Saturday, October 30, 2010

30th of October 2010 Update

30th of October 2010 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

This update includes some new stuff we traded for at WFMU's Record Fair as well.  Basically, some of these are one time shots so get it while you can.

LPs & 12"s
Bottin    "Discocracy"
British Sea Power    "Zeus E.P. "
Comeback Kid    "Wake the Dead (2010 Reissue)"
Conflict    "Increase The Pressure"
Converge    "No Heroes (2010 Repress)"
Cosmin TRG    "Liebe Suende"
Crow    "Wings (Picture Disc)"
Crunch    "Bubba Bubba Bubba!... The Early Shit… "
Dara Puspita    "The Garage Years "
Drexciya    "Harnessed The Storm"
Edgar, Jimmy    "XXX (2LP)"
Eskmo    "Eskmo (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)"
Estranged, The    "Static Thoughts"
Failures' Union    "In What Way"
Failures' Union    "Sinker"
Faust    "The Faust Tapes (180 Gram /1000)"
Gateway District, The    "Some Days You Get the Thunder"
Git Some    "Loose Control"
Horace Pinker    "Burn Tempe To The Ground"
Incendiary    "Crusade"
Jandek    "Chair Beside A Window"
Johnson, Syl    "Complete Mythology: 35,000 Words, 81 Tracks, 52 Pages, 49 Photos, 15 Years, 6 LPs, 4 CDs, 1 Incredible Soul Folk Tale"
Judas Factor, The    "Ballads In Blue China"
Kendrick, Jodey    "Plus Ten"
Lone    "Once In A While"
Lukid    "Chord (3x12")"
Modeselektor     "Modeselektion Vol. 01"
Moebius & Beerbohm    "Double Cut (180 Gram)"
Monolith    "Volume 1"
MU330    "Crab Rangoon"
My Morning Jacket    "The Tennessee Fire (180 Gram + D/L)"
Orb, The And Youth    "Impossible Oddities (Collectors' Edition; + D/L)"
Potatomen, The    "The Potatomen Now"
Pulley    "Esteem Driven Engine"
Pulley    "60 Cycle Hum"
Ronson, Mark & The Business Intl    "Record Collection"
Samiam    "Orphan Works"
Scientist    "Scientific Dub"
Serena Maneesh    "D.I.W.S.W.T.T.D (45RPM Stereo)"
Sex Church    "6 Songs By…"
She    "Outta Reach (/550)"
Speak 714    "Knee Deep In Guilt (Members Of Ignite, No For An Answer & Slapshot)"
Spore    "Giant (LP+7")"
Stark Reality    "1969"
Steel Pole Bathtub    "Scars From Falling Down"
Stoltz, Kelly    "To Dreamers (+ D/L)"
Suffering Mind    "Suffering Mind"
Swellers, The    "Ups and Downsizing"
Talk is Poison    "Condensed Humanity: The Prank EP's"
Three 6 Mafia    "Last 2 Walk"
Tricky    "Mixed Race (+D/L)"
Unbroken    "3xLP Discography"
Untold    "Come Follow Me"
Various Artists    "Sub Rosa Vs. Kompakt"
Various Artists    "Tempa All Stars Vol. 6"
Various Artists    "Penguin"
Various Artists    "It Comes From The East (Furious George, Electric Frankenstein, Lunch Ladies, …)"
Very Best, The     "Julia"
Vrgns    "Manimals"
Warpaint    "The Fool (+ D/L)"
White Kaps    "Cannonball Man"
Wuhling    "Extra 6"
Youngman / Benga    "Ho "

Death In June    "Occidental Martyr (PIC 10" + Postcards)"

Confines "Withdrawn"
Ladies, The "Six More"
Make Do And Mend/Touche Amore\
Real Estate "Out Of Tune / Reservoir #3"
Sorry Excuse "Listen With..."
Vrgns "No..."
V. Slut "Blasph..."

