Tuesday, October 23, 2012

T-USED-DAY Update October 23rd, 2012

23rd of October 2012 T-USED-DAY Update
at Redscroll Records

So, this T-Used-Day Update feature is definitely going to be a regular feature and we decided that we'd do it weekly rather than bi-weekly. Unfortunately for us, our inventory hard drive decided it had better days and left this mortal coil (dramatic, eh). So, we're slowly working on rebuilding our inventory (data entry, woo!) which definitely shows in our regular Friday updates. Getting this going with the used stuff is a bit more awkward as we usually like to list their prices on this update. This time will be a bit of an anomoly so we can keep it moving. There will be no prices and the titles won't always have quotes around them (this is harder to explain, but it's not interesting so let's just ignore it).  Here's what we currently have in used and inventoried.

LPs & 12"s
2:20    2:20
!!!    Take Ecstasy With Me / Get Up
411 (2)    This Isn't Me
50 Cent    The Massacre
5th Dimension, The*    Live!!
5th Dimension, The*    Portrait
7000 Dying Rats    Fanning The Flames Of Fire
77s, The    Ping Pong Over The Abyss
97a    >>Society's Running On Empty...
A Day In Black & White* / Black Castle (2)    Split
A Hawk And A Hacksaw    The Way The Wind Blows
A Perfect Circle    Mer De Noms
A Storm Of Light    And We Wept The Black Ocean Within
A Storm Of Light    Forgive Us Our Trespasses
A Storm Of Light & Nadja (5)    Primitive North
A Trillion Barnacle Lapse    The Elemental Gearbot
A.P.P.L.E.    Plutocracy = Tyranny & Exploitation
‘Tone, The    Here's Another Reason... To Believe In Rock 'N' Roll
屍 Shikabane*    Why Do You Live?
Abattoir    The Only Safe Place
Abdullah Ibrahim With Carlos Ward    Live At Sweet Basil Vol. 1.
Abstract Tribe Unique    Mood Pieces
AC/DC    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
AC/DC    Flick Of The Switch
Accept    Accept
Accept    Midnight Highway
Adrenalin (10)    American Heart
Affirmative Action    Thought Ration
Aftershock    "Through The Looking Glass"
Against Me!!!*    Americans Abroad!!! Against Me!!! Live In London!!!
Agathocles    Humarrogance
Agent Orange    "This Is The Voice"
Aghast (2)    Deformities
Air Waves    Dungeon Dots
Alarm, The    The Alarm
Album Leaf, The    There Is A Wind
Alcatrazz    Live Sentence - No Parole From Rock 'n' Roll
Aleister X    Bangers And Beans
Alex Masi (2)    Attack Of The Neon Shark
Alice Cooper    Killer
Alice Cooper    Greatest Hits
Alice Cooper (2)    Welcome To My Nightmare
Alice Cooper (2)    Lace And Whiskey
Alice Cooper (2)    Goes To Hell
Alice Donut    Bucketfulls Of Sickness And Horror In An Otherwise Meaningless Life
ALL (2)    Just Perfect (Remix) / Wishing Well
Alog / Astral Social Club    Split #20
Altered St8s Of Consciousness / Plan B (19)    Eye Of The Storm / Here Today
Aluminum Knot Eye    Trunk Lunker
AMFM*    Mutilate Us
Anasazi, The    Calculating Components And Compound Formulas For Mass Population Reconstruction ... ... A.K.A. Measurement & Control
Andy Prieboy    ...Upon My Wicked Son
Anthem Eighty Eight    Define A Lifetime
Anthem Eighty Eight    Define A Lifetime
Anthrax    Got The Time
Anti-Flag    Die For The Government
Antiproduct*    The Deafening Silence Of Grinding Gears
Antony And The Johnsons    The Crying Light
Anvil    Hard 'N' Heavy
Apollo Brown + OC*    Trophies
Appalachian Terror Unit    Greenwashing
Architecture In Helsinki    That Beep
Armored Saint    Delirious Nomad
Armored Saint    Saints Will Conquer
Armored Saint    Raising Fear
Army Of Lovers    Massive Luxury Overdose
Arondies, The    Introducing...
Arsonists, The    As The World Burns
Artillery (2)    Terror Squad
As Friends Rust    The Fists Of Time An Anthology Of Short Fiction And Non-Fiction
Ash Pool    World Turns On Its Hinge
Assdroids, The    Daddy's Gone
Atlas Shrugged    The Last Season
Attack In Black    Marriage
Ausgebombt    Hellbomber
Autopsy (2)    Awakened By Gore
Autumn Tears    Love Poems For Dying Children... Act I
Away Team, The (2)    National Anthem
Axe    Nemesis
Axe    Nemesis
Baïkonour*    Your Ear Knows Future
Bad Brains    Rebel In The City
Bad Manners    Return Of The Ugly
Balance Of Terror    A Better Tomorrow
Balmorhea    Constellations
Banned Books    Mission Creep
Barry, Tim    "28th & Stonewall"
Bazan, David    "Curse Your Branches"
Beat Konducta    Vol. 2: Movie Scenes, The Sequel
Beau Brummels, The    The Best Of The Beau Brummels 1964 - 1968
Bei Bei & Shawn Lee    Into The Wind
Beirut    The Rip Tide
Belong    Common Era
Beneficence    Sidewalk Science
Betrayed    Substance
Betty Padgett    Betty Padgett
Between the Buried and Me    The Great Misdirect
Beyond Description    A Road To A Brilliant Future
Beyond Description    Acts Of Sheer Madness
Bhagavad Guitars, The*    Headland
Biff Rose    Biff Rose
Big Daddy Kane    How U Get A Record Deal
Big Tone (2)    Business
Bill Nace    Too Dead For Dreaming
Bill Nelson    Chance Encounters In The Garden Of Lights
Biohazard    State Of The World Address
Birchville Cat Motel    Cranes Are Sleeping
Bird Show Band    Bird Show Band
Bitter End    Climate Of Fear
Bitter Uproar    Live From Cbgb's
Black Army Jacket    "222"
Black Devil Disco Club*    Eight Oh Eight
Black Kites (2)    Songs Written While Things Were Changing
Black Pyramid / Old One    Black Pyramid / Old One
Black Sabbath    Paranoid
Black Sabbath    Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath    Attention! Black Sabbath Volume Two
Black Sabbath    We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N' Roll
Black Sabbath    The Eternal Idol
Black Sabbath    Mob Rules
Black Sabbath    Greatest Hits
Black Sabbath Featuring Tony Iommi    Seventh Star
Blackalicious    A2G EP
Bleach (3)    Snag E.P.
Bleached Black    Wrist Slashing Romance
Blind To Faith    "The Seven Fat Years Are Over"
Bloodcum    "Debut EP"
Blue States    Nothing Changes Under The Sun
Blues Project, The    The Best Of The Blues Project
Bo Marley vs Disrupt (2)    Bauhelm / Fleisch
Bob Dorough    Multiplication Rock - (Original Soundtrack Recording)
Bobby Fuller Four, The    I Fought The Law
Bobby Fuller Four, The    KRLA King Of The Wheels
Bobby Matos And The Combo Conquistadores    My Latin Soul
Bogdan Raczynski    MyLoveILove
Boogie Down Productions    South Bronx / The P Is Free
Boogie Down Productions    Criminal Minded
Boris (3)    Attention Please
Boris The Sprinkler    Suck
Botch    An Anthology Of Dead Ends
Bowery Electric    Blow Up / Electro Sleep
Brady Bunch Lawnmower Massacre, The    Contact Pool
Brendan Murray / Perispirit    Untitled
Briar    Crown Of Thorns
Bricolage (2)    Bricolage
Briz    Blown Mind / Doin' It
Broadway Calls    Broadway Calls
Broken Social Scene    Bee Hives
Bronz    Taken By Storm
Brood, The (5)    The Brood
Brothomstates    Qtio
BT    Love, Peace And Grease
Bubble Puppy    A Gathering Of Promises
Buckshot Facelift    Anchors Of The Armless Gods
Burial (3)    Never Give Up... Never Give In
Burning Star Core    Papercuts Theater
Burnt By The Sun    Soundtrack To The Personal Revolution
Bury Me Standing / Madeline Ferguson    Untitled
Bury The Living    Burn This Fucking Nightmare.....
Bury The Living    All The News That's Fit To Scream
Butthole Surfers    Psychic ... Powerless ... Another Mans Sac
Buzz Of Delight, The    Sound Castles
By The End Of Tonight    A Tribute To Tigers
C.R.    The John Lisa LP
Cables    Variations On Electronic Forms
Cadaver In Drag    Raw Child
Cage The Elephant    Thank You Happy Birthday
Calamity Jane    Martha Jane Cannary
Calla    Strength In Numbers
Calloused    The Masquerade
Cameraface    After The Scream
Cameraface    After The Scream
Camp Lo    Uptown Saturday Night
Camper Van Beethoven    Turquoise Jewelry
Cannabis Corpse    Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise
Canvas (6)    Ashes
Capital (6)    Signal Corps
Cargo Cult (2)    Strange Men Bearing Gifts
Cargo Cult (2)    Strange Men Bearing Gifts
Caribbean All Stars    Live & Direct
Carry On    "A Life Less Plagued" (White)
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine    30 Something
Cassis Cornuta    Mag Ik Eens Even In Uw Broek Pissen?
Casual    Smash Rockwell
Cat Rapes Dog    God, Guns & Gasoline
Cat Rapes Dog    The Banzai Beats
Catholic Girls    Catholic Girls
Caustic Christ    Lycanthropy
Caustic Christ    Can't Relate
Cee Lo Green*    F**k You!
