Friday, September 30, 2011

30th Of September 2011 Update

30th Of September 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn    "It's Me (Official Serato Control Vinyl)"
Aids Wolf    "Ma Vie Banale Avante-Garde"
Antioch Arrow    "Gems Of Masochism"
Axelrod, David    "The Auction"
Black Flag    "Damaged"
Broncho    "Can't Get Past The Lips (+ D/L)"
Butthole Surfers    "Live PCPEP"
Charalambides    "Exile (2LP)"
Ciccone Youth    "The Whitey Album"
Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi    "Rome (Starring Jack White & Norah Jones)"
Dinosaur Jr.     "You're Living All Over Me (Reissue)"
Dinosaur Jr.     "Bug (Reissue)"
Dinosaur Jr.     "Dinosaur (Reissue)"
Dream Boat    "Widow "
Dreamers Of The Ghetto    "Enemy/Lover (+ D/L)"
Drift, The    "Blue Hour (+ D/L)"
Earth Crisis    "Neutralize The Threat"
Ernestus, Mark    "Mark Enestus Meets BBC"
Exitmusic    "From Silence (+ D/L)"
Faith    "Subject To Change (+ D/L)"
Far Out Fangtooth    "Pure & Disinterested"
Festival Of Dead Deer, The    "The Many Faces Of Mental Illness (A Collection) (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)"
Foster The People    "Pumped Up Kicks (Single 12")"
Frente Cumbiero Meets Mad Professor    "Frente Cumbiero Meets Mad Professor"
Fungi Girls    "Some Easy Magic"
Germs, The    "Forming (Pic)"
Hawkwind    "Space Ritual Vol. 2 (180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Coloured Vinyl)"
Hulk Out / All Those Opposed / Third Death    "Hulk Out / All Those Opposed / Third Death"
Into It. Over It.    "Proper (White 12")"
Jack's Mannequin    "People And Things "
Kitchen's Floor    "Look Forward To Nothing"
Klag, Daniel    "Weird Fiction"
Kyuss    "Blues Fro The Red Sun (180 Gramm Pressung)"
Life Of Agony    "20 Years Strong - River Runs Red: Live In Brussels"
Loney Dear    "Hall Music (180 Gram + D/L)"
Minus The Bear    "This Is What I Know About Being Gigantic (Clear Vinyl /1000 + D/L)"
Minus The Bear    "Highly Refined Pirates (Transparent Blue Vinyl /1000 + D/L)"
Misfits    "Twilight Of The Dead"
Nirvana    "Nevermind (4LPs 180-Gram Vinyl; Expanded Artwork; Remastered + Lots Of Extras)"
Now Denial    "Fuck Now Denial (+ D/L)"
Now Denial    "Power To The Mountain (+ CD)"
Omegas    "Blasts Of Lunacy"
Orcutt, Bill    "How The Thing Sings "
Orthrelm    "2nd 18/O4 Norildivoth Crallos-Lomrixth Urthiln"
Ramones    "Brain Drain (180 Gram)"
Rene Hell / Three Legged Race    "Violin Petal (Auden) / Whipped Secrets"
Revocation    "Chaos Of Forms"
Salmon, Kim And The Guys From Mudhoney    "Until…"
Shakir, Anthony Shake / Ayhun, Oni    "… Meets BBC"
Shitty/Awesome    "Shitty/Awesome"
Silver Jews     "The Natural Bridge"
Siskiyou    "Keep Away The Dead (180 Gram + Art Print Poster + D/L)"
Sleep ∞ Over (Sleep Over)    "Forever"
Some Girls    "All My Friends Are Going Death (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)"
Some Girls    "Heaven's Pregnant Teens (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)"
Stepkids, The    "The Stepkids (+ D/L)"
Swiftumz     "Don't Trip"
Talk Talk    "Spirit Of Eden"
Talk Talk    "Laughing Stock"
Talkdemonic    "Ruins (+ D/L)"
Teams    "Dxys Xff"
Three Mile Pilot    "Chief Assasin To The Sinister"
Three Mile Pilot    "Na Vucca Do Lupu"
Tone, Yasunao    "MP3 Deviation #8"
Tune-Yards    "Gangsta (Album Version, Adrock Remix, Cut Chemist Remix, Instrumental, A Cappella)"
Type O Negative    "Bloody Kisses (180 Gram)"
Various Artists    "Jungle Magic (Sofrito Tropical Disco V.2)"
Various Artists    "Porno Groove II (PIC LP + D/L)"
Veronica Falls    "Veronica Falls"
Vex Ruffin    "Crash Course EP"
Villalobos, Ricardo & Loderbauer, Max / Peverelist    "… Meets BBC"
We Were Promised Jetpacks    "In The Pit Of The Stomach (+ D/L)"
White Dog    "Triturate"
Whitman     "I'll Be Waiting (/300 + D/L)"
Young Adults    "Black Hole"
Zola Jesus    "Conatus (Ltd. Ed. Clear Vinyl + D/L)"
Zounds    "The Redemption Of Zounds"
Zs    "The Hard EP"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
Aquarius Heaven    "Can't Buy Love EP"
Azari & III    "Azari & III"
Bakongo    "Amhara"
Curly, Nick    "Sun City EP"
Joker    "Here Come The Lights (Feat. Silas - Turboweekend)"
Kahn    "Way Mi Defend (10")"
Magician, The     "I Don't Know What To Do (Feat. Jeppe)"
Martyn    "Masks / Viper"
Plastikman    "Nostalgik.2"
Skudge / Substance / October & Appleblim    "Skudge Remixes Part 4"
Tropics    "Parodia Flare"
Trueby, Rainer    "Jeck"
Venegas, Felipe    "I Ching"
We Love    "Timeless"
ZZT    "Vulkan Alarm!"

