Monday, June 7, 2010

Beatles "Paperback Writer / Rain" 7" Vinyl Single

Tomorrow, June 8th, is the U.S. release date for The Beatles "Paperback Writer / Rain" 7" Vinyl Single.

It was originally a UK Record Store Day item. There are a very limited number of these (1000, I believe). At best, any store that wanted these got only 2. We got 2! The least amount of fun this could lead to is that whomever could make it here first could buy them. That doesn't sound all that fun at all. It would be fun for those 2 people, sure, but less fun for so many more people. More fun? What could we do to make that happen? A raffle? Yes!

A raffle for these is going to take place! That way we can charge you and make a mint off these little round things, right? NO WAY, DUDE! This raffle is going to be FREE! No catch. You don't have to purchase anything at all. You don't have to buy a raffle ticket. You just have to enter and cross your fingers. (Actually, the one catch is that you actually do have to come into the store to fill out the form. I almost forgot to mention that - no online entries, sorry)

The raffle entry will go on for 2 weeks. At 7PM on Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010, we will pick a winner at random. You don't have to be present for the picking - entries will have contact information on them so we can reach you. However, coming in at that time might make it more exciting for all.

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Congrats to winner Ian!

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