Acid King "Busse Woods"
Atmosphere "To All My Friends Blood Makes..."
Buzzoven "Sore"
Motor City Drum Ensemble "Raw V1"
Tirogo "Float"
Transit "Keep This To Your..."
Various Artists (Re: Tindersticks) "Winter's Bone O.S.T."
Warpaint "The Fool"

Cassette Tapes
Stone Titan "Super Giant E.P."
Various Artists "Oral Fixations"

Friday, October 29, 2010

4th Annual Blackout At Sunrise Sale

November 26th: 6AM-10PM
November 27th: 10AM-9PM
November 28th: 10AM-9PM

$1 Bins Marked Down To 10 Cents
Spend $200 = Free T-Shirt
Free Snacks By Little Monster Cakes
Free Coffee

We're doing a new T-Shirt design that will be ready for this.  If you want to see some examples of what Little Monster Cakes does click that link for their site.  We'll also be dropping hints about secrets leading up to the event.  If you are on Facebook you can also join the event page here

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WFMU Fair Recap

WFMU Record & CD Fair 2010 Recap

Have you ever been to a record fair?  No.  Read on.  Yes, well unless you've been to this one you still have no idea how huge this thing is and you should still read on.  Actually, beyond reading you can view this single take I did with my camera - I just held it at chest level and walked around the fair (trying not to double back ever - but there is an awkward area where you basically have to) occasionally turning to view things.  It's not a pro video by any means, but it gives you an idea of the drastic scope of this thing, the WFMU Record and CD Fair:

 This was our (Redscroll) 2nd year setting up at the fair.  It was a wild success once again.  Friday, we spent the day buying and setting up trades.  Saturday we sold and made some purchases, then Sunday we sold and bought again (a partial list of what we bought is at the bottom of this post).  If you follow us on twitter then you know that this event is also great for people/celeb watching.  I got to talk to Q-Tip (unfortunately, I couldn't really sell him anything; he also was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible with his hood up and sunglasses ever present - like the unibomber really).  Todd Barry and Horatio Sanz (I think) were there.  ?uest Love (The Roots, y' know?) was also there, but we didn't actually see him.  I'm betting there were other notables as well - I just didn't seem them.  Please do join us next year. 

As promised - here's the list:
Cramps, The Songs The Lord Taught Us
Cramps, The Bad Music For Bad People
Cramps, The A Date With Elvis
Dead Kennedys In God We Trust, Inc.
Death Cult Gods Zoo
Death Cult Brothers Grimm EP
Garden Variety Garden Variety
HR Human Rights
Husker Du New Day Rising
Husker Du Warehouse: Songs And Stories
Prurient History Of Aids
Skatalites, The African Roots
Sugar Cubes, The Life's Too Good
Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Tendencies (Frontier Records)
Ty Segall / Black Time Ty Segall / Black Time
Various Artists The Blasting Concept (Black Flag, Husker Du, Minutemen, Overkill,…)
Various Artists The Blasting Concept II (Saint Vitus, SWA, Meat Puppets, Black Flag, Overkill,…)
Various Artists The World's Lousy With Ideas Volume 8

Friday, October 22, 2010

Website Tease

Website Tease

We had hoped to have a new website up by now. True story. We've had a couple redesigns and set-backs. Stuff happens. I just wanted to post this simple note here for any new visitors that might have found us through the fliers being distributed this weekend at WFMU.

Firstly, thank you very much for making the effort to visit our site! Secondly, please visit our tables on Saturday at E4 + E5. And thirdly, please check back periodically for our online sales. We sell vinyl via Discogs (right now we have temporarily disabled all items while we're in New York selling to people face to face). Our new site will also have a shop for more direct buying and will feature items that you may not even find on Discogs by anyone (if you are already a user of the site you know that not everything is there, of course). And lastly, if you like framed artwork of metal and hard rock bands (some signed) then please check this post about our collection of framed posters here:

And here is a tease of the upcoming website (I swear it's coming soon - ironing out details and final touches)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

21st of October 2010 Update

21st of October 2010 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Hey all, we're gearing up for WFMU's record and CD fair this weekend.  If you'll be at the fair on Saturday please stop by tables E4 & E5 and say, "Hi."  Josh, our friend Ben (Mammoth Hunter) and I (Rick) will be manning the tables.  The store will be manned by Sean all weekend (be nice to him :)).  We'll be back on Monday.