Hip-Hop 12"s & LPs
Exile    "4TRKMIND (+ D/L)"
False Tropics    "Sample Based Beats"
Ice Cube    "AmeriKKa's Most Wanted (2xLP)"
J Dilla (Jay Dee)    "Donuts ("Smile" Cover 2xLP)"
Oddisee    "Rock Creek Park"
Timbo King    "From Babylon To Timbuktu (2xLP)"

Spanakorzo / Swing Kids    "Fly By Wire"
Stetson, Colin    "Those Who Didn't Run / The End Of Your Suffering"

Branko "Branko!"
Children Of God "Coup De..."
Domestic War / In The Day
Egg Hunt
Fury Of Five / Mushmouth
H2O "California"
Hatewaves "The Tombs (5")"
Low Places
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings "He Said I can / It Hurts To Be Alone"
Negative Lifestyle "Panic"
Redgrave "Mantis"
Regents "On Boarding"
Social Circkle "Expiration"
Swing Kids
Terrible Feelings "Impend..."
Triac "Always Meant To"
Watery Love "Die With Dignity / Leave Me"

Body, The & Braveyoung "Nothing Passes"
Danny Brown "XXX"
Cvlts "Lvst" (CDR)
Opeth "Heritage"
Revocation "Chaos Of Forms"
Textures "Dualism"
Wynne, J. "300 Speakers..."
Zola Jesus "Conatus"

Wire #332 October 2011

Death In June - Whip-hand Logo (Natural & Grey Colors)


Bad Sports Kings Of The Weekend LP
This Denton, Texas trio plays straight-up fuzzy garage punk. Their sophomore effort Kings Of The Weekend is highly reminiscent of the earliest wave of punk, when bands like The Ramones were still crafting a faster, simpler and catchier evolution of rock n roll. There’s something really refreshing about that classic style of punk, where the songs are typically around 2 minutes (or shorter) and the biggest life concerns involve girls, not politics. The record kicks off with “Off Switch” – a high-octane rocker that jolts the listener’s attention before transitioning into the more traditional, poppier “Can’t Just Be Friends.” The fidelity stays true to the raw sound without drifting into excessive distortion. Other highlights include “Teenage Girls” (a great example of how these guys handle their early punk sound to help carve their own identity) and “I’m In Love With Myself” (who’d have thought a song about narcissism could be so catchy?) There’s not much else to say – this band stays true to form, and they rock hard in the process. I bet their live shows are a rush.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Dream Boat Widow LP
I've definitely been reviewing things lately that have a lot of similarities. I am noticing this now as I sit to write this review (well, a little before this). Melancholic and chill and electronic production heavy jams. Am I in a rut? More like a groove (Like a record, get it? Sorry, excuse that.). I thought about switching it up this week just for variety's sake, but this album is worth my time (and yours). The record label is in the Czech Republic and the music is very much off the radar of most music news outlets (blogs, magazines, etc.; note most, not all). Luckily for us all, AMDiscs does a good job at keeping their own site up to date (one which I check with regularity). I've just brought a slew of their physical releases into the shop and they are pretty varied themselves, but I am drawn to Dream Boat. I am drawn to them because it's in a style I enjoy (as noted), but also because they are somewhat local. Yes, it's true. I even asked them to play the Iceage show we did a while ago - unfortunately the scheduling wasn't ideal and it didn't work out, but I do hope to have them by sometime to perform. Providence, RI is where they call home though I know one of the two works in NYC (because of the conversation about the Iceage show and scheduling). Yea, so, this record: really great and chill and droned out at times, but also pretty upbeat for quick spells with some dubbed out beats and treated angelic-type voices; both masculine and feminine (not quite to the level of the chipmunk-like Balam Acab voices, but a similar idea). Czech it out (oof!).
[Reviewer: Rick]

Terrible Feelings Impending Doom 7"
I was having trouble finding something I really enjoyed to recommend this week. Don't get me wrong, plenty of new stuff came out this week that I'm sure rules, but for me nothing was doing it. Maybe it's a personal funk, drawing a blank, whatever. I took a stack of 7"s I wasn't familiar with on labels I generally enjoy and started my hunt. After a fistful of duds I landed on this new two song jammer on Deranged Records, originally released on Sabotage / Lack Of Sleep Records in Europe where they're already into the second pressing. Swedish band, Terrible Feelings, play moody, melodic punk with elements of surf rock; jangly guitars and minimal artwork comprised of upside down crosses on the inside = I'm sold. The song titles are "Impending Doom" and "Death To Everyone" and the lyrics don't get any more upbeat from there, but the vocals are the real stand out on this. The singer, Manuela Iwansson, has a beautiful, passionate voice that ties this all together.
[Reviewer: Josh]

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spotlight: Nightbitch / His Emissary

Spotlight: Nightbitch / His Emissary

Josh and Rick recently sent a barrage of questions to the veritable Ryan Adams (Thee Trve Ryan Adams).  Ryan currently plays guitar in the traditional black metal band Ipsissimus and the sleaze rock worshiping Nightbitch (the main focus of this particular spotlight). A man of refreshing undeviating honesty, Ryan answered the questions without pulling any punches. The result is a fun read deserving of an NC-17. 

[All questions by Josh and Rick in italics and all other words straight from His Emissary, Ryan.]

1. Nightbitch has now been around about 2 years, right? How have things generally developed and how has it been with adjusting the line-up?  Phil is a well respected presence in the left of center metal world. So, losing him as a pitch man and writer must have been a little daunting.  Expand on that.  How has the audience  (at shows and just generally with feedback online or however you read or hear it) reacted?

Nightbitch has been playing out for about a year and a half now and things just kind of happen on their own with the band.  We are like the planchette on the Ouija board, guided by Satan's fingerless-leather-gloved hand.

