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19th of October 2012 Update

19th of October 2012 Update of New and Key Restocked Items + Reviews
at Redscroll Records

LPs & 12"s
2 Chainz    "Based On A T.R.U. Story" (2LP)
A Made up Sound    "Archive II"
Aphex Twin    "Come To Daddy"
Bat For Lashes    "The Haunted Man" (2LP, Gatefold)
Bats, The    "Daddy's Highway" (+ D/L)
Bazan, David    "Fewer Moving Parts EP" (+ D/L)
Black Keys, The    "Brothers" (2LP)
Black Moth Super Rainbow    "Cobra Juicy" (Gatefold)
Bloc Party    "Four" (180 Gram, + D/L)
Boo Williams    "Moving Rivers"
Civil Wars, The    "Barton Hollow"
Clarke, Johnny    "Dread A Dub"
Damage, Benjamin    "Swarm / Headache"
Dark Dark Dark    "Who Needs Who"
D-Clone    "Creation And Destroy"
Dixon, Terrence    "From The Far Future Pt. 2"
Edwards, Delroy    "4 Clube Use Only"
Flugel, Roman    "Fatty Folders"
Further Seems Forever    "Penny Black" (Gatefold, + CD)
Goat    "World Music" (Die-Cut Sleeve)
Goulding, Ellie    "Halcyon"
Grails / Pharaoh Overlord    "Black Tar Prophecies Vol. 5 / Palmu"
Gray, Chris    "Moonchildren / Go Away"
GRMLN    "Explore" (+ D/L)
Helix    "Stacks Riddim" (All Caps)
Holy Ghost    "It Gets Dark" (###/600)
Horrid Red    "Nightly Wreaths"
Ike Yard Featuring Regis & Monoton    "Loss / NCR Remixes"
Incredible Tabla Band, Shawn Lee's    "Tabla Rock" (+ D/L)
Israel, Alex    "Witchety Dreams EP"
J:Kenzo    "J:Kenzo" (2x12")
Jeroen Search    "Parallel / Section A / Inverse"
King Krule    "Rock Bottom"
Kolombo    "Don't Be Shy"
Landing    "Gravitational IV"
Landing    "Landing"
LCD Soundsystem    "London Sessions"
Lumineers, The    "The Lumineers" (+ D/L)
Mascis, J    "Several Shades Of Why" (Gatefold, +D/L)
Maxime & Remain    "Ghoulish EP"
Motor    "The Knife (Feat. Douglas McCarthy)" (PIC)
Oyelana, Tunji    "A Nigerian Retrospective 1966-79" (3LP Gatefold)
Paleman    "All Good / Hunt / Slither"
Parrish, Theo    "Urban"
Pig Destroyer    "Book Burner"
Polyphonic Spree, The    "Holiday Dream: Sounds Of The Holidays Vol. One" (180 Gram, Gatefold, +D/L)
Pygmy Lush (Pygmylush)    "Bitter River"
Red Hot Chili Peppers    "Californication" (180 Gram, 2LP)
Regis    "In A Syrian Tongue"
Rrose    "Merchant Of Salt" (Reissue)
Samb, Herve & Daniel Moreno    "Kharit"
Schnitzler, Conrad    "24/06/11"
Silent Servant    "Negative Fascination"
Subsonics    "Subsonics In The Black Spot"
Sword, The    "Apogryphon" (Gatefold, + D/L)
Talabot, John    "Fin / Remixes / Vol. 1"
Tame Impala    "Lonerism" (2LP, Gatefold)
Tang, Steven    "The Verged Sessions"
Thundercat    "The Golden Age Of Apocalypse" (+ D/L)
TNGHT     "TNGHT" (Hudson Mohawke / Lunice)
Two Fingers (Amon Tobin)    "Stunt Rhythms" (Blue 3LP + D/L)
Various Artists    "Tomorrow's Achievements - Parry Music Library 1976-86"
Vatican Shadow    "Ornamented Walls"
Venetian Snares    "Cubist Reggae"
Walker, Scott    "Tilt"
Witchcraft    "Legend" (2LP, Gatefold)
Woods / Amps For Christ    "Woods / Amps For Christ Split LP"
XDB / Kassem Mosse & XDB     "Ekatem / Omrish"

Glowalla, Christof    "Erde 80"  (Collection 1979-1981)
Naytronix    "Dirty Glow" (2x10" Red Vinyl + D/L)
Pariah    "Detroit Falls / Orpheus"

Cho, Margaret / Neil Hamburger    "I Drink / How Little Men Care"
Ex-Cult    "MPD / No Fun On The Beaches"

