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13th Of July 2012 Update

13th Of July 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Baddat For Trubbel    "Det Har Ar Inte New York (Plus ISO 9004 EP)"
Baroness    "Yellow & Green" (2LP Gatefold)
Beak    "Beak >>" (II; 2LP; 2nd Album)
Carpenter, John    "Escape From New York"
Clean, The    "Odditties" (2LP Gatefold)
Cleaners From Venus    "Midnight Cleaners" (Remastered, 1st Time On Vinyl, + D/L)
Cleaners From Venus    "On Any Normal Monday" (Remastered, 1st Time On Vinyl, + D/L)
Cold World    "No Omega"
Crusaders Of Love    "Take It Easy… But Take It"
Cynarae    "Cynarae" (+ D/L)
Decibelios    "Oi!" (Spanish Oi From 1985; Ltd. Ed. 180 Gram)
Decimus    "#11"
Deep Listening Band    "Octagonal Polyphony"
Dicks    "These People" (First 1000 Copies Include "Peace?" 7" + D/L For Both)
Dicks    "Kill From The Heart" (Band Authorized Reissue LP + D/L Including The "Hate The Police" 7")
Djin Aquarian And Plastic Crimewave Sound    "Save The World"
Echo Lake    "Wild Peace"
Enabler    "All Hail The Void" (Gatefold)
Fay    "Din"
Friends    "Manifest!" (Gatefold + D/L)
Future Of The Left    "The Plot Against Common Sense"
Gatekeeper    "Exo" (Gatefold)
Gun Club, The    "Pastoral, Hide & Seek" (Gatefold Reissue)
Heatsick    "Deviation EP"
Homewrecker    "Worms And Dirt"  (+ D/L)
Icky Blossoms    "Icky Blossoms" (+CD)
In Aeternam Vale    "In Aeternam Vale"
Jeans Wilder    "Totally" (+ D/L)
JK Flesh (Justin K. Broadrick Of Godflesh, Techno Animal, Napalm Death….)    "Posthuman" (2LP Ltd. Ed. Hand Numbered /500)
Kluster    "Klopfzeichen" (180 Gram)
Lord Nelson    "Shango" (Ltd. Ed. Single Series + D/L)
Make Do And Mend    "Everything You Ever Loved" (Ltd. Edition First Press On Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Mares Of Thrace    "The Pilgrimage" (Noise Doom Duo; + CD)
Marilyn Manson    "Born Villain" (2LP 180 Gram Gatefold + D/L)
Martyrdöd    "Paranoia" (Gatefold)
Maus, John    "A Collection Of Rarities And Previously Unreleased Material" (Ltd. Ed. Hand Numbered /2500 + D/L)
Nazoranai    "Nazoranai" (2LP; Keiji Haino, Stephen O'Malley & Oren Ambarchi)
Sakamoto, Shintaro    "How To Live With A Phantom" (+ D/L)
Samiam    "(Billy)" (20th Anniversary Edition Gatefold Colored Vinyl + D/L)
Smashing Pumpkins    "Pisces Iscariot" (2LP 180 Gram Gatefold Remastered & Reissued)
Stereolab    "Mars Audiac Quintet" (2012 Reissue 2LP Gatefold)
Stereolab    "Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements" (2012 Reissue 2LP)
Teenage Bottlerocket    "Freak Out!" (+ D/L)
Timmy's Organism    "Raw Sewage ROQ" (+ D/L)
Turquoise Days    "Alternative Strategies"
Twin Shadow    "Confess" (+ D/L)
Useless Children    "Post Ending / Pre Completion" (+ D/L)
Vainio, Mika / Kevin Drumm / Axel Dorner / Lucio Capece    "Venexia"
Various Artists    "Richard Sen Presents: This Ain't Chicago - The Underground Sound Of UK House & Acid 1987-1991" (2LP Gatefold)
Various Artists    "Touch 33: Islands In-Between" (Indonesian Sounds Originally Released On Cassette In 1984)
Very Best, The     "MTMTMK" (+ D/L)

Hip-Hop 12"s & LPs
Various Artists    "Big Fun In The Big Town: 1986 Hip Hop Classics (Music That Inspired The Cult Film)" (+ Poster)

Electronic 12"s & LPs
Consequence    "Injunction / Chamber Music"
Digitalism    "DJ-Kicks" (2LP)
Field, The    "Looping State Of Mind Remixe" (Junior Boys, Blondes, Mohn)
Gingy & Bordello    "Iron & Water"
Kuedo    "Work, Live & Sleep In Collapsing Space"
LCD Soundsystem    "Throw"
Phase ([PHASE])    "Binary Opposition Reprocessed Part 1" (Sigha, Peter Van Hoesen)
Phase ([PHASE])    "Binary Opposition Reprocessed Part 2" (Planetary Assault System, Ctrl)
Shed    "The Killer" (2LP Gatefold)
Shigeto    "Lineage"
Squarepusher    "Ufabulum" (2LP, CD, D/L)