We have a great chemistry between the three of us where band practice basically boils down to an hour and a half of fucking off- drinking beers, listening to Deep Purple or watching shitty old exploitation movies about nuns, satan or women in prison, next we'll write and record a song in an hour to an hour and a half, and then we'll hang out for another hour or so before calling it a night.  When we're getting ready for a show, it's the same routine - just replace the writing/recording bit with running through the set and tightening up the new stuff and the covers.

With regards to Phil, he is an awesome guy, one Hell of a singer and still a good friend to all of us in the band.  He's actually the one who hooked us up with Psychedoomelic for the "Sex and Magic" CD and that was after he was out of the band.  Chris and I have guest appearances on the Vestal Claret "Bloodbath" LP that Cyclopean is putting out in October, which is KILLER!

After Phil left, we contemplated auditioning someone but the vibe between Chris, Mark and myself was so much killer that we decided against bringing anyone else in. At first we were a little worried, Phil not only being such a celebrated vocalist but also possessing a voice so distinct... but Chris really hits it out of the park.  Any doubts we may have had went out the window after his first show on vocals.  Phil was there and he was the first one to compliment Chris on what a great job he'd done.  We're really lucky to have someone at versatile as Chris on board.  But all feedback that I've come across has been extremely positive.  All sensual menace retained!

2.  The record came out on Cyclopean (Texas, US) and sold out pretty fast and then the CD finally got a release on Psychedoomelic out of Austria.  Explain the circumstances behind both of those.

As I said above, Phil was the one who hooked us up with Psychedoomelic.  They're a great label and the fact that Nightbitch are labelmates with Reverend Bizarre blows my mind.  Phil had also arranged the Cyclopean deal and it was an absolute pleasure to work with Jason, as I'm a big fan of his old band, Iron Age, and he's an awesome dude in general.  I don't think any of us expected it to sell out so fast.

3.  You've played a bunch in the local area, but you also have played a few pretty auspicious shows out and about including one at that Irish Festival (Dublin Doom Day).  Talk about that and being the Hour of 13 band too.

We were extremely fortunate to serve as the backing band for Phil's also-former band, Hour of 13.  Chad Davis, the mastermind and metal brother behind Hour of 13 lives in North Carolina and played all the instruments on both records himself.  They had been getting all these offers for gigs but had no band to play out with.  Chad heard and liked what we were doing with Phil in Nightbitch and we graciously accepted the offer to join Hour of 13 for their first gig - playing under the godly Pagan Altar at Dublin Doom Day in Ireland last September.  It was a lot of work getting the 10 song, hour-long set down.  Working on one or two songs a week probably helped instill the new-song-a-practice un-work ethic Nightbitch has come to practice. But I can confidently say that we killed it.  There's a live version of "Call to Satan" on a bonus 7" that Earache included with the first pressing of "The Ritualist" LP and it rules.  Without a doubt, Dublin was the most amazing show experience of my life.  The crowd, the fans, the vibe... all matchless.  We have every intention of returning to sleaze and shitwolf with our brothers in Ireland again!
Outside of the Hour of 13 experience, Nightbitch has been blessed to play with the recently-departed Black Pyramid, Midnight, Earthride and to open for Pentagram on only our third show.  I suppose it works in our favor playing a style that is not saturated with sound-alike bands vying for opening spots.  Not that I'd mind a handful more bands like Elder, Stone Titan, Lord Fowl (RIP) or the Stoned Ambassadors (RIP) around here.  Unfortunately, you cannot force kids to listen to Sir Lord Baltimore and watch Jean Rollin movies :(

4.  For a long time CT didn't have a real metal scene.  Groups of people played metal to their friends, sure. There have been small pockets of metal here and there, but not a larger scene with shows pulling in larger touring acts.  You've been doing a pretty great job of pulling bands in the area and even in the larger area around CT - RI, MA, NY).  Has there been significant recognition for this and has it been rewarding enough to keep you going with it in the future?

Thank you.  I'm not really sure about recognition; it's not something I'm looking for.  Same with you guys directing people to the hottest DIY shows in town, y'know?  But anything I do that is show-related is fairly selfish. I book shows that I want to see and usually involving one of my bands.  Which is probably why I have a lot of repeat-bookings - there is no greater sin than encouraging mediocrity and I'd rather keep booking the same ten to fifteen bands than allow poop to infiltrate.  If other people dig it, cool.  If not, fuck it - I'm enjoying myself.
It's still a very small market for metal here in CT.  For example, 40 Watt Sun played last Sunday to no more than 30 people (we counted at one point) which is fucking abysmal.  But those who came out are the true, you know?  As for the rest... people love the taste of shit.

5.  Hovv do yov feel abovt cvrrent trends in cvlty mettle?  What are some current artists people should look out for (bigger and smaller)? 

I wish it were 1991 and bands like Liturgy would be fucking smashed and sent packing.  But everyone is either a pussy or on probation these days.  Happy to say I couldn't tell you what's trendy right now, though some people seem to think that bands like The Devil's Blood, Ghost and Jex Thoth are.  But that's the rambling of basement-dwelling career virgin buttdarts with an aversion to riffs, sigils, tits and David Coverdale.
Some bands I'd recommend are Saturnalia Temple, Omega Massif, Xibalba, Ilsa, Dispirit, Hooded Menace, Dodsengel, Inquisition, Necros Christos, Negative Plane, Sargeist, Grave Miasma, Impetuous Ritual, Craft, Disma, Acephalix, Antediluvian,  Vastum, Excoriate, Miasmal and Mitochondrion.

There are also some exceptional bands in New England that everyone should get familiar with: Nachzehrer (who are playing the Black Twilight gig @ Cherry St on September 30th), Morne, Darkwor, Cold Northern Vengeance, Witch Tomb, Blessed Offal, Lustrum, Katahdin, Stone Titan, Iron Hand, Cold Snap, Heavy Breath... just to name a few.

