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3rd Of August 2012 Update

3rd Of August 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
Alkerdeel    "Morinde"
Antlers, The    "Undersea" (Ltd. Ed. Colored Vinyl Mastered At 45 RPM + CD)
Antony And The Johnsons    "Cut The World: Live With The Danish National Chamber Orchestra" (2x180 Gram + D/L)
Archers Of Loaf    "All The Nations Airports" (Remastered Reissue With New Cover Art, Clear Vinyl + D/L With 19 Bonus Tracks)
Archers Of Loaf    "White Trash Heroes" (Reamstered Reissue With New Cover Art, White Vinyl + D/L With 13 Bonus Tracks)
At The Drive-In    "In/Casino/Out" (Clear Vinyl)
Bjork    "Biophilia Remixes Part Four (Current Value Remixes)"
Bjork    "Biophilia Remixes Part Three (El Guincho / Hudson Mohawke Peaches And Guacamol Remixes)"
Bjork    "Biophilia Remixes Part Five (King Cannibal Remix / Alva Not Remodel)"
Bjork    "Biophilia Remixes Part Two (Death Grips Remixes)"
Black Past    "Pitch Black"
Burn Your Life Down    "Don't Try EP"
Camera    "Radiate!" (LP+CD)
Cut Teeth    "Tele Vandalism"
Der Plan    "Geri Reig" (180 Gram)
Der Plan    "Normalette Surprise * 23 Elektronische Schlager" (180 Gram)
Dieb13 / Gustafsson / Siewert    "(Fake) The Facts"
Duck, Little Brother, Duck!    "Don't Take Our Filth Away"
Dusted (Members Of Holy Fuck, Rituals, Final Fantasy)    "Total Dust"
Epsilons (Ty Segall Is A Member Of This Band)    "Killed 'Em Deader'N A Six Card Poker Hand"
Fang Island    "Major" (Gatefold)
Fields, Lee & The Expressions    "Faithful Man (Instrumentals)"
Forward    "Just Go Forward To Death"
Holograms    "Holograms" (+ D/L)
Lost Sounds    "The Lost Lost Demos, Sounds, Alternate Takes & Unused Songs 1999-2004" (LP+7")
New Dawn, The    "There's A New Dawn" (2012 Reissue Of Psych Classic From 1970 + D/L)
No Statik    "Everywhere You Aren't Looking"
Nothington    "Borrowed Time"
Outer Space    "II"
Periphery    "Periphery II: This Time It's Personal" (2LP, Gatefold)
Reality Crisis    "Not Bound By The Past, We Live In The Present"
Redd Kross    "Researching The Blues" (+ D/L)
Rush    "Clockwork Angels" (Gatefold 2LP + D/L)
Samothrace    "Reverence To Stone"
Slaves, The    "Spirits Of The Sun"
Soderqvist, Johan    "Let The Right One In (Original Soundtrack)" (+ Poster)
Sound, The    "From The Lions Mouth" (Gatefold)
Sound, The    "Jeopardy"
Spectre Folk    "The Ancient Storm" (+ D/L With 5 Bonus Tracks)
Uzala    "Uzala"
Various Artists    "Zendoni: Funk, Psychedelia And Pop From The Iranian Pre-Revolution Generation" (2LP)
Various Artists    "!Saoco! The Bomba And Plena Explosion In Puerto Rico 1954-1966" (3LP)
Wait, The    "Systematic"
Watson, Patrick    "Adventures In Your Own Backyard" (+ D/L)

Hip-Hop 12"s & LPs
Dr. No (Oh No)    "Dr. No's Kali Tornado Funk"
Nas    "Life Is Good"
Oh No    "OhNoMite" (2LP)

