Friday, December 30, 2011

30th Of December 2011 Update

30th Of December 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Have a safe and happy new year!
We are closing early tomorrow/Saturday (12-31-11) at 6PM.

LPs & 12"s
Burial Hex    "In Psychic Defense (Single Sided 12")"
Burzum    "From The Depths Of Darkness (180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Coloured Vinyl)"
Dashboard Confessional    "The Shade Of Poison Trees (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)"
Death    "Leprosy (180 Gram Ltd. Ed. Coloured Vinyl)"
DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn / RP Boo    "DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn Meet Tsetsha Boys / RP Boo Meets Shangaan Electro"
Farflung    "A Wound In Eternity (Gatefold)"
Fruit Bats    "Echolocation (+ D/L)"
Give Up The Ghost    "Background Music (+ D/L 2011 Reissue)"
Give Up The Ghost    "We're Down Til We're Underground (+ D/L 2011 Reissue)"
Guilty Pleasures    "Summer Strange (Legendary "Lost" Album Recorded In 2000)"
Hammering The Cramps    "Hammering The Cramps"
Head on Electric    "Sleep Slaughter Sheep"
Headphones    "Headphones (Red Vinyl /1000 + D/L)"
High Dive     "High Dive"
London Diehards    "There's Lies, Damn Lies And There's…"
Lykke Li    "Youth Novels (2LP)"
OCS (Thee Oh Sees)    "Songs About Death & Dying Vol. 3 (Screen Printed Sleeves /700)"
Prince    Dance 4 Me (12" Single With Remixes)"
Rise And Fall    "Hellmouth"
Samb, Herve & Daniel Moreno    "Kharit (2LP)"
Six Organs Of Admittance    "The Sun Awakens"
Stoned Ambassadors, The    "Bring You Down"
Teenage Moods    "Mood Ring (/300)"
Various Artists    "Thai Funk Volume One (2LP 70s Thai Funk + D/L With Bonus Material)"
Various Artists    "Thai Funk Volume Two (2LP Thai Funk + D/L With Bonus Material)"
Various Artists    "Lost Highway Tenth Anniversary (10 Standout Tracks From Ryan Adams, Lucinda \Williams, Hank Williams, …)"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
Ateq    "Res"
Blawan    "Fram / Iddy"
Bok Bok & Tom Trago    "Night Voyage Tool Kit"
Byetone    "Symeta"
CV313    "Standingstill"
Deadmau5    "2012 Re-Edits (Green Vinyl)"
Demdike Stare    "Elemental 1 & 2 (4x12")"
Digid    "Submerged EP"
DJ Duke    "Blow Your Whistle"
D'Marc Cantu    "Fallen  (2LP)"
Function    "Ember"
Green, Camilla    "Out Of Business"
Joker    "The Vision Instrumentals"
Kaspar    "Ode To The Ancients EP"
Linkwood    "Secret Value"
Locussolus (Harvey Pres)    "Tan Sedan (With Com Truise Remix)"
Milano    "The Fall (With Untold Remix)"
Mind Fair    "Kerry's Scene (With Legowelt Remix)"
Monitors, The    "Control / Protection"
Nilsen, BJ    "Vinyl"
OVR    "Live In London"
Pacific Blue    "PCB 01 Remixes (Silent Servant, Rrose)"
Pillowtalk    "Far From Heaven"
Raiders Of The Lost ARP    "On And On"
Recondite    "Plangent #003"
Redhinho - Sibian & Faun    "Stay Together / I'm Sorry"
Redshape    "On Da Floor EP"
Ripperton    "City Lights (Featuring Van Hai)"
Rozzo    "Meta Tracks Vol. Three"
Shifted    "Telic / Solus / Image/Channel"
Tyson    "After You're Gone (Remixes)"
VVV    "Across The Sea (2LP)"
Young Hunting    "The Night Of The Burning"

Mugwumps "Down"
Ssssnakes / Slow Death
Riptides / Queers
Riptides / Dwarves

Atlas Moth "An Ache..." (Back in stock!)
Black Keys "El Camino"
Forest Swords "Dagger Paths"

Murder In The Front Row

Crone Endless Midnight CD

(Translation Loss/Waylon Recordings)
This project is from former Isis bassist Jeff Caxide, along with several other band members helping with everything from the instrumentation to the artwork and layout. The result is a radical departure from a “metal” sound, instead focusing on rich, darkly beautiful electronic/drone soundscapes. Opener “What You Dream Of” is built around a sensual synth endless melting over a galaxy speckled with stars burning brightly. “Ghost City” is a bit more chilling, with a looping, mechanical-sounding sample simulating a barren atmosphere; however, it eventually returns to the soothing, strangely uplifting nebula essence of the previous track. “The Silver Hammer” sounds like a full-day trip through the vast, dark wilderness, and “Cellar Holes From A Lifetime Ago” feels like a morose, introspective late-night walk through a deserted city of the future. The title track closes the album with more celestial ambience, sweeping electronics, and thick, resonant guitar plucking. As distressing as an “endless midnight” concept may sound, this album doesn’t aim to make listeners feel downtrodden. Rather, it’s a step forward in songwriting maturity – an unexpectedly mellow journey through the darkest caverns of the mind.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Spazz La Revancha [Reissue] LP

(625 Thrash)
Here’s the second LP in a series of long out-of-print Spazz reissues; Crush Kill Destroy was re-released last December and Dwarf Jester Rising is coming back in the future, though when exactly is unknown. Originally released on the now-defunct Sound Pollution label in 1997, this record is another great example of how Spazz made the powerviolence genre fun. The endlessly buzzing guitar, rapid-fire drumming, and distinct floor-shakingly low-tuned bass was mixed with all three members’ shared vocal shouting – the result was a refreshingly intense-yet-tight sound. They strike the perfect balance between the unique fury of both hardcore punk and grindcore. Their razor-sharp wit remains strong, with poseur bashing, kung fu referencing, and Satan worshiping. There isn’t much more that needs to be said – these guys were smart enough to make something truly unique-sounding in a sea of similar-sounding bands.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tomorrow: 2 Shows

Wednesday 12/28/2011 2 Shows at Redscroll
Tomorrow we have two events that you should check out.