There are 2 more orders coming in tomorrow (Friday) afternoon as well so this definitely isn't it for the week, but it's a good portion.  Feel free to give Sean a call at the shop or send an email to the store about anything specific you may be looking for.  On to business..

LPs & 12"s
Cannibal Corpse    "Bloodthirst"
Cannibal Corpse    "Live Cannibalism"
Cantu-Ledesma, Jefre    "Love Is A Stream (+ CD)"
Chris & Cosey    "Heartbeat (Remastered Edition)"
Cough    "Ritual Abuse (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl)"
Dead Weather    "Blue Blood Blues (12" Single)"
Death In June    "Burial (LP + 7" PIC DISCS)"
DJ Shadow    "Preemptive Strike"
Dwarr    "Animals (1986 Hard Rock Masterpiece)"
Edgar, Jimmy    "XXX (2LP)"
Helmet    "Seeing Eye Dog (+ Bonus Music Lie At Warped Tour San Francisco)"
Hill, Zach    "Face Tat"
Intronaut    "Valley Of Smoke"
Kendrick, Jodey    "Plus Ten"
Kill The Client    "Set For Extinction (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl)"
Kylesa    "Spiral Shadow"
Kylesa    "Spiral Shadow (Deluxe 2xLP Mastered At 45RPM +Slipmat)"
Locatelli, Giancarlo / Alberto Braida    "The Big Margotta"
Lone    "Once In A While"
Lukid    "Chord (3x12")"
MF Grimm    "You Only Live Twice (2LP + Comic)"
Monolith    "Volume 1"
Perry, Katy    "Teenage Dream  (Cotton Candy Scented)"
Rancid    "… And Out Came The Wolves"
Tool    "Lateralus (Ltd. Ed. 2LP PIC)"
Tricky    "Mixed Race (+D/L)"
Umberto    "Prophecy Of The Black Widow "
Various Artists    "Strange Games & Funky Things Volume 5 (Compiled By DJ Spinna & BBE Soundsystem): Smoking 70's Soul And Rare Grooves"
West, Kanye    "Power (PIC 12")"
Youngman / Benga    "Ho "

Death In June    "Occidental Martyr (PIC 10" + Postcards)"

Autopsy "Dark Crusades"
Control Denied "Fragile Art (Deluxe 2CD)"
Cough "Ritual Abuse"
Gibbs, Freddie "Str8 Killa EP"
Gira, M. "Drainland"
Hill, Zach "Face Tat"
Jack Sparrow "Circadian"
Kasher, Tim "Game Of Monogamy"
Kill The Client "Set For Extinction"
Kings Of Leon "Come Around Sundown"
Kylesa "Spiral Shadow (Ltd. Ed. Digi)"
Naked City "Black Box"
Neurosis "Souls At Zero"
Neurosis "A Sun That Never Sets"
Portal "Swarth"
Sun City Girls "Funeral Mariachi"
Twin Sister "Color Your Life / Vampir... (Import)"
Uz Jsme Doma "Caves"
Van Etten, Sharon "Epic"
Whiplash "Power And Pain / Ticket..."

Until The Light Takes Us (Deluxe 2xDVD Ltd. Ed.)

Monday, October 18, 2010

WFMU Record Fair

The WFMU Record & CD Fair is happening this coming weekend.

The WFMU fair is huge. It is basically the biggest one that happens in the world on any given year. True Story. If you can think of a record then most likely it is there (well, maybe not all of them, but you know...).  Besides the records and CDs there are also a ton of great interesting people (read: people watching for miles and miles). 

Vinyl Junkies from Stokely Baksh on Vimeo.

