Friday, October 22, 2010

Website Tease

Website Tease

We had hoped to have a new website up by now. True story. We've had a couple redesigns and set-backs. Stuff happens. I just wanted to post this simple note here for any new visitors that might have found us through the fliers being distributed this weekend at WFMU.

Firstly, thank you very much for making the effort to visit our site! Secondly, please visit our tables on Saturday at E4 + E5. And thirdly, please check back periodically for our online sales. We sell vinyl via Discogs (right now we have temporarily disabled all items while we're in New York selling to people face to face). Our new site will also have a shop for more direct buying and will feature items that you may not even find on Discogs by anyone (if you are already a user of the site you know that not everything is there, of course). And lastly, if you like framed artwork of metal and hard rock bands (some signed) then please check this post about our collection of framed posters here:

And here is a tease of the upcoming website (I swear it's coming soon - ironing out details and final touches)

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