Thursday, October 13, 2011

Movie Ticket Give-Away: Gainsbourg

Movie Ticket Give-Away: Gainsbourg

(Still from Gainsbourg)

Basically, everything good you know about France was encapsulated in Serge Gainsbourg. Hell, he's probably what you think of when you think of France. Sophisticated and sexy and a smoking notorious lady's man (also, he was architecture - all right, maybe not everything good). Perhaps there are some negative connotations in there too.  Perhaps that was all part of what made him interesting enough to have this movie made about him.  Perhaps you've heard or seen the work of Serge's daughter, Charlotte.  Perhaps you've heard his own work with Beck. He also made his own music (I am not leaving this as a given as I thought to initially). 

Best-selling comic book artist Joann Sfar delivers an inventive biography of famed French singer Serge Gainsbourg (Eric Elmosnino). Born Lucien Ginsburg to Russian-Jewish parents, Sfar follows him from his childhood in Nazi-occupied Paris, his transition from painter to jazz musician to pop superstar and his many relationships including Juliette Greco (Anna Mouglalis), Brigitte Bardot (Laetitia Casta) and Jane Birkin (Lucy Gordon) while employing a witty surrealistic style and a soundtrack that acts like a time capsule to ‘60’s Paris.

So, we have a couple pairs of tickets to give away for this thanks to our friends at REAL ART WAYS in Hartford.  It's playing up at R.A.W. for the next week.  Come by the store (anytime after 3PM on tomorrow/Friday; the tickets will be here by then) and find any record having to do with Serge Gainsbourg (we have many) and ask for the passes and you'll get them (you don't have to buy the record - just show it to any of us).  I'll post when they're gone.    

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