 At 1PM there will be a free acoustic in store set by Connecticut's
Make Do And Mend. The first 50 will also receive a gift bag that comes
with a wooden MDAM CREW dog tag. So get here early!

At 8PM, we bring you a night of noise performances by Different
Dentist, Reviver, & Toynbee Idea. FYI: Different Dentist is the solo
material by my brother and founding member of the Redscroll empire;
M.D. This will be his only east coast appearance before he heads back
to Oakland, CA to continue his work with Ratskin Records and Styrofoam

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Closed On Christmas Day / Reviews!

Happy Christmas! 
(We're closed all Sunday. Normal hours resume on Monday.)

May Belsnickel bring upon you a multitude of glorious giftings.
 Here is a gift from us to you; more reviews!


1.6 Band The Checkered Past Of All Kings Present 7"
(Metastasis Records)
I've liked 1.6 Band since a friend made me a a really crappy quality mixtape with them on it about ten years ago. Originally these guys broke up in 1993, but got back together to play some shows and release this 7". It came out back in 2010 but this was the first time I've gotten my hands on some physical copies. Most bands that break up and get back together fifteen or twenty years later can't pull off the same energy or style as they did in their youth. Not 1.6 Band. These guys pick up right where they left off, pumping out 4 more solid math rock fused hardcore songs. The lyrics are quickly shot out at you in a completely non aggressive yell-talk. I would suggest them for anyone who likes Quicksand, Daughters, Fugazi or Serotonin. You can find used copies of their 1992 self titled full length all over the place for like six dollars, I suggest you pick that up too.
[Reviewer: Josh]

Odonis Odonis Hollandaze CD

This Toronto-based band is the newest project from former Ten Kens guitarist Dean Tzenos. They play the kind of booming garage/noise-punk that echoes like it  was recorded in an airplane hangar. Though its lo-fi aesthetic should please fans of the “shitgaze” craze (Psychedelic Horseshit, Eat Skull, earlier Wavves, etc.,) it sounds like the main influence is 1980s stuff like Big Black, The Jesus Lizard, and Swans. Structurally, tracks like “White Flag Riot” share screeching guitars and repeating drum-blasts synonymous with that era. Other less-distorted tracks like “Seedgazer” and “Ledged Up” stay faithful to the style as well, because the lo-fi really does sound analog and natural for capturing a certain era. I can’t leave out the other genre that unmistakably takes center-stage: surf-rock. In an interview with, Tzenos said that that’s the genre his dad chose to teach him when he first started playing guitar. The resulting sonic ruckus sounds great for catching a wave at an industrial park’s beachfront.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Sharps Injury / Disheveled 12"
(Thac0 Records)
Rhythmic noise holds a warm spot in my gut. When it hits me right it sends signals to my nerves that are electric. The first time I heard "Denogginizer" from Converter was one of those moments and the first time I heard whatever the first thing I heard from Winterkalte (and a few subsequent times) was like that. Protectors of Bass might have had the same effect. Since that time I have been dulled to it and crave more than that same formula (not that those were formulaic, but many others patterned themselves after them... you get it.).  Sharps Injury (Keef Baker) throws a wrench in the formula by slowing it down a bit, adding a layer of ambience/introspection and (dare I say) song structure (moments when the ambience float into the further background and other pieces of the song find prominence are nice, but when the transition to the next part of the song kicks in and then disappears that is ultimately the most satisfying). These aren't dance floor fillers like "Denogginizer," but it's been 12 years since I first heard that and I really don't want that in a new track. Hit me, let me get up and then hit me a few more times.  Disheveled (Greg Van Eck of Prometheus Burning) picks right up on the B-side and adds the nice nostalgic element of a treated vocal sample ("The mask is slipping." I don't know where it's from, but it's always been part of the charm to figure that out.). To be blunt, this side is really enjoyable on a more base level than the A side. It's more akin to what came to be refered to as Power Noize than to what was originally called rhythmic noise. It's pretty silly to keep splitting hairs about that though. It's good and I enjoy the industrial aesthetic and the machine like qualities with the vocal samples. Play it loud for maximum damaging effect.
[Reviewer: Rick]

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

21st Of December 2011 Update

21st Of December 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

This week's update comes a couple days early (Joy to the World). We might post some reviews up on Friday (might). We are expecting more orders in this week as well, but those will appear on the update next week.
We also have some early closings and one day of being closed in the next week and half:
Saturday, Christmas Eve: 12-5:30PM
Sunday, Christmas Day: CLOSED
Saturday, New Year's Eve: 12-6PM

All other day's are the regular scheduled hours of operation and whatnot (lots of whatnot).

