Friday, July 30, 2010

30th of July 2010 Update

30th of July 2010 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Arcade Fire "The Suburbs"
Best Coast "Crazy For You (+ D/L)"
Digital Mystikz "Return II Space"
Dondero, David "# Zero With A Bullet (+ CD; 180 Gram)"
Fabulous Diamonds "Fabulous Diamonds II (+ D/L)"
Four Tet "Angel Echoes Remixes"
Knut "Wonder"
Lady Gaga "The Remix"
Love Language, The "Libraries (+ D/L)"
Madlib "Medicine Show No. 7: High Jazz (Deluxe)"
Menomena "Mines (+ D/L)"
National, The "The National "
Nurse With Wound "Huffin' Rag Blues"
Personal And The Pizzas "Raw Pie (+ D/L)"
Poison Arrows, The "Newfound Resolutions (+ D/L)"
P.U.D.G.E. "Idiot Box"
School Of Seven Bells "Disconnect From Desire (+ D/L)"
Stars "The Five Ghosts (180 Gram; + D/L)"
State Lottery, The "When The Night Comes"
Stuck Lucky "Possom Soul"
Television Personalities "A Memory Is Better Than Nothing"
Various Artists "The World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia In 1970s Nigeria (Part 2)"
Wavves "King Of The Beach (+ D/L)"
Young, Matthew "Traveler's Advisory"

Torche / Boris Chapter Ahead Being Fake

Off With Their Heads / No Friends (6")
Senders "Recovery"
Byrds Of Paradise "Omega"

Avenged Sevenfold "Nightmare"
El-P "WeAreAllGoingToBurnInHellMegamix"
Madlib "Medicine Show No. 7: High Jazz"
Mt. Kimbie "Crooks & Thieves"
Various Artists "I Love Funky"
Various Artists "Next Stop Soweto (Strut)"

Hills, H. "Astronome (Tzadik)"

Book & Magazines
Callahan, Bill "Letters To Emma Bowlcut"
Wax Poetics #42 (The R&B Issue)
Yeti #9

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Get Hype #1: Shangaan Electro

Get Hype #1: Shangaan Electro
(author: Rick)

I'm going to give a quick dissertation on what I intend "Get Hype" to be as a continued series of posts.  Feel free to skip ahead a couple paragraphs to read about this album. 

Every so often a person will ask me what I'm listening to or if I can recommend them anything.  Fact is, most of the time I don't feel right recommending things to people I'm not intimately familiar with.  This is not to say I always come up empty with recommendations in person, but usually those recommendations are colored by what I might know of the asker's tastes.  What if this music that I recommend is way off-base with this person's personal leanings?  What if that discolors everything I say from that point on?  Well, that'd suck at the very least.  However, I've come to realize I don't mind getting excited in general about anything on the internet (where the reader can instantaneously check these things out and make their own mind up).  In "Get Hype" I'll spoon feed that information over.

I've already seen half-year best-of lists.  I think those are pretty silly.  We've had a few reviews up on our site lately too.  I might even do one or many in the future.  This doesn't quite fit in those categories.  Some things just get me excited about music all over again.  Last year's Cloaks album did that for me (which was on my year-end best-of 2009 list [yes, still silly]).  "Get Hype" is going to be reserved for albums that get me excited and perhaps even challenge my musical sensibilities (I do enjoy a challenge from time to time).  It won't be a review so much as a general statement of, "Yo, I think this album is the bees' knees, yo. I can totally jive to this, my doggies!  It is stupid fresh awesome def cool tubular to the max!"  Get it?  Get hype!

Various Artists "Shangaan Electro: New Wave Dance Music From South Africa" (Honest Jon's Records)

So, here is the record that inspired this post.  Enjoy all the cut up reviews and videos and links.

"On the new compilation Shangaan Electro: New Wave Dance Music From South Africa, you can find 12 songs released by the Nozinja Music Productions studio in Soweto between 2006 and 2009.