Certain General    November's Heat
Certainly, Sir    For Claire
Chainbreaker    Hetzjagd Im Nichts
Champaign    Off And On Love (12" Dance Version)
Charming Snakes, The    Ammunition
Charogne Stone    Live 2005
Chasm / Bannlust    Split Series #5
Cheeky (6)    What The Heck
Chelsea (2)    Evacuate
Chinese Stars, The    T.V. Grows Arms / The Drowning
Chopper (12)    4Play
Christina Carter / Pocahaunted    Split
Christmas Decorations    Far Flung Hum
Church Bizarre    Sinister Glorification
Church, The    Disenchanted
Cicciolina Holocaust / Sermonizer    Albeit Albeit / Sibelius Spiders
Cinderella    "Night Songs"
Cinderella (3)    Night Songs
Cindy Lee Berryhill    Naked Movie Star
City Of Ships    Live Free Or Don't Tour
Civil Dissident    Menzies' Crack
Claro Intelecto    New Life
Cleared    Cleared
Clouds    "We Are Above You"
Coalesce    "There Is Nothing New Under The Sun"
Coalesce    There Is Nothing New Under The Sun
Cock Sparrer    Here We Stand
Cold Heart    "The Jasmine Minks"
Collections Of Colonies Of Bees    Birds (I-IV: Flocks)
Colourbox    Colourbox
Combatwoundedveteran*    I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos
Common Cause (2)    The Power To Change
Common Sense*    Resurrection
Concrete Blonde    Concrete Blonde
Conditionz, The    "Pushing Up Daisies"
Conga Fury    Dear Friends LP
Constant Deviants    1995 Demo
Container Crusties From Hell    A Benefit For Food Not Bombs Phillippines
Continental Op, The    Slitch Music
Converge / Coalesce    "Among The Dead We Pray For Light"
Conversions, The*    Prisoners' Inventions
Cool Calm Pete    Black Friday
Copyright Chaos    Veni Vidi Vici
Copyright Chaos    Veni Vidi Vici
Cornerstone    "Beating The Masses"
Corrosion Of Conformity    Eye For An Eye
Corrupted Morals    Cheese-It
Cramps, The    Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?
Crass    Stations Of The Crass
Crass     "Stations Of The Crass"
Creaming Jesus    Bark EP
Creaming Jesus    Headrush EP
Crickets, The (2)    Something Old, Something New, Something Blue, Somethin' Else !!!!!!
Crown City Rockers    Another Day (Rhyme Writing)
Crumbsuckers    Beast On My Back
Crusaders, The With B.B. King & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The    Royal Jam
Cryptic Winds    Storms Of The Black Millenium
Crystal Set, The    Umbrella
CSC Funk Band    Things Are Getting Too Casual
Cult, The    Love
Curses!    Hungry For Love
CV[ev]    Chart Runners
Cynthia Schloss    All The Way In Or All The Way Out / You Look Like Love
Cypress Hill    III - Temples Of Boom
D.F.A. (5)    Destined For Assimilation
D.I.T.C. ( O.C. / D.I.T.C.    Live At The Tramps New York In The Memory Of Big.L Vol. 1
D.I.T.C. : Diamond* / Show & AG* / Lord Finesse    Live At The Tramps New York In The Memory Of Big.L Vol. 2
D.O.A. (2)    Don't Turn Yer Back (On Desperate Times)
D.S.B. (2)    Useless System Abuse
Daft Punk    The Remixes
Damned, The    Live In Newcastle
Dan Deacon    Bromst
Das Damen    Marshmellow Conspiracy
Dave Phillips    The Hermeneutics Of Fear Of God
Dave Phillips    They Live
David T. Chastain    Instrumental Variations
Dawn, The    5 Days Wiser
Day Of Mourning    "Your Future's End"
Dead End*    Shámbara
Dead Girls, The    Out Of Earshot
Dead Hookers    The Burial/The Rebirth
Dead Kennedys    Too Drunk To Fuck
Dead Kennedys    A Skateboard Party
Deadfall    Destroyed By Your Own Device
Death Cult    "Brothers Grimm"
Death In June    All Pigs Must Die
Death Of Samantha    Laughing In The Face Of A Dead Man
Deconditioned    Where Am I
Decry    Japanese
Deep Jew    Punishment Feast - Live Recordings
Deep Purple    Made In Europe
Deep Purple    Perfect Strangers
Deep Purple    Machine Head
Deep Purple     "Perfect Strangers"
Deepchord Present Echospace    Spatialdimension
Demon (4)    The Unexpected Guest
Depeche Mode    Strangelove
Depth Charge    Bounty Killers
Derf Reklaw    From The Nile
Dibia$e*    Looney Goons
Dicks    Kill From The Heart
Died Pretty    Next To Nothing
Dinasaur Jr.     "I Bet On Sky"
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles    4 Of A Kind
Diskonto    Destroy! Rebuild!
Disnihil    Disnihil
DisSystema    The Grim Prospects Of Our Future
DJ Dagwood    My Baby Wants To Ride
DJ DNA    When Day Breaks, Night Falls
DJ Ese*    Side: Two
DJ Nate    Da Trak Genious
DJ Nitrogen    Killer Animal's
DJ Profile    Simpletone E.P.
DJ Raoul Zerna*    The Final Notice EP
DJ Revolution    R2K Version 1.0
DJ Rip    Progressive Madness
DJ Vadim    Like The Wind
Dogs Of Ire / Rogue State (2)    Dogs Of Ire / Rogue State
Dokken    Tooth And Nail
Donieus    A New Day Volume 2
DOOM*    Born Like This
Doomtown    Forever Fucked
Down In Flames    Down In Flames
Dr. Butcher M.D. Meets El Borracho Muerto Zoke*    Dr. Butcher M.D. Meets El Borracho Muerto Zoke
Drafted By Minotaurs    Aversion Therapy
Drahdiwaberl    McRonalds Massaker
Draize    Self Titled
Draw Blood    The Calm Before The Storm
Dread, The (2)    Can't Get Away
Dream Academy, The    Life In A Northern Town
Dream Syndicate, The    Tell Me When It's Over
Drive-By Truckers    Southern Rock Opera
Drudkh    Кров У Наших Криницях (Blood In Our Wells)
Druglords Of The Avenues*    Sing Songs
Dudley Perkins    Funky Dudley / Testin' Me
Dumptruck    For The Country
DutchMassive    Evaporate / Soul Searchin / The Hook
Eagle Nebula    Cosmic Headphones
Echospace    Obmx
Ed Gein    It's A Shame... / 3 Song Demo
Eddie And The Subtitles    "Dead Drunks Don't Dance"
Eddie Hazel    Maggot Brain /  California Dreamin / From The Bottom Of My Soul
Edo. G*    Fastlane EP
Edo.G*    Wishful Thinking
Educated Consumers    In The Pocket
Egoexpress    Foxy
El Grupo Sexo    Mom's Home
Elias Rahbani And His Orchestra / Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show    Liza / Penny
Elmer    Songs Of Sin And Retribution
Elvis Costello    Limited Edition Interview Picture Disc
Elzhi    Deep / Colors (Remix)
Emitt Rhodes    Emitt Rhodes
Empty Silos Echo War    Semantics
Endpoint    "Catharsis"
Enfold    No Coming Home
Envy (2)    Abyssal
Eric Steel    Eric Steel
Ernest Ansermet    Scheherazade
Estrogen Highs    Tell It To Them
Eucharist.*    Eucharist.
Eu's Arse*    1981 - 1985
Eve (2)    Who's That Girl?
Evil Moisture    If You Want To Fuck The Sky, Teach Your Cock To Fly
Ex Cocaine* / Yellow Swans    Ex Cocaine / Yellow Swans
Exciter    Heavy Metal Maniac
Exciter    Violence & Force
Excuse 17    Such Friends Are Dangerous
Exises    Exises
Explode And Make Up    Explode And Make Up
Exploited, The    Live At The Whitehouse
Facade Burned Black    Ashen Remains Of Midwestern Flames
Factorymen    Shitman
Faith No More    We Care A Lot
Fall Of The Bastards    Dusk Of An Ancient Age
Falty DL*    All In The Place
FaltyDL    You Stand Uncertain
Fastbreak    Fast Cars, Fast Women
Faster Pussycat    Faster Pussycat
Fate (5)    Fate
FBK    The Expert Escapist
feedtime    Cooper-S
Fever    Too Bad But True
Fiendz, The    We're The Fiendz
Fifth Hour Hero    Collected In Comfort
Fifth Hour Hero & Gunmoll    Fifth Hour Hero & Gunmoll
Fire Party    New Orleans Opera
Fishbone    Party At Ground Zero (Pink Vapor Stew)
Fishbone    In Your Face
Flaherty/Corsano Duo    Last Eyes
Fleas And Lice    Prepare For Armageddon
Fleshpress    III - The Art Of Losing All
Fleshtones*    Fleshtones Vs. Reality
Fleshtones, The    Roman Gods
Flight Of The Conchords    Flight Of The Conchords
Floodgate    Troubles A' Brewin
Florida=Death    Depression Era Music
Flowchart    Cumulus Mood Twang
Flying Burrito Bros., The*    Burrito Deluxe
FN Guns    FN GUNS
Foals    Balloons
For Science    Way Out Of Control
Forbidden Tigers*    Magnetic Problems
Forced Collapse    Consider The Weather A Failure
Fountainhead (3)    Fountainhead
François De Roubaix    L'Homme Orchestre
Frank Nitt*    Jewels In My Backpack
Frank Zappa    I Don't Wanna Get Drafted!
Frank Zappa    Joe's Garage Acts II & III
Frank Zappa    The Man From Utopia
Frank Zappa    Apostrophe (')
Frankie Bones    The Mutha Fuckin Good Life
Franz Ferdinand    Remixes
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib    Shame EP
Freeze, The    Live From Cape Cod 1980
Front 242    Masterhit
Front 242    Never Stop!
Fucked Up    David's Town - 11 Original Hits From Byrdesdale Spa, UK!
