Friday, August 28, 2009

28th of August Update

28th of August 2009 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
A Day To Remember "Homesick (Limited Edition Green Vinyl)"
Archers Of Loaf "White Trash Heroes"
A Tribe Called Quest "Beats, Rhymes, And Life"
A Tribe Called Quest "Midnight Merauders"
Bayside "Shudder (Limited Edition Red Vinyl)"
Black Crowes "Before The Frost "
Brian Jonestown Massacre "Methodrone"
Burnt By The Sun "Soundtrack To The Personal Revolution"
Caretaker "Persistent Repetition"
Cluster & Eno "Cluster & Eno"
Darkest Hour "Hidden Hands Of A Sadist Nation (Limited Edition 2LP Red Vinyl)"
Entrance Band "Entrance Band"
Eric B. & Rakim "Follow The Leader"
Madlib & Perkins, Dudley "A Lil' Light"
Mercyful Fate "Evil / Curse Of The Pharoahs"
Orange Goblin "Healing Through Fire"
Perry, Lee / Horsepower Productions "Exercising"
Rustie "Bad Science"
Screeching Weasel "Wiggle"
Silverstein "A Shipwreck In The Sand (Limited Edition Orange Vinyl)"
Six Organs Of Admittance / Azul "Six Organs / Azul"
Smiths "Meat Is Murder"
Smiths "Strangeways Here We Come"
Smiths "Queen Is Dead"
Smiths "Smiths"
Street Sweeper Social Club "Street Sweeper Social Club"
Streetlight Manifesto "Everything Goes Numb (Limited Edition Red Vinyl)"
Suicidal Tendencies "Suicidal Tendencies (25th Anniversary Edition)"
Taking Back Sunday "Louder Now"
Tortoise "Beacons RMX 12""
Unknown "Hello Darkness"
Used "Artwork"
Various Artists "D-Funk: Funk, Disco & Boogie Grooves From Germany 1972-2002"
Various Artists "Legends Of Benin: Afro-Funk, Cavacha, Agbadja, Afro-Beat (Analog Africa No. 5)"
Various Artists "Definitive Jux Presents IV"

Pearl Jam "Fixer"

Apples In Stereo "#1 Hits Explosion"
Black Anvil "Time Insults..."
Blitzen Trapper "Black River Killer EP"
Coven "Witchcraft Destroys Minds"
I.C.P. "Bang Pow Boom"
J. Rocc "Tasters Choice V.1"
Jackson, Michael "12 Inch Mixes"
Korpiklaani "Karkelo"
Municipal Waste "Massive Aggressive"
Sarcofago "Rotting"
Sarcofago "Hate"
Sarcofago "Laws Of Scourge"
Squarepusher "Solo Elecric Bass 1"
Trouble "Simple Mind Condition"
Various Artists "Ohm: Early Gurus Of Electronic Music (3CD+DVD Pack)"
Weekend Nachos "Unforgivable"
Witchfinder General "Friends Of..."

5 Deadly Venoms (Yo, the new Raekwon video is all about this. Truth.)
Black Mama / Foxy Brown
Blacula / Scream
Coffy / Friday
Combat Shock (2 Disc Edition)
Iron Maiden: Dawn Of The Damned
Ohm: Early Gurus Of Electronic Music
Pootie Tang
Two Evil Eyes

Shindig! #12 Sept-Oct 2009 (Mag+CD)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

