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T-USED-DAY Update 8-14-12

14th of August 2012 T-USED-DAY Update

at Redscroll Records

The last time we did one of these (just a couple of weeks ago) it went over very well. Well, we got a lot more used records in since then. I want to stress that this update does not include everything we got in, but it does include certain categories of LPs (basically everything used that's not in the furthest back room - the room with the most used stuff is not included here; used CDs are also not included). Another quick disclaimer: by the time you see this some of it will most likely be gone. We only have one of each of these and cannot guarantee each and every thing will wait for you (GET HERE NOW QUICK!!!).

LPs & 12"s
7 Seconds    "The Crew"    $6.00
Abu-Jamal, Mumia / Man Is The Bastard    "Spoken Word With Music" (Scuffed but plays = reason it's cheap.)    $4.00
Antiproduct    "The Defeaning Silence Of Grinding Gears"    $8.00
Arab Strap    "Monday At The Hug & Pint"    $18.00
Beat Happening    "You Turn Me On"    $15.00
Beat Happening    "Jamboree"    $15.00
Big Black    "Songs About Fucking"    $12.00
Blonde Redhead    "Melodie Citronique"    $6.00
Business, The    "Welcome To The Real World" (White Vinyl)    $12.00
Business, The    "The Best Of The Business"     $10.00
Cat Rapes Dog    "The Banzai Beats"    $11.00
Cat Rapes Dog    "God , Guns & Gasoline"    $11.00
Circulatory System    "Signal Morning" (White Vinyl)    $10.00
Conifer / Ocean    "Conifer / Ocean"    $8.00
Dawson, Kimya    "Hidden Vagenda"    $8.00
Deacon, Dan    "Bromst" (Gatefold)    $13.00
Dead Boys     "Younger, Louder & Snottier"    $9.00
Dirt    "Black And White"    $12.00
Don Caballero    "American Don"    $13.00
Ed Gein    "It's A Shame…/3 Song Demo Limited Edition" (Pink /549)    $25.00
Estrogen Highs    "Tell It To Them"    $6.00
EU's Arse    "1981-1985"    $10.00
Fields Of The Nephilim    "The Nephilim"    $11.00
Fishbone    "In Your Face"    $10.00
Front 242    "Tyranny For You" (Sealed)    $10.00
Fungal Hex    "Fungal Hex"    $20.00
Gang Of Four    "Special Edition Four-Track EP"    $6.00
Ghastly City Sleep    "Ghastly City Sleep"    $8.00
High Places    "Vs. Mankind"    $7.00
Hive Mind    "Writhing Flesh"    $14.00
House Of Low Culture    "Live From The House…"    $18.00
Ignite     "A Place Called Home"    $10.00
Jesus And Mary Chain, The    "Rollercoaster"    $4.00
Le Tigre    "Le Tigre"    $11.00
Liars    "Sisterworld" (2LP)    $15.00
Los Crudos / Spitboy    "Viviendo Asperamente Roughly Living"    $6.00
Miranda, Holly    "The Magician's Private Library" (2LP Gatefold)    $8.00
Mono    "One Step More And You Die"    $16.00
Mono      "Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky"    $12.00
Mono / Pelican    "Mono / Pelican" (Red Vinyl)    $17.00
Mum    "The Peel Session"    $8.00
Nirvana    "In Utero"    $25.00
Pelican    "Australasia" (Blue/Yellow Vinyl)    $24.00
Phantasm    "Wreckage"    $6.00
Phillips, Dave    "They Live" (Swastikas All Over The Place)    $11.00
Phillips, Dave    "The Hermenetics Of Fear Of God"    $7.50
Phobia    "Cruel"    $10.00
Portishead    "Portishead"    $10.00
Red London    "Outlaws"    $9.00
Red Sparowes / Grails    "As the Black…" (Green/Brown Vinyl /100)    $30.00
Red Sparowes / Grails    "As the Black…" (Black Vinyl)    $10.00
Resort, The    "1989"    $15.00
Rollins, Henry    "Big Ugly Mouth"    $10.00
Sex Worker    "The Labor Of Love"    $8.00
Slapshot    "Sudden Death Overtime"    $15.00
Slaughter & The Dogs    "Beware Of…"    $8.00
Stepkids, The    "The Stepkids"    $8.00
Strokes,The    "Room On Fire"    $9.00
Swing Kids    "Discography" PIC    $13.00
T.S.O.L.    "Thoughts Of Yesterday"    $3.00
Tallest Man On Earth, The    "There's No Leaving Now"    $10.00
Television Ghost    "Television Ghost"    $7.00
Various Artists    "Cleanse The Bacteria"    $35.00
Various Artists    Made In Britain    $4.00
What Happens Next?    "Standfast Armageddon Justice Fighter"    $6.00
Windmills By The Ocean    "Windmills By The Ocean"    $6.00
With Honor    "Heart Means Everything" (Gold Translucent)    $20.00
Wolf People    "Tidings"    $6.00