Fucked Up    David's Town - 11 Original Hits From Byrdesdale Spa, UK!
Fugs, The    Tenderness Junction
Fun.    Aim And Ignite
Function    Remixed
Fungal Hex    Fungal Hex
Fursaxa    Fursaxa
G.B.H.    Oh No It's G.B.H. Again!
Gallon Drunk    "You, The Night… And The Music"
Gallon Drunk    You, The Night ... And The Music
Game Theory    Two Steps From The Middle Ages
Gameface    Three To Get Ready
Gang Gang Dance    Eye Contact
Gang Gang Dance    God's Money
Gang Gang Dance    Revival Of The Shittest
Gang Wizard    Jeckyll Loves Hyde
Gang Wizard    Why Is There A God?
Gate (3)    The Lavender Head
Gene Simmons    Kiss: Gene Simmons
Gensu Dean    Lo-Fi Fingahz
Geoff Mullen    Bongo Closet
Georgia Anne Muldrow    Kings Ballad
Georgia Anne Muldrow    Olesi: Fragments Of An Earth
Georgia Anne Muldrow & Declaime    Heaven Or Hell EP
Gescom    Key Nell
Gestapo Khazi    Gestapo Khazi
Gestapo Khazi    Gestapo Khazi
Get Rad    Say Fuck No To Rules, Man
Get The Most    Together
Ghastly City Sleep    Ghastly City Sleep
Ghost Note    Holy Jungle
Giant Sand    The Love Songs
Giant Sand    Giant Sandwich
Glass Organ    Two Tapes
Global Platoon    G8 Summit
Godflesh    Crush My Soul
Gods And Queens    "Gods And Queens"
Golgatha / Luzifers Mob    Am Rande Des Urins / Sympathy For The Devil
Gordon Gano's Army    Gordon Gano's Army
Gorehounds, The    Semtex
Gossip*    Yr Mangled Heart
Government Cheese    Live! Three Chords, No Waiting
Government Issue    Government Issue
Grabass Charlestons    The Greatest Story Ever Hula'd
Graf Orlock    Destination Time Today
Grandmaster And Melle Mel*    White Lines (Don't Don't Do It) / Melle Mel's Groove
Grassroots, The*    Let's Live For Today
Grassroots, The*    Feelings
Grave Digger (2)    Witch Hunter
Grayskul    Bloody Radio
Grayskul    Deadlivers
Great White    Out Of The Night
Great White    Great White
Green On Red    The Killer Inside Me
Grey (7)    Sisters Of The Wyrd
Grinch    Eden
Groundwork    Today We Will Not Be Invisible Nor Silent
Growing    Color Wheel
Guns N' Roses    Chinese Democracy
Guns N' Roses    Appetite For Destruction
H.R.    Human Rights
Hakim Murphy    Black Robots Having Sex EP
Halo Perfecto    Hospitals In Other Countries
Hammer And The Nails    Maxi EP
HammerFall    Hearts On Fire
Hank IV    Refuge In Genre
Harry Partch    The World Of Harry Partch
Harvestman    In A Dark Tongue
Harvey Milk    Life...The Best Game In Town
Have Heart    10.17.09
Head Home    Outside My Window
Heads Up    Funk Nice Rock Loud Rock Hard
HEALTH (2)    ::DISCO2
Heaven (13)    Bent
Helen Wheels Band    Post Modern Living
Helix (3)    Long Way To Heaven
Helix (3)    Walkin' The Razor's Edge
Hell No    Skin Job
Hella    Hold Your Horse Is
Helloween    Walls Of Jericho
Helstar    Burning Star
Heroin    "Heroin"
Hieroglyphics    3rd Eye Vision
High Castle    You're On Your Own Way
High On Crime    Until No Flags Fly
High Places    Can't Feel Born
Highscore    New Fuel
Higsons, The    The Curse Of The Higsons
Hirax    Assassins Of War
Hive Mind    Writhing Flesh
Holding On    Just Another Day
Holly Miranda    The Magician's Private Library
Holy Rollers    Fabuley
Holy Rollers    As Is
Holyghost    Holyghost
Hombrinus Dudes / Merkit    Merkit / Hombrinus Dudes
Homostupids    The Intern
Horns of Happiness    Would I Find Your Psychic Guideline
Hot Water Music    Forever And Counting
Hot Water Music    Finding The Rhythms
House Of Low Culture    Live From The House Of Low Temperature!
Hue Blanc's Joyless Ones    Arriere-Garde
Hugs    The Tarpit
Human Mess    Follow You Home
Hurricane (9)    Take What You Want
I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House    The Sounds Of Dying
Icicle Works, The    If You Want To Defeat Your Enemy Sing His Song
Icon (20)    Icon
Ida (3)    My Fair, My Dark EP
Iggy And The Stooges*    (I Got) Nothing
Iggy Pop    Cry For Love
Iggy Pop    Fire Girl
Iggy Pop    Shades
Iggy Pop    The Raw Trax
Iggy Pop    Wild America
Iggy Pop    Cry For Love
Iggy Pop    Three Tracks To Lead The Attack From "Soldier"
Iggy Pop    Live At The Channel 7-19-88
Iggy Pop    I Got A Right
Iggy Pop    Limited Edition Interview Picture Disc
Iggy Pop Featuring David Bowie    Stowaway D.O.A.
Ildjarn-Nidhogg    Hardangervidda Part 2
Immortal Technique & DJ Green Lantern    The 3rd World
Impellitteri    Stand In Line
Incredible Broadside Brass Bed Band    The Great Grizzly Bear Hunt
Indian (2)    Guiltless
Infidel?/Castro! And Friendly Bears    A Split Experience
Inquisition    Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult
Inquisition    Anxious Death / Forever Under
Insane Poetry    Let 'Em Know / Shroom Vision / Calico Flows
Inspiral Carpets    Island Head E.P.
Insted    What We Believe
Insted    Live At CBGB
Insult To Injury    Insult To Injury
Internal Affairs (2)    Internal Affairs
Intrusion    The Seduction Of Silence
Intrusion    Tswana Dub
Intrusion / cv313    Intrusion Dub / Subtraktive
Intrusion w/ Paul St. Hilaire    Little Angel / A Night To Remember
Iron Age    "The Sleeping Eye"
Iron Butterfly    Live
Iron Butterfly    In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
Iron Maiden    Live After Death
Iron Maiden    The Number Of The Beast
Iron Maiden    Run To The Hills
Iron Maiden    Somewhere Back In Time - The Best Of: 1980-1989
Iron Maiden    Powerslave
Ironhorse    Ironhorse
Irons & Pulling Teeth    Grey Savior
Iscariote    Nécropole Trauma
It Sound    Hard Pop For Blue Trees
It's Immaterial    Life's Hard And Then You Die
J Rawls*    The Hip-Hop Affect
J.T. IV    Cosmic Lightning
Ja Rule    Venni Vetti Vecci
Jackson, Wanda    "The Party Ain't Over"
Jagged Edge (3)    Trouble
Jam Session, The    Att Skingra Det Mörker Som Betäcker Landet
James Brown    I'm Real
James Vincent    Space Traveler
Janek Schaefer / Pan•American    Split Series #3
Janitor Joe    Big Metal Birds
Jason Forrest / Ricky Rabbit    Blood Tax At Harvest Time / Shots: Volume One
JBA*    Who Fucked The Culture Up?
Jean Grae    This Week
Jel    Greenball 3.5
Jellies, The    Jive Baby On A Saturday Night
Jello Biafra    Become The Media
Jersey Dogs    Don´t Worry, Get Angry!
Jesuscentric    12"
Jesuscentric    12"
Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu    Joystone
Joe Satriani    I Believe
Johnny Clegg & Savuka    Third World Child
Johnny Clegg & Savuka    Shadow Man
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The    Talk About The Blues
Judas Priest    Hero, Hero
Judas Priest    Turbo
Judas Priest    Hell Bent For Leather
Judas Priest    Point Of Entry
Judas Priest    Stained Class
Judas Priest    The Best Of Judas Priest
Juiceboxxx And Dre Skull    Center Stage
Juiceboxxx and Dre Skull    Sweat
Julian Casablancas    Phrazes For The Young
Jurassic 5    Jurassic 5 EP
Justice (3)    Phantom
Justin Townes Earle    Harlem River Blues
Justin Townes Earle    The Good Life
Justin Townes Earle    Midnight At The Movies
Kaia    Kaia
Kaimbr & Kev Brown    The Alexander Green Project
Kauniit Poliisit    Vahingonlaukaus
Keel    The Right To Rock
Keelhaul    Subject To Change Without Notice
Kerbdog    Dummy Crusher
Kev Brown    Nitefall
Kick Axe    Vices
Kid Sister    Control
Kill The Client    Set For Extinction
Killer Dwarfs    Big Deal
Killing Flame, The    Another Breath
King Crimson    In The Court Of The Crimson King (An Observation By King Crimson)
King's X    Out Of The Silent Planet
Kirsten McCord    All I Want Is A Little More Than I'll Ever Get
Kiss    Kiss
Kiss    Alive II
Kiss    Rock And Roll Over
Kiss    Animalize
KLF, The    3 A.M. Eternal (Live At The S.S.L.)
Kolokol    Flammer & Farger
Kongh / Ocean Chief    Kongh / Ocean Chief Split
Korihor    Kult Razor
Kraut (2)    An Adjustment To Society
Kraut (2)    Whetting The Scythe
Krokus    Metal Rendez-vous
Krokus    One Vice At A Time
Krokus    Headhunter
Krokus    Change Of Address
Krokus    The Blitz
Kurtis Blow    Christmas Rappin'
L. Shankar*    Touch Me There
La Aferra    Ziemia Ginie - Obudź SiÄ™ !