Daphni    "Jiaolong"
Deadmau5    ">Album Title Goes Here<"
Demdike Stare    "Tryptych" (3CD)
Egyptian Hip Hop    "Good Don't Sleep"
Haxan Cloak, The    "The Haxan Cloak"
Jam City    "Classical Curves"
Memotone    "I Sleep. At Waking"
Mournful Congregation    "The Monad Of Creation"
Mournful Congregation    "Tears From A Grieving Heart"
Mournful Congregation    "The June Frost"
Paper    "As As"
Seirom    "1973"
Woodpecker Wooliams    "The Bird School Of Being Human"
Yakuza    "Beyul"


Converge All We Love We Leave Behind

Being a huge Converge fan myself, I have been wondering what the new album would be like.  All We Love We Leave Behind is Converge’s newest album and it does not disappoint.  The album is coming out on October 9th but is streaming online for now.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Converge, they are a critically acclaimed hardcore band from Salem, Massachusetts.  Converge is known for their originality in the punk/hardcore scene and are envied by many of their hardcore peers.  This is their eighth album since 1994 and they are still fine tuning their sound.  With their menacing guitar riffs and in your face, out of control drumming Converge has the ability to “melt your face”.  In this new album Converge stays steady with their ability to kick every listener in their hardcore ass.  They continue their hectic, crazy, rollercoaster tracks while pumping up the listeners to feel like you are in a hardcore hell.  This album seems to be a little more hectic then then their last and a bit more emotional.  Jacob Bannon the lead vocalist has some singing/speaking parts in these new tracks.  This might be a bit strange for some Converge listeners; however I pretty much dig it.  All in all the new Converge album is pretty gnarly and makes me want to break everything around me while feeling like a bad ass. Good Job Converge.
[Reviewer: Kacie]

Dum Dum Girls End of Daze EP
(Sub Pop)

I was surprised to learn that this indie dream-pop/lo-fi band has only existed since 2008, since their rich, radiant sound makes them sound like they have many more years’ experience. Their vocal structures and melodies remind me of the classic girl-group sound (one of the EP’s co-producers - Richard Gottehrer – is the writer and producer of songs like “My Boyfriend’s Back”) but Dum Dum Girls’ rock-oriented sound particularly matured and emotion-laden. For example, the gorgeously shoegaze-tinged “Lord Knows” insightfully focuses on repairing a damaged relationship (“I fear I am resigned / to the sky and up my mind…”) while utilizing a strongly memorable chorus. The driving opener “Mine Tonight” packs a thick, powerful punch with a spacey noise-pop guitar shimmer breaking in to emphasize lyrics that vocalist Dee Dee wrote after the death of her mother. I also really appreciated the energetic closer “Season In Hell,” which despite touching on apocalyptic themes, sounds like a trippy, empowered piece of end-of-summer nostalgia, even adding some surf-rock guitar to the mix.
[Reviewer: Mark]

Hostage Calm Please Remain Calm
(Run For Cover)

Hostage Calm is a rock/punk/hardcore band from Connecticut that debuted in the summer of 2007.  The band started out as a hardcore band, which appears difficult to believe while listening to this album.  Hostage Calm has changed their sound throughout the years and has tuned themselves into an extremely interesting and unique band.  The new album by Hostage Calm is Please Remain Calm.  This album is fantastically empowering and happy while being somewhat depressing at the same time.  Their mixture of punk, with a splashing of 60’s pop make for a wonderful mixture that only Hostage Calm could achieve.  The album has an old-fashioned feel to it especially in the song “Patriot” when there is a vocal harmonization and doo- wap that really warms the heart and makes me want to bob my head.   The vocals work in a weirdly perfect way with the instruments that are somewhat awkward yet beautiful.   The album goes through an emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs in life that everyone can relate to. There will be no other albums like Please Remain Calm this year.  This album may eventually be seen as a classic in this music scene, making it a must listen to for all punk music lovers. 
[Reviewer: Kacie]

Godspeed You! Black Emperor 

'Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!  
(Constellation Records)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor formerly punctuated Godspeed You Black Emperor! And commonly abbreviated to GYBE or GY!BE  is a Canadian post-rock band which originated from Montreal, Quebec in 1994.  GYBE had their debut album in 1997 and was rumored to have broken up in 2003; however they announced their new album for October of 2012.  This new album is ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!  The album consists of four songs; two of them being about six minutes long while the other two are about twenty minutes long.  Although their album set up is quite strange, this is the type of band you have to listen to the entire album at once.  The entire album is like a story, a horror story if you will.  The songs contain the beats of drums that sound like marching, with the beautiful sounds of strings and the anxious sound of guitars.  The songs on the album sound like they begin with an orchestra warming up for a performance.  The build ups in this album have the listeners wanting more.  The bagpipes in the band make for a menacing creepy sound that expands throughout the album.  GYBE is still trying to perfect their sound and grow as a band.  This is a great album in which they show that they are still pushing the envelope.  Hopefully we will hear even more from them in the near future. 
[Reviewer: Kacie]

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