Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume / Happy 4th!

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume

We started posting a daily video on our Facebook page. Of course, not even everyone who "likes" our FB page sees those (for one reason or another). And not everyone we know or would like to know is on Facebook so we'll be doing a weekly roundup (Wednesday seems like a good day for it) post on our blog. So far, it's been mostly new music videos (relatively) and it's all music that we carry (and at least one of us personally enjoys it on a pretty great level).  Along with the videos we'll be putting up the short (couple sentences) blurb that went along with the FB post (the first one makes this blurb a little redundant, excuse that). Enough words though, here's videos:

We're going to start posting a daily video from something we carry (or possibly is coming out soon) and that we enjoy. This first one is some dark dance music that both Josh and Rick enjoy very much. "Give up the ghost."

This song has been floating around a while (the 7" split with Purity Ring and Braids came out in October of 2011), but the 12" single for this song was just recently released and the full length Purity Ring LP/CD comes out in a little less than a month. Pretty great trip-hop gone trill (trill-hop; the sweeping snappy snare rolls really get me).

Tonight (this past Friday) I'm (Josh) going to the Flywheel to see White Lung (Canadian aggro-melodic punx). Check out this video for the song "Take The Mirror" off their new album "Sorry" on Deranged Records. If you dig it, come check out the show! (Word has it from Josh that this show was really great and Bloody Gears was also really cool and worth checking out if you haven't yet.)

The Inclined Plane - Little Shifts from Jason Devin on Vimeo.
The Inclined Plane are playing tonight (this past Saturday) with Purling Hiss, and Estrogen Highs at InterCambio in New Haven. (8PM $8 All Ages) This is a video from their very recent LP. R'n'R from around here & doin' it well.

This Coathangers (fun all-girl Atlanta punk rock, with emphasis on "fun" and "rock") song was the soundtrack to my flea market trip this morning. (Josh went to the Elephant's Trunk this past Sunday) It's a real summer jam.

I first heard and felt the wall of sound that is Portal at Maryland Death Fest a few years ago. Since then these Australian death/black metal time travelers have become one of my favorites in the genre.

El-P's new album is great and this video demonstrates how this CoFlow capitan keeps it completely unhinged (which is probably off-putting to some, but let's ignore those). [Rick]

Happy 4th, y'all. We're open until 4PM (easy to remember). If anyone has any leads on fireworks displays that rival this video let me know (you're probably wearing glasses that filter out mind-boggling if you think you do too).

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