La Sera    La Sera
Lair Of The Minotaur    War Metal Battle Master
Lambsbread (2)    Stereo Mars
Lamontagne, Ray And The Pariah Dogs    "God Willin' & The Creek Don't Rise"
Lamontagne, Ray And The Pariah Dogs    "Live Fall 2010"
Large Pro*    Beatz Volume 1
Last Poets, The, Dead Prez & Common    Panthers
Latyrx [Lateef & Lyrics Born]*    The Album
Lazarus (7)    Lazarus
Lazer Crystal    MCMLXXX
Le Tigre    Feminist Sweepstakes
Leaders Of The New School    A Future Without A Past
Leatherwolf    Street Ready
Leaving Trains, The    Kill Tunes
Leaving Trains, The    Fuck
Legal Weapon    Interior Hearts
Lesley Duncan    Earth Mother
Less Life    Today Will Be Ours
Lie    Lie
Life Long Tragedy    Runaways
Lifesavas    Gutterfly / A Serpent's Love
Like Wolves    Like Wolves
Lion Of Judah (2)    Universal Peace
Lionheart (4)    Hot Tonight
Little Milton    His Greatest Sides
Lizzy Borden    Give 'Em The Axe
Lizzy Borden    Master Of Disguise
LMNO (2)    Better / Aerosol Migrants / Ricochet
Lone Star (2)    Lone Star
Longshoremen    Grr Huh Yeah
Loopool    Courtesy Run Rampant
Loosers    For All The Round Suns
Lootpack    Miss Deja Vu
Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth    Funky Technician
Lords Of Acid    I Sit On Acid
Lords Of Light    Energy
Lords Of The New Church    Is Nothing Sacred?
Lorn (2)    Nothing Else
Los eterno    Eterno saludo musical
Los York's    El Viaje: 1966-1974
Lost Generation (4)    Return From Incas
Lost Generation (4)    Midnight Meat Train
Loudness (5)    Thunder In The East
Loudness (5)    Hurricane Eyes
Loudness (5)    Lightning Strikes
Louis Logic    The Great Divide
Louis Logic & J.J. Brown    Misery Loves Comedy
Love Of Everything    Superior Mold And Die
Lover!    Lover!
Lucero    1372 Overton Park
Lukid    BBQ / Genie
Lukid    The Now EP
Lukid    Chord
Lurkers, The    Greatest Hit -  Last Will And Testament...
M. Ward    Hold Time
M.E.D.*    Classic
M.I.*    Allnighter EP
M.I.A. (2)    /\/\ /\ Y /\
M-80 (4)    M-80
Mötley Crüe    Hooligan's Holiday
Mötley Crüe    Shout At The Devil
Mac Blackout    Mac Blackout
Mach II (4)    Mach II
Machine Gun (3)    Open Fire
Made Out Of Babies    Coward
Madlib    Madlib Remixes 2 - 1980s Saturday Morning Edition
Madlib    Madlib Medicine Show #12/13 - Filthy Ass Remixes
Madlib The Beat Konducta*    WLIB AM: King Of The Wigflip
Madlib Wit' Frank*    Madlib Medicine Show #9 Channel 85 Presents Nittyville, Season 1
Madvillain    Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix
Magnolias, The    Dime Store Dream
Mainstrike    No Passing Phase
Majesticons, The    Beauty Party
Malcolm Bauld    Covered In Dust
Maleficarum / Jezabel    The Black Flame Burns Once Again/Blasphemous Nightfall
Mallet-Head    Mallet-Head
Manifesto Jukebox    Remedy
Manifesto Jukebox    Desire
Marco Polo (3)    War
Mariachi Vargas De Tecalitlan*    El Mejor Mariachi Del Mundo
Marillion    Script For A Jester's Tear
Marilyn Monroe    Rare Recordings 1948-1962
Mark Durgan    Ploughing Furrows Into Rotten Burrows
Mark McGuire (2)    VDSQ - Solo Acoustic Volume Two
Maserati    Pyramid Of The Moon
Mass (16)    New Birth
Massive Attack    Angel
Mates Of State    Our Constant Concern
Matta Llama    Matta Llama
Max Romeo    Warning Warning!
McCoy    McCoy
MDC (2)    Smoke Signals
Meat Loaf    Bat Out Of Hell
Meat Puppets    I Am A Machine / Get On Down
Megadeth    Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
Mercury Rev    Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp
Messenger Girls Trio    Excelsior Salon Trio
Miasmal    Demo 2008
Michael Bloomfield*    It's Not Killing Me
Michael Schenker Group, The    Dancer
Michael Schenker Group, The    Assault Attack
Michael Schenker Group, The    Built To Destroy
Mighty Diamonds, The    Never Get Weary
Mike Rep And The Quotas    Songs The Grackles Liked
Mind (7)    ...Your Own Business
Mind Of Asian / Straight Edge Kegger    Mind Of Asian / Straight Edge Kegger
Ministry    The Nature Of Love
Ministry    Over The Shoulder
Ministry    Twitch
Ministry    With Sympathy
Minutemen    3-Way Tie (For Last)
Misery Loves Co.    Misery Loves Co.
Misfits    Eyes To Despise
Misfits, The*    Ãœber Dem Jenseits
Miss Alex White & The Red Orchestra    Space & Time
Mob Rules (2)    The Donor
Mokoma    Kuoleman Laulukunnaat
Molemen    Locked
Molemen    Ritual Of The...
Mondo Drag    New Rituals
Mongoloids, The    Time Trials
Mongoloids, The    Time Trials
Monikers    Wake Up
Moonface (2)    Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I'd Hoped
Morgan Egg / Mark Lord (2)    Last Chance In Heaven / Discontinue Stardust
Morne (2)    Asylum
Morning Again    Hand Of Hope
Morphosis (2)    Dark Myths Of Phoenicia - Part 1 Of 2
Morten Barfoed    No Sign Of A Sign
Motion Man    Uneven Pavement EP - Unreleased Demos 1992-1993
Mouse On Mars    Cache Coeur Naïf
Moutheater    Colonial
Mouthus    Slow Globes
Mouthus / Bulbs    Where The Bridge Was Found / Emerald Isle
Mr. Complex    Feel Me I'm Rhymin' Against The Grain
Mr. Complex    Swiss Chocolate Cake
M's, The    The M's
Murder City Devils, The    "In Name And Blood"
Mushroom River Band, The    Simsalabim
Mythical Beast / Pocahaunted    Split
Nabat - Steno* & Stab, The    Live Alla Morara - Bologna 23/1/92
Naglfar    Vittra
Nathaniel Merriweather Presents Lovage    Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By (Instrumental Vérsion)
Never Never, The    These Aint No Purple Hearts
New Bomb Turks, The    Scared Straight
New Bruises    Transmit! Transmit!
New Lows    Harvest Of The Carcass
Nicolas Jaar    Space Is Only Noise
Nicolas Jaar    Space Is Only Noise
Nighthawks (2)    Nighthawks
Nirvana    Heart-Shaped Box
NK6    Keep On Keeping On
No Movement No Sound No Memories    Removed
North Lincoln    Midwestern Blood
Nuclear Death    Bride Of Insect
Nurse With Wound    Thunder Perfect Mind
O Pioneers!!!    Black Mambas
Ocean (4) / Conifer    Ocean / Conifer
Octopus Project, The    Hello, Avalanche
Off With Their Heads    Hospitals
Officium Triste    Ne Vivam
Ohmega Watts    No Delay
Ohuzaru    Ohuzaru
Oil (4)    Better Get It In Your Soul
Olatunji And His Drums Of Passion    High Life!
Olympic Death Squad, The    Blue
Only Children, The    Change Of Living
Opio    Triangulation Station
Order Of The Vulture    Order Of The Vulture
Original Three, The    Been Dealt A Losing Hand
Ottawa    Discography
Our Survival Depends On Us    Jumping Once Too Often Into The Ocean That Had Always Been Our Inspiration
Oxbow    Songs For The French
Ozzy Osbourne    Randy Rhoads Tribute
Pale Blue Sky    Shades Of Grey
Panicsville    Imperfection Of The Organism
Panicsville / Rubber O Cement    Split
Pankow    Gisela
Paperclip People    Basic Reshape
Parasytic    Poison Minds
Part Time Christians    Rock And Roll Is Disco
Patti Smith Group    Easter
Paul Roessler featuring Twisted Roots (2)    Paul Roessler's Pandemonium Shadow Show
Paul Samson    Joint Forces
PC Worship    NYC Stone Age
Peaches    Lovertits
Peanut Butter Wolf    Run The Line / The Undercover (Clear & Present Danger)
Peanut Butter Wolf    Styles, Crews, Flows, Beats
Pedestrians (2)    Ideal Divide
Pedestrians (2)    Future Shock
Pere Ubu    We Have The Technology
Pere Ubu    Terminal Tower - An Archival Collection
Pete Rock / Smif-N-Wessun    Monumental
Pete Swanson    Where I Was
Phantasm (6)    Wreckage
Phobia (6)    Get Up And Kill!
Phobia (6)    Unrelenting
Phobia (6)    Cruel
Phobia (6)    Grind Your Fucking Head In
Phoenecia    Oddjob Discrimination
Pink And Brown    Shame Fantasy II
Pink Lincolns    Back From The Pink Room
Pink Noise, The    Dream Code
Pink Stallone    The Six
Pitch Shifter*    [The Remix War]
Planxty    The Well Below The Valley
Plastic Little    The Jump Off
Pocahaunted    Peyote Road
Poison (3)    Open Up And Say ...Ahh!