LPs & 12"s
Amen Ra    "Mass III (Gatefold 2LP)"
American Revolution, Thee    "Buddha Electrostorm"
Amoumine, Ali Ag    "Takamba (LP+7")"
Anne    "Dream Punx "
Bastard Noise    "Skulldozer (Gatefold)"
Big Kids    "Phone Home"
Black Freighter    "Graves And Monuments (Gatefold)"
Black Witchery    "Inferno Of Sacred Destruction (Gatefold)"
Blake, James    "Enough Thunder"
Blasphemophager    "Return To Nuclear Hell "
Boris    "New Album (2LP Gatefold)"
Capsule    "No Ghost (+ CD)"
Crisis (Pre-Death In June Band)    "Hymns Of Faith (Reissue)"
Davis, Miles    "Dark Magus (180 Gram)"
Doom    "Doomed From The Start: The Demos' Album"
Enforcers    "End Of Time"
Eno, Brian    "Small Craft On A Milk Sea (+ D/L)"
Goat Horn    "Storming The Gates"
Grup Estel    "Nadal (/500 180 Gram)"
H2O    "H2O"
Head Cat, The (Lemmy's Rockabilly Band)    "Fool's Paradise"
Indecision    "Unorthodox"
Jones, Eddie Lee And Family    "Yonder Go That Old Black Dog: Blues, Spirituals And Folksongs From Rural Georgia"
Krallice    "Diotima (180 Gram Gatefold 2LP)"
Last Match    "1997-1999"
Limp Wrist    "1st LP (Import Version)"
Low    "I Could Live In Hope (180 Gram)"
Madlib & Freddie Gibbs    "Thuggin'"
Manson, Charles    "Air (8 Previously-Unheard And Exclusive Songs)"
Morbosidad    "Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno (Gatefold)"
Pale Creation    "Twilight Haunt"
Parr, Charlie & The Black Twigg Pickers    "Glory In The Meeting House "
Phobia    "Loud Proud And Grind As Fuck"
Police & Thieves    "Fracturing"
Spazz    "La Revancha"
Spivs, Thee    "Black And White Memories"
Thou / Cower    "War Is The Force That Gives Us Meaning: A Two Part Analysis Of Personal And Inter-Personal Conflict."
Van Hoen, Mark    "The Revenant Diary (Gatefold 2LP)"
Various Artists    "The Original Sound Of Cumbia: The History Of Colombian Cumbia & Porro As Told By The Phonograph 1948-79 (Part 1 - Original Colobian 78s) (+D/L 180 Gram 3LP Ltd. Ed.)"
Various Artists    "The Original Sound Of Cumbia: The History Of Colombian Cumbia & Porro As Told By The Phonograph 1948-79 (Part 2 - Original 45s And LP Cuts) (+D/L 180 Gram 3LP Ltd. Ed.)"
Wiccans    "Skullduggery"
Yelawolf    "Radioactive: Amazing And Mystifying Chemical Tricks"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
Conforce    "Escapism (2LP)"
Daft Punk    "Homework (Gatefold; Import)"
Headhunter    "Clone / Projector"
J:Kenzo    "Ruffhouse (Feat. Rod Azlan) / Therapy"
Sharps Industry / Disheveled    "Crucify, Loop Brace / The Mask Is Slipping, I Live In This Hole"
Skream    "Skreamizm Vol. 6"
Stojan, N!co    "Callejera"
Various Artists    "Desolat X-Sampler (Hector & Alexkid, Danny Ocean, Funk E, Filsonik, Reboot…)"

1.6 Band "The Checkered Past..."
End of a Year / Kids Explode
Face Reality
Hounds Of Hate "No Redemption"
Joy Division "An Ideal For Living (Unofficial)"
Mindless "Human Conditioning"
No Tolerance "No Remorse"
No Sir "Holy Land"
White Stripes (a whole bunch of 'em including the Xmas one)

Bastard Noise "Our Earth's Blood (5xCD)"

Voguing And The House Ballroom Scene Of New York City 1989-92 (Photos: Chantal Regnault; Introduction: Tim Lawrence; Soul Jazz Books)

Friday, December 16, 2011

16th of December 2011 Update

16th of December 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Happy happy everyone. Once again, a final reminder that the ultimate opportunity to order any last minute gifts that we don't have in stock is this weekend (Sunday night at the latest). You can call, stop in or email us with any inquiries. We got a ton of Poly Sleeves (bags) in this week for all those who might have been looking for them and we got a bunch of cleaning kits in as well.  Josh and I (Rick) finally picked it up on the review front this week too.

LPs & 12"s
13th Floor Elevators "Rockius Of Levitatum (15 Live Tracks 1966-67; 180 Gram)"
Anger, Kenneth / Brian Butler "Technicolor Skull"
Bats, The "Free All The Monsters"
Blacc, Aloe "I Need A Dollar / Take Me Back"
Braids "Native Speaker (+ D/L)"
Brand New "Your Favorite Weapon (10 Year Anniversary Edition; Newly Remastered + D/L)"
Dalek I "Compass (+ Bonus Flexi-Disc Of Early B-Sides)"
Depeche Mode "Live At Crocs Night Club June 27, 1981"
Eddy Current Suppression Ring "So Many Things"
Extreme Noise Terror "A Holocaust In Your Head"
Extreme Noise Terror "Law Of Retaliation"
Georgia Sea Island Singers "Join The Band"
Grupo 2000 "El Destape"
Hecker, Tim "Dropped Pianos"
Jesus And Mary Chain, The "Walk And Crawl: Unreleased Tracks, Demos & B Sides "
La Dispute "Wildlife"
Lewlewal De Podor "Yiilo Jeam"
Los Campesinos! "Hello Sadness (+ D/L)"
Louvin Brothers, The "Satan Is Real (Reissue Remastered 180 Gram + D/L With Audio Commentary)"
Marley, Bob And The Wailers "African Herbsman (Reissue)"
Menche, Daniel "Guts: Abused And Thrashed Piano Guts"
Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The "The Magic Of Youth "
Modest Mouse "Good News For People Who Love Bad News (2LP)"
No UFO's "Soft Coast"
Oh Sees, Thee / Total Control "Thee Oh Sees / Total Control"
Peaking Lights "Space Primitive"
PlanningToRock "Living It Out (Remix)"
Poison Idea "Blank Blackout Vacant"
Ranil Y Su Conjunto "Ranil's Jungle Party (!Limited Edition!)"
Sapphire Slows "True Breath"
Segall, Ty "Singles 2007-2010"
Steel An' Skin "Steel An' Skin (Reissue)"
Stone Breath / Mike Seed With The Language Of Light "The Aetheric Lamp"
Various Artists "Music From Saharan Cellphones"
Various Artists "Last Time Around "
Wilco "Speak Into The Rose (Ltd. Ed. Red Vinyl; Record Store Day Black Friday)" 10"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
1000 Names "Invisible Architect (2LP)"
Alixander III "Schlamm EP"
Analogue Cops, The & Blawan "Cursory EP"
Analogue Cops,The "The Purple EP"
Blawan "Peaches"
DJ Kaos "From Inside"
E.R.P. "Lunar Ruins"
Esposito, Ricardo & Michael Nadje "Nieves EP"
Factory Floor "Two Different Ways"
Goli & Ashburner "Get Up EP"
Grisha Lichtenberger "Graviton - CX (Rigid Transmission)"
Ital Tek "Gonga"
Keep Shelly In Athens "Campus Martius"
Marshal, Adam "Haze"
Nero "Crush On You (Remixes)"
Parker, Mike "Thermo"
Phoenecia "Brownout (2LP)"
Salva "Yellobone 12" (W/ Shlohmo Remix)"
Various Artists "Bangs & Works Vol 2: The Best Of Chicago Footwork"
Various Artists "Midnight Circle Lullabies (MCDE, Marlow, XXXXX, …)"
Various Artists "Ghostek - Cryon / Ghostlight - Leaving For The City Of Saints / TH - Die (Ghostek Remix) / Ghostlight - Known All The Days"
Various Artists "5 Years Compilation (Part Three) (Architectural, DJ Faka Ideograma, Vladislav Delay, Sowing Paranoia)"
Various Artists "5 Years Compilation (Part Two) (Arcanoid, Ed Chamberlain, Trolley Route, Plant43)"