Josh, Ben (Mammoth Hunter) and I (Rick) will be at the fair Friday-Sunday. Redscroll Records will be set up on SATURDAY ONLY at tables E4 & E5. The full dealer list should be up soon here: Our friends Trash American Style & Painkiller will also be there. The list will be ridiculous when it's published so definitely keep an eye out for that.

Friday, October 15, 2010

15th Of October 2010 Update

15th Of October 2010 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Because of the amount of LPs and 12"s we've gotten in this week that are new to us I've separated the Electronic ones in their own list this week.

LPs & 12"s
!!! (Chk Chk Chk)    "Strange Weather, Isn't It? (+ D/L)"
AC/DC    "Capital Of Sin: Live In Amsterdam, Holland 12.11.1979"
Akimbo    "Jersey Shores (+ D/L)"
ANBB    "Mimikry (Alva Noto & Blixa Bargeld)"
Antony And The Johnsons    "Swanlights (180 Gram + D/L)"
Articles Of Faith    "New Normal Catastrophe (+ D/L)"
Arts    "Vault Of Heaven"
Belle And Sebastian    "Write About Love (+ D/L)"
Between The Buried And Me    "Alaska (Ltd. Ed. Color; + D/L)"
Big Kids    "Hoop Dreams"
Black Heart Procession, The    "Blood Bunny / Black Rabbit (Ltd. Ed.)"
Brain Idea    "The Survival Scrolls (/500)"
Brainbombs    "Brainbombs (Singles Compilation)"
Brainbombs    "Urge To Kill"
Call Me Lightning    "When I Am Gone My Blood Will Be Free"
Cessna's, Slim Auto Club    "Jesus Let Me Down (2LP + D/L)"
Cheap Time    "Fantastic Explanations (And Similar Situations) (+ D/L)"
Chronic Sick    "Cutest Band In Hardcore E.P."
Circle Pit    "Bruise Constellation (+ D/L)"
Comeback Kid    "Sypmtoms + Cures (Ltd. Ed. Color + D/L)"
Converge    "You Fail Me (2010 Repress)"
Cradle Of Filth    "Dusk… And Here Embrace"
Cripple Bastards    "Variante Alla Morte"
Cut Chemist    "Adidas To Addis"
Dead C, The    "Patience (+ D/L)"
Demon's Claws, The     "The Defrosting Of… (+ D/L)"
Dolarhyde    "Dolarhyde (White, Clear Sleeve)"
El Guincho    "Pop Negro (+ D/L)"
Eno, Brian    "Another Green World (Import)"
Envy    "Recitation"
Esben And The Witch    "Marching Song (Ltd. Ed. E.P. + D/L)"
Fresh & Onlys, The    "Play It Strange (+ D/L)"
Gang Of Four    "Peel Sessions"
Gehenna    "Upon The Gravehill"
Gilberto, Astrud    "Now"
Government Issue    "The Fun Just Never Ends"
Inepsy    "R'N'R Babylon"
Interpol    "Black Sessions, Paris, France: August 27, 2002 Live"
Iron Curtain    "Artifact"
Las Nurses    "Just So Pretty"
Lez Zeppelin     "Lez Zeppelin I"
Limbonic Art    "Legacy Of Evil"
Lords Of Falconry    "Lords Of Falconry (+ D/L)"
M.D.C.    "Millions Of Dead Cops"
Maserati    "Pyramid Of The Moon (Ltd. Ed.)"
McGuire, Mark    "Off In The Distance (Originally Released On Cassette On Chondritic Sound)"
Midnight    "Berlin Is Burning"
My Bloody Valentine    "This Is Your Bloody Valentine"
Nobunny    "First Blood (150 Gram; + D/L)"
Orchid    "(Gatefold LP)"
Oxbow Duo    "Love's Holiday Orchestra (Feat. Justin Broadrick & Stephen O'Malley)"
Portishead    "Remixes (Paul Weller, Primal Scream, Ride, …)"
Protestant    "Judgements"
Ride    "Nowhere (Import)"
Roots Manuva Meets Wrongtom    "Duppy Writer (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)"
Rose, Frankie And The Outs    "Frankie Rose And The Outs (+ D/L)"
Scientist    "Heavy Metal Dub (Repress)"
Sexdrome    "Grown Younger"
Sisters Of Mercy    "Panic In Their Eyes"
Skit System    "Stigmata"
Skit System    "Allt E Skit"
Skit System    "Gra Varld / Svarta Tankar"
Slang    "The Immortal Sin"
Slowdive    "Blue Day"
Snowy Red    "The Right To Die"
Stalag 13    "In Control"
Sticks And Stones    "Nineteen Eighty Seven"
Sultan, Mark    "$"
Sun Araw    "Off Duty (+ D/L)"
Suuns    "Zeroes QC (+ D/L)"
Tear It Up    "Just Can't Stand It"
Teenage Cool Kids    "Queer Salutations"
Ten Yard Fight    "Back On Track"
Titan    "Sweet Dreams (Ltd. Ed. Color)"
Tool    "Salival"
Waits, Tom    "The Early Years Volume One (180 Gram)"
Walkmen, The    "Lisbon (+ D/L)"
Warkrime    "Get Loose"
Weezer    "Hurley (+ CD)"
Wolvserpent (Formerly Pussygut)    "Blood Seed"
Zegota    "Reclaim!"
Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction    "We Are Volsung"
Zola Jesus    "Valusia EP"