[This tour needs a place to crash tonight in CT and a driver for 10 days if you have no responsibilities and want an adventure:]

6.  You also helm Ipsissimus as His Emissary which is currently in a holding pattern since your drummer, Haimatohkharmes, has left for a couple years of work in Belgium unearthing the mysteries of the past. Any status updates?

Haimatokharmes recently left us for a post-doctorate research gig in Copenhagen, but we will continue to write for Ipsissimus via skynet.  He's such a fucking Euro.  Have you ever seen him headbang?  He was (no doubt drunkenly) emailing me from the Revenge / Inquisition show in the Netherlands and his English has already gone to shit.  We support him 100% and he is still very much a part of the band.  If all goes according to plan, we will be joining him before long for Ipsissimus' first shows on the Continent.  We will show them how to do the Red Satan.  WE WILL SHOW THEM WHO ARE THE REAL SAPPERLOTTERZ!!!

Our brother Chris Warhead from Abazagorath will be handling live drums for Ipsissimus from this point.  However, nothing is booked at present and we will be extremely selective, bordering on fascist, with the shows we decide to play.

7.  Satanic Biskmaster?  What's that mean to you?  Top 3 Bisque spots in CT?

Satanic Biskmaster is a tyrannical despot.  His manifold luxuries ensure the perpetual subjugation of thousands... the principle of mystical substitution reversed!
1. Sam the Clam's when Wally is in the kitchen
2. Sam the Clam's when Wally is not in the kitchen
3. Little Italy in Wallingford, CT. Mike the Guinea is the fucking best. If you're in the Wallingford area and you crave some boss take-out/eat-in Gindaloon and don't want to pay a fortune, Little Italy is your spot. (If you do not mind dropping some loot on a truly lavish sitdown, it's Michael's Trattoria all the way. Best eggplant parm I've ever had and the banana cream pie could get you laid.)

8.  Sleazy dark things. Movies. Flyers. GO!

"The Sins of Sister Lucia" just blew my fucking mind last weekend. Had NO idea what we were getting into with Japanese nunsploitation but BLESS MY FUCK!!!  Advanced sensual maneuvers are deployed by and upon the most sumptuous nubile nuns in an uber-blasphemous - and aesthetically triumphant - convent setting... And with JUST the right consensual:nonconsensual ratio. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  A Nightbitch ode to "the correction room" wouldn't be out of place.

 "School of the Holy Beast" and "Wet Rope Confession" are lined up for Friday night's sleazings where Dogfish and Shipyard's seasonal offerings will be paired with Crispin Artisanal Reserves, all of these mingling with the bad kid... Cryptic, metaphysical sodomies rendered upon the Paraclete. Spiritual cuckold on the astral plane.
[Example of Ryan's flyer stylings for a recent show.]

9.  Beyond metal, what's really piquing your ear budz?  Umberto? Tegan & Sara?

When Ladytron's new album leaked, so did my peepee.
New Balam Acab is pretty awesome and I'm really digging Seefeel. Gotta say I'm not feeling the new Umberto 7" nearly as much as the "Prophecy..." LP, though.

10.  Nightbitch! Is this now your main focus and do you have any new recordings coming?   Touring?

Nightbitch and Ipsissimus are my focus.  Nightbitch will be entering Sonic Environments in Bloomfield with my friend and producer, Jeff Weed, next month to record the "Chainmaker" 7".  Before Haimatokharmes left, Ipsissimus spent some time at Sonic Environments writing and recording two new songs and a special cover song with Jeff. Goat-willing, the fruit of this session will be made available soon.  As mentioned above, Dylan and I will continue writing together.  Touring is a possibility for both bands but it will have to be the right bands and circumstances.
This year's PRIME SLEAZING!!!
Ruby's II Halloween party on Sat Oct 29th. All nude. BYOB.

11.  Other projects in the works currently? Do tell.

Word on the street is that legendary Italian menswear potentate and tailor to the sultans, Nino Cerruttti, has reconciled his love of late 70's/early 80's afro-Cosmic Italian disco with the soundtracks of his beloved gialli.
Think Daniele Baldelli hosting a joyous powder orgy at Baia Degli Angeli with Soledad Miranda, Asia Argento, Grace Jones and a teenage Rocco Siffredi being the guests of honor, Dario Argento behind the lens and Tinto Brass calling the shots when he's not shooting dice or drinking highballs, the old whore. That's the vibe...
"If you didn't hear it, you couldn't afford it."

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Live Music: Integrity

[Josh and his Integrity collection]

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me (Josh) that one of my all time favorite bands is Integrity. I have a large Integrity record collection (pictured).  I have an Integrity related tattoo.  Integrity's music is the perfect blend of sick riffs, dark introspective lyrics, ridiculous legendary hardcore folklore, and cult mysticism. I even love the weird experimental industrial phase. 

The lineup changes have haunted Integrity just as hard as any band that has been together for over 20 years, if not harder. But if you’re the type of person who thinks that anything Integ without the Melnicks’ is bullshit, you’re just a jaded old fart or a person who wants to give off the vibe that they are. Dwid has shrouded himself and the brand with the finest musicians and it shows on newer releases like “The Blackest Curse” and “Detonate VVorlds Plague”, which compiles all of the recent 7” material on one LP. 

Thanks to the great people at Brass City Boss Sounds, I have the chance to see another rare Integrity performance, which is this coming Saturday, October 1st right here in Connecticut at the El N Gee (Facebook Event Page), which is the same venue they last performed at in CT back in 2005. It’s absolutely crucial that you buy an advanced ticket to this. It will sell out!


Some other highlights on this lineup include All Pigs Must Die who feature members of The Hope Conspiracy and Converge, Salvation (Youth Attack Records / Secret Shows) and Shoot To Kill who are probably the most criminally underrated band in the North East.
I also took this opportunity to take some new photos of my  personal Integrity collection since there have been some finds, trades, re-releases and new releases since I last have. Enjoy!

