,, for his own statement and information. This event is free, but I'm betting there will be a way to donate towards this cause and I'm sure it won't be the spot light for any worried about that. This will be about hot jams and a good time for FREE!

Friday, February 11, 2011

11th of February 2011 Update

11th Of February 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Akron/Family    "s/t II: The Cosmic Birth And Journey Of Shinju TNT"
Baroness     "First & Second "
Bauhaus    "Crackle: Best Of Bauhaus"
Bereft / Fire In The Head    "MA/PE/FU Volume I (Bereft & Fire In The Head)"
Black Keys, The    "Thickfreakness (+D/L; Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram)"
Black September    "The Forbidden Gates Beyond"
Blood Warrior    "Blood Warrior"
Bug, The    "Infected"
Caroline    "Verdugo Hills"
Cathedral    "The Garden of Unearthly Delights"
Cloud Nothings    "Cloud Nothings (+ D/L)"
Connors, Loren    "Moonyean"
Deathspell Omega    "Si Monvmentvm Reqvires, Circvmspice"
Deathspell Omega    "Paracletus"
Deltron 3030    "Deltron 3030"
Dirtbombs, The    "Party Store (3xLP + D/L)"
DZA    "Bullseye"
Esben And The Witch    "Violet Cries (+ D/L)"
Estrogen Highs    "Cycles"
Fake Babies    "We Started Blues"
Faust    "Something Dirty"
Folkazoid    "Folkazoid"
Gang Gang Dance    "Kamakura (Latitudes Series /1000)"
Glasser    "Mirrorage - Lindstrom Remix"
Godflesh     "Street Cleaner"
Gogol Bordello    "Super Taranta! "
Holydrug Couple    "Ancient Land "
Illum Sphere    "Dreamstealin'"
Isis    "Oceanic (Reissue)"
Jackson, Wanda    "The Party Ain't Over"
Jazkamer    "Chestnut Thornback Tar (+CD)"
Joan Of Arc    "Oh Brother (+D/L)"
Johnson, Jack    "Brushfire Fairytales (180 Gram + D/L) "
K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas    "Rare Afro-Funk & Highlife: Ghana 1977 (+ D/L)"
Katy B    "Lights On "
Lazy Smoke    "Corridor Of Faces (60s US Psych /500)"
Legendary Pink Dots    "Seconds Late For The Brighton Line"
Manson Family    "The Family Jams (PIC DISC)"
McTell, Blind Willie    "The Early Years 1927-1933"
Mudhoney    "Head On The Curb"
My Chemical Romance    "Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys"
My Disco    "Little Joy"
Nadja    "Sky Burial (Latitudes Series /1000)"
Okkervil River    "Mermaid"
Outsiders, The    "CQ (Reissue Of 1968 Dutch Garage Psych Masterpiece)"
Peaking Lights    "936"
Pollard, Robert    "Space City Kicks"
Portal     "Seepia"
Psychic Reality    "Vibrant New Age"
Religious To Damn    "Glass Prayer"
Rossi, Gianni    "Star Vehicle Original Score"
Scott-Heron, Gil And Jamie Xx    "NY Is Killing Me"
Silk Flowers    "LTD Form"
SP:MC / LXONE    "Down / Judge"
Spacemen 3    "Transparent Radiation"
TSOL    "Dance With Me"
Vagrants    "I Can't Make A Friend 1965-1968"
Vanderslice, John    "White Wilderness"
Various Artists    "Brass Pins And Match Heads"
Various Artists    "Frank Stokes' Dream: The Memphis Blues 1927-1931"
Various Artists    "Light: On The South Side (+ Book)"
Vegas Martyrs     "The Female Mind"
VVAQRT    "Than On Eother And You Have Answers"
Zs    "New Slaves Part II: Essence Implosion!"