Cooly G    "Up In My Head / Phat Si"
Lesser / Matmos / Wobbly    "Simultaneous Quodlibet"
Optimum    "Max Power"
Pantha Du Prince    "Lay In A Shimmer"
Rustie    "Sunburst (+ D/L)"
Sistol (Vladislav Delay As…)    "Sistol (Remakes)"
Solar Bears    "She Was Coloured In"
Space System    "Sorrow Show / Petik"
Squarepusher    "Shobaleader One D'Demonstrator (+ D/L)"
Triana, Andreya    "Lost Where I Belong (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)"

Acid Reflux "Moves"
Algernon Cadwallader "Fun (+CD)"
Arcade Fire "Keep The Car Running"
California Love "Post"
Chosen Ones
Chronic Sick
Convulsions "Reapers Gift"
Elson, Karen "The Truth Is In The Dirt"
Everyone Everywhere / Into It. Over It.
Fucked Up / Haymaker
GG Allin "Outskirts Of Life"
Men's Interest
Narrow's / Heiress
Sh*tty/Awesome "Hang Up"
Titus Andronicus / Free Design "Anxiety Block / I'm Going Down"
Urban Blight "Total War"

All That Remains "For We Are Many"
Antony And The Johnsons "Swanlights"
Autopsy "The Tomb Within"
Badly Drawn Boy "It's What I'm Thinkin..."
Baroness "Blue Record (Deluxe)"
Belle & Sebastian "Write About Love"
Black Heart Procession, The    "Blood Bunny / Black Rabbit"
Casting Out, The "The Casting Out"
Cause For Alarm "Cause For Alarm"
Crown, The "Doomsday King"
Devine, Kevin "Make The Clocks Move"
Die Antwoord "$0$"
Dimmu Borgir "Abrahadabra"
Down "Diary Of A Mad Band (2CD+DVD)"
Drop The Lime "Fabriclive 53"
Drudkh "Handful Of Stars"
Envy "Recitation"
Eskmo "Eskmo"
Evile "Infected Nations (Redux Ed.)"
Hail Of Bullets "On Divine Word"
Hawkwind "Dawn Of Hawkwind"
Intronaut "Valley Of Smoke"
Masters Of Reality "Pine/Cross"
Meat Beat Manifesto "Answers Come In Dreams"
Mount Fuji Doom Jazz Corporation "Doomjazz Future Corpses"
Orb, The Featuring David Gilmour "Metallic Spheres"
Pigeon John "Dragon Slayer"
Roach, Steve "Part 2 Mystic Chords & Sacred..."
Small Black "CDEP"
Solar Bears "She Was Coloured In"
(Soundtrack) "The Wicker Man (Original Soundtrack)"
Spiritual Beggars "Return To Zero"
Squarepusher    "Shobaleader One D'Demonstrator"
Stern, Marnie "Marnie Stern"
Stevens, Sufjan "The Age Of Adz"
Sun Araw    "Off Duty + Boat Trip"
Swans "Filth / Body To Body..."
Swans "Soundtracks For The Blind"
Teengirl Fantasy "7A.M."
Titan "Sweet Dreams"
Voltaire "Spooky Songs For Creepy Kids"
Williams, Dar "Many Great Companions (2CD)"
Winterfylleth "Mercian Sphere"
Woe "Quietly Undramatically"
Young, Neil "Le Noise" (Currently Out of Stock On LP - Don't Know If It Will Return Either)
Yuppicide "Anthology (2CD)"