Poison Idea    Latest Will And Testament
Polyrhythm Addicts    It's My Life / Zonin' Out
Pop Will Eat Itself    16 Different Flavours Of Hell
Pop-O-Pies    Joe's Second Record
Portion Control    Psycho-Bod Saves The World
Portion Control    ..Step Forward
Positive Reinforcement    Positive Reinforcement
Powertrip    When We Cut We Bleed
Pranksterz*    Madman Scratchy / Plenty Of Billy
Pressvre / Colin Of Arabia    Stalemate
Primal Scream    Burning Wheel
Prime Movers, The    Matters Of Time
Primordial Undermind    Loss Of Affect
Process (7)    Regeneration
Prong    Whose Fist Is This Anyway [Four Industrial Mixes]
Prong    3
Prong    Rude Awakening Remixes
Prong    Live At CBGB's
Prong    Rude Awakening
Pro-Tech    Control
Psychedelic Horseshit    "Laced"
Psychic TV    Live In Toronto
Psyco On Da Bus    Psyco On Da Bus
Public Image, Ltd.*    Happy
Pulp    This Is Hardcore
Pulse (20)    Pulse
Purling Hiss    Lounge Lizards
Quiet Riot    Condition Critical
R. Kelly    Double Up - Key Cuts
R.A. The Rugged Man    Die, Rugged Man, Die
R.A.M.B.O.*    Bring It!
Radha Krsna Temple, The    The Radha Krsna Temple
Radical Face    Ghost
Raekwon    Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II
Rage (9)    Rage
Rain Parade    Explosions In The Glass Palace
Rainbow    Can't Let You Go
Rainbow    Down To Earth
Rainbow    Bent Out Of Shape
Rainbow    Down To Earth
Ralph Graham    Extensions
Ramones    It's Alive
Ramones    End Of The Century
Ramones    Halfway To Sanity
Rancid Hell Spawn    Jumpin' Jack Flesh
Rapture, The    In The Grace Of Your Love
Ras Kass    Soul On Ice
Rasco    The Dick Swanson Theory
Rasco    Time Waits For No Man
Rated-X    Rock Blooded
Ratt    Invasion Of Your Privacy
Ratt    Ratt
Ratt    Ratt
Ratt    Out Of The Cellar
Raunch Hands, The    El Rauncho Grande
Raven (6)    Stay Hard
Raven (6)    Crash Bang Wallop
Raven (6)    The Devil's Carrion
Raven (6)    Life's A Bitch
Raven (6)    The Pack Is Back
Raven (6)    Wiped Out
Raw Nerve    Raw Nerve
Raydar Ellis    Late Pass
Rayon Beach    The Memory Teeth
Reaching Forward    For The Cause
Reactions, The    Cracked Marbles
Red #9    No Hope?
Red Hot Chili Peppers    The Abbey Road E.P.
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry    "Blow"
Red Reaction    Welcome To The Warzone
Red Sparowes    At The Soundless Dawn
Redd Kross    Born Innocent
Redman    Malpractice
Reigning Sound    Too Much Guitar
Reivers, The    End Of The Day
Resist And Exist    Kwangju
Resort, The    1989
Revisions    Revised Observations
Richard Devine    Lipswitch
Richard Digance    Treading The Boards
Richie Havens    Richie Havens' Record
Rick Garcia    The Grind (Remixes)
Right Idea    Our World
Riot (4)    Restless Breed
Rise & Fall    "Our Circle Is Vicious"
Rise Against    Appeal To Reason
Rita Marley    One Draw / Thats The Way
Roadmaster (2)    Fortress
Rob Carlson - Jon Gailmor    Peaceable Kingdom
Robert Fripp    Let The Power Fall (An Album Of Frippertronics)
Robert Fripp / League Of Gentlemen, The (2)    The League Of Gentlemen
Robert Hunter    Jack O' Roses
Robert Pollard    Robert Pollard Is Off To Business
Robert Pollard    Motel Of Fools
Roc 'C'    All Questions Answered
Roc+C*, Longshot / Murs, Anacron    Be That / I'm The
Rock La Flow*    The Flowgram E.P. Pt. 2
Rodger Stella    Foucault Zombie
Rods, The    Live
Rods, The    In The Raw
Rods, The    Wild Dogs
Rome (2)    Beware Soul Snatchers
Roots Manuva Meets Wrongtom    Duppy Writer
Roots, The    Rising Down
Rory Gallagher    The Best Years
Royal Air Force    Fasten Your Seat Belts
Rubberoom    Architechnology
Ruiner    I Heard These Dudes Are Assholes
Rumble Militia    Fuck Off Commercial
Run Westy Run    Run Westy Run
Run-D.M.C.*    King Of Rock
RunnAmucks    Inferno
Rush    Hemispheres
Rusted Shut    Dead
RZA    Presents "Afro Samurai - Resurrection"
Sacred Denial    North Of The Order
Sacred Denial    Exhumed
Sacred Shock    You're Not With Us
Salem 66    A Ripping Spin
Salvation (4)    Mortality Interactions
Samara Lubelski    In The Valley
Samson (3)    Losing My Grip
SA-RA Creative Partners, The*    Nuclear Evolution : The Age Of Love
Saturation    Beware The Living
Saturation    Saturation
Saviours    Cavern Of Mind
Saxon    Wheels Of Steel
School Of Seven Bells    My Cabal
Schoolly D    How A Blackman Feels
Schtern    Schtern
Scorpions    "Blackout"
Scorpions    Blackout
Scorpions    Savage Amusement
Scorpions    Savage Amusement
Scorpions    Blackout
Scorpions    Animal Magnetism
Scorpions    Animal Magnetism
Scorpions    Best Of Scorpions
Scorpions    Best Of Scorpions
Scrawl    He's Drunk
Screaming Females    "Castle Talk"
Screw 32    Under The Influence Of Bad People
Secret Stars, The    TSS
Seers, The    Lightning Strikes
Seizure    "Seriously Delirious"
Selfish    Cry For Love, Cry For Death
Serpent Throne    White Summer · Black Winter
Sewer Zombies    Reach Out And...
Sex Pistols    The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle
Sex Pistols    Some Product - Carri On Sex Pistols
Sex Pistols    We've Cum For Your Children (Wanted: The Goodman Tapes)
Sex Pistols    Anarchy In The UK - Live
Sex Worker    The Labor Of Love
Shai Hulud    "That Within Blood Ill-Tempered" (Red Vinyl)
Sham 69    Live And Loud Volume 2
Shamen, The    Destination Eschaton
Shankar & Caroline (2)    The Epidemics
Sharky's Machine    Let's Be Friends!
Shawn Lee    Soul In The Hole
Shepherds (2)    Loco Hills
Shonen Knife    712
Show*    D.I.T.C. Presents - Street Talk
Sick Sick Birds    Heavy Manners
Sign Offs, The    Untitled
Simeon*    Sleepy Eyes
Simon Scott    Traba
Sin Fang Bous*    Clangour
Sinners, The (2)    From The Heart Down
Siouxsie And The Banshees*    Once Upon A Time/The Singles
Sir Coxson Sound    King Of The Dubb Rock
SIXES    Cursed Beast
Skate Korpse    Skate Korpse
Skeletons, The (5)    Waiting
Skids, The    Days In Europa
Skin Like Iron    Arrival
Skuds, The (2)    Annihilation
Skuds, The (2)    Annihilation
Skyscraper (3)    Choke
Slab!    Sanity Allergy
Slaughter And The Dogs    Beware Of...
Sleeper Cell (2)    Sleeper Cell
Slow Bongo Floyd    More Than Jesus
Slumlords    "Slumlords"
Small Brown Bike    Fell & Found
Smugglers, The    Selling The Sizzle
Snake Apartment / Work/Death    Fourth Blood / The Fragile Ego Of Any Half Succesful Comedian
Social Distortion    Bad Luck
Sodom    Persecution Mania
Soft Machine    Third
Solange (4)    Robots Are Un-American
Solex / 198$$*    The Cutter/Treasure Of The Nervous Nothing
Solomon Burke    From The Heart
Some Girls    "All My Friends… " (Tour Edition)
Some Girls    "Heaven's Pregnant Teens"
Sonic Dolls, The    "Bionik"
Sonic Youth    Daydream Nation
Sonnymoon    Self Titled
Soplerfo    Soplerfo
Sorry (3)    The Way It Is
Soul Control    "Involution"
Soul Supreme    Presents The Saturday Nite Agenda
Soul Swallower    Devoured
Souls Of Mischief    No Man's Land
Soup Dragons, The    The Majestic Head?
Soup Dragons, The    Lovegod
Sous X    Untitled
Spacek    Eve
Speaking Canaries, The    Songs For The Terrestrially Challenged
Specials, The    More Specials
Spinning Heads    Change The Game
Spiritu    Untitled
Split Lip    For The Love Of The Wounded
Spooky Tooth    The Mirror
Spread The Disease    The Sheer Force Of Inertia
Stark Raving    Sniveling And Whining
Starkweather    This Sheltering Night
Starkweather    This Sheltering Night
State Of The Nation    Objective Complete
State Secedes, The    The State Secedes
Static Static    Psychic Eyes
Stay Hungry    Against The Wall
Stellar OM Source    Trilogy Select
Stems, The    At First Sight Violets Are Blue
Steve Miller Band    Children Of The Future
Stone (9)    Stone
Stooges, The    Fun House
Stooges, The    1970 - Raw Mixes Vol. 2
Stracony    Uważajcie - Bomby WiszÄ… Nad Waszymi GÅ‚owami
Strange Fruit Project    Up Jump Da Boogie
Street Eaters    We See Monsters
Strife    Truth Through Defiance (Unreleased And Rare Recordings)
Strife    "One Truth"
Stryper    In God We Trust
Stryper    The Yellow And Black Attack
Stryper    To Hell With The Devil
Stump Wizards, The    "Smokestack"
Sub-Conscious    Pushin' Orbitz
Subroc / KMD    It Sounded Like A Roc / Stop Smokin' That Shit
Subway Arts    Una Definizione Perversa Della Pace
Sugar (5)    File Under: Easy Listening
Sugar Hill Gang*    Troy / Girls
Sugar Minott    The Leader For The Pack
Suicidal Tendencies    Possessed To Skate
Sunday Morning Einsteins    Swedish Hardcore Must Die
Sunday Morning Einsteins    Kängnäve
Sunshine (6)    Necromance
Super Vacations, The    The Super Vacations
Supertouch    Live On WNYU 1988
Supertouch    Live On WNYU 1988
Surroundings    Surroundings
Swirlies    Strictly East Coast Sneaky Flute Music / They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days In The Glittering World Of The Salons
T&T    Don't Stop
T. S. O. L.*    T. S. O. L.
T.S.O.L.    Thoughts Of Yesterday 1981-1982
Tackhead    What's My Mission Now ?