Hip-Hop 12"s & LPs
Damu The Fudgemunk "Kilawatt: Volume 1 (EP)"
Lau, Eric "Makin' Sound"
Madlib "Medicine Show Twelve And Thirteen: Filthy Ass Remixes"
Maker & Joe Beats "Falcon By Design"
Nice, Paul (Paul Nice) "Drum Library Vol. 2 (/2,500)"
Sessions, Will "The Elmatic Instrumentals (180 Gram + D/L)"

Big Troubles "She Smiles For..."
Biosphere "Mysterier"
Covergirl "Paris Burns"
Dive "Sometime"
Harding, M. "Repaired/..."
Heavenly Beat "Suday"
Joy Division "An Ideal For Living (Unofficial)"
Minks "Araby"
Moctar, Mdou "Tahoultine..."

Antediluvian "Through The Cervix..."
Drexciya "Journey Of The Deep Sea (Deluxe)"
Segall, Ty "Singles 2007-2010"
Various Artists "Bangs & Works Vol. 2"
Wold "Freemasonry"


Collections of Colonies of Bees Giving CD/LP
This Wisconsin post-rock band is known for collaborating with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver to form Volcano Choir. Here, right from the opening track “Lawn,” CCB sound like they’re roaming freely on endless verdant meadows beneath a blue sky as far as the eye can see. Like Battles and Explosions in the Sky, they utilize their experimental style to explore gorgeous sound plateaus and, on this record, create a feel-good vibe instead of trying to sound overly “challenging.” The energetic drumrolls and sunshine-tinged guitar really help stimulate the atmosphere, creating an uplifting world that’s just fun to get lost in. It all culminates with the sunset-ready 9-minute finale “Vorms,” which includes plenty of cymbal-crashes, mood-evoking orchestral electronics, and an enthusiastic, twinkling piano-line.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Warsaw (Joy Division) Reaction LP
(A Rockville Production)
Before Joy Division was "Joy Division", they were known for about 18 months as, "Warsaw". They only played a handful of shows and recorded a five song demo before officially changing their name to avoid being confused with Warsaw Pakt. "Reaction" is an unofficial compilation, tracks one through eight were recorded live off the soundboard at Rock Garden (Middlesbrough U.K 14.9.1977), while tracks nine through thirteen were recorded at a rehearsal (Moss Road 1977). These recordings definitely capture a heavier, harder, and slower version of these guys then what's displayed only a few months later on, "An Ideal For Living". Ian Curtis is screaming, growling and not singing. The sound quality is very good and despite the colorfully violent review of the live gig provided on the back jacket, there is little crowd rowdiness present here in this recording. 
[Reviewer: Josh]

Salva Yellobone 12"
(Tall Corn Music)
This is where I'm at right now. Long playing singles with solid tracks. This is some serious electronic funk for the 2010s (as opposed to what I might think of from the 80s anytime the words electronic and funk are used together). It's got the purple vibe that Joker coined with the second song of the A side having some nice Zapp sounding vocoder sounds (taking it back to the 70s to move forward from the 80s apparently - at least according to how I'm reviewing this).  The B side starts off nice and sweet with a track that gets some nice mixes of bass sounds intertwined with some house style vocal samplings. And it finishes with remixes by Shlohmo and the LOL Boys which are both worthy of club play (the hippest of clubs; no sarcasm implied).
[Reviewer: Rick]

Sina. (With Kelpe Gards From KC And Soosh)
 From Love To Dust 12"
(Project: Mooncircle)
Glitch-hop, trip-hop, and whatever other words you want to use for down tempo syncopation jams fit this (one could not deny the witchy aesthetic of the 12" sleeve). The A side is three different tracks including the title track and the B side is three versions of the title track. It's got some house-like qualities (clean production), but never enters into the uptempo 4/4 realm. Sweet estrogen filled vocal lines meander in and out of tracks (Creep perhaps comes to mind, but with less focus on the vocalist and more on just being chill). Wild woods environmental sounds (wood blocks, birds chirping, general ambience) hover just beneath the surface as well.  The A side finishes with a funk laden subdued Outkast sounding joint with a nice sugary synth line. The remixes are far enough away from the original and each other to keep it worth a listen through (rather than one at a time as if often meant with 12" singles).
[Reviewer: Rick]

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Manic Hanukkah Holiday Sale

Hanukkah Holiday Sale:

To celebrate the holiday season Manic Productions are offering $2 OFF ALL CONCERT TICKETS starting at sundown on Tuesday, December 20 (1st night of Hanukkah) and ending Tuesday, December 27 (last night of Hanukkah) in person ONLY at Redscroll Records in Wallingford (our official ticket outlet). There will be a 4 ticket per show limit and, as usual, no service fees apply.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!
(via Mark of Manic Productions)

Store Hours:
Monday 12PM/Noon-6PM
Tuesday 12PM/Noon-8PM
Wednesday 12PM/Noon-8PM
Thursday 12PM/Noon-8PM
Friday 12PM/Noon-8PM
Saturday 12PM/Noon-8PM
Sunday 12PM/Noon-6PM

NOTE: Tickets for the Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) show are not available for discount and only on sale online and at the Shubert Theater box office.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Spotlight: NO!