Jay, Abner    "Last Ole Minstrel Man"

Christian Mistress "Mother Of Mercy"
Coasting "Same Old Same Old"
Forgetters, The (2x7")
Magic Johnson "Perro Suelto EP"
Rot Shi+ "Have You Scene Rot Shi+?"
Sticks "Scrapes EP"

Akron/Family    "s/t II: The Cosmic Birth And Journey Of Shinju TNT"
Amen Corner "Leviathan Destroy..."
Faust "Something Dirty"
Flower Travellin' Band "MakeUp"
Macabre "Grim Scary Tales"
Marhaug, Lasse & Wiese "Country And Western"
Portal "Swarth"
Swans "Children Of God & World Of Skin (2CD)"
U.S. Christmas "Run Thick In The Night"
Xbrainiax "Deprogrammed"

Cassette Tape
Babies, The "The Babies"

WaxPoetics (Dance Issue) #45
Wire #325 MARCH 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New from Woodsist

Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics

If you’re anything like me, this winter’s had you holed up in your house a few too many times, and at this point, you’re feeling a little cabin feverish. If so, do yourself a favor and check out Ducktails’ new album, “III: Arcade Dynamics.” Ducktails is the solo project of Matt Mondanile from Real Estate, who provides the perfect antidote for the winter chill. For just one dude, Mondanile creates some impressively layered lo-fi pop that’ll make you feel like you’re hanging out at a sunny beach instead of on the frozen tundra. “Hamilton Road” is a stand-out track on “III,” where Mondanile describes a scene where the “ocean’s dancin’ with the shoreline,” in a way that'll make you feel a little jealous you're not there. The album’s closing song, “Porch Projector,” is also lovely—a ten-minute instrumental you’ll find yourself getting utterly lost in (in a good way).

White Fence Is Growing Faith

White Fence’s second album on Woodsist, “Is (Growing Faith),” won’t disappoint fans of Timothy Presley’s earlier output. On “Is,” Presley further proves his mastery of psychedelic, trippy pop jams that are loose, yet beautifully simple and clean all at once. White Fence’s tunes are a fine nod to later-era Beatles (you know, post-drug discovery), or, as more recent reference points, sounds not unlike those the Fresh & Onlys or the Box Elders have been churning out. Listening to “Is,” with its crafty distortion and low-key vibes, is like taking a trip straight back to the 60s. “Stranger Things Have Happened (To You)” is a nearly perfect pop song: it sleepily and steadily rolls along, like a slow back-roads drive on a sunny day. With 15 tracks, “Is” has a lot to explore. Another high point is the track "Your Last Friend Alive," a jangly song that's equal parts haunting and poppy. On this album, Presley’s songwriting truly reaches a high point in the realm of 60s revival sound.

Monday, February 7, 2011

News & Reviews.

Hey all,

My name is Caren and I'm Redscroll's current intern. I'll be checking in here occasionally to post reviews of some of the new albums coming into the shop, as well as some occasional updates about the goings-on here.

If you have any questions, comments, etc. for me (or, for Rick, Josh, & Sean) feel free to drop a comment below or e-mail Thanks!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2nd Of February 2011 Update