Takashi (15)    Kamikaze Killers
Talas    Sink Your Teeth Into That
Talk Talk    I Don't Believe In You
Tallest Man On Earth, The    "Debut Album: Shallow Grave"
Taramis    Queen Of Thieves
Taste (2)    The Best Of Taste
Taste (2)    Pop History Vol 11
Tear It Up    Just Can't Stand It
Tear It Up    "Nothing To Nothing"
Teenage Bottlerocket    They Came From The Shadows
Ten Foot Pole    Unleashed
Ten Years After    Ten Years After
Terminal Youth    Terminal Youth
Terminals, The (3)    Forget About Never
Terrible Twos    Terrible Twos
Terror Level Red    No Man's Land
Terror Squad    The Album
Thema Eleven    Choose Your Beast DCLXVI
They And The Children    Thoughts On Becoming A Ghost
They Live (2)    They Live
Think I Care    World Asylum
This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb    Three Way Tie For A Fifth
This Is Hell    Weight Of The World
This Is Hell    This Is Hell
This Will Destroy You    Tunnel Blanket
Thou (2)    Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For
Three Johns, The    The World By Storm
Thrust (6)    Fist Held High
Thunderflash    Reach Your High Tonite
Thursday    No Devolución
Thursday / Envy (2)    Thursday / Envy
Tiger Army    III: Ghost Tigers Rise
Tigershark / Apeshit    Tigershark / Apeshit
Tight Bro's From Way Back When*    Lend You A Hand
Tiltwheel    The High Hate Us
Tim Hardin    Tim Hardin 2
Time Flies    On Our Way
Time Zone    World Destruction (Meltdown Remixes)
Timebombs, The    I Belong In Hell
Token Entry    Jaybird
Tom Troccoli's Dog    Tom Troccoli's Dog
Tommy Keene    Places That Are Gone
Tony MacAlpine    Edge Of Insanity
Torch (5)    Torch
Torn Flesh    Crux Of The Mosh
Total Fury    Ears Go Deaf
Total Shutdown    Total Shutdown
Totem (15)    Nights Of The Nova
Toxic Holocaust    Demo 2007
Tragic Mulatto    Chartreuse Toulouse
Traktor (2)    Sequence The Sequence
Trash (8)    Burnin' Rock
Trauma (24)    Scratch And Scream
Traversable Wormhole    Traversable Wormhole Vol. 5
Treponem Pal    Treponem Pal
Trial    "Are These Our Lives" (Coke Bottle Clear)
Triffids, The    Born Sandy Devotional
Tronics*    Love Backed By Force
Troum    Autopoiesis
TSOL*    Change Today?
TT Quick    Metal Of Honor
Turbines    Magic Fingers And Hourly Rates
Twisted Sister    Ruff Cutts
Twisted Sister    You Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll
Twisted Sister    Under The Blade
Two Cow Garage    Speaking In Cursive
Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck"    Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck"
Tygers Of Pan Tang    The Best Of The Tygers Of Pan Tang
U.K. Subs*    A.W.O.L.
UFO (5)    Let It Rain
UFO (5)    Mechanix
UFO (5)    Mechanix
UFO (5)    The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent
UFO (5)    Obsession
UFO (5)    Ain't Misbehavin'
Umbrella (6) / Every Kid Loves A Clown    Umbrella / Every Kid Loves A Clown
Unaustralians    Unaustralians
Uncle Sam (3)    Letters From London
Under Pressure (3)    Black Bile
Underdog (10)    Rabies In Town
Unholy (2)    Blood Of The Medusa
Unknown Artist    Seldom Felt 3
Unknown Artist    "Not To Be Denied! Boston Celtics …"
Unseen, The    So This Is Freedom?
Unsteady    Double Or Nothing
Unwanted Christmas Presents    Unwanted Christmas Presents
Upsidedown Cross    "Upsidedown Cross"
US Christmas*    Untitled
USA Is A Monster, The    Sunset At The End Of The Industrial Age
UTFO    Lethal
Vöetsek    Infernal Command
Valley Of Kings    Victory Garden
Van Morrison    Veedon Fleece
Various    "Black On Black: A Tribute To Black Flag"
Various    UC Anthems, Volume 3
Various    The Blasting Concept
Various    Oi! This Is Streetpunk
Various    Oi! This Is Streetpunk
Various    Seditious Jewels
Various    Slash: The Early Sessions
Various    "Live" Convention "81"
Various    Sandwell District (Sampler Single Two)
Various    Crossed Wires
Various    Crossed Wires
Various    Disco Love - Rare Disco & Soul Uncovered
Various    Most Rated 2005 (Part 2)
Various    Norman Jay Presents Philadelphia - The Underground Anthems Of Philadelphia Soul 1973 - 1981
Various    'Live' At The Bottom Of The Hill
Various    'Live' At The Bottom Of The Hill
Various    Eastern Front Live At Ruthie's Inn
Various    The Eagle Has Landed
Various    Step On A Crack (Volume Two)
Various    Casual Victim Pile: Austin 2010
Various    Back To Peru Vol II - The Most Complete Compilation Of Peruvian Underground 1964 / 1974
Various    Lif Up Yuh Leg An Trample: The Soca Train From Port Of Spain
Various    Can Of Pork
Various    Local Customs: Downriver Revival
Various    Looney Tunes And Merrie Melodies
Various    Eastern Front
Various    Four Dollar Ohio Kings
Various    When Hell Freezes Over
Various    The World's Lousy With Ideas Volume 8
Various    The Big One
Various    Rebuilding
Various    One Hundred In Ten
Various    Another Shot For Bracken
Various    Sound Of USA Cities #1 - Washington D.C. - The Savages Are Loose
Various    The Right To Assemble Volume Two
Various    I Can't Live Without It
Various    All Systems Go!
Various    Complete Death 2
Various    Metal Fusion
Various    Live And Heavy
Various    Contemporary Jazz
Various    The Best Of Bomp - Volume One
Various    The Towers Of New London Vol. I - The Bands Of The El "N" Gee
Various    It's Midnight Xmess Part III
Various    The Blasting Concept Volume II
Various    Fast-Track !
Various    Waikiki Surf Battle
Various    Pop Ambient 2011
Various    Black On Black (A Tribute To Black Flag)
Various    Sunday Matinee: The Best Of NY Hardcore
Various    Soviet Funk Volume One
Various    Nettwerk Sound Sampler: Food For Thought
Various    Running Wild Volume Two
Various    Blowin' Through Yokohama!
Various    Japankore Omnibus Vol. 2: Hardcore Mess
Venom (8)    At War With Satan
Verbal Assault    Trial
Versoma    Life During Wartime
Victims    ...In Blood
Victims    ...In Blood
Victory (3)    Victory
Victory (3)    Don't Get Mad - Get Even
Victory (3)    That's Live
Victory (3)    Culture Killed The Native
Vincebus Eruptum    Vincebus Eruptum
Violent Arrest    Violent Arrest
Virgin Steele    Guardians Of The Flame
Visual Discrimination    Step Back And Listen
Vivian Girls    Vivian Girls
Vixen (2)    Vixen
Vixen (2)    Vixen
Voïvod    The Lost Machine / Jack Luminous
Volcano Suns    Thing Of Beauty
Voodoo Dolls, The (2)    Not For Sale
Vow Wow    Shock Waves
W.A.S.P.    The Last Command
W.A.S.P.    W.A.S.P.
