Saturday, September 17, 2011

Street Team/Meet Our New Intern

Street Team/Meet Our New Intern

Hey, I'm Liz and I've recently started to work at Redscroll as an intern for the fall semester. I go to the University of New Haven and will be graduating with a degree in Music Industry in the spring. I'm excited to be involved with this store, as I've been shopping here myself ever since I started going to school in Connecticut three years ago. 

Redscroll has a reputation for being one of the most accommodating record stores in the area and anyone who buys records in Connecticut knows that. I'd like to make even more kids aware of the store and everything it does to participate in the CT music scene, so Redscroll Records is starting a street team to make this possible. We want to get flyers out to local stores, colleges, high schools, coffee shops, and venues to promote sales and events we will be having in the future. 

Being a part of this street team will not only be fun, but will provide those who participate with valuable experience and networking opportunities. We'd love to see as many people get involved with this as possible, so don't hesitate to contact us at for any questions or to get started!

[This is Rick now.  I'm going to add some incentives to this in list form below in case anyone might find that to be more motivating. :)]

Possible swag:
Redscroll T-Shirts
Promo Music (generally CDs)
Free entrance to many concerts (we work with promoters and distributors that love to give us little incentives like that which we'd happily pass along to anyone on our team)
Record Fair early entrance - this is contingent on helping us set up at them.
Fun outings with the Redscroll team! We like to do fun things from time to time.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Josh, Rick, Sean, and all at redscroll. Sign me up for the street team. I'd be more than happy to use the blog I write for to promote, sales, releases, shows, and events on the blog. Welcome, Liz! I've already been busy promoting Vitriol records, IFB records, Glory Kids, and have been featuring Get Young on the blog as well. Drop me an email@'s the blog

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