Shangaan is dance music. It is electronically music based on the South African traditional music that’s popular in the areas between Johannesburg, Limpopo and Mozambique. It is an extremely fast and energetic hyperactive hybrid of the traditional mbira, or thumb piano, and synthesizers that can reach 180 beats per minute.  This genre is super popular in South Africa and tens of thousands of Shangaan records are sold each year. " (The Smell Of Music)

"We don't use the sounds of the hip-hop guys, or the afro-pop, or whatever, we're using Shangaan sounds. The traditional Shangaan music is fast. You play it slow, they won't dance.
Firstly it was played with bass and lead guitar. I'm the one revolutionized it, because when I came I didn't use any guitar or any bass, I just used marimba and the organs. We are not using the live bass, we are using the marimba bass which is played from the organ. A small sample of voices, that's what I specialize in. We use them in English. Those are the new aspects they never had before. At first people thought I was mad, and now it's the in-thing" - Richard/Nozinja To Wills Glasspiegel, January 2010. (Honest Jon's Records)

"The collection – lovingly compiled by Mark Ainley and Mark Ernestus (Rhythm & Sound, Hard Wax) – is hugely entertaining, and a fascinating insight into a musical phenomenon that has, up till now, been little-known outside of South’s guaranteed to have you grinning like a loon" (FACT)

(And of course you can find more by clicking on the links in the videos.)

REDSCROLL has this for sale in the store on both LP and CD.

If you'd like to buy it through us online you can buy it on LP here: Shangaan Electro LP. You can buy it on CD from us here: Shangaan Electro CD

Monday, July 26, 2010

26th of July 2010 Update

26th of July 2010 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Acacia Strain    "Wormwood"
Acid King    "Free"
Adkins, Hasil    "White Light / White Meat "
Bad Brains    "Live At CBGBs 1982"
Blipvert    "Quantumbuster"
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore    "Dolores"
Bonz, Brian     "From Sumi to Japan"
Brian Jonestown Massacre    "Tepid Peppermint Wonderland: A Retrospective Volume 2"
Brian Jonestown Massacre    "And This Is Our Music"
Brown, James    "I Got The Feelin'"
C.I.A.     "God, Guts, Guns"
Cap'n Jazz    "Analphabetapolothology"
Cave In    "Jupiter"
Dangermouse And Sparklehorse    "Dark Night Of The Soul "
Department Of Eagles    "Archive 2003-2006"
Devine, Kevin    "She Stayed As Steam"
Devo    "Something For Everybody"
Drudkh    "Songs Of Grief And Solitude"
Drudkh    "Blood In Our Wells"
Eminem    "Recovery"
Fang Island    "Fang Island"
Funckarma    "Dubstoned 4"
Galaxie 500    "Today"
Galaxie 500    "This Is Our Music"
Git Some    "Loose Control"
Grace Jones    "Twelve Inch Fever"
Grave Maker    "Ghosts Among Men"
High Confessions     "Turning Lead Into Gold"
Iwrestledabearonce    "It's All Happening"
Jaill    "That's How We Burn"
Keelhaul    "Triumphant Return To Obscurity"
Koner, Thomas    "Permafrost"
LCD Soundsystem     "This Is Happening"
Lone Wolf    "Devil And I"
Lower Dens    "Twin-Hand Movement"
Mars Volta    "Is Anybody There?"
Meanderthals    "Desire Lines"
Miniature Tigers    "Fortress"
Nurse With Wound    "Huffin' Rag Blues"
On / Fennesz    "Something That Has Form And Something That Does Not"
Orchestre Regional De Mopti    "Les Meilleurs Souvenirs"
Oriol    "Night And Day"
Oriol    "Coconut Coast"
Overkill    "Ironbound"
Oxbow    "Songs For The French"
Ramesses    "Baptism Of The Walking Dead"
Roska    "Rinse Presents V2"
Sleep Whale     "Little Brite"
Soundtrack    "Brown Bunny"
Terror Danjah    "Power Grid"
Tool    "Aenima"
Twin Sister    "Color Your Life"
Various Artists    "Mask 500 (Gescom, D-Breeze, Post…)"
Various Artists    "I'm Going Where The Water Drinks Like Wine: 18 Unsung Bluesmen 1923-1929"
Wailers    "The Fabulous Wailers"
Washed Out    "Life Of Leisure (Ltd. Ed. 3rd Pressing)"
Weekend Nachos    "Bleed"
Xasthur    "2005 Demo"

Elf Power    "Venus and Mercury (Numbered)"

Blkout "No Justice No..."
Bracewar "Whatever It Takes"
Brutal Truth / Spazz
Contend "In Contempt"
Judas "Dictator"
Maker "I-91"
Mirah "Don't/The Tears"
Zero Tolerance "Fuel The Fire"

