Saturday, January 8, 2011

Redscroll Stickers Around the World

Redscroll Stickers Around the World
Hey, have you seen a Redscroll sticker in some place fun or maybe in a place far far away?  Have you seen one that has become so much a part of the environment that you'd be jarred if it wasn't there anymore?  Take a picture of it and send it to us! (Emailing is the preferred way of bringing it to our attention.) Thanks to Sean L. and Sean C. for doing this for us in the past (latest one being very recent past).  Anyone not named Sean is also welcome to do this ;)  New sticker or old sticker design - we'd like to see them all.
[This picture was sent by Sean C. - the campus of UCONN, Storrs.]

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John H. said...

Hey I know that dorm

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