[Please note that if the record is still in the sleeve it’s on black vinyl. All doubles were omitted for the sake of being redundant.]

[I’m also looking to sell this for $60.]

Friday, September 23, 2011

23rd Of September 2011 Update

23rd Of September 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Alias      "Fever Dream (/1000 + D/L)"
Annapurna Illusion    "Life Is An Illusion"
Apple, Fiona    "Extraordinary Machine (180 Gram)"
Ayshay    "Warn-U"
Baird, Meg    "Seasons On Earth"
Cave    "Neverendless"
Destroyer    "Kaputt (+ D/L)"
Diamond Catalog    "Magnified Palette"
Disco Zombies, The    "Drums Over London (All 3 Rare Singles Plus Unreleased Songs + D/L With More)"
Dream Theater    "A Dramatic Turn Of Events (180 Gram 2LP)"
Drums, The    "Portamento (+ D/L)"
Dum Dum Girls    "Only In Dreams (+ D/L)"
Eddy Current Suppression Ring    "Walking In Unison"
Evangelista    "In Animal Tongue (+ Art Print Poster + D/L 180 Gram)"
Feeding People    "Feeding People"
Fucking Wrath, The    "Valley Of The Serpent's Soul (+ D/L)"
Guelewar    "Halleli N' Dakarou"
Hagar The Womb    "A Brighter Shade Of Black"
Hawk And A Hacksaw, A    "Delivrance"
King Blood    "Eyewash Silver"
Lekman, Jens    "An Argument With Myself (+ D/L)"
Mates Of State    "Mountaintops (+ D/L)"
Megafaun    "Megafaun (2xLP Gatefold + D/L)"
Mogwai    "Earth Division EP (+ D/L)"
Oneida / Mugstar    "Collisions Volume.02"
Pack A.D., The    "Unpersons (+ D/L)"
Pangea    "Living Dummy"
Picastro + Nadja    "Fool, Redeemer"
Pink Floyd    "Mojo Proudly Presents: Return To Dark Side Of The Moon (Collectors' Vinyl Edition!)"
Pink's, Ariel Haunted Graffiti    "Worn Copy (+ D/L)"
Radiohead    "Bloom (Jamie XX Rework) / Separator (Anstam RMX) / Lotus Flower (SBTRKT RMX)"
Radiohead    "Good Evening Mrs Magpie (Modeselektor RMX) / Bloom (Objekt RMX)"
Russell, Arthur    "Let's Go Swimming"
Rwake    "Rest (180 Gram)"
Sakata, Akira & Chikamorachi    "Live At Hungry Brain (/700 + D/L)"
Social Climbers    "Social Climbers"
Spits, The    "The Spits (First Self-Titled)"
Stooges    "The Stooges"
Tammar    "Visits (/500 On Pink Ice Vinyl + D/L)"
Teeth Of The Sea    "Your Mercury"
True Sons Of Thunder    "Spoonful Of Seedy Dudes"
Trust    "Bulbform / F.T.F./Bulbform (Alternate Mix)"
Twin Sister    "In Heaven (+ D/L)"
Various Artists    "Turkish Freakout! 2: Psych-Folk 1970-1978 (/1000 With 7" 2xLP Gatefold)"
Various Artists    "Japan 3.11.11: A Benefit Album (Unreleased Tracks From Of Montreal, Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu, Owen, Joan Of Arc…)(/2000 2LP 180 Gram Red Vinyl)"
Vibrators, The    "Pure Mania (Reissue)"
Warbringer    "Worlds Torn Asunder (Ltd. Ed. Color Splattered Vinyl)"
Wilco    "The Whole Love (+ CD)"
Yob    "Atma (Gatefold)"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
Afrikan Sciences    "Means And Ways EP"
Apparat    "The Devil's Walk (Special Ed. 180 Gram + CD)"
Biome    "Space  "
Boman, Axel    "Lucky Tiger EP"
Boratto, Gui    "III (2LP + CD)"
Bottin    "Artifacts 03"
Captain Planet    "Cookin' Gumbo (+ D/L)"
Conforce    "Dystopian Elements EP"
Copeland, Inga    "Inga Copeland"
Damu    "Ridin EP"
Dub War    "The Funky Deal / To The Depths"
Duster Valentine / Aardvarck    "(My Back Is) Against The Wall / (Just Washed) That Pig (Extended)"
Fixmer, Terence    "Le Terrible"
Flugel, Roman     "Fatty Folders (2LP)"
Kan Kick (A.K.A. Kan Zulu)    "From Artz Unknown"
Kieran, Phill & Paap, Jochem    "Workshops Vol. 01"
Klaus    "Tusk EP"
Legowelt    "Poverties Paradise EP"
Modeselektor     "Monkeytown (2LP)"
Old Apparatus    "Zebulon (10")"
Pangea    "Hex / Fatalist"
Pants, James / Noble, Tom    "Selected Sounds Remixes Pt. 1 (Klaus Weiss)"
Plaid    "Scintilli"
Plastikman    "Arkives 1993-2010 (6 × Vinyl, 12")"
Pritch & Trim    "Stereotype / Kiss My Ass"
Randomer    "Obtuse"
Red Stars Over Tokyo    "Hits Of Sunshine"
Resoe    "Black Void"
Runaway    "Indoor Pool"
SBTRKT / OBJEKT    "SBJEKT#01: Wildfire / Dub/Tool"
Skudge    "Man On Wire / Kutd / June"
Sully    "Carrier"
Summers, Steve    "In The Mode For Love"
Ta-Ku / Pavel Dovgal    "Finest Ego: Faces 12" Series"
Vibezin    "From The Crates EP"
Voigt & Voigt    "Speicher 69"

Dead In The Dirt "Fear"
Dow Jones & The Industrials "Can't Stand..."
Gun Selectah
Hunt, Rollin "Criminal"
Sic Alps "Battery Townsley"
Stacian "3"
UV P0P "Just A Game / No Songs Tomorrow"