Spotlight: NO!

NO! is the name of a punk rock band from Middletown, Connecticut. If you know your CT punk and aren't familiar with these guys yet you might be familiar with their faces through some of the past bands they've been in (Rat Byte for instance). Carlo is also the dude we call when we have turntables we need repaired. He does a great job, so if you're having some record player issues hit him up, 860-227-9599.

The music is fast paced melodic rock'n'roll punk. Vocally, and I know someone will take offense to this, but it reminds me of a less quirky Death By Stereo. I've heard more than a couple people say they belong on SST in the 80s (I'd add Alternative Tentacles to that statement). Makes sense to me. They have a very fun west coast 80s hardcore type slant (song "Can you dig it?" for instance).

 [moving camera shot of NO! in the secret location]

Trying to search for links for this band using google is a nightmare. Here's a cheat sheet:
NO! on bandcamp
NO! on facebook

 [Carlo of NO! with Devin over his shoulder] 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gifting Holidaze

Gifting Holidaze

We're here in the midst of the holiday season and gifting will be in full force soon enough as we all make preparations.  I hope this wording makes it sound very regimented and official.  The purpose of this post is just to suggest a few easy suggestions for people you might not know exactly what to get, but you know they like this store.  

Also, feel free to give your folks (or friends, acquaintances, etc.) a list that we can help them with.  We promise not to bite them.  In fact, we'll help them find exactly what it is that's on the list (or let them know when we can have the item in question in - hurry! We only have a couple more orders coming in before all the exchanges between loved ones goes down.). 

 We just had these new Gift Certificates designed by our friend Todd (Teaessare; the maker of our sign, designer of our stickers and a few shirts).  They came out great.  I think anyone would be psyched to see this (a little more psyched than our old plain old paper ones - of course, if you're loved ones came in before today they got that so please be extra excited that they planned so far in advance for you. Rule of thumb: be excited about stuff.).

Record cleaning kits are always a nice idea for a new collector or even for an old collector of records who might not have one (or if their old one is now pretty grimey).  We have a couple to choose from.  Right now, this one pictured is the only one in stock.  We'll have more (of both models we stock) in on Wednesday after 3PM.  

In the spirit of keeping up the maintenance of a record collection we also would suggest Poly Sleeves (bags) for any collection.  Keeping your records bagged is a simple way to keep the outer jackets intact (protection from dust, from friction wear, etc.).  We carry them in 4ML and 3ML weights (4ML being the thicker of the two and what we use to bag all used stuff and any unsealed new stuff).  We are currently out of stock of LP sizes right now (there's been a big rush lately - perhaps other people knew what we're telling you now).  We have 7" bags in stock and we will have more LP sized ones in on Monday after 3PM.  

And second to lastly, we can't not mention the fact that we sell record players.  Maybe you're in the market for a new one or you know someone who is.  We sell the Numark TTUSB ($120) which is a great introductory turntable that also can be used to rip vinyl to your computer.  It comes with the software.  Josh owns one of these and likes it a lot.  If you're looking to move to an introductory audiophile grade turntable we carry the Rega RP1 ($400).  It's very no-nonsense and straightforward. It plays records and has virtually no mechanical noise to speak of. If you've seen the P1 model at the front of our shop (pictured below) and if you've heard it you might know exactly why we love it.  The RP1 is the update to the P1 (in case you didn't get that). 

And books! Books! We carry books dealing in may aspects of music and some that are just left of center and have only tertiary musical connections.  

Happy non-denominational all-encompassing holidays to all!

Friday, December 9, 2011

9th of December 2011 Update

9th of December 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

Another busy week here at the shop. I think I've inadvertently left the new electronic stuff from last week in the mix with this update, but I think you can read some repeats with little injury. Just as a reminder, we do do Gift Certificates in case your family/friends are asking you what you want.  In fact, we just had a nice new design done for the Gift Certificates by Todd Rogers (Teaessare Design; same guy who's done much work for us in the past including our stickers, sign and a few shirts).  I'll probably do a tease of those once I have some printed on nice stock tomorrow.  Once again, our friend Mark has come through with a review which is nice because when we're busy like this we tend to not get to even thinking about doing a review (thanks again, Mark). So, yea, onto the business of updating.