Electronic 12"s & LPs
A Made Up Sound    "Archive II" (+ D/L)
Astro Duo    "Teleporter" (/323)
Batsauce    "Starcr*ssed"
Bok Bok    "MJT (The Torture Track) / Riz MC - Dark Hearts (Bok Bok Dub)"
Deft    "Masquerade EP"
DMX Krew    "Decaying World"
Doshy    "Electrophilic EP"
Fear Ratio, The    "Skana"
Hands Up    "Alien-Talk Good"
Homework    "Conversation Piece"
IAMTHATIAM    "The Invisible"
Ikonika    "I Make Lists"
Joy Orbison & Boddika & Pearson Sound    "Faint / Nil (Reece) / Moist"
Kemp, Martin    "German Salad EP"
Konx-Om-Pax    "Regional Surrealism" (+ D/L)
Leonid Nevermind    "Third Kiss"
LOL Boys    "Changes"
Major Lazer    "Get Free (Feat. Amber Of Dirty Projectors)" (+ D/L)
Motor    "Hyper Lust (Feat. Billie Ray Martin)" (PIC 12")
Polar Inertia    "Last Vehicle EP"
Powell    "Body Music EP"
Protect-U    "The Protect-U E.P."
Rrose & Bob Ostertag    "The Surgeon General"
S_W_Z_K (Swayzak, SWZK)    "S_W_Z_K" (2LP)
Tropic Of Cancer    "Permissions Of Love"
Various Artists    "Kommand EP" (Chris Stanford, Dax J, Gareth Wild)
Walker & Kennedy    "3 Stacked Layers, From Macro To Meta"
Williams, Gareth    "Flaming Tunes"
Willits + Sakamoto (Willits & Sakomoto, Willits And Sakomoto)    "Ancient Future" (+ D/L)

Big Nils    "Bitch Gutsssssss"
Blur    "The Puritan / Under The Westway"
Destructive New Age (DNA)    "Destructive New Age"
Direct Effect    "Forget The Rest"
Divine Fits    "My Love Is Real"
Leather    "Leather"
Necrocum / Seppuku    "Seppuku / Necrocum"
Out Crowd    "Just Us"

CDs Rock
Archers Of Loaf    "All The Nations Airports" (2CD Remastered Reissue With Bonus Tracks)
Archers Of Loaf    "White Trash Heroes" (2CD Remastered Reissue With Bonus Tracks)
Evoken    "Atra Mors"
Fellwoods    "Wulfram"
Nachtmystium    "Silencing Machine"
Samothrace    "Reverence To Stone"
Valley Of Fear    "Valley Of Fear"

CDs Non-Rock
Dr. No    "Dr. No's Kali Tornado Funk"
Folkstorm    "Sweden"
Ocean, Frank    "Channel Orange"
Various Artists    "!Saoco! The Bomba And Plena Explosion In Puerto Rico 1954-1966"
Various Artists    "Zendoni: Funk, Psychedelia And Pop From The Iranian Pre-Revolution Generation"


Wye Oak Civilian
Named after Maryland’s state tree (which lived for centuries before being destroyed in a 2002 thunderstorm,) this Baltimore duo’s dreamy indie-folk transcends the image of just two people performing. Jenn Wasner handles the sensual lead vocals and electric or acoustic guitar, while Andy Stack does back-up vocals, drums and keyboards (often simultaneously, thanks to some creativity.) Their room-filling sound is luminous like streetlights competing with the darkness of night. The title track, for example, is a gorgeously somber lament with moving lyrics about loneliness (“I'm perfectly able to hold my own hand / but I still can't kiss my own neck.”) My favorite tracks included that one and “Hot As Day,” which don’t hesitate to drift into sequences of loud, shimmering shoegaze that remains rooted in the memorable melodies and intriguing lyrics (“when the days run long and late / darkness gives me pause while I lie awake.”)
[Reviewer: Mark]

The Chap We Are Nobody
(Lo Recordings)
It’s easy to classify this London five-piece as electro-pop, with their tight synth-driven melodies and subdued vocals. Apparently it’s a big transition from their previous work’s more prankster-oriented nature: though their synthesized tunes are arranged in a poppy and cozy manner, their lyrical themes include disillusionment and ennui. Right from the playful opening track, the vocalists cite the “Rhythm King” for not only helping them not only escape from darkness, but also find their hearts. The title track shines amidst its curious bleakness (“leave you all behind / paying for my crime / see me now / now you don’t.”) It’s an interesting juxtaposition of energy and controlled frustration. My favorite was “Hands Free,” which relies on mantra-like singing that demands surrender and getting one’s life back - or death - backed by punk-infused guitar chords and cymbal-crashing.
[Reviewer: Mark]

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