Deadhead    "Deadhead"
Lurka    "Forgotten Ones"
Segall, Ty Band (Ty Segall Band)    "Slaughterhouse" (2x10" + D/L)
Spent Flesh    "Spent Flesh"

ACXDC    "The Second Coming"
Calculator    "New Forms"
Cheap Curls    "Jackie Oh / Message / In Your Arms"
Diat    "Pick A Line / No Accent"
Forward    "Devil's Cradle EP"
June Brides, The    "Moon / Cloud"
King Dude    "Dungeon Doo-Wop"
Kontravoid    "Native State / Cut To Cleanse"
Midnite Snaxxx    "You Kill Me"
New Coke    "He Got Stabbed In The Throat / All I Want Is Your Sunshine"
Pharaoh    "This House Is Doomed" (+ D/L)
Pleasant Living    "Pleasant Living" (+ D/L)
Ra    "The Awakening"
Seven Sisters Of Sleep    "Seven Sisters Of Sleep (Sundown / High Priest / Slower Downer)" (7" + CD + Poster + Patch)
Straightjacket Nation    "Nationalism" (+ D/L)
Swamps    "Seven Sides" (2x7" + D/L)
Tidemouth    "What I Meant To Say" (+ D/L With Bonus Track)
Touche Amore      "Live On BBC Radio 1" (First Press Transparent Orange Or White Vinyl; + D/L)
Vices    "The Out Crowd Blues"
Wisdom In Chains    "Vigilante Saint" (+ D/L)
Zygadlo, Rudi    "Melpomene"

CDs Rock
Altar Of Flies    "Let New Life Rise In The Face Of Death"
Dicks    "These People" (Classic 1985 LP + "Peace?" 7" On One CD)
Dirty Projectors    "Swing Lo Magellan"
Dying Fetus    "Reign Supreme"
Funerary Call    "Fragments From The Aether"
Howling Wind, The    "Of Babalon"
Kreator    "Phantom Antichrist" (CD+DVD)
Nile    "At The Gate Of Sethu"
Nordvargr    "Pyrrhula"
Original Iron Maiden, The    "Maiden Voyage" (1960s-70s Blues Pysch Prog Hard Rock With Heavy Occult Leanings)
Pharaoh    "Bury The Light"
Vintersorg    "Orkan"

CDs Non-Rock
Aesop Rock    "Skelethon"
Bianchi, Maurizio (M.B.)    "Symphony For A Genocide By M.B."
Black Leather Jesus    "Torture Machinist"
Cenotype    "Origins Unfold"
Deathpile    "Final Confession"
Deathpile    "G.R."
Deep Listening Band    "Great Howl At Town Haul"
Grunt    "Petturien Rooli"
Ondatropica    "Ondatropica" (2CD Deluxe Edition)
Satori    "Kanashibari"
Sutcliffe Jugend    "This Is The Truth"
Various Artists    "African Rhythms: Anthology"
Various Artists    "African Voices: Anthology"


Ty Segall Singles 2007-2010
[Buy From RSR Online]
Specializing in sharp lo-fi/psychedelic garage punk, this singer-guitarist-drummer has been releasing music since 2005 with bands like Epsilons, The Perverts and (most notably) Sic Alps. His solo output is the purest representation of his talent for rocking out, with this release compiling almost an hour of out-of-print and unreleased material. With such an abrasively produced sound, “shitgaze” is the genre tag that inevitably comes to mind. Like other acts that successfully use the style, though, Segall sounds refreshingly retro-tinged and analog as opposed to someone who just cranked up the bass boost (“Skin” is a shining example, with the organ’s sound capturing a mix of nostalgia and some tasty noise bursts.) My favorite tracks were high-intensity ones such as “Standing at the Station” demo, consisting of nothing but screamy, soaring heavy rock. I also enjoyed stuff like “Booksmarts,” which concludes it spooky surf-rock with total whirling chaos, while the second half of “Fuzzy Cat” is easily some of the most bracing, extreme-speed experimental punk I’ve ever heard.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Canon Blue Rumspringa
[Buy From RSR Online]
(Temporary Residence Ltd.)
On his sophomore record (named after the period when Amish adolescents choose to either stay in their communities or break off and go wild,) singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Daniel James has recruited almost 20 additional musicians to help bring his imaginative orchestral-pop visions into fruition. The most prominent sound throughout is the many strings, particularly in the beautiful, ambient closer “Andalusia (Davenport),” courtesy of the frequently Sigur Rós-collaborating quartet Amiina. From the spirited brass-driven opening of “Chicago (Chicago),” James showcases his passionate emotions from the get-go. Other tracks like the relaxed “Indian Summer (Des Moines)” and dramatic-turned-cathartic “A Native” (Madison)” feature great mixes of the sophisticated, elegant instrumentation with memorable pop hooks. The powerful “Heavy Heart (Minneapolis A”) shows his frustrated, somber side with “a crowd full of strangers / lifting your heavy heart.”
[Reviewer: Mark]

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