Hip-Hop 12"s & LPs
50 Cent    "The Massacre"    $9.00
Big L    "The Big Picture 1974-1999"    $13.00
Big Pun    "Endangered Species"    $8.00
Big Tone    "Business" (Green Vinyl)    $7.00
Boogie Down Productions    "South Bronx / The P Is Free"    $4.50
Briz    "Blown Mind / Doin' It"    $4.00
Busta Rhymes    "Genesis"    $7.00
Casual    "Smash Rockwell"    $8.00
Constant Deviants    "1995 Demo" (Translucent Blue)    $18.00
Cool Calm Pete    "Black Friday"    $3.00
Crown City Rockers    "Another Day (Rhyme Writing)"    $2.50
DJ Design    "Sparkdala"    $4.00
DJ Vadim    "Like The Wind / Boom Sumting"    $3.00
Edo. G    "Wishful Thinking"    $8.00
Elzhi     "Deep / Colors Remix"    $7.00
Eminem    "The Eminem Show" (2LP)    $23.00
Game, The    "The Documentary"    $20.00
Grand Agent    "By Design" SEALED!    $6.00
House Shoes    "The Time EP" (Red Vinyl)    $7.00
Immortal Technique    "The 3RD World"    $10.00
Jamal, Raheem    "Not The One"    $3.00
Jel    "Greenball 3.5"    $11.00
J-Live    "Always Will Be"    $3.00
Kev Brown    "Random Joints (Deluxe Edition!)" (Clear LP + Black 7")    $22.00
Large Professor    "Professor @ Large" (Blue/Grey Vinyl)    $16.00
Lifesavas    "Gutterfly / A Serpent's Love"    $3.00
Little Brother    "Slow It Down / Say It Again"    $3.00
LMNO    "Better"    $11.00
Longevity    "Throwin Up Letters"    $4.00
Louis Logic    "The Great Divide"    $2.50
Ludacris    "Red Light District"    $6.00
Madlib The Beat Konducta    "Vol. 2: Movie Scenes The Sequel"    $7.00
Madlib The Beat Konducta    "Vol. 3: In India"    $8.00
Majesticons, The    "Beauty Party"    $3.00
Method Man    "Tical 0: The Prequel"    $7.00
Mr. Complex    "Swiss Chocolate Cake" (With USB Drive)    $15.00
Mr. Complex    "Feel Me I'm Rhymin' Against The Grain"    $5.00
Nas    "The Lost Tapes"    $8.00
Nas    "Stillmatic"    $12.00
Nas    "Nasir Jones: God's Son"    $12.00
Oddisee    "People Hear What They See" (2LP+7" Black/Tan Swirl Vinyl)    $18.00
Ohmega Watts    "No Delay"    $3.00
Opio    "Triangulation Station"    $6.00
Peanut Butter Wolf    "Styles, Crews, Flows, Beats"    $3.00
Perkins, Dudley    "Funky Dudley / Testin' Me"    $3.00
Polyrhythm Addicts    "It's My Life / Zonin' Out"    $3.00
Rasco    "The Dick Swanson Theory Part 1"    $5.00
Redman    "Malpractice"`    $7.00
Roc C    "A.Q.A.: All Questions Answered"    $5.00
Slum Village    "Fan-Tas-Tic Vol 1" (2LP+7")    $33.00
Strange Fruit Project    "Up Jump Da Boogie"    $3.00
Sunspot Jonz    "Don't Let Em Stop You"    $3.00
Talib Kweli & Hi Tek: Reflection Eternal    "Train Of Thought"    $11.00
Various Artists     "Live" Convention "81"    $6.00
Various Artists    "Soul Supreme Presents The Saturday Nite Agenda"    $6.00
Various Artists    "Classic Freestyles Vol. 1"    $7.00
Various Artists    "Seditious Jewels"    $4.00
Various Artists    "8 Mile: Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture 8 Mile"    $9.00
Visionaries    "All We Need"    $1.50
Visionaries    "In The Good"    $3.00
X-Ecutioners    "Built From Scratch"    $6.00