Best Coast "Crazy For You"
Blood Axis "Born Again"
Bong Ra "Monster"
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult
Department Of Eagles    "Archive 2003-2006"
Die Antwoord "5 - EP"
High Confessions     "Turning Lead Into Gold"
Jorge, Seu "Seu Jorge And Almaz..."
Life Of Agony "River Runs Red: 20 Years Strong (+ DVD)"
Lower Dens    "Twin-Hand Movement"
Major Lazer "Lazers Never Die"
Menomena "Mines"
Mose Giganticus "Gift Horse"
Murder By Death "Good Morning Magpie"
Various Artists "The World Ends (2xCD)"
Various Artists "Anthology Of Noise V.6"

Gothic Horror Collection

The Wire #318 August 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

16th Of July 2010 Update

16th of July 2010 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Barrett, Pastor T.L. And The Youth For Christ Choir    "Like A Ship… (Without A Sail) "
Black Devil Disco Club    "The Strange New World Of Bernard Fevre"
Books, The    "The Way Out (2xLP, One Etched Side)"
Dangermouse And Sparklehorse    "Dark Night Of The Soul"
Dead Luke    "American Haircut"
Defiance, Ohio    "Midwestern Minutes (+ D/L)"
Discharge    "Why (PIC LP)"
Dopamines, The    "Expect The Worst"
Effort, The    "Wartime Citizens "
El Guincho    "Piratas De Sudamerica Vol. I "
Electric Bunnies    "Through The Magical Door"
End Of A Year    "You Are Beneath Me"
Endless Boogie    "Full House Head"
Fear Of Lipstick    "Fear Of Lipstick"
Fraser, Elizabeth (Cocteau Twins)    "Moses"
Gang Gang Dance    "Rawwar"
Green Day    "American Idiot"
Indian Jewelry    "Totaled (+ D/L)"
International Hello    "International Hello (+ D/L)"
Jacuzzi Boys    "Dead Seasons"
Kode 9     "You Don't Wash Dub (DJ Kicks)"
Kyle Sowashes, The    "Nobody  "
Majeure    "Timespan Remixes (+ D/L)"
Melvins / Isis    "Melvins / Isis"
M.I.A.    "MAYA (2xLP 180 Gram + 4 Bonus Tracks)"
Mystery Jets    "Seratonin (+ D/L)"
Plastikman    "Plasticine"
Red Mass    "Red Mass"
Scott-Heron, Gil    "I'm New Here (+ D/L)"
Secret Cities    "Pink Graffiti (+ D/L)"
Skull Crusher    "Blinded By Illusion (+ D/L)"
Spiritualized    "Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space (180 Gram)"
Steel Nation    "Forever Wounded "
Trash Talk    "Eyes & Nines"
Uffie    "A.D.D. S.U.V. (Feat. Pharrell)"
Vampire Weekend    "Giving Up The Gun (Extended Mix)"
Various Artists    "Welcome Home: Diggin' The Universe (A Woodsist Compilation)"
Various Artists    "Party Platter"
Various Artists    "Saigon Rock & Soul: Vietnamese Classic Tracks 1968-1974"
Von Oswald, Moritz Trio    "Live In New York (LP + 7")"
White Fence    "White Fence"
YOB    "Great Cessation"

Bridge And Tunnel    "Indoor Voices (+ D/L)"

Battle! "Closer/Further"
Bear Hug
Beartrap "Fueled By Self..."
Coathangers "143 (Dan Deacon Remix)"
Comadre / Glasses (2x7")
Crow "Flock"
Crow "Neurotic"
God Help The Girl "Baby You're Blind"
Ringers / Ampere
Small Black / Washed Out
Tune-Yards "Real Live Flesh"
United Nations "Never..."

Acacia Strain "Wormwood"
Alpha & Omega "Life Swallower"
Books, The    "The Way Out"
Christie Front Drive (CD/DVD)
Current 93 "Baalstorm, Sing Omega"
Early Man "Death Potion"
Hooded Menace "Never Cross The Dead"
Jammer "Jahmanji"
M.I.A. "Maya (Deluxe)"
Mystery Jets    "Seratonin"
Reviver "Potential..."
Scott-Heron, Gil    "I'm New Here"
Secret Cities    "Pink Graffiti"
So Percussion / Matmos "Treasure..."
Various Artists "Cumbia Beat V. 1"
War From A Harlot's Mouth / Burning Skies