Walter Wanderley    Murmúrio
Warlock    "Triumph & Agony"
Warmer Milks    Radish On Light
Warrant    Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich
Warrant (3)    First Strike
Wartorn    Tainting Tomorrow With The Blood Of Yesterday
Wasch!    Metal Goes Mountain
Wasted Time (2)    Futility
Wax Museums    Wax Museums
Wax Museums    Wax Museums
Waysted    Waysted
Waysted    Vices
Weight, The (2)    Ten Mile Grace
Weirdo/Begeirdo    So I'm Dude In This Equation
Whirlpool (2)    Whirlpool
White Lion    Pride
White Lion    Pride
White Rock    Tarpit
White Wolf (2)    Standing Alone
Whitecross    Whitecross
Whitesnake    Saints & Sinners
Whitesnake    Trouble
Whitesnake    Come An' Get It
Whitesnake    Whitesnake
Whitesnake    Slide It In
Whitesnake    Come An' Get It
Wildhearts, The    Riff After Riff
Wind Of Change    Retrospect
Windmills By The Ocean    Windmills By The Ocean
Winger    Can't Get Enuff
Winger    Winger
Wire    Eardrum Buzz
Wire    Snakedrill
Woebot    Chunks
Wolf People    Tidings
Wolfgang Press, The    Mama Told Me Not To Come
Women (2)    No Reasons
Woody Guthrie    My Dusty Road Woody's Roots
Woollen Kits    Woollen Kits
Word Salad (2)    Death March 2000
Wrath (6)    Nothing To Fear
WxHxNx?*    Stand Fast Armageddon Justice Fighter
WytchKraft    Inquisição Satânica
X (5)    Wild Thing
X (5)    Live At The Whisky A Go-Go On The Fabulous Sunset Strip
XOne ChoiceX    Forever War
Y & T    In Rock We Trust
Y & T    In Rock We Trust
Y & T    In Rock We Trust
Ya Ya (2)    Scarred
Yeasayer    Fragrant World
Yellow Autumn    Children Of The Mist
Yellow Balloon    The Yellow Balloon
Yngwie Malmsteen    Trial By Fire - Live In Leningrad
Yo Majesty    Futuristically Speaking...Never Be Afraid
Yo Majesty    Futuristically Speaking...Never Be Afraid
Your Lovely Eglantine* / Krikor    More G.D.M. Volume 6
Zann / Burial Year    Fig.1 / Fig.2
Zero Boys    Vicious Circle
Zero Hour (4) / Apeface    Zero Hour / Apeface
Zeroid (2)    2004
Zhenia Golov    Defined By Confines
Zoetrope    A Life Of Crime
Zola Jesus    Conatus
Zoogz Rift    Water II: At Safe Distance

Metal LPs
AC/DC    "Back In Black"
AC/DC    "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"
AC/DC    "Flick Of The Switch"
AC/DC    "For Those About To Rock…"
Accept    "Metal Heart"
Autograph    "That's The Stuff"
Black Sabbath    "Sabotage"
Boss    "Step On It"
Cooper, Alice    "Welcome To My Nightmare"
Deep Purple    "The House Of Blue Light"
Dio    "Holy Diver"
Dio    "Sacred Heart"
Great White    "Shot In The Dark"
Guns N' Roses    "Chinese Democracy"
Guns N' Roses    "Appetite For Destruction"
Impaler    "Rise Of The Mutants"
Iron Butterfly    "Live"
Iron Maiden    "Aces High"
Iron Maiden    "Run To The Hills"
Iron Maiden    "Number Of The Beast"
Iron Maiden    "Piece Of Mind"
Iron Maiden    "Killers"
Iron Maiden    "Women In Uniform"
Iron Maiden    "Flights Of Icarus"
Iron Maiden    "Iron Maiden"
Iron Maiden    "Maiden Japan"
Judas Priest    "Point Of Entry"
Judas Priest    "Hell Bent For Leather"
Judas Priest    "Sad Wings Of Destiny"
Kiss    "Best Of Solo Albums"
Kiss    "Alive II"
Kiss    "Alive!"
Mercyful Fate    "Melissa"
Ministry    "All Day"
Motley Crue    "Theatre Of Pain"
Motley Crue    "Theatre Of Pain"
Neurosis    "Given To The Rising"
Queensryche    "Queensryche"
Queensryche    "The Warning"
Quiet Riot    "Condition Critical"
Rainbow    "Long Live Rock 'N' Roll"
Raven    "Break The Chain"
Saxon    "Innocence Is No Excuse"
Saxon    "Denim And Leather"
Saxon    "Strong Arm Of The Law"
Scorpions    "Love At First Sting"
Suicidal Tendencies    "Suicidal Tendencies"
SunnO)))    "Domkirke"
Vinnie Vincent Invasion    "Vinnie Vincent Invasion"
White Lion    "Big Game"

23 Hello    Haunted House / Soldiers For Buddha
25 Ta Life    25 Ta Life
400 Blows (2)    The Average Guy b\w No One Can Erase This
50 Lions    50 Lions
88 Fingers Louie    The Teacher Gets It
97a    Better Off Dead  E.P.
A Luna Red    ELCTRK!
A Primitive And Savage Land    A Primitive And Savage Land
A Step Apart    There Is A Choice
‘Tone, The    One For The Money...
Abductee S.D.    Shit Disturbers
Absolute Rulers    Live The Dream
Active Sac    Salt And Shovels
Acts Of Sedition    ...The Sick Lead The Blind
Acts Of Sedition / Sadville    First Wave
Acursed / Victims    Acursed / Victims
Adored, The    Tell Me Tell Me
Affirmative Action    Blind Eyes And Apple Pie
Akutare    Riot City
Al Burian / Timothy Remis    Hey Let's Do A Split Seven Inch...
Alabama Chrome    Knoxville Girl
Alarm, The    Strength
Alcatraz (7)    Alcatraz
Alicja-Pop!*    Shining Apple / Walking The Cow
Alloy (5)    Reading Blind / Eliminate
Ambitions    Exile
Ambitions    Neon Lights
Amen (4)    Feikki
Amendment Eighteen*    Every Knife Has A Home
American Soul Spiders    Anyway Any Girl
Amp & 3rd Eye Foundation* / Saddar Bazaar    Ombres / Arabesque
Amp 176, Hidden Chord, The, Forty-Five, The, Selby Tigers    Modern Radio Presents Volume One
Angels    Biographer
Angora Static    Angora static
ANS    Romancing The Phone
Anteenagers MC*    Let's Not Have A Party
Antelope    Crowns / The Flock
Anti You    Making Your Life Miserable
Anti-Flag    The Bright Lights Of America
Antiseen    It All Breaks Down
Anything Goes    Anything Goes
Ãœmlaut    Finland
Apocalypse Babys    Nuclear Rain
Armatron    Mutation Programming
Armed With Intelligence / Young Ones, The (4)    Garbage Picking Youth
Arms Aloft    Comfort At Any Cost
Arrivals, The    Sister Series Vol. 2
As Darkness Falls    As Darkness Falls
Askance    You'll Never Be The Mannequin
Asmodinas Leichenhaus    Asmodinas Leichenhaus
Ass'N'Dick / Anti-Beat / Schtern    Ass'N'Dick Anti-Beat Schtern
Association, The (2)    Cherish
Astroqueen    Rufus The Space Agent
Atomizer (3)    Gimme Natural Selection
Atomizer (3)    Tyrus: The Doom War Of The Armoured Angel
Attack & Decay    Squirrel Sonatas In The Key Of C
Audio Kollaps / Wolfbrigade    Untitled / High-Tech Degradation
Auryn / Bosque (2)    Auryn / Bosque
Authority Abuse    Authority Abuse
Autohaze    White Bird
Automatic (2)    Lowriser
B.B.C. (2)    Under The Milkyway Tonight
Back When    Swords Against The Father
Backstabbers Incorporated    Evolution
Bad Business (2)    Bad Business
Bad Preachers / Whocares, The    Split
Bad Reaction (2)    Plastic World
Bad Trip    Elevator
Bad Trip    Positively Bad
Balance Of Terror / Straight To Hell    Balance Of Terror / Straight To Hell
Bam Bams, The (3)    The Bam Bams
Baptists    Baptists
Barnacled    Table No. 12
Bart's Revenge    Straight From Your Mind...
Battletorn    Burn Fast
Bayonettes, The    We're Doomed EP
Bayonettes, The    We're Doomed EP
Bayonettes, The    Stuck In This Rut
Ben Folds    Landed
Berlin    Sex (I'm A...)
Besthöven    Just Another Warsong-EP
Besthöven / Violation (4)    A D-beat Holocaust !!! / Untitled
Beyond Description / Kontatto    Searching For The Missing Truth / La Vostra Pazzia
Beyond Sad Weeds    The Shattered Dreams EP
Bibio    Ambivalence Avenue / Fire Ant
Big Chief    Get Down And Double Check
Big Mistake    Big Ego
Billy Joel    Baby Grand
Birds Of A Feather    Chapter 5
Birth Control (3)    Going To Target
Bite Down    Doomsday Machine
Bitter End    Mind In Chains
Bitter End    Bitter End
Black Box (4)    Black Box
Black Donnellys    Life's A Scream
Black Hole Of Calcutta    Black Hole Of Calcutta
Black Hollies, The    Gloomy Monday Morning
Black Lips!*    Does She Want
Black Lips, The    Born To Be A Man
Black Lips, The    In & Out
Black Orphan    Video Kids
Black Teeth (2)    Ghost Town Anthems
Black Teeth (2)    Black Teeth
Black Time    I Hate The World And The World Hates Me
Black Time    ICU
Blacklisted (2)    Eccentrichine
Blacklisted (2)    Eccentrichine
Blacks, The (4)    Call The Shots
Blade Crasher    700 Club
Blank Its    Windows Are Dirty
Blonde Redhead    Symphony Of Treble / Kasuality
Blue Letter, The    Jackson
Bob Of Tribes    Does Anyone Have A Gun? EP
Bobpopkillers    Rocker In Wasted / Jagermeister! Yeah!
Boiling Over    Trash City
Booby Hatch    Grinding Asscore At The Worst?
Booby Hatch    Hip Shaking Asscore
Born Bad    Born Bad
Born Under Saturn    45
Boston Spaceships    Camera Found The Ray Gun
Bottom Line (2)    No One's Safe
Boyfriends (4)    Boyfriends
Boysetsfire    Consider
Bracewar    Whatever It Takes Demo
Brain Dead (6) / Rot In Hell    Millenial Psychosis
Brain Handle    Scratching At My Skull
Brain Killer    Brain Killer
Brain Killer    Demo
Brainworms / Tubers    Split Record(ing)
Break It Up    Demo
Breaker Breaker    Demo y2X1
Breaks, The    ...Are Broke
Breeders, The    We're Gonna Rise
Bring It On    Only The Strong Survive
Bristle    The System EP
Broken (2)    At The Border
Broken (2) / Boiling Man    They Won't Cure Cancer!! / Mr. Rat Race
Brrr (2)    Brrr
Bruce Gilbert    Instant Shed Vol 1
Brutal Knights    Not Fun EP
Brutal Knights    Terrible Evenings
Buck Pets, The    Pearls / Hey Sunshine
Bunny Skulls    18 Song E.P.
Burial (3)    埋葬
Burn     Burn
Buyer's Remorse    A Thorough Analysis EP
Camera Obscura (4)    Writing Kodak / We Talked Midi
Canibus / Miguel Atwood-Ferguson And Suite For Ma Dukes Orchestra, The    Golden Terra Of Rap / Hoc N Pucky
Caninus    Now The Animals Have A Voice
Capitalist Casualties / No Comply (3)    A Painful Split
Cardiac Arrest    Life's A Dead End
Career Suicide    Signals E.P.