Atlas Moth "An Ache For The Distance"
Baker, Aidan "Lost In The Rat Maze"
Bullion "You Drive Me..."
Chomsky, Noam "Noam Chomsky Box (6xCD)"
Dream Theater "Dramatic..."
Extreme Noise Terror "Holocaust In..."
Fucking Wrath, The "Valley Of..."
Hyun, S.J. "Beautiful Rivers"
Madlib "Raw Medicine (MMS#12)"
Mournful Congregation "Unspoken Hymns"
MZ.412 "In Nomine..."
Neurosis "Sovereign (Remastered)"
Oswalt, Patton "Finest Hour"
Russell, Arthur "Let's Go Swimming"
Sakata, Akira & Jim O'Rourke...
Thundercat "Golden Age..."
War On Drugs "Slave Ambient"
Weekend "Red"
Wild Flag
Yob "Atma"

Cave "Neverendless"

Maximum Rock N Roll #341 October 2011


Dead In The Dirt Fear 7"
(Southern Lord)
Southern Lord has been releasing a ton of great hardcore bands lately like, Baptists, Xibalba, and now Dead In The Dirt. With a name lifted from Chris Colohan's notebook, you know these dudes are going to rage. Dead In The Dirt is a vegan straight edge hardcore/power violence band from Atlanta, GA featuring members of Foundation. They've got the intensity of Cursed, the tone of His Hero Is Gone and the speed of Dropdead. The 7" has 10 songs, none longer then two minutes and the info sheet has not just lyrics, but one or two line descriptions about the content of the song, which I dig.  I caught their recent secret set and I was not disappointed at all, they did a cover of Left For Dead's "Skingraft", which is also recorded on this 7"! Pick it up!
[Reviewer: Josh]

Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues CD / LP

(Sub Pop)
It’s been three years since Seattle, Washington’s Fleet Foxes has released new material. Their self-titled debut went platinum in the UK and sold upwards of 400,000 copies in the US. They’ve responded to their success by releasing a sophomore follow-up, entitled Helplessness Blues. The album came out on May 3rd of this year and has since reached number four on the Billboard 200 charts. Despite the popularity of their latest release, I personally wasn’t blown away by Helplessness Blues. Maybe I haven’t given it enough of a listen, but it didn’t make me want to have the tracks on repeat for the rest of the week. Upon hearing Fleet Foxes’ self-titled for the first time, I fell in love immediately. There were so many songs that stood out. It was a memorable album. I hadn’t even gotten into this band until the winter of last year (I know, how un-hip of me!) but as soon as I did hear them they became a staple in my collection of winter-themed songs.

I have yet to see Fleet Foxes live, though I wonder if seeing them would even compare to the recorded product, as what makes them so good (in my eyes) is how well put-together the albums are, from the production to the way the tracks flow into one another. Helplessness Blues features the stunning production quality reminiscent of their first album. Most (if not all) of the songs are full of the echoing harmonies and folksy guitars they are known for. The title track ‘Helplessness Blues’ sounds like a B-side of the self-titled. Fleet Foxes have always been a ‘winter band’ for me, and I feel that this album will fit right into that category once the weather gets a little colder. The lyrical subject matter isn’t as ‘wintry’ as the self-titled’s, but the echo-y quality of the vocals and the driving guitar riffs make up for that.

I believe that once I listen to Helplessness Blues on a regular basis, I will fall in love with it just as I did with their first release. Hopefully certain tracks will stand out and be able to stand alone as ‘singles’, for lack of a better term. Good albums are marked by those memorable songs that everyone loves to sing along to. Although I may not find Helplessness Blues to be as strong of an album as Fleet Foxes, it is still a refreshing listen. I hope it will grow on me as time goes on, especially as fall and winter come upon us and I’m looking for that one album to play on repeat while I lay in bed on the first snow day of winter.
[Reviewer: Liz]

Garrincha & The Stolen Elk Void LP

(Weird Forest Records)
This is the first full-length from Davy Bui and Matt Kretzmann - they’ve been active since 2002, releasing a number of cassettes. Merely describing this record is a serious challenge: undoubtedly, it would best be classified as experimental, but the sound changes so much that it feels like experiencing déjà vu from a very, very unusual dream. The atmosphere contains lots of manipulated sounds (such as slowed-down hymns and bizarre voice samples) and numerous instrument sounds enter and exit unexpectedly. Opener “I Don’t Believe You” begins with morose church music that gradually shifts into an abstract, alien ambience. The track closes with avant-jazz played over what sounds like grainy audio of heavy objects caught in a tornado. The first half of “Tower of Babble” shifts from simple rainfall and comfortable electronica patterns to harsh bagpipe-esque drone, and the second half mixes bleak, drugged-out guitars with high-BPM drum machine spurts. The final three tracks are part of a series called “First Rites, Last Communion.” Like the earlier tracks, all three are unpredictable. It’s like a combination of a drug trip and vague memories from an ancient religious service (as the label’s website describes, this sequence is “heavily comprised of processed Asian church ceremony field recordings.“) There’s also plenty of droning, noise, choral singing, and moments of curiously calm electronic ambience. Overall, this is a really unique and innovative album, recommended for those who want to explore strange new places.
[Reviewer: Mark]

HTRK Work (Work, Work) LP

(Ghostly International)
HTRK (apparently pronounced "Hate Rock" or as HTRKTR "Hate Rock Trio") are simply a slowed down new wave band with dreamy swirling instrumentation and slow syncopated rhythms. Just before this full length they released a 12" that featured a Suicide cover on the B-Side which is also excellent and recommended. The haunting elements of the music are reflected in the breathy delivery of the vocals by Jonnine C. Standish. According to their website, "The new HTRK album revolves around themes of submission, dysphoria, sentimentality, tech-noir and corporate life." It fits. The vocals weave in and out of the music rather than float atop them with occasional interaction (more MBV than Portishead in other words). Electronic production elements of this wrap the listener up in layers of dub warmth and (I hope you have some subs) massaging bass. Listening to this now I quite honestly just lost track of time staring blankly into space and loved every second of it.
[Reviewer: Rick]

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spotlight: Anthony Fantano


Most likely if you know of Anthony Fantano it is from his work on The Needle Drop.  It began as a seedling in his college years and developed into a cross-platform media outlet for a radio show/podcast, reviews and more (I would miss out on at least one thing if I tried to list them all... uhh, like interviews for instance).