XLR8R #134 July / August 2010
Why Be Something That You're Not: Detroit Hardcore 1979-1985 (Tony Rettman / Tesco Vee)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Framed Posters! (Some Signed)

FRAMED POSTERS! (Some Signed - Mostly Metal)

We just got a slew of framed art in for various bands - for those familiar with our metal selection you might be very excited for this. Here are a couple examples and then check after the jump for the whole selection (and there are still more coming which we will add to the end of this list as we get them).  After the jump, along with pictures there are some extra descriptions and prices.  If the pictures are not good enough for you (and I know some of them don't show them in the best light/glare/darkness) you should ask us to see them (they are in our basement) and so long as there are two of us here it won't be a problem (call ahead even).

Of note: These are all very well matted and framed professionally.  These aren't in cheap frames. They are heavy-weight and many have custom sized frames. These are not some frames we picked up in bulk at the mega-mart and put some promo posters in (however, if you all want that it can be arranged for a cheaper price than these). 

Friday, July 9, 2010

9th of July 2010 Update

 9th of July 2010 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Acephalix    "Aporia"
Autechre    "Move Of Ten (Part 1) (+ D/L)"
Autechre    "Move Of Ten (Part 2) (+ D/L)"
Bastard Noise    "A Culture Of Monsters"
Big L    "Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous (2010 Re-Issue; Remastered)"
Black Widow    "IV"
Body, The    "All The Waters Of The Earth Turn To Blood"
Captain Cleanoff    "Symphonies Of Slackness"
Dark Tranquillity    "Projector"
Death Row    "Alive In Death"
Drudkh    "Autumn Aurora (+ D/L)"
Emeralds    "Does It Look Like I'm Here? (2nd Press; No Poster)"
Erickson, Roky With Okkervil River    "True Love Cast Out All Evil"
Eternal Tapestry    "Palace Of The Night Skies (Hand Numbered /730)"
Gentle Giant    "Gentle Giant (180 Gram Re-Issue)"
Good Riddance    "Capricorn One: Singles & Rarities (Fat Limited Edition Vinyl /1000)"
High On Fire    "Blessed Black Wings"
High On Fire    "Death Is This Communion"
High Wolf    "Ascension"
Maps & Atlases    "Perch Patchwork (+ D/L)"
Monae, Janelle    "The Archandroid"
Mother's Children    "Mother's Children… That's Who"
Mt. Kimbie    "Maybes"
Muslimgauze    "Damascus"
Ocean    "Pantheon Of Lesser Evils"
OneOhTrix Point Never    "Returnal"
Our Gang    "Uprising (NYHC)"
R.A. The Rugged Man    "Legendary Classics Volume 1 (Ltd. Ed. Blood Red Vinyl)"
R.E.M.    "Fables Of The Reconstruction (24-Bit Digitally Remastered 180 Gram)"
Red Dons    "Fake Meets Failure"
Rose, Jack    "The Black Dirt Sessions"
Sick & Tired    "High Life"
Talib Kweli + Hi-Tek Are Reflection Eternal    "Revolutions Per Minute "
This Is Hell    "Weight Of The World"
Thursday    "Common Existence"
Today Is The Day    "Today Is The Day"
Toxic Holocaust / Inepsy    "Inepsy / Toxic Holocaust"
Various Artists "King Of The Witches: Black Widow Tribute"
Via Audio    "Animalore (+ D/L)"
Wilhelm Scream, A    "A Wilhelm Scream (Saw Blade Cut Sleeve)"
Zola Jesus / LA Vampires    "LA Vampires Meets Zola Jesus"

Spacemen 3    "Playing With Fire (2x10")"

Burning Love "Don't Ever..."
Cruel Hand
Ecoli "Swarm On The Swine"
Frontiers "The Plains"
Like Wolves / Oak & Bone
Maker "I-91"
Male Nurses
Monks "Pretty Suzanne"
Slang / World Burns To Death
Talk Is Poison "Rage To..."
Viper "Committing The..."
Warbringer / Dew Scented
Wolf Whistle "Demo Two & Live"
Zero Tolerance "Fuel The Fire"