2nd Of February 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
A Certain Ratio    "Live In Graningen (Holland) 26.10.1980 (180 Gram)"
Acid King    "III"
Blasphemy    "Blood Upon The Altar / Gods Of War (Gatefold 2xLP)"
Chris & Cosey    "Love & Lust (Remastered Edition)"
Cold War Kids    "Mine Is Yours (+ D/L)"
Corrosion Of Conformity    "Animosity (Re-Issue)"
Death (Detroit)    "Spiritual / Mental / Physical (Original "Reel-To-Reel" Demo Recordings 1974-1976)"
Deerhoof    "Deerhoof Vs. Evil"
DMX Krew    "The Game"
DOP    "No More Daddy"
Drive Like Jehu    "Yank Crime"
Evans, Bill / Hall, Jim    "Undercurrent"
Fergus & Geronimo    "Unlearn. (+D/L)"
Fleshpress    "Rebuild - Crumble"
Gainsbourg, Serge    "Initials B.B."
Gallows    "Grey Britain"
Gang Of Four    "Content (180 Gram; + D/L; Bonus Material)"
Get Up Kids    "There Are Rules"
Gowns    "Broken Bones (Latitudes Series /1000)"
Greenhornes    "****"
Gwar    "Lust In Space (PIC DISC)"
Halo Fauna    "Durak"
Harvey Milk    "A Small Turn Of Human Kindness (+ D/L)"
Hellmouth    "Gravestone Skylines"
Hour Of The Wolf    "Decompositions Vol. 1"
Igor Boxx    "Breslau (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)"
Inquisition    "Anxious Death / Forever Under (Gatefold 2xLP)"
Iron And Wine    "Kiss Each Other Clean (+CD)"
Jet     "Get Born"
Johansson, Scarlett    "Anywhere I Lay My Head "
Killing Time    "Three Steps Back"
Krays, The    "Inside Warfare"
Leo, Ted & The Pharmacists    "Heart Of Oak"
Light Yourself On Fire    "Intimacy"
Liles, Andrew    "Miraculous Mechanical Monster"
Limp Wrist    "18 Songs 12" (1st LP Import Version)"
Men (New JD Samson Of Le Tigre Band)    "Talk About Body (+ D/L)"
Modern Lovers, The    "Longbranch (180 Gram)"
Morgoth    "Resurrection Absurd / The Eternal Fall"
Mother Of Mercy    "IV: Symptoms Of Existence "
New Original Sonic Sound, The    "The New Original Sonic Sound (Members Of Mudhoney & R.E.M. Covering The Sonics)"
Noisear    "Subvert The Dominant Paradigm (Ltd. Ed. Color)"
Raconteurs     "Broken Boy Soldiers"
Residents, The    "Not Available (+ D/L)"
Roots, The    "Game Theory"
Roots, The    "Rising Down"
Seefeel    "Seefeel"
Sic Alps    "Napa Asylum (2LP)"
Small Brown Bike    "The River Red"
Spacemen 3    "Walkin' With Jesus (180 Gram)"
Steel Pulse    "True Democracy"
Steel Pulse    "Earth Crisis"
Streets, The    "Everything Is Borrowed (+ D/L)"
Systematic Death    "Systemania Volume One"
Systematic Death    "Systemania Volume Two"
Teenage Bottlerocket    "They Came From The Shadows"
Tennis    "Cape Dory (+ D/L)"
Tucker, Alexander And Decomposed Orchestra    "Grey Onion (Latitudes Series /1000)"
Turman, Robert    "Way Down"
Various Artists    "Pakistan Folk And Pop Instrumentals 1966-1976""
Various Artists    "Bossa Nova: Bossa Nova And The Rise Of Brazilian Music In The 1960s Volume One"
Various Artists    "Bossa Nova: Bossa Nova And The Rise Of Brazilian Music In The 1960s Volume Two"
Various Artists    "Riddim Box Volume One: Excursions In The UK Funky Underground"
Various Artists    "Riddim Box Volume Two: Excursions In The UK Funky Underground"
Vegas    "Never To Wake"
Wino    "Adrift (Ltd.)"
Wire    "Red Barked Tree"
Young, Neil    "Chrome Dreams II"

Asshole Parade    "Live"
Cage, John    "Radio Music (A Faust/Band Of Pain Production)"
Dominant Legs    "Young At Love And Life"
Graf Orlock    "Doombox (+ CD)"
Queens Of The Stone Age    "Era Vulgaris"
Wolves    "Simulation. Transparency. Alienation. (/300)"

Bomb The Music Industry "Everybody That You Love"
Deathreat "Reason To Live"
Hirax / Violator
Iron Chic "Sh*tty Rambo"
No Comment "Downsided"
Ride At Dawn "Chrome Pillars"
Supertouch "Lose My Way"

Death (Detroit)    "Spiritual / Mental / Physical (Original "Reel-To-Reel" Demo Recordings 1974-1976)"
Drumm, Kevin "Kevin Drumm"
Dying Fetus "Infatuation... (Reissue)"
Electric Wizard "Black Masses" (Back In Stock)
Jay, Abner "Abner Jay"
Maiovvi, Antoni "Thorns Of Love"
Seefeel "Seefeel"
Various Artists "Sofrito: Tropical Discotheque"

Boris: Live In Japan
Get Thrashed: The Story Of Thrash Metal
Hicks, Bill: Sane Man
Until The Light Takes Us (Reg. And Deluxe Back In Stock)

Special Hours: 2PM-8PM TODAY 2-2-11

We'll be open from 2PM-8PM today. (2/2/11)
If you don't have to leave your place I recommend you don't. We have some work to do so we'll be here. Be safe. Shovel your roof.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CLOSED TODAY: February 1, 2011

This isn't even fun in the slightest anymore. I'll try to make the best of it. You all do the same.

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