LPs & 12"s
Alkaline Trio    "From Here To Infirmary (2011 Reissue)"
Bitch Magnet    "Bitch Magnet (3XLP)"
Childish Gambino    "Camp (Debut Album 180 Gram + Bonus Tracks + D/L)"
Cripple Bastards    "Frammenti Di Vita"
Dead Reptile Shrine    "The Sun Of Circles And Wood (Gatefold)"
Deardarkhead     "Oceanside 1991-1993"
Drake   "Take Care"
ELF    "ELF (PIC LP /2500)"
For Today    "Breaker"
Front Bottoms, The    "Slow Dance To Soft Rock / Grip N Tie (Gatefold 2x10")"
Grateful Dead    "Built To Last (Gatefold 180 Gram)"
H20    "Don't Forget Your Roots"
Junius / Rosetta    "Rosetta / Junius"
King Dude    "Love "
Kyuss    "… And The Circus Leaves Town (180 Gram Repress)"
Manson, Charles    "Trees (Installment #2 In The ATWA Series. All Songs Previously Unheard And Unreleased)"
Master Musicians Of Bukkake    "Twilight Of The Kali Yuga Tours: Live Totems U.S/U.K./Europe 2009-2011"
Minerva, Maria    "Sacred & Profane Love"
Nicely, Nick    "Elegant Daze: 1979-1986"
Parks, Van Dyke    "Arrangements Volume I (180 Gram)"
Pink Floyd    "The Dark Side Of The Moon (180 Gram + Stickers + Posters + D/L)"
Pop Group, The    "Y (Import Reissue; No Insert Poster)"
Pyramids / Horseback    "A Throne Without A King (LP+7")"
Q And Not U     "No Kill No Beep Beep"
Reproach    "The Bitter End"
Servants, The    "Youth Club Disco"
Should    "A Folding Sieve"
Smashing Pumpkins    "Gish (180 Gram Metallic Cover Reissue)"
Souleyman, Omar    "Leh Jani (2LP)"
Stepehen Stephen / The Urxed    "Stephen Stephen / The Urxed"
Tallest Man On Earth    "Shallow Grave"
Various Artists    "World's Funkiest Covers"
Various Artists    "Mungo's HiFi: Sound System Champions (Top Cat, Ranking Joe, Tippa Irie, Soom T,…)"
Verbal Abuse    "Rocks Your Liver"
Winehouse, Amy    "Lioness: Hidden Treasures (180 Gram)"
Wives    "Roy Tapes"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
A Made Up Sound    "Take The Plunge"
Al Tourettes    "Swan Sketch EP"
Andrews, Guy    "Shades / Textures"
Author    "Author (2LP)"
B.D.I.    "Decoded Messages Of Life & Love / New Robotics #17"
Ben Sun    "Path Of Non-Attachment"
Burial / Four Tet      "Moth"
Chloe    "Watch Out"
Cooly G    "Landscapes (Feat. Simbad) / It's Serious (Feat. Karizma)"
Cowley, Abraham    "A Step Goodbye"
DMX Krew    "Cosmic Awakening EP"
Doubleheart    "Salsa Apocalypso"
DSCRD    "Discordance EP"
DVA    "Polyphonic Dreams"
Echelon Plan, The    "Black Dots In An Ocean Of White."
Elliott, Ryan    "Kicking Up"
Flug 8    "Liebeslied"
Garcia, Simon    "Tears In Vain"
Gold Panda    "An Iceberg Hurled Northward Through Clouds"
Gold Panda    "DJ-Kicks"
GoldFFinch    "Red Mask"
Joash    "Mission RMX"
Karenn    "Sheworks001"
Kingdom    "Dreama"
Latecomer    "A Cosmic Cart"
Lazer Sword    "Sounds Sane / Klock (10")"
Lenz, Adrian / Sandman    "Cover Me (Ol Oil' Riddim) / No Prisoners"
LFO    "Frequencies (Reissue 2LP + D/L + 2 Bonus Tracks)"
Mangeblanc    "Tom-Tit Edits: On Our Way To?/Vishnu (10")"
Mr Oizo    "Stade 2"
Ohara, Raz    "See It Coming"
Persian    "Existence Is Resistance (Ltd. Ed.)"
Raiders Of The Lost ARP    "Battlestar EP"
Raime    "Hennail"
Rrose    "Merchant Of Salt"
Rush, Dasha    "Relativismi"
Scuba    "DJ-Kicks"
Sepalcure    "Sepalcure"
Smallpeople    "Black Ice / Stellar / Little River"
Splits & Slits    "Hammering EP"
Stagga    "Wild For The Night"
Teebs    "Collections"
Terranova    "So Strong"
Tofu Productions    "Trabalhador / E Quake / Amega Furu / The Scream"
Tycho    "Dive (2LP)"
Various Artists    "KANN RSD: Record Store Day 05/11/2011 (Sun Glitters, Bender & Sevensol)"
Various Artists (Versalife / Matti Turunen)    "Abstract Forms: Combined EP V2.0 (/250)"
Wareika    "Floors"
Zomby    "Nothing (+ D/L)"

Evens, The "Warble Factor"
Inside "Tokyo Straight Edge"
Manson, Charles "Inner Sanctum"
Mum "Gleoileg Jol"
This Will Destroy You "Black Dunes"
Tremors "Island Songs"
Twilight Sad, The "Sick"

Delay, Vladislav "Vantaa"
FM3: HeXieFu (Buddha Box Related Project In Super Deluxe Packaging)
Monolith, Dave "Welcome"
Seahaven "Winter Forever"
Stott, Andy "Passed Me By / We Stay Together" (2CD)
Sweet Exorcist "RetroActivity"
Various "Original Cumbia" (2CD)
Various "Tresor 20th Anniversary (Mixed By Mike Huckaby)"

Maximum Rock N Roll #343


Moonface Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped CD/LP
Moonface is a project from Canadian indie musician Spencer Krug, whose credits include Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown and Frog Eyes. Just as the title suggests, Krug’s organ takes center stage, creating a nostalgic 80s-electronic sound backed up by a looping drum machine and his emotional, resonant vocals. On this record, he crafts hypnotic atmospheres that sound suited for underwater levels in 8-bit video games, particularly in the jovial/droll-sounding opener “Return to the Violence of the Ocean Floor,” where the organ seems to complement an elegant coral reef formation. The big standout track is “Fast Peter,” which utilizes a very simple yet energetic and quick-paced hook that really creates a feeling of movement. Each of these five tracks is relatively lengthy (ranging six-and-a-half to eight minutes,) making it easier to focus on and absorb each landscape.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Saturday, December 3, 2011

3rd of December Update

3rd Of December 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

The extra Black Friday RSD titles we could pick up are listed.  This doesn't include the title we still have left from last week's update.  We also have one Type O Negative box set which we are selling at $30 below the original price because it has a dented corner (come look and decide for yourself - I don't think it's that bad).  Only one review this week because, well, most of us have been happily busy with store business.

