Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 16

Wednesday Weekly Video Volume 16
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Trash Talk has a new album on the Odd Future label that came out Tuesday on CD (we'll have it in tomorrow) and it will be out on LP next month. This short feature (about 7 minutes) captures the general spirit of the band and even has some of their music in it - get trash'd! (It's more fun to use apostrophes than the letter "e.")

Evan Weiss is the mastermind behind Into It. Over It., a project spawned from the idea of writing one song a week for an entire year. He's also a long time friend of the shop. Evan will be hitting the road soon with a full band this time, making an appearance in Hartford w/ Hostage Calm, Make Do And Mend, The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die, & Slingshot Dakota. Check out this video released yesterday for, "Embracing Facts", a song off 2011's "Proper."

Hey y'all, Caren here. I'll be filling in here at the shop for the remainder of the weekend. Redscroll Records gets a ton of rad represses and reissues in here daily, but I've been most excited to get my hands on a copy of Lungfish's "Talking Songs For Walking." After being out of print for quite a while, Dischord Records recently remastered and repressed this amazing record, and we have it here now.

the Mountain Goats have a new album out. This is a new video for a song from that. Arrangements in Americana. I like to follow John Darnielle on twitter because he says funny things. (Sean)

Cult of Youth have a new video for a song off their latest LP offering from Sacred Bones Records. It's a lovely dark folk song with imagery that lines up well with its sounds. They're also starting a tour tonight in Boston and will be in NYC tomorrow with SLUG GUTS who just played in Hartford on Sunday.

The BESTIAL MOUTHS release on Dais Records last year was one of my favorites of 2011. This new single has me salivating for more. Dark wailing goth rock. (Rick)

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