25th of August 2009 Update

25th of August 2009 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
24-Carat Black "Gone: The Promises Of Yesterday"
Antlers "Hospice"
As Tall As Lions "You Can't Take It With You"
Aura Noir "Black Thrash Attack"
Bad Secrets "Bad Secrets (9" + CD)"
Banart, Devendra "Nino Roo & Rejoicing In The Hands"
Blasta "The Incredible Adventures Of Kenzolikafand Quetzalcoatl Among The Air Castles (Part 3)"
Box Elders "Alice And Friends"
Cathode Terror Secretion "Spectre Of History's Design"
Computer Jay "Distance (10")"
Conrad, Tony / Olson, Tovah "Let There Be Music (Hand Numbered /100)"
Current 93 "Aleph At Hallucinatory Mountain"
Demons / Vertonen "Split"
Dredg "Pariah Parrot Delusion"
Dubkasm "Transform I"
Enduser "Left"
Espvall, Helena & Batoh, Masaki "Overloaded Ark"
Flaming Lips "Soft Bulletin"
Foreign Born "Person To Person"
Frustrations "Glowing Red Pill"
Goth-Trad "Dark Path"
Guided By Voices "Do The Collapse"
Halflings "Self Esteem"
Hull, Scott "Requiem"
Kromestar & Distinction / Tes La Rok "Zzz"
Legion of Two "Riffs"
Madlib & Perkins, Dudley "A Lil' Light"
Magrudergrind "Rehashed"
Mew "No More Stories"
Moby "I Love To Move In Here (Remixes)"
Modest Mouse "No One's First And You're Next"
Moondog "More Moondog"
Mount Eerie "Winds Poem"
My Heart To Joy "Seasons In Verse"
Nicholas, Pax And The Nettey Family "Na Teef Know De Road Of Teef (Part One)"
Phonogenic "Bass Were The Days"
Pissed Jeans "King Of Jeans"
Pocahaunted / Christina Carter "Christina Carter / Pocahaunted (Split LP NNF099)"
Pollard, Robert "Elephant Jokes"
Ringers "Hurry Up And Wait "
Rita, The "Snorkel / Skate"
Segal, Ty / Black Time "Split"
Segall, Ty "Lemons"
Shortstuff "A Rustling"
Sic Alps "A Long Way Around To A Short Cut"
Six Organs Of Admittance "Luminous Night"
Slackers "An Afternoon In Dub"
Soft Machine "Volume Two"
Teenage Cool Kids "Foreign Lands"
Third Eye Blind "URSA Major"
TV Ghost "Cold Fish"
Various Artists "Shiftless Decay"
Zomby "One Foot Ahead Of The Other EP"

Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Endless Blockade (Split)
Bomb The Music Industry / Laura Stevenson
Born/Dead "24 Hostages"
Failing Lights "True Form"
Teenage Panzerkorps
Tyvek "Mary Ellen Claims"
Vibes "Psychic"

Accused, The "Curse Of Martha"
Agoraphobic Nosebleed "Agorapocalypse (Longbox)"
Bad Secrets "Bad Secrets (9" + CD)"
Behemoth "Evangelion"
Black Shape Of Nexus "Microbaro"
Box Elders "Alice And Friends"
Boy Will Drown, The "Fetish"
Cable "Failed Convict"
Crematory "Pray"
Dark "Best Of The Dark"
Defeatist "Sharp Blades"
Demons "Invisible Darkness"
Final "Reading All The..."
Giant Squid "Ichthyologist"
Gossip "Heavy Cross"
Grave "Exhumed: Best Of"
Grizzly Bear "Horn Of Plenty"
Gwar "Lust In Space"
Holiday Shores "Columbus'd The Whim"
Kanenobu, S. "Misora"
Melt-Banana "Teeny Shiny"
Mount Eerie "Wind's Poem"
Nicholas, Pax And The Nettey Family "Na Teef Know De Road Of Teef (Part One)"
N-Type "Rinse 09"
Oranssi Pazuzu "Muukalainen Puh"
Pissed Jeans "King Of Jeans"
Reatard, Jay "Watch Me Fall"
Reigning Sound "Love And Curses"
Secret Chiefs 3 "Le Mani Destre Recise"
Six Organs Of Admittance "Luminous Night"
TV Ghost "Cold Fish"
Various Artists "Our Sound 2 (2xCD; Dubstep/Grime)"
Various Artists "Studio One Ska"
Varukers "Killing My Self To Live"
Vile "Stench Of The Deceased"
Witchfinder General "Live '83"