Alpha & Omega "Life Swallower"
Bastard Noise    "A Culture Of Monsters"
Black Widow "Black Widow"
Black Widow "III"
Broken Bones "Fuck You And Ever..."
Colin Of Arabia "Pain Mach..."
Dangermouse & Sparklehorse "Dark Night Of The Soul"
Death Row    "Alive In Death"
End Of A Year "You Are Beneath Me"
GM Grimm (AKA MF Grimm) "Digital Tears"
Good Riddance "Capricorn One"
Hate Forest "Dead But Dreaming"
Helstar "Rising From The Grave (2xCD + DVD)"
How To Destroy Angels "How To Destroy Angels"
Machetazo "Necrocovered"
Madlib "Medicine Show No. 6: Brain Wreck"
MF Grimm "Downfall Of The Ibliys: A Ghetto..."
Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation "Succubus"
Napalm Death "Punishment In Captitals (2xCD)"
Norma Jean "Meridional"
Ocrilim "Anoint"
Roach, Steve "Sigh Of Ages"
Singh, Charanjit "Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat"
Sun Kil Moon "Admiral Fell Promises"
Thieves Like Us "Again & Again"
Tired And True "Scenarios"
Tortoise "Why Waste... (Import)"
Trash Talk "Eyes & Nines"
Various Artists "Cumbia Beat V. 1"
Various Artists "This Comp. Kills Fascists V. 2"
Various Artists "King Of The Witches: Black Widow Tribute"
Via Audio "Animalore"
Zoroaster "Matador"

2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams (Unrated)
Atari Teenage Riot: Sixteen Years... (Deluxe)
Driller / Driller Killer (Double Feature W/ Comic Book)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Review: Wovenhand - The Threshingfloor

Review: Wovenhand - The Threshingfloor
(Review by Mike)

Besides David Eugene Edwards love of combining two words into one, he's also got a penchant for making haunting soulful music. Those who are familiar with Wovenhand and Edwards' old project, 16 Horsepower, won't be shocked by anything on this record; which is not to say that it's stale or predictable, but rather that there are no radical departures from the sound he has established as being "his".

Continuing to contradict what it seems like I was saying above, this album does have a few new tricks up the band's sleeve: mainly the incorporation of some more Middle Eastern strings, which should come as no real surprise as this kind of sound was somewhat hinted at on previous Wovenhand records.

So just what is The Threshingfloor all about? Well, there's certainly a more straightforward approach this time around in terms of Edwards directly speaking about God (so you black metal fanatics take note!) and on the whole the record is far more 'subdued' than previous albums. There are a few jumpers (namely the eighth track "Truth" which has an almost electronic, Nine Inch Nailsish beat to it). More typical fare on this album is closer to the song "Singing Grass", which makes absolutely gorgeous use of acoustic guitars, violin, and some minor sound effects/field recordings (?) of what sounds like, you guessed it, wind rustling through grass.

Basically I'd recommend this record to any fans of the band as well as anyone who's got a bit of an open mind when it comes to listening to music outside of your comfort zone. The Threshingfloor combines quite a few different sounds and style of music to create a really enjoyable listening experience. I could definitely see this being on my top ten list at the end of the year. Do yourself a favor: Head to Redscroll Records and snag yourself a copy.

Friday, July 2, 2010

2nd of July 2010 Update; CLOSED SUNDAY JULY 4th

Before the update, a quick note to let you know that we will indeed be CLOSED on SUNDAY, Independence Day (July 4, 2010).  We are open regular hours Saturday and then again on Monday and thereafter (of course).  Have fun.  BBQ!  Picnic!  Explosions!

