Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Savings 25% Off Select Selections

Summer Savings 25% Off Select Selections
Slashing Certain CDs And Slipmats And Such And Such As Such And So Forth
 All NON-BLUE (& (our latest sticker color) NON-PINK; edit 8/29/11) Tagged Items Are 25% Off Until August 31st (or until we run out).
That includes Yellow, Green, Red and White tagged items.  


Items?  Yes.  We don't put tags on used merchandise so this is all new stock (generally older new stock); CDs, LPs, Books, etc. 

It's all stuff we most likely won't be restocking either so if you've been holding off on getting something we have had for a while then now is the time to get it.

Sorry Blue. Maybe next time.

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