Metal LPs
Eternal (Pre-Electric Wizard)    "Lucifer's Children"    $30.00
Iron Maiden    "Powerslave"    $22.00
Keelhaul    "Subject To Change"    $12.00
Kongh / Ocean Chief    "Kongh / Ocean Chief"    $8.00
Naglfar    "Vittra" (PIC)    $25.00
Pig Destroyer    "Prowler In The Yard" (PIC)    $25.00
Skid Row    "Skid Row"    $11.00
Slayer     "Christ Illusion"    $16.00
Williams, Wendy O.    "Deffest!"    $4.00
XXX Maniak / Coffins    "The Cracks Of Doom"    $7.00

Electronic 12"s & LPs
DJ Shadow    "Preemptive Strike"    $8.00
Four Tet    "Ringer"    $10.00

Blanks 77    "Up The System" $9.00
Mogwai    "Zidane" $9.00
Torche    "In Return" (No CD) $9.00
Unearthly Trance    "Eleven Ar The Voices" $8.00

25 Ta Life    "Short Fuse"    $9.00
Absum    "To Whom It May Consume"    $2.00
Act Of Gods    "Dies Irae"    $2.00
Acts Of Sedition     "Acts Of Sedition"    $3.00
Adams Dagger    "The Ripper EP    $2.00
Association, The    "Cherish"    $2.00
Bad Eating Habits    "Bad Eating Habits"    $2.00
Bam Bams, The    "Bam Bam"    $4.00
Berlin    "Sex (I'm A…)"    $3.00
Besthoven    "Just Another Warsong EP"    $2.50
Bibio    "Ambivalence Avenue / Fire Ant"    $4.00
Big Mistake    "Big Ego"    $4.00
Boiling Man / Broken    Broken / Boiling Man    $6.00
Born Against / Universal Order Of Armageddon    "Born Against / Universal Order Of Armageddon"    $4.00
Bracewar    "Whatever It Takes Demo"    $3.00
Brain Killer    "Brain Killer"    $3.00
Broken    "At The Border"    $3.00
Brother Inferior    "Dismantling…"    $1.00
Brother Inferior    Blasphemy And Treason    $3.00
Bust It!    "Hell IS Other People"    $3.00
Buzzoven    "Hate Box"    $13.00
Canibus / Miguel Atwood-Ferguson    "Golden terra Of Rap / Hoc N Pucky"    $9.00
Clash, The    "Should I Stay …….. Or     Should I Go? ……"    $4.50
Clash, The    "White Riot / 1977"    $4.00
Cloak/Dagger    "Pinata"    $3.00
Coaccion    "Revolver"    $3.00
Copper Glove    "Surviving The Garden Of Hate"    $3.00
Council Of Five Nations     "On Death And Dying"    $2.00
Countdown To Chaos    Strength In Numbers    $4.00
Crook$    City Of Rats    $4.00
Crucial Cause    "Try Our Luck"    $2.00
Dam-Funk    "Toeachizown Bonus 45"    $5.00
Dedication, The    "Youth Murder Anthems"    $3.00
Destroy LA    "Vandalize EP"    $2.00
Devotchkas    "Annihilation"    $5.00
Ensign    "Fall From Grace"    $2.00
Ensign    "Ensign"    $3.00
Ensign    "For What It's Worth"    $3.00
Everlast    "Drown the Self" (Clear)    $4.00
Fake Brain    "Stink Bomb"    $1.00
Fever Ray    "If I Had A Heart"    $6.00
Flying Lizards, The    "Money"    $0.75
Fortunate Son    "Fortunate Son"    $2.00
Generation X    "Friday Angels"    $3.00
Golden Palominos    "Omaha"    $3.00
Good Clean Fun     "Let's Go Crazy" PIC    $4.00
Grimlock    "Thirst For Immortality" (Clear)    $5.00
H2O    "Seveninch"    $5.00
H2O    "Can't Get Off The Phone"    $10.00
Hands Tied    "Hands Tied"    $5.00
Hatebreed / Neglect    Hatebreed / Neglect    $6.00