Books & Magazines
Do-It-Yourself Screenprinting (John Isaacson)
Kids Of The Black Hole: Punk Rock In Postsuburban California (Dewar MacLeod)
Wire #321 November 2010 (Jennifer Walshe, Drexciya...)
You're Very Beautiful (Gallagher / Palermo)

 F*cked Up "II"

Saturday, October 9, 2010

9th of October 2010 Update

9th of October 2010 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Pictures of new shirts in stock on the bottom of this post as well!

LPs & 12"s
Abe Vigoda    "Crush (+ D/L)"
Aeroplane    "We Can't Fly (+ CD)"
Algernon Cadwallader    "Some Kind Of Cadwallader"
Black Ryder, The    "Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride (Ltd. Ed., + D/L)"
Becoming Real    "Fast"
Clockcleaner    "Auf-Wiedersehen"
Cut Chemist    "Adidas To Addis"
Delay    "Plain Language"
DJ Nate    "Da Trak Genious"
Falty DL    "Endeavour"
Foster, Josephine & The Victor Herrero Band    "Anda Jaleo "
Gonjasufi    "The Calphi's Tea Party (Remix Album)"
Holy Mountain    "Here Is No Exit (PIC)"
Hundred In The Hands, The    "The Hundred In The Hands (+ D/L)"
Jimmy Eat World    "Invented (180 Gram; + D/L)"
L'Orchestre National "A" De La Republique Du Mali    "L'Orchestre National "A" De La Republique Du Mali"
Margot And The Nuclear So And So's    "Buzzard"
Mogwai    "Special Moves (+ D/L With 6 Bonus Tracks)"
Mount Kimbie    "Crooks & Lovers"
Nash, Ben / Magic Lantern    "Ben Nash / Magic Lantern"
Papagika, Marika    "The Further The Flame, The Worse It Burns Me: Greek Folk Music In New York City 1919-1928"
Parlour    "Simulacrenfield (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram)"
Rodriguez-Lopez, Omar    "Sepulcros De Miel"
Sadier, Laetitia (Stereolab)    "The Trip"
SBTRKT & Sampha    "Break Off / Evening Glow"
Scratcha DVA / Cooly G    "DIS Boy Remix"
Scuba    "Three Sided Shape"
Sepalcure    "Love Pressure"
Shit Robot    "From The Cradle To The Rave"
Silkie    "City Limits 1.2"
Street Dogs    "Street Dogs (+ CD)"
Tamaryn    "The Waves (Ltd. Ed., + D/L)"
Three Mile Pilot    "The Inevitable Past Is The Future Forgotten "
Terror Danjah    "Reinforced"
Tes La Rok    "Ignition (VIP)"
Ultra Bunny    "Volume Merchants / Unsafe At Any Age"
Ultra Bunny    "Outer Bounds Of Sound"
Various Artists    "Waking Up Scheherazade Vol. 2: 60s And 70s Cross-Over Rock From North African Countries And The Middle East"
Various Artists    "Vanity: Finest Selection 1978-81 (/1000; Japanese Rock In The Spirit Of Late 70s NYC Post-Punk)"
Various Artists    "Bustin' Out 1983: V3 Sampler (Front 242, Anne Clark, Special Request, John Carpenter)"
Women    "Public Strain (+ D/L + Bonus 7" while supplies last = only a couple)"
Wooden Wand    "Wither Thou Goest, Cretin"
Young, Neil    "Le Noise (180 Gram)"