2nd of July 2010 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Adderley, Cannonball    "Soul Zodiac (Rick Holmes, The Natt Adderley Sextet)"
Allez-Allez    "Hideous Racket"
Altar Of Plagues    "Tides (Import)"
Beach Fossils    "Beach Fossils"
Black Pyramid / Old One    "Black Pyramid / Old One (Color)"
Blackman, Don    "Don Blackman"
Blank Dogs    "Phrases EP"
Cathedral    "The Guessing Game (LTD. 180 Gram 2xLP Gatefold Hand-Numbered)"
Chap, The    "Well Done Europe"
Circle Of Animals    "Invisible War"
Connors, Loren    "Hell's Kitchen Park"
Darkthrone    "Ravishing Grimness (180 Gram)"
Deutsche Wertarbeit    "Deutsche Wertarbeit (180 Gram Red /500)"
DMX Krew     "Come To Me"
Ducksauce    "Greatest Hits"
Endtables, The    "The Endtables"
Flying Lotus    "Shhh Remix EP"
Flying Lotus    "L.A. E.P. 3x3"
Grand Magus    "Grand Magus (Color; Import)"
Headhunters, The    "Survival Of The Fittest"
Illum Sphere    "Titan"
Ital Tek    "Midnight Colour"
Jorge, Seu And Almaz    "Everybody Loves The Sunshine / Cirandar"
JSL    "Yellow Bird"
Kode 9    "DJ-Kicks"
Lynch, Julian    "Mare"
Madlib    "Medicine Show No. 5 - The History Of The Loop"
Madlib    "Medicine Show No. 5 - The History Of The Loop (Deluxe Version)"
Mastodon    "Leviathan (2010 Re-Issue; Ltd. Ed. Color)"
Panthu Du Prince    "This Bliss"
Perry, Lee "Scratch"    "The Midnight Upsetter"
Perry, Lee "Scratch" / Sherwood, Adrian    "Dub Setter"
Poirier, Ghislain     "Las Americas"
Procedure Club, The    "Doomed Forever (+ D/L)"
Q-Bert    "Breaktionary, Vol. 1"
Robotnick, Alexander    "Ce N'Est Q'Un Debut (180 Gram Blue /500)"
Rosetta / Year Of No Light / East Of The Wall    "Rosetta / Year Of No Light / East Of The Wall (Color)"
Slum Village    "Fantastic Vol 2.10"
Specials, The    "The Specials (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram)"
Stinking Lizaveta    "Sacrifice And Bliss (Blue)"
Thirwell, J.G.    "The Venture Bros. Vol. 01 (Music From The Adult Swim Television Show Program)"
Today is the Day    "Willpower (LTD. ED. Color Re-Issue 2010)"
Today is the Day    "Supernova (LTD. ED. Color Re-Issue 2010)"
Troum    "Eald-Ge-Streon "
Various Artists    "Raw Soul (Rare & Unreleased Funk From Norfolk, Virginia 1971-1973)"
Various Artists    "Shangaan Electro: New Wave Dance Music From South Africa"
Various Artists    "Nu Yorica Roots: The Rise Of Latin Music In New York City In The 1960's"
Vile, Kurt    "God Is Saying This To You… (Ltd. Ed. Repress, + D/L)"
Wild Nothing    "Gemini"
Witchfinder General    "Resurrected"
Wolves In The Throne Room    "Diadem Of 12 Stars (Standard Edition; Import)"

Gaslamp Killer    "My Troubled Mind (Signed /2000)"
Integrity    "To Die For (Red)"
Vega, Alan / Effi Briest / Peaches    "Jonny / Universe / No Tomorrow"
Vega, Alan / Thomas Brinkmann / Gavin Friday & Dave Ball    "Ghostrider / Diamonds, Furcoats, Champagne"

Book Slave "Sentinel Of Sh!t"
Fungi Girls "Turquoise Hotel"
Internet Forever "Break..."
Jacuzzi Boys "Bricks Of Cocomuts"
MV & EE "Sweetheart Of..."
No Joy "No Joy"
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart "Say No To Love"
Puerto Rico Flowers "2"
Tender Trap "Do You Want A Boyfriend?"

DDamage "Aeroplanes"
Drudkh "Songs Of Grief & Solitude"
Ital Tek "Midnight Colour"
Procedure Club "Doomed Forever"
Ruins Of Beverast "Foulest Semen..."
Sleep "Holy Mountain (Deluxe Ed.)"
Souleyman, Omar "Jazeera..."
Tangorodrim "Unholy And Unlimited (Numbered Ltd. Ed.)"
To Rococo Rot "Speculation"
Troum "Ryna"
Various Artists "Nu Yorica Roots: The Rise Of Latin Music In New York City In The 1960's"
Various Artists "Rara In Haiti: Street Music Of Haiti"
White, Bukka "Mississippi Blues"
Wild Nothing "Gemini"
Zorn, John "Goddess Music"

Cassette Tapes
Blank Dogs "Leaves / Carry It Well"
Gowl "Gowl"
The Hammer "Smash Your Dreams"
Ipsissimus "GoatCultRites"

Kanaval: Vodou, Politics And Revolution On The Streets Of Haiti (Soul Jazz Publishing)
Touch & Go: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine '79-'83

Black Sabbath: Paranoid
Slices #2-10 *FREE* Electronic Music Magazine (DVD)

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