Havoc, The    "Road Warrior"    $4.00
Hellhound    "Hellhound"    $2.00
Hope & Glory    Hope & Glory    $2.00
Human Mess    "Uncaged Animal"    $3.00
Insight    "What Will It Take?"    $3.00
It's Alive / Antietam    "It's Alive / Antietam"    $2.00
Jacob Bannon    "Blood Of Thine" (Bone Color)    $15.00
Jane's Addiction    "Just Because"    $3.00
Joel, Billy    "Baby Grand (Feat. Ray Charles)"    $2.00
Kulture Shock    "Holy Shit E.P."    $4.00
Last Years Youth / Rotten Boi!s    "Taking Home My Ball"    $2.00
Life Trap    "Bleak Reality EP"    $2.00
Maffi    "Downpressor Man / Mikey Murka"    $23.00
Maledictus Sound    "Wedding Party"    $7.00
Mann, Chico / Pax Nicholas    "Na Teef Know De Road Of Teef / Mentirosos"    $8.00
Martha And The Muffins    "Women Around The World At Work"    $3.00
May Day    "Lost In Sabbath"    $4.00
Mordant Music    "Dead Air"    $5.00
Mutiny    "Mutiny"    $3.00
Neglect / Cleanser    "Neglect / Cleanser"    $10.00
No Redeeming Social Value    "Hardcore Your Lousy Ass Off!"    $15.00
Normaa    "International Calling"    $6.00
Obliteration    "Obliteration"    $4.00
Obliteration    "This Is Tomorrow"    $3.00
Off!    "Live At Generation Records"    $5.00
Onra    "Chinoiseries"    $4.00
Pricks    "Going To Jail"    $2.00
Prurient    "Church Of Ammunition"    $5.00
Rambo / Crucial Unit    "Sea Of Steel"    $3.00
Ramos, Tito / Bilal    "Heaven (Is Not For Everyone) / Free"    $8.00
Reason Of Insanity    "Live 09/30/04 On WFMU"    $2.00
Reivers    "Schemata"    $3.00
Resist And Exist    "Resist And Exist"    $3.00
Salako    "The Bird And The Bee"    $1.00
Shutdown    "XDECIDEX"    $8.00
Skuds, The (The Skudz)    "The Same Whore"    $3.00
Social Justice    "I Refuse To Lose"    $5.00
Socialcide    "Burn In Hell, Bundy"    $4.00
Soplerfo    "SAMpler"    $3.00
Stereolab    "The Free Design"    $3.00
Sum Of All Fears    "1995 Sin Of Anger Demo" (Green)    $5.00
Tempest    "Solace"    $4.00
Tension    "Struggle Within"    $4.00
Terminal State    "Panic Attack"    $2.00
Terror Zone    "Lord Of Wrath"    $5.00
These Are Powers    "Silver Lung / Funeral Xylophone"    $5.00
Thou / Black September    Black September / Thou    $4.00
Timebombs    "Nuke Everything"    $2.00
Tino Valpa    "Class Six Lifestyle"    $3.00
Tipper's Gore    "Musical Holocaust"    $3.00
Transplants, The    "DJ, DJ" (PIC)    $5.50
Unity    "You Are One"    $4.00
Up Front    "Daybreak"    $3.00
Various Artists    "the Division Has Begun" (White)    $7.00
Various Artists    "Retrogression"    $2.00
Various Artists    "Kerrang!: Free Hard Vinyl EP!" (Paradise Lost, Candlemass, Murder Inc, Crowforce_    $4.00
Various Artists    Shut The Fuck Up And Listen Vol. IV    $2.00
Weaklings    "Weaklings"    $2.00
Wolfbrigade / Audio Kollaps    "Wolfbrigade / Audio Kollaps"    $4.00
Wormwood    "Behemoth"    $4.00
Wormwood    "Wormwood"    $4.00
Worn Thin    "Remnants Of What Could Have Been"    $3.00
Yohuna    "Revery"    $4.00

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