Ergs "Trash"
Greatest Hits "Danse Pop"

Autopsy "Dark Crusades"
Bad Religion "Dissent Of Man"
Black Sabbath "Black Mass"
Bring Me The Horizon "There Is A Hell..."
Cazzaza, Monte "The Cynic"
Chiodos "Illuminaudio"
Cooper, Alice "Theatre of Death (CD+DVD)"
DMX Krew "Wave/Prolapse"
Enslaved "Axioma Ethica Odini"
Madlib "Advanced Jazz"
Majeure "Timespan"
Nails "Unsilent Death"
No Age "Everything In Between"
Powerglove "Saturday Morning Apocalypse"
Salem "King Night"
Screaming Females "Castle Talk"
Secret, The "Solve Et Coagula"
Spocks Beard "X"
Sweet Cobra "Mercy"
Women    "Public Strain"

No Idea Records Coffee Mug
Holy Terror Slip Mat


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From New Haven By Train

Ride the train to Redscroll.
The train station is quite literally 50 yards away from us.

(Wallingford Train Station 1949)

Do you live in New Haven? Without a car? Love music but, hate the idea
of riding your bike 16 miles to comb the racks at Redscroll? We've got
the solution: AMTRAK.

(Union Station in New Haven)

The train to Wallingford from New Haven costs $4. The return trip is
an additional $4. Bringing your total travel expenses to $8. Amtrak
stops frequently in town through out the day. Travel time is about
twelve minutes each way. Feel free to read a book, snooze, take a
quick poop, eat a sandwich or talk up those cute eastern European
girls sitting across from you on their way to Vermont,... whatever! Get
crazy cause you're inside a giant metal worm. You're not driving so it
doesn't matter.

(Amtrak in New Haven)

The train platform is roughly 50 yards from our building, so you don't
have to worry about getting lost.

Twice this past week, they forgot to collect my ticket on the way
back, so I was able to ride for free and exchange my unused ticket for
a new one to be used for a future trip.


Monday, October 4, 2010

The Saddest Landscape - Sunday!

SUNDAY 10-10-10 6PM $5 Suggest Donation
the Saddest Landscape, the New & Very Welcome, and SOFX
in a secret location.
(It's that spot where about once a month a show happens.)

Facebook Event Page

(Recently reformed New England screamo)

(dissonant punk / members of Books Slave and The World is.. / 2nd show!)

(angsty acoustic from Boston)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sunday 10/10/10
Meet at Redscroll Records at 6pm for the secret location.
24 North Colony Street - Wallingford, CT