Anthony is also a local guy (living just a couple towns over from us) and has been involved in the local music scene (mostly as an attendee - don't underestimate the power of that). We (Josh & Rick) decided to do an interview with him over email. Instead of emailing us back with answers Anthony hit record on an audio device and sent us that file back. I (Rick) then decided it would be pretty dry to just listen to that with no visual aspect so I made them into videos with some fun slide-shows over them. 

I'll transcribe the full questions before each video (the videos contain a truncated version of each question on a title screen). 

1. You grew up and still live here in Connecticut. What were your
early musical influences growing up here (bands, venues, family,
friends, friends' older siblings...)?

2. What's your perspective of the current local music scene? What are
some local artists you personally enjoy? Is local music important to

3. Can you give us a brief history of The Needle Drop? How did you get
from Southern (SCSU) to the current all encompassing web presence you
have now?

4. You're closing in on 40,000 Youtube subscribers and over 8 million
upload views. What's it like being an internet celebrity? I must say,
that the fan art is not very flattering. Has anyone sent you creepy
fan-fiction yet?

5.  If you were a Cosby, which Cosby would you be and why?

6. What's the deal with your NPR profile picture on their website?
It's way dated!

7. Can you give us some vegan body building tips? We're vegan, but way
too busy (making excuses) for the gym.

8.  You were involved on a panel at SxSW (South By Southwest Festival)
last year and we see you're preparing to do it again this year. How
did that come about and how is it?  Who joins you on that panel?  How
is the general SxSW experience? Do you get to see even half of the
bands you intend on seeing before going down there?

9.  Getting recognized, it happens to you.  We've seen it happen here
in the store first hand.  We've heard second hand tales of train ride
recognition.  How is that generally for you?  Is it welcome?  Do you
get recognized a lot in CT (by fans rather than friends) or does it
happen more often at bigger events and concerts?

10.  You just crossed over at 10,000 likes on Facebook. Does that even
mean anything to you at this point?  What social media outlets do you
focus on and do you have an opinion on what the future holds for
these? Google+?

11. Are you a member of the Internet Celebrity inner
circle/illuminati/newsletter? If you were you probably couldn't tell
us, but if there is anything you can hint at please use a series of
clicks and clacks.

12.  The future! What's it got in store for you?  Do you have particular goals you're currently working on both short and long term?

The Needle Drop is also in a heated contest to see "Who should win September's On The Rise?" on YouTube - you can vote here. Hurry, it ends tonight.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Street Team/Meet Our New Intern

Street Team/Meet Our New Intern

Hey, I'm Liz and I've recently started to work at Redscroll as an intern for the fall semester. I go to the University of New Haven and will be graduating with a degree in Music Industry in the spring. I'm excited to be involved with this store, as I've been shopping here myself ever since I started going to school in Connecticut three years ago. 

Redscroll has a reputation for being one of the most accommodating record stores in the area and anyone who buys records in Connecticut knows that. I'd like to make even more kids aware of the store and everything it does to participate in the CT music scene, so Redscroll Records is starting a street team to make this possible. We want to get flyers out to local stores, colleges, high schools, coffee shops, and venues to promote sales and events we will be having in the future. 

Being a part of this street team will not only be fun, but will provide those who participate with valuable experience and networking opportunities. We'd love to see as many people get involved with this as possible, so don't hesitate to contact us at for any questions or to get started!

[This is Rick now.  I'm going to add some incentives to this in list form below in case anyone might find that to be more motivating. :)]

Possible swag:
Redscroll T-Shirts
Promo Music (generally CDs)
Free entrance to many concerts (we work with promoters and distributors that love to give us little incentives like that which we'd happily pass along to anyone on our team)
Record Fair early entrance - this is contingent on helping us set up at them.
Fun outings with the Redscroll team! We like to do fun things from time to time.

