Friday, September 2, 2011

2nd Of September 2011 Update

2nd Of September 2011 Update of New and Key Restocked Items
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Active Child    "You Are All I See (+ D/L)"
Alternative TV     "The Image Has Cracked"
Animal Collective    "Danse Manatee (+ D/L)"
Art Ensemble Of Chicago    "Certain Blacks (Reissue)"
Barry, John    "Bruce Lee's Game Of Death (Original Soundtrack)"
Bikini Kill / Huggy Bear    "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah / Our Troubled Youth (+ D/L)"
Blacklisted    "We're Unstoppable"
Bon Iver    "Holocene (+ D/L)"
Deathspell Omega    "Diabolus Absconditus/Mass Grave Aesthetics"
Digitaldubs    #1 (Brazilian Dub W/ Guests + D/L)
Hella    "Tripper"
Icarus Line, The    "Wildlife"
Lewd Acts     "Black Eye Blues"
Man Forever    "Learned Helplessness In Rats - Rock Drummer"
Mariachi El Bronx    "Mariachi El Bronx (II) (3 Color Vinyl + CD)"
Ministry    "Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed & The Way to Suck Eggs (KEAH) (180 Gram)"
Muller, Jurgen    "Science Of The Sea"
Oathbreaker    "Maelstrom"
Portishead    "The Rip (12" Etched One Side)"
Radiohead    "Give Up The Ghost (Brokenchord RMX) / TKOL (Altrice RMX) / Bloom (Blawan RMX)"
Rapture, The    "In The Grace Of Your Love"
Resurrection    "I Am Not: The Discography"
Samiam    "Trips"
Sir Stephen    "Hang Tough E.P."
Skull Snaps    "Skull Snaps (Ltd. Ed. /1000 2xLP Remastered Gatefold + Poster + Sticker Sheet)"
Spoon    "Gimme Fiction (+ D/L)"
Suzuki, Damo & Cuzo    "Puedo Ver Tu Mente (Colored Vinyl)"
Thrice    "Major/Minor (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl + D/L)"
TV On The Radio    "World Café Live (+ D/L)"
WU LYF (World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation)    "Go Tell Fire To The Mountain (+ D/L)"

Electronic LPs & 12"s
Africa HiTech    "Out In The Streets (VIP)"
Balam Acab    "Wander/Wonder"
Bass Clef    "Zamyatin Tapes Volume 1"
Clams Casino    "Instrumentals"
Claro Intelecto    "Metanarrative (2xLP)"
Dexplicit    "Pull Up Riddim / Pull Up Vocal"
DJ Diamond    "Flight Muzik (+ D/L)"
Falty DL    "Phreqaflex"
Ford Inc.    "Satire / Delirium"
Pendle Coven    "Hex EP"

Forced Reality "Give 'Em The Brass"
Living Eyes "Starve For Agony"
Nucular Aminals "Nobody's Man"
Punch "Nothing Lasts"
Self Defense Family (End Of A Year) "I'm Going Through Some Sh*t"

Jay Z & Kanye West "Watch The Throne"

Nick Tosches "Save The Last Dance For Satan"


All Pigs Must Die God Is War LP/CD
(Southern Lord)

All Pigs Must Die is a 4 piece nihilistic hardcore band out of Boston. Featuring the voice of Kevin Baker of The Hope Conspiracy and the drumming power of Ben Koller from Converge. They first showed us a Self Titled 5 song EP last year on Nonbeliever Records, which was immediately given a lot of attention. This is their latest effort; an eagerly awaited sophomore album titled "God is War" and released on Southern Lord Records. 
Here's a video of them playing a house show at SXSW, along with the drummer of Trap Them.
[Reviewer: Sean]

Deathspell Omega
Diabolus Absconditus/Mass Grave Aesthetics LP
(Norma Evangelium Diaboli)

This is a new LP (as in recent release), but the tracks on it are from a couple compilations.  Yes, two tracks. 42 minutes and 10 seconds worth of two tracks.  Deathspell Omega is undoubtedly the reigning champion of current black metal.  Intricate mind-boggling riffs and generally outstanding songs that never let you get tired.  I feel like all of this is super obvious to anyone who knows. So, for anyone who doesn't know and has even a remote interest in black metal, go listen to Deathspell Omega. Start here. Start anywhere.
[Reviewer: Rick]

Punch Nothing Lasts 7"

I was having a conversation yesterday about how Deathwish is to hardcore now what Revelation was to hardcore in the late 80's and early 90's. In that, they're always pumping out the finest releases by the most current & relevant bands. This week alone they dropped releases by Living Eyes, Self Defense Family, Oathbreaker, Resurrection, and Punch. Anyone who has ever been involved with putting a record out can attest to how much work, effort and planning goes into the process. Now, imagine getting five releases ready at the same time. My brain would explode. Punch is a hardcore band hailing from San Fransisco, CA. Everyone I talk to about this band seems to be a fan, and with good reason. They play a solid fusion of thrashcore & youth crew. I love that there are only a couple sentences of lyrics for each song. It bums me out when vocalists try to cram too many words into a short song, it makes singing along real wonky. "Nothing Lasts" offers up seven new songs that won't disappoint fans of their previous two full lengths on Assault Records.
[Reviewer: Josh]

Spazz Crush Kill Destroy [Repress] LP
(625 Thrashcore)

In a sea of derivative “hardcore” bands trying to incite thrashing by using the same old methods, Spazz carved out their own niche. Although they didn’t invent the powerviolence genre, they certainly knew how to make it fun while staying true to form. Imagine a thrashier mutation of hardcore punk, clearly influenced by the blisteringly quick-and-to-the-point, rapidly shifting nature of grindcore. The result, in my opinion, channels a more raw degree of emotion that “normal” punk songwriting doesn’t seem to allow. What really made Spazz rise above most others in the genre, though, was their sharp sense of wit and overall unique persona. The lyrics range from bizarre (“Dwarf Goober Militia” is a good example) to straightforward bashing of targets such as wangstas, animal abusers and hardcore poseurs. There’s just something really refreshing about the overall execution of this album – too many bands try to imitate, but these guys did exactly what they wanted, which is sound like themselves.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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