$5 suggested donation

Friday, October 1, 2010

1st of October 2010 Update

1st of October 2010 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Astatke, Mulatu    "Timeless (2LP)"
Avenged Sevenfold    "Nightmare"
Azure Ray    "Drawing Down The Moon (+ D/L)"
Black Anvil    "Triumvirate (180 Gram Ltd. Ed.)"
Cash, Johnny    "Johnny Cash At San Quentin (Sourced From Original Master Tapes)"
Cash, Johnny    "Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison (Sourced From Original Master Tapes)"
Chromeo    Business "Casual"
Cloudland Canyon    "Fin Eaves (+ D/L)"
Cohen, Leonard    "Songs From The Road (2LP 180 Gram)"
Cohen, Tim    "Laugh Tracks"
Deerhunter    "Halcyon Digest (+ D/L)"
Deftones    "White Pony (2LP)"
DJ Nate    "Da Trak Genious"
Falty DL    "Endeavour"
Fucked Up    "Year Of The Ox"
Glasser    "Ring (+ D/L With 2 Bonus Tracks)"
Historics    "Infidelity Part 2 (+ D/L)"
Horrorshow    "Notes From The Night That Never Ended (Black Vinyl)"
Hostage Calm    "Hostage Calm"
Mueller, Jon    "The Whole (+ CD)"
No Age    "Everything In Between (+ D/L)"
Nomos    "Notes From The Acheron (Single Sided, Etched)"
Prince Rama    "Shadow Temple (+ D/L + Poster)"
Psychic Ills    "FRKWYS V. 4"
Red Fang    "Red Fang"
Simon, Jason (Dead Meadow)    "Jason Simon (+ D/L)"
Soundgarden    "Telephantasm (3LP Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram + D/L)"
Suffocation    "The Close Of A Chapter: Live In Quebec City (/600)"
Swans    "My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky (+ D/L)"
Twilight Sad, The    "The Wrong Car."
Unearthly Trance    "V (2LP 180 Gram Ltd. Ed.)"
Various Artists    Matador "At 21 (+ D/L)"
Various Artists    "Future Bass (Four Tet, Mala, Untold, Black Chow, LD, Ginz, …)"
Various Artists    "Nagoya City Hardcore (Reality Crisis, Zilemma, Demolition, D-Clone,…)"
White Hills    "Stolen Stars Left For No One"
Wong, Dustin    "Infinite Love: A Square Defining A Circle (2LP+DVD+D/L W/ 6 Exclusive Tracks)"
Yorn, Pete    "Pete Yorn (+ D/L)"

Baroness "Golgatha"
Black Clouds, The
Chainsaw To The Face
Coasting "The We Both Like, Pussy"
Cola Freaks "Mig Mig Mig / Knirk..."
Crow "Vertigo"
Give "Boots Of Faith"
Madball "Real American HC"
Mammoth Grinder "Obsessed With..."
Owen "Abandoned Bridges"
Perepherique Est "Demos Vol. 2"
Pocahaunted "Threshold"
Robedoor "Pacific Drift"
Useless Eaters "Hear/See / Smoke Alarm..."

Bathory "Blood, Fire, Death"
Bathory "Destroyer Of Worlds"
Black Anvil "Triumvirate"
Brutal Truth "Need To Control (Redux)"
Deerhunter    "Halcyon Digest"
Heavy Heavy Low Low "Hospital Bomber"
Inquisition "Into The Infernal Regions..."
Mercyful Fate "Dead Again"
Mogwai "Special Moves (CD+DVD)"
Morbid Angel "Domination"
Morbid Angel "Blessed Are The Sick (+DVD)"
Negative Approach "Friend..."
Oval "O"
Ra Ra Riot / Stornoway "Boy / Fuel Up"
Red Fang "Red Fang"
Thou "Summit"
Today Is The Day "In The Eyes Of God (Re-Issue)"
Unearthly Trance "V"
Various Artists "Matador At 21 (6CD +Lots Of Goods Box Set)"
Various Artists    "Future Bass (Four Tet, Mala, Untold, Black Chow, LD, Ginz, …)"

Misfits "Big Skull"

Book & Magazine
Jack Lonshein: Album Cover Design & Illustrations 1960s-1970s
Wax Poetics #43: The Reggae Issue

Saturday Night Decisions

Saturday Night's All Right For Fighting

Connecticut is pretty small. It's a small world, really. CT is just part of that small world.  Part of a part of a part of a part (CT, USA, Northwestern Hemisphere, Earth).  Within CT people involved with music production and events are even a smaller part of that smaller world within worlds. Saturday night has a very small circle biding for your time in very differently fun ways. Chill out with the final nail in the coffin to the summer of 2010 for Popeye's Garage. Or party hard at the last outdoor event of the year with the Hartford Party Starters. Heck, if you can't actually decide or if you're just lazy, then go with whatever's closest.


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