Friday, February 8, 2008

8 February 2008 Update New and Key Restocked Items

8 February 2008 Update New and Key Restocked Items
We've got ten copies of the autobiography of John Joseph, "The
Evolution Of A Cro-Magnon". These are going to go fast so get down
here and pick one up!

Other new stuff in today:

Final Fight "Under Attack" LP
Foundation "Foundation" 7"
Hot Snakes "Suicide Invoice" LP
Scream "Still Screamig" LP
Warwolf "Warwolf" 7"
Drug Test / R'n'R 7"
Fuck This / State 7"
Forfeit "Visions" 7"
Needles "Needles" 7"
The Loved Ones "Build and..." LP
Birds of Maya "Vol. 1" LP
the Bug "Poison Dart 1" 12"
the Bug "Poison Dart 2" 12"
Capsule "Blue" LP+CD
Clockcleaner "Frogrammer" 7"
Kimya Dawson "Remember that I Love You" LP
Grey Daturas "Owly Claw Hammer" LP
No WTO Combo "Live from the Battle..."LP
Shitmat & Friends "Gary's Gruesome Remixes" 12"

Compact Discs:
Stick to Your Guns "For What..."
Life Long Tragedy "Runaway"
Staring Problem "You'll..."
Buzz*oven "Welcome to Violence"
Maserati/Mercury Program "Confines of Heat" CD+DVD
MF Doom is Viktor Vaughan "Vaudeville Villain"

John Joseph "Evolution of a Cro-Magnon" Book

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