Friday, September 16, 2011

16th Of September 2011

16th Of September 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Acrylics    "Lives And Treasure"
Andrew Jackson Jihad    "Knife Man"
Angel    "26000"
Anthrax    "Worship Music"
Asshole Parade / Slight Slappers    "Slight Slappers / Asshole Parade (+ D/L)"
Barr, Mick    "Coiled Malescence"
Bataan, Joe    "Gypsy Woman"
Big Business    "Big Biz Quadruple Singles"
Big Kitty    "Florence (+ D/L)"
Black Kites / Convulsions    "Convulsions / Black Kites "
Caravels    "Floorboards / The Earthling Sessions"
Chamberlain    "The Moon My Saddle"
City And Colour    "Little Hell "
Clem Snide    "The Ghost Of Fashion"
Colon, Willie    "Willie Colon"
Deftones    "Around The Fur (Orange Vinyl)"
Disconcerts    "A. Medic (/300)"
Donoso, Ricardo    "Progress Chance"
Electricity In Our Homes    "We Agree Completely"
Expo 70    "Awakening"
Flower Travelling Band    "Made In Japan (180 Gram)"
Golden Retriever    "Light Cones"
Johnson, Robert    "The Complete Collection"
Kirby, Leyland    "Eager To Tear Apart The Stars"
Ladytron    "Gravity The Seducer (Ltd. Ed. Hand Numbered)"
Landlord    "Beneath The Wheel (+ D/L)"
Le Tetsuo    "Your Elbow" 10"
Los Destellos    "Constelaticion (+ D/L)"
Maria & The Mirrors    "Travel Sex EP"
McGuire, Mark    "Get Lost"
Mirror Mirror    "Interiors (+ D/L With Bonus Remixes)"
Modern Life Is War    "My Love. My Way. (Reissue)"
Naysayer    "Laid To Rest"
New Found Glory, A    "Nothing Gold Can Stay"
Nurses    "Dracula (+ D/L)"
Oblivian, Jack    "Rat City (+ D/L)"
Oiltanker    "The Shadow Of Greed"
Opeth    "Heritage (180 Gram Double LP Set)"
Pere Ubu    "The Modern Dance"
Primal Scream / MC5 (Davis, Kramer, Thompson)    "Music From The Film "Black To Comm""
Project:Komakino    "Project:Komakino"
Radio People    "Hazel (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)"
Ragan, Chuck    "Covering Ground (+ D/L)"
Robedoor    "Too Down To Die"
Saviours    "Death's Procession (Ltd. Ed.)"
Thundercat    "The Golden Age Of Apocalypse (Ltd. Ed. + D/L)"
Thunders, Johnny & The Heartbreakers    "L.A.M.F. Demos, Outtakes And Alternative Mixes"
Trans Am    "Futureworld"
Trophy Wives    "Old Scratch"
Tuma, Scott    "Not For Nobody"
Vacant State    "Fill The Void"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
Biome    "Space"
Boman, Axel    "Lucky Tiger EP"
Damu    "Ridin EP"
Dub War    "The Funky Deal / To The Depths"
Fixmer, Terence    "Le Terrible"
Flugel, Roman     "Fatty Folders (2LP)"
Kieran, Phill & Paap, Jochem    "Workshops Vol. 01"
Modeselektor     "Monkeytown (2LP)"
Plastikman    "Arkives 1993-2010 (6 × Vinyl, 12")"
Runaway    "Indoor Pool"

Hip-Hop 12"s & LPs
A Tribe Called Quest    "Hits, Rarities, & Remixes"
A Tribe Called Quest    "The Love Movement"

Brass Caskets / Cold Snap
Diet Cokeheads "Ocular"
Diet Cokeheads / Neon Blud
FocusedXMinds "Stay Focused"
Hex Disp. "Razor"
Le Tetsuo
Maria & The Mirrors
Modern Life Is War
Worriers "Past"
X-Ray Eyeballs "Sundae"
Young Offendors "Razor"

Atomic Bitchwax "Spit Blood"
Elder "Dead Roots Stirring"
Goatvargr "Black Snow"
Hawkwind "Leave No Star..."
Opeth "Heritage"
Orquesta Del... "Dos"
Project:Komakino "The Struggle For Utopia"
Thrice "Major:Minor"

Environmental Youth Crunch "Vicious Fishes"
Living Laser "Ragged Glory"

Wire #332 October 2011


Batillus Furnace LP
(Seventh Rule Recordings)
“Play at high volume.” That’s the command that this Brooklyn doom-metal quartet gives in this album’s liner notes. They manage to nail a monolithic sound with a combo of chugging guitar, earth-shaking bass and punctuated drumming. To keep up the uneasy atmosphere, there’s also an emphasis on noise, with lots of feedback that grinds and sizzles. Still, the experimentation doesn’t reach the point that the album becomes inaccessible: the riffs keep it from straying too far from a tried-and-true metal sound (“Deadweight” is a good example.) In fact, despite the prevalence of suffocating bleakness in many parts of this album, some moments feel strangely uplifting: “What Heart” contains a radiant-sounding synth-line, and the other instruments join by sounding downright triumphant. Still, this album, as a whole, provides a bracing slam.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Diet Cokeheads / Neon Blud 7"
(West Palm Beotch Records)
Neon Blud plays some sweet psychedelic grunge rock, squealing guitars and some fun effects.  Female vocals that are sort of just spoken, but it works for them. The song builds into a fury. The liner notes say this is the 7" edit of the song, I'd love to hear the full jam. On the other side we've got, Diet Cokeheads who I'm sure don't do coke, if they're into drugs, they're way into downers. Layered echoing guitars, slow beats just barely holding it together, towards the end it sounds like haunted house music. I dig it.
[Reviewer: Josh]

Maria & The Mirrors Travel Sex EP 12"
(Parlour Records)
With a name like Maria & The Mirrors you might expect some sweet rock and roll ditties. You'd then probably be completely jarred when you started this record up and you were greeted by wave of noise or maybe you'd expect some sort of artsy intro to go into some more rocking jams or maybe you'd adjust your expectations to await some Sleigh Bells take. You'd then hear some tribal drums and think you were right on the money with that assessment. You'd then hear the chanting and perhaps come to the conclusion that this isn't going to turn into any yelling hook filled jam. You'd be right. Maybe you wouldn't think any of that all. Maybe you'd just take in the hypnotic tribal drumming and repetitious phrases (are they even using actual language? I don't think so). This isn't meant for Ibiza (as the EP name might imply); this is carnality of a different sort. Primitive, but with modern twists - noise. Layers of noise and interjections of sound pollute both sides in repetitious fashion. Enrapturing primal hypnotics.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brass Caskets / Cold Snap 7" OUT NOW!

Brass Caskets / Cold Snap 7" OUT NOW!


You probably didn't even know this was coming out.  We've been working on this quietly in dark corners of places we dare not speak. Two of Connecticut's current bearers of the torch in the hardcore tradition. Conspiracy theorists and intergalactic heathens join forces in sonic exploration and unraveling of ancient mysteries. Limited to 300 copies.

Available in the store right now. If you can't make it into the store you can buy it online right now here.

Oh, and we may even be working on more releases right now.

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