Wednesday, December 21, 2011

21st Of December 2011 Update

21st Of December 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

This week's update comes a couple days early (Joy to the World). We might post some reviews up on Friday (might). We are expecting more orders in this week as well, but those will appear on the update next week.
We also have some early closings and one day of being closed in the next week and half:
Saturday, Christmas Eve: 12-5:30PM
Sunday, Christmas Day: CLOSED
Saturday, New Year's Eve: 12-6PM

All other day's are the regular scheduled hours of operation and whatnot (lots of whatnot).

LPs & 12"s
Amen Ra    "Mass III (Gatefold 2LP)"
American Revolution, Thee    "Buddha Electrostorm"
Amoumine, Ali Ag    "Takamba (LP+7")"
Anne    "Dream Punx "
Bastard Noise    "Skulldozer (Gatefold)"
Big Kids    "Phone Home"
Black Freighter    "Graves And Monuments (Gatefold)"
Black Witchery    "Inferno Of Sacred Destruction (Gatefold)"
Blake, James    "Enough Thunder"
Blasphemophager    "Return To Nuclear Hell "
Boris    "New Album (2LP Gatefold)"
Capsule    "No Ghost (+ CD)"
Crisis (Pre-Death In June Band)    "Hymns Of Faith (Reissue)"
Davis, Miles    "Dark Magus (180 Gram)"
Doom    "Doomed From The Start: The Demos' Album"
Enforcers    "End Of Time"
Eno, Brian    "Small Craft On A Milk Sea (+ D/L)"
Goat Horn    "Storming The Gates"
Grup Estel    "Nadal (/500 180 Gram)"
H2O    "H2O"
Head Cat, The (Lemmy's Rockabilly Band)    "Fool's Paradise"
Indecision    "Unorthodox"
Jones, Eddie Lee And Family    "Yonder Go That Old Black Dog: Blues, Spirituals And Folksongs From Rural Georgia"
Krallice    "Diotima (180 Gram Gatefold 2LP)"
Last Match    "1997-1999"
Limp Wrist    "1st LP (Import Version)"
Low    "I Could Live In Hope (180 Gram)"
Madlib & Freddie Gibbs    "Thuggin'"
Manson, Charles    "Air (8 Previously-Unheard And Exclusive Songs)"
Morbosidad    "Profana La Cruz Del Nazareno (Gatefold)"
Pale Creation    "Twilight Haunt"
Parr, Charlie & The Black Twigg Pickers    "Glory In The Meeting House "
Phobia    "Loud Proud And Grind As Fuck"
Police & Thieves    "Fracturing"
Spazz    "La Revancha"
Spivs, Thee    "Black And White Memories"
Thou / Cower    "War Is The Force That Gives Us Meaning: A Two Part Analysis Of Personal And Inter-Personal Conflict."
Van Hoen, Mark    "The Revenant Diary (Gatefold 2LP)"
Various Artists    "The Original Sound Of Cumbia: The History Of Colombian Cumbia & Porro As Told By The Phonograph 1948-79 (Part 1 - Original Colobian 78s) (+D/L 180 Gram 3LP Ltd. Ed.)"
Various Artists    "The Original Sound Of Cumbia: The History Of Colombian Cumbia & Porro As Told By The Phonograph 1948-79 (Part 2 - Original 45s And LP Cuts) (+D/L 180 Gram 3LP Ltd. Ed.)"
Wiccans    "Skullduggery"
Yelawolf    "Radioactive: Amazing And Mystifying Chemical Tricks"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
Conforce    "Escapism (2LP)"
Daft Punk    "Homework (Gatefold; Import)"
Headhunter    "Clone / Projector"
J:Kenzo    "Ruffhouse (Feat. Rod Azlan) / Therapy"
Sharps Industry / Disheveled    "Crucify, Loop Brace / The Mask Is Slipping, I Live In This Hole"
Skream    "Skreamizm Vol. 6"
Stojan, N!co    "Callejera"
Various Artists    "Desolat X-Sampler (Hector & Alexkid, Danny Ocean, Funk E, Filsonik, Reboot…)"

1.6 Band "The Checkered Past..."
End of a Year / Kids Explode
Face Reality
Hounds Of Hate "No Redemption"
Joy Division "An Ideal For Living (Unofficial)"
Mindless "Human Conditioning"
No Tolerance "No Remorse"
No Sir "Holy Land"
White Stripes (a whole bunch of 'em including the Xmas one)

Bastard Noise "Our Earth's Blood (5xCD)"

Voguing And The House Ballroom Scene Of New York City 1989-92 (Photos: Chantal Regnault; Introduction: Tim Lawrence; Soul Jazz Books)

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