Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween! Flash Sale! 10% Off All Spooky Soundtracks! Today Only!

Happy Halloween! Flash Sale! 
10% Off All Spooky Soundtracks! 
Today Only!

Hey! Happy Halloween!  We like this holiday. We like it so much we decided (we actually decided this about 10 minutes ago) to offer 10% off all spooky soundtracks! Woo! I mean BOO! What does that mean to you? That means today is the best time to make the trip here and stock up on all Death Waltz releases, any Goblin we might have in stock, the recently re-released Eraserhead soundtrack and any more I am not thinking of off the top of my head right now.  If you cannot make it into the store or if you are a regular online customer you can also take advantage of this one by mentioning the "Spooky Deal" in the comments section of your order (on any order put in today 10/31/12 by 12PM EST/GMT-5:00 only) at our shop on Discogs. [This applies to used records as well.]

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