Caribbean, The    The 65 Cent Dinner
Carnage (12)    Beast To Bastard
Casino Steel (2) vs. Black Cat # 13    The Experiment Vol. 2: Casino Steel Vs. Black Cat # 13
Cat Power    The Greatest / Hate
Cathedrals / Deadhead (2)    Split
Catheter / Streetwalker (2)    Dissecting The Suffering Quota
Catheters, The    Put It Together / Days Gone By
Cause Co-Motion!*    I Lie Awake
Cheap Tragedies    Cheap Tragedies
Chemo Kids, The    New York Doll
Chico Mann / Pax Nicholas And The Nettey Family    Mentirosos / Na Teef Know De Road Of Teef
Chuck Violence    Bandolero Mexicano
Circle Pit    Circle Pit
Circles (8)    Lay Of The Land
Ciril    Pink Cave
Citizens Patrol    Dead Children E.P.
Cloak/Dagger    Don't Need A
Cloak/Dagger    Pinata
Cloak/Dagger    Pinata
Close Call    Too Close
Close Call    Someone Talked
Cluster Bomb Unit    ... And The Dirty Little Weapons
Coäccion    Revolver
Cocktail Slippers    St Valentines Day Massacre
Coco Rosie    Lemonade
Coconut Coolouts    Punkhouse
Coconut Coolouts    The Spinaround
Coconut Coolouts    Halloween Party Songs
Coconut Coolouts    Pizza Regret / Head Full Of Stones
CocoRosie    God Has A Voice, She Speaks Through Me
Coffin Break    Lies / Pray
Collision (5)    Collision
Collywobbles    King Of Men
Comas, The (3)    Anything For Kicks
Common Interest    As We Decay...
Communion, The / Compound Terror    Split
Constellations, The (2)    Setback
Contaminators    No Friends
Control, The    Sidearm
Converge / Coalesce    Among The Dead We Pray For Light - A Split Seven Inch
Converge / Dive (6) / Daltonic / Opposition (2)    Boston Is Burning - Fueling The Fire
Convicted (2)    Unconquered
Copper Glove    Surviving The Garden Of Hate
Cops And Robbers    Execution Style
Coptic Times    Temptation
Corned Beef / Dellamorte    Untitled / Dirty
Corrosive / Bohrholm    Corrosive / Bohrholm Split 7"
Cosmic Rough Riders    Baby, You're So Free
Countdown To Chaos    Graveyard Train
Counterpoise    Self-Titled
Crash Davis    Demo '99
Creteens    4-Track Blues
Creteens, The*    Cocksucker
Creteens, The*    K-Way Bleu
Cripples, The (2) / New Luck Toy    Split
Crom-Tech    Crom-Tech
Crook$    City Of Rats
Crooked Ways    Crimes Of Passion
Cross Laws    Ancient Rites EP
Cross Me    Drug Free Zone
Crossed Eyes (2)    Rattled
Crucial Attack    Crucial Attack
Crucial Cause    Try Our Luck
CSC Funk Band    A Troll's Soirée
Cult, The    Love Removal Machine
Cut Sick    Fraudulent Little Fuckers E.P
Dãm-Funk*    Toeachizown Bonus 45
Daily Void, The    Mass Communication Culture
Daily Void, The    Civilization Dust
Damage Deposit    Straight To The Bottom
Damage II*    Broken Bloodlines
Dangur    Kick The Bucket
Darkest Hour / Groundzero (3)    Darkest Hour / Groundzero
Darkest Hour / Groundzero (3)    Darkest Hour / Groundzero
Dawn Of Orion    On Broken Wings
Dawnbreed    Luxus
Daybreak (5)    Frozen Wintered Realms Of My Moonlit Record Collection
Dead End (5)    Killing The Messenger
Dead Gaze    Take Me Home Or I Die Alone
Dead Ghosts    Dead Ghosts
Dead Image (2)    Forward
Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words    Lost In Reflections
Dead Mens' Theory    To Never Love Again
Dead Patriot    Dead Patriot
Dead Thirteen / Down Foundation    Dead Thirteen / Down Foundation
Dead Wrong (2) Vs. Banner, The    Dead Wrong Vs. The Banner
Deadly Weapons (2)    You're So Selfish
Dear Landlord / Chinese Telephones    Dear Landlord / Chinese Telephones
Death Cab For Cutie    I Will Possess Your Heart
Death Cab For Cutie    In Living Stereo!
Death Set, The    Intermission/Negative Thinking
Deathrats    Give Up
Deathset, The*    Around The World
Deathsquad (3)    Death Squad
Dedication, The    Youth Murder Anthems
Deep Sleep (3)    Paranoid Futures
Deep Sleep (3)    You´re Screwed
Deep Sleep (3)    You´re Screwed
Deep Sleep (3)    Manic Euphoria
Def Choice    Def Choice
Def.Master    Untitled
Default (7)    Beyond Our Means
Defect Defect    Words
Defiance, Ohio / Environmental Youth Crunch    Defiance, Ohio / Environmental Youth Crunch
Degarne    The Last Dance
Demon System 13 / Code 13    13 Song Split 7"
Dennis Brown / Eek-A-Mouse    Westbound Train / Star, Daily News, And Gleaner
Deranged Insane / Little Bastards    Human Contamination Split EP
Desolation (2)    Desolation
Desolation (2)    Desolation
Desperat    Suicide Attack
Destroy L.A.    Vandalize EP
Devotchkas    Annihilation
Devour    Insect Circuitry
Diehard Youth / Flame Still Burns    The Coast To Coast Finger Point Fiasco
Dillinger Escape Plan, The And Drowningman    Jim Fear / My First Restraining Order
Dirtclodfight    The Rodent Incident
Dirtys, The    Teenage Teenage Problem Child
Discarga    Que Venha Abaixo
Disgusted    Rotting Within The Flesh
Dismachine / Cumbrage    Dismachine / Cumbrage
Disrupt Youth    Disrupt Youth
Dissect    Todellista Todellisuutta
Divide & Conquer    Cop Corpse Bonfire EP
Divided By Hate    Sediments Of Shame
DM & DM* / Fresh & Onlys, The    Split 7"
Doldrums (4)    Nowhere Existence EP
Domestik Doktrin    Domestik Doktrin
Domo Arigato    Japanese Punk
Don Austin    Rust Belt Blues (Or) It Serves Us Right To Suffer
Dontcares, The / Exxon Valdez    We'll Go And Split On Your Grave
Dots (3)    Dots
Douglas Shields & The X-Factors    Douglas Shields & The X-Factors
Down In Flames    Start The Fucking Fire
Downside    Downside
Draft Dodger    Guantanamo Bay Holiday
Draw Blood    Rowdyism
Draw Blood    Rowdyism
Drift Again    The Cold Season
Drift Again    The Cold Season
Driller Killer    L.I.F.E E.P
Dropkick Murphys    Curse Of A Fallen Soul
Druid Perfume    Says Don't Eat Em, They're Poison
Drums & Tuba    Officer Pieper
DS-13*    Aborted Teen Generation
Dub Trio    Not Alone
Dudman    Kaihou 2005 EP
Dustheads    Tall Tales I
Dustheads    Tall Tales II
D-Vision (8)    That Was Then
Dylan Bredeau / Ripshit    Dylan Bredeau / Ripshit
Earlimart    Answers & Questions
Early Man / Rammer    Speed 'N' Spikes Vol. IV
Eat And Run    American Slob
Eat Skull    Jerusalem Mall
Eating Glass    Feed Them To The Vultures
Ed Askew / Black Swans, The    My Best Friend / Nap
Edison (9)    He Player / The Ride
El Jesus De Magico    Klip Aught
Electric Bunnies, The    Fantastic Metal Eye
Emergency! Action Boys    I Didn't Mean Last Night
Empty Grave (2)    The Dark E.P.
Encroached    Shoot The Icons
Encyclopedia Of American Traitors, The*    Repulsive
Enemy Soil    Live At Fiesta Grande #5
Enfold / June's Tragic Drive    Enfold / June's Tragic Drive
Enkindels, The    Who Here Wants To Fight
Ensign    Ensign
Ensign    Fall From Grace
Ensign    For What It's Worth
Erase Errata    Live At The Eagle Tavern
Ergs!, The / Modern Machines    The Ergs! / Modern Machines
Eric Lau    The Mission - Single
Estrogen Highs    Luxury Is God
Everlast (2)    ...Drown The Self...
Every Good Boy    Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home
Executioner (3)    Fix Me/Hellbound
Exhale (3) / Diallo (2)    Exhale / Diallo
Face The Rail    Fractures
Faction Zero    Inside
Fairfuck, The*    Fairfuck
Fanshen    Fanshen
Far From Breaking    Made My Choice
Farcry    Much Time Spent Waiting 7"
Fashion Fashion And The Image Boys*    Shithouse Pussy Stretcher
Fastbreak    Don't Stop Trying
Felt Pilotes    Never Satisfied
Fever Ray    If I Had A Heart
Fiction, The    The titus ep
Fiction, The    The titus ep
Field Day (2)    Christian Television
Field Day (2)    Christian Television
Final Draft    Final Draft
Fisticuffs    Apocalypse Now
Fix My Head    Fix My Head
Fiya (2)    Room For One More
Fiya (2)    Fiya
Fleshies / Phantom Limbs, The    Fleshies / The Phantom Limbs
Flight (8)    Flowers
Flight Of The Conchords    Pencils In The Wind
Flower Gang    Junkdrawer
Flowers In The Attic / Roma Delenda Est    Flowers In The Attic / Roma Delenda Est
Fluf    Sheela Na Gig / Song In D
Flying Lizards, The    Money
Focus, The (2)    The Focus
Folded Shirt    Tiny Boat / Mouth Clock
For All Its Worth    Ankaa
Forced March    Wasted Existence
Four Letter Word    Staring Down The Barrel
Four