Final Destination (Collection)
Mother Of Tears (Unrated)
Panic In Needle Park
Session 9

Wire #307 Sept. 2009
XLR8R #128 August 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

12th Of August 2009 Update

12th of August 2009 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Africa Germany Germany Mexico Turkey Australia "Africa Germany Germany Mexico Turkey Australia"
Black Joker "Watch Out!"
Cave In "Planets Of Old"
Comadre "Burn Your Bones"
Crom "The Cocaine Wars 1974-1989"
D.A. "Odeon"
Death Before Dishonor "Better Ways To Die"
Ducktails "Landscapes"
Green Day "Warning:"
Guided By Voices "Universal Truths And Cycles"
Human Mess "Follow You Home"
Hummingbird Of Death "Show Us The Meaning Of Haste"
Iron Age "The Sleeping Eye"
I-Roy "Original Deejay @ King Tubby's Studio"
Meth Teeth "Everything Went Wrong"
Michael, Ras & The Sons Of Negus "Rastafari Dub"
Minus 5, The "Down With Wilco"
Mudlark "Mudlark"
Pollard, Robert "Elephant Jokes"
Shook Ones "The Unquotable A.M.H."
Smog "Red Apple Falls"
SoulPhiction & Move D "In The Limelight (Incl. Trus'me RMX)"
Sparrow, Jack "The Chase"
Touche Amore "… To The Beat Of A Dead Horse"
Trapped Under Ice "Secrets Of The World"
Vincent, Sonny With Members Of Rocket From The Crypt "Sonny Vincent With Members Of Rocket From The Crypt"
Waits, Tom "Swordfishtrombones"
Wisdom In Chains "Wisdom In Chains"
Zomby "Liquid Dancehall"

Aspirin "We Do Painkilling"
Death Threat "Lost At Sea"
Ecoli "Judas Cradle"
Juice Tyme
Never Healed
No Harm Done / Offsides
One Foot In The Grave
Seasick "Ennui"
Stooges "Cock In My Pocket"
Various Artists "Punx Don't Drink"
Mischeif Brew / Andrew Jackson Jihad (8")

Amanda Blank "I Love You"
Japandroids "Post-Nothing"
Porcupine Tree "Metanoia"
Russell, Arthur "World Of Echo"
The World We Knew "To The..."

Bright Future
Cheyenne: Season 1
Flesh Gordon Meets The Cosmic Cheerleaders
Flicker (A Revolution In Human Consciousness Featuring Burroughs, Iggy Pop…)
Grindhouse Girls Of The 1970s Collection (Daisy Does Hollywood, Big Beaver Splits The Scene, Girls Of Paris, Trapped In The House)
Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (Extreme Unrated Remastered)
Hidden Fortress, The
Hofmann's Potion: The Pioneers Of LSD
Inglorious Bastards 2: Hell's Heroes
Maniac Cop
Maniac Cop III: Badge Of Silence
Rip: A Remix Manifesto
Tale Of Two Sisters, A
Tim & Eric Awesome Show Season 2
Trip, The / Psych-Out
Wicked Women: Wicked Lake, Flesh For The Beast, Werewolf Woman
Women In Prison Triple Feature (Women In Cell Block 7, Escape From Hell, The Hot Box)

Black Crowes: Warpaint
Cuomo, Rivers: Not Alone
Death In June: Live In New York
Dub Echoes: A Film By Bruno Natal
Grails: Acid Rain
Iron Maiden: DVD Collector's Box
Iron Maiden: Flight 666
Movement Of People Working, The
Musical Brotherhoods From The Trans-Saharan Highway
Nachtmystium: Visual Propaganda Live From The Pits Of Damnation
Palace Of The Winds
Signer's Suitcase: On The Road With Roman Signer (A Film By Peter Liechti)
Sumatran Folk Cinema
Wilco Live: Ashes Of American Flags