LPs & 12"s
311..    "Grassroots (1st Time On Vinyl)"
Black Keys, The    "El Camino (+ CD + Giant Poster)" (We're actually out of this already and will have it back midweek next.)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club    "BABY81 (Deluxe Ed.)"
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club    "American X: The Baby 81 Sessions"
Bunwinkies    "Map Of Our New Constellations"
Burial Hex (BRLHX)    "Book Of Delusions"
Burzum    "Fallen"
Bush, Kate    "50 Words For Snow (180 Gram 2LP + CD + 20 Page Booklet)"
Candlemass    "Nightfall (Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram)"
Carolee    "EP1"
Cliff, Jimmy "Sacred Fire" (Black Friday RSD)
Cure, The    "Early BBC Sessions 1979-1985"
DarkThrone    "Goatlord"
Death In June    "Nada Plus! (Picture Disc + Post Card 30th Anniversary Ed.)" (We also got the blue vinyl Special Ed. back in.)
Delfonics, The    "La La Means I Love You"
Depeche Mode    "Violator Live (World Violation Tour August 4, 1990 Dodger Stadium; 3xLP)"
Descendents    "ALL"
Dessert Sessions    "Resurrection (2xLP)"
Grateful Dead "Europe 72 (Set)" (Black Friday RSD)
His Electro Blue Voice    "Dead Sons"
Hubble    "Hubble Drums (150 Gram + D/L)"
Jane's Addiction    "The Great Escape Artist (+ D/L)"
Kirby, Leyland    "Intrigue & Stuff 3"
Lady Gaga    "Born This Way: The Remix (15 Track Collection)"
Louvin Brothers, The    "Handpicked Songs 1955-1962 (180 Gram)"
Mars    "Live At Artists Space"
McCombs, Cass    "Humor Risk (180 Gram + D/L)"
Misfits "Devil's Rain" (Black Friday RSD)
Misfits    "Beyond Evil (Unofficial)"
Various Artists    "Mungo's HiFi: Sound System Champions (Top Cat, Ranking Joe, Tippa Irie, Soom T,…)"
Porcupine Tree    "Voyage 34"
Pwin Teaks (PWIN ΔΔ TEAKS)    "AOXOMOXOA (A Cosmotropia De Xam Production)"
Queens Of The Stone Age    "Drunken In Stonehenge: Malmo, Sweden, December 4, 2000 (Picture Disc)"
Saves The Day    "Stay What You Are (Ltd. Ed. Color Vinyl)"
Smashing Pumpkins    "Siamese Dream (2011 Reissue With Metallic Cover Art)"
Soft Moon, The    "Total Decay"
Taj-Mahal Travellers, The    "July 15, 1972 (Recorded Live At Sohgetsu Hall, Tokyo)"
Throbbing Gristle    "Greatest Hits"
Type O Negative    "Dead Again (Ltd. Ed. Box Set 2LP + DVD + D/L + T-Shirt)"
Various Artists    "Pebbles : Original Artyfacts From The First Punk Era Volume One (2011 Reissue)"
Various Artists    "Pebbles : Original Artyfacts From The First Punk Era Volume Two (2011 Reissue)"
Various Artists    "Bossa Jazz Vol. 2: The Birth Of Hard Bossa, Samba Jazz And The Evolution Of Brazilian Fusion 962-73 "
Various Artists    "Bossa Jazz Vol. 1: The Birth Of Hard Bossa, Samba Jazz And The Evolution Of Brazilian Fusion 962-73 "
Various Artists    "Traveling Through The Jungle: Negro Fife And Drum Band Music From The Deep South"
Various Artists    "Eccentric Soul: The Nickel & Penny Labels (Gatefold 2LP)"
Various Artists (Jones, R)    "Fingerbobs: Original Television Music"
Von Haze    "Von Haze"
Warsaw (Joy Division)    "Reaction (Live At Rock Garden, Middlesbrough, UK 14.9.1977 & Rehearsal At Moss Road 1977) (Ltd. Import)"
Waters, Muddy    "After The Rain"
Watson, Chris    "El Tren Fantasma: The Signal Man's Mix"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
A Made Up Sound    "Take The Plunge"
Al Tourettes    "Swan Sketch EP"
Andrews, Guy    "Shades / Textures"
Author    "Author (2LP)"
B.D.I.    "Decoded Messages Of Life & Love / New Robotics #17"
Ben Sun    "Path Of Non-Attachment"
Burial / Four Tet      "Moth" (Latest Pressing - still very limited.)
Cooly G    "Landscapes (Feat. Simbad) / It's Serious (Feat. Karizma)"
Cowley, Abraham    "A Step Goodbye"
DMX Krew    "Cosmic Awakening EP"
Doubleheart    "Salsa Apocalypso"
DSCRD    "Discordance EP"
Echelon Plan, The    "Black Dots In An Ocean Of White."
Flug 8    "Liebeslied"
Garcia, Simon    "Tears In Vain"
Gold Panda    "An Iceberg Hurled Northward Through Clouds"
Gold Panda    "DJ-Kicks"
GoldFFinch    "Red Mask"
Karenn    "Sheworks001"
Kingdom    "Dreama"
Latecomer    "A Cosmic Cart"
Lazer Sword    "Sounds Sane / Klock (10")"
Lenz, Adrian / Sandman    "Cover Me (Ol Oil' Riddim) / No Prisoners"
Mangeblanc    "Tom-Tit Edits: On Our Way To?/Vishnu (10")"
Mr Oizo    "Stade 2"
Ohara, Raz    "See It Coming"
Persian    "Existence Is Resistance (Ltd. Ed.)"
Raiders Of The Lost ARP    "Battlestar EP"
Raime    "Hennail"
Rrose    "Merchant Of Salt"
Scuba    "DJ-Kicks"
Sepalcure    "Sepalcure"
Splits & Slits    "Hammering EP"
Stagga    "Wild For The Night"
Tofu Productions    "Trabalhador / E Quake / Amega Furu / The Scream"
Tycho    "Dive (2LP)"
Various Artists    "Abstract Forms: Combined EP V2.0 (/250)"
Various Artists    "KANN RSD: Record Store Day 05/11/2011 (Sun Glitters, Bender & Sevensol)"
Wareika    "Floors"
Zomby    "Nothing (+ D/L)"

Hip-Hop 12"s & LPs
A Tribe Called Quest    "People's Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm"
Black Milk & Danny Brown    "Black And Brown! (+ D/L)"
Count Bass D    "Act Your Waist Size (Reduced Price)"
Gorillaz    "The Singles Collection 2001-2011 (Ltd. Ed. 2LP)"
J-Live    "Always Will Be: Recorded 2003 (Reduced Price)"
Morris, Kendra (W/ DJ Premier)    "Concrete Waves (Official Serato Control Vinyl)"
Ol' Dirty Bastard    "Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version (2xLP Deluxe Set)"
P.O.S.    "Audition (Reduced Price)"
Various Artists    "Nirobi Edits"

Young Governor    "Where Its Quiet"
Front Bottoms, The    "Slow Dance To Soft Rock / Grip N Tie (Gatefold 2x10")"

All That Remains / Jasta (Black Friday RSD)
Beatles "Singles (Box)" (Black Friday RSD)
Black Face "I Want To Kill"
Dive "Sometime"
Dylan, Bob "Can You Please (Box)" (Black Friday RSD)
Eddy Detroit Meets Sun City Girls
Fear "Have Yourself A Merry Christmas" (Black Friday RSD)
Joy Division "An Ideal For Living" (Unofficial Reissue)
Mascis, J (Dino Jr.) "
Pee Pee Dyna "A Groovy Christmas & New Year"
Pink Floyd "Wall Singles (Box)" (Black Friday RSD)
Ramones "Do U Wanna Dance"
Rolling Stones "No Spare Parts"
Trash Talk "Awake" (Restocked!)
Wye Oak "Strangers"

1349 "Hellfire"
Black Keys "El Camino"
Blake, James "Enough Thunder"
Boris "New Album"
Fennesz / Sakamoto "Flumina (2CD)"
SunnO)) "00 Void"
Umberto "Prophecy..."
Various Artists "Rangarang"

Cassette Tapes
Andrew Jackson Jihad / O Pioneers!!!
FWY! "CA 80's-90's" (C72)
Horrid Red "Celestial Joy" (C30)
Prurient "Time's Arrow"
Rose Croix (C31)
Sylvester Anfang II "Levend Op De Brandstapel & De Braderie" (C50)
Wormsblood "Black & White Art For Man & Beast" (C44)

Rice, Boyd "Twilight Man" (Preface By Nina Antonia)

The Body and Braveyoung Nothing Passes CD
(At A Loss)
The Body’s style is “blackened/noise/doom,” while Braveyoung plays orchestral drone-rock: both collaborated to create this record. The result sounds like a cinematic anthem for the end of the world. Warbling feedback, eerily mellow ambience and long, drawn-out guitar sprawl sound like a harsh sunset radiating the silhouette of a ravaged metropolis. The uncompromising drum patterns in “Song 2” sound a marching squad unfazed by the destruction. Most unexpected is the juxtaposition of gentler sounds, most notably a xylophone, against the wall of tumult. This is the most fascinating in the title track, where the instrument’s lullaby sounds strangely calm and innocent against the acrid noise sizzle, eventually fading into orchestral ambience. The album closes with a cover of Exuma’s “The Vision;” an easily accessible acoustic/choral piece with soothing-yet-poignant vocals from Chrissy Wolpert of the Assembly of Light Choir (the droning guitar sticks around throughout, though.) Although a departure musically (except for the background drone,) it fits well because the lyrics give an appropriately apocalyptic farewell.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Toy Drive

for children with special needs
We are participating in a local toy drive again this year.
You have until December 16th to bring some joy to a child by dropping off a toy here or at any of the other drop-off locations around New Haven. 
(Devil's Gear Bike Shop, Romeo & Cesare's, Fuel Coffee)
"The toys will help children with many different disabilities that include autism, down syndrome, global developmental delays, Hypotonia, and a number of other chromosomal anomalies. (all of the children that are receiving the toys are also in lower socio-economic levels).

There are are a number of toys that are beneficial these include puzzles, nesting cups, blocks, books (simple picture books), cause/effect toys (pop ups, lights/sounds) cars, trucks, dolls. Here are a few links to for ideas: and Toys R Us also is really great at labeling the toys. They have a catalog for differently abled kids."
"The holiday toy drive for children with special needs focuses on children with special needs between the ages of 0-3. Our goal is to collect new and gently used, unwrapped toys during the holiday season. These toys are then distributed just before Christmas to needy children with special needs in our community. We want all children to experience the magic and joy of the holiday season regardless of their abilities or socioeconomic status. 

Providing the children with toys that are appropriate for their skill level and using them to teach new skills is also very important. Often times the toys needed to practice a skill are financially unavailable to the family, which is why the toy drive is so important in helping to serve as two functions: first as a holiday gift and second as a necessary therapeutic tool.

We consult with a team of professionals who work in the early intervention field to provide the best fit for each child. We just need your help with collecting the toys. Some of the best items to donate include nesting cups, blocks, stacking rings, shape sorters, puzzles, books, cause and effect toys, trucks, dolls, pop beads, lacing beads, yoga balls, and balance toys" 

For more information please email: toydrivect (AT) me (DOT) com or call: (203) 764-1823

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