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4th Of August 2009 Update

4th of August 2009 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Assjack "Assjack (Hank Williams III)"
Axemen "Scary! Pt. III"
Bizzy B "Retrospective"
Catalyst, The "Swallow Your Teeth"
Chrome "3rd From The Sun "
Circle Jerks "Golden Shower Of Hits (180 Gram)"
City Of Ships "Look What God Did To Us"
Clutch "Pitchfork & Lost Needles"
Corsano, Chris "Another Dull Dawn"
Dear Landlord "Dream Homes"
Fruit Bats "The Ruminant Band"
Gainsbourg, Serge & Bardot, Brigitte "Bonnie And Clyde"
Guided By Voices "Under the Bushes Under The Stars (2LP)"
Havohej Kembatinan "Premaster"
Japandroids "Post-Nothing (180 Gram + Download)"
Jega "Variance"
Left Alone "Let Alone"
Lucero "Nobody's Darlings"
Lucky Dragons "Open Power"
Magnolia Electric Co. "Josephine"
Mono "Memorie Dal Futuro (10")"
Nurses "Apple's Acre"
Oasis "Be Here Now"
Oasis "(What's The Story) Morning Glory?"
Oasis "Definitely Maybe"
Oh Sees, The "Thee Hounds Of Foggy Notion (LP + DVD)"
OnYou "Poltergeist (Hand Numbered /100 +CDR Of Live Show)"
Owen / The Rutabega "Owen / The Rutabega Split EP (180 Gram)"
Primus "Pork Soda (180 Gram)"
Reatard, Jay "Watch Me Fall (180 Gram + Download)"
Segall, Ty "Lemons (150 Gram + Download)"
Shit Robot "Simple Things (Special Edition)"
Shitmat "Grooverider"
Silver Jews "Bright Flight"
Slough Feg "Atavism (Hand Numbered /500)"
Unknown "Murderation"
Vampire Hands "Hannah In The Mansion"
Vile, Kurt & The Violators "The Hunchback EP"
Von Oswald, Moritz Trio "Vertical Ascent"
Wolf Eyes "Always Wrong"

Black Randy / Rhino 39
Bomb The Music Industry / Laura Stevenson
Davila 666 "Primero Muerta"
No Comply "It's Getting Hot"
Off With Their Heads "Live At The Atlantic Vol. 2"
Segall, Ty "Cents"

Bizzy B "Retrospective"
Black Boned Angel "Verdun"
Bomb The Music Industry "Scrambles"
Boris / Keijo Haino "Black (Implication Flooding)(Import)"
Coffins "Mortuary In Darkness"
Cold Cave "Love Comes Close"
Death From Above 1979 "Heads Up (Re-Issue; Import)"
Eagle Twin "Unkindness Of Crows"
Flood "Native"
Fruit Bats "Ruminant Band"
Gravehill "Rites Of The Pentagram"
Greymachine "Disconnected"
Iron Age "Sleeping Eye"
Jega "Variance"
Leaf Hound "Growers Of Mushroom (Import)"
Modest Mouse "No One's First And You're Next"
Nurses "Apple's Acre"
Ocean, The "Fluxion"
Octopus Project "Golden Beds EP"
Phoenix "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix"
Pictureplane "Dark Rift"
Plenti, Julian "Julian Plenti Is Skyscraper"
Sigh "Scorn Defeat"
Snail "Blood"
Ufomammut "Idolum (Import)"
Various Artists "Love Takes (Kath Bloom Tribute)"
Various Artists "It Happened... But Nobody Noticed (CT Punk; 2CD)"
Yacht "See Mystery Lights"

"Metal - A Headbanger's Journey"
"Mighty Boosh Season 1"
"Panic In Needle Park"
"Tim & Eric Awesome Show Season 3"

Books & Magazines
Cancer As A Social Activity by Michael D. Williams (Eyehategod)
Maximum Rock 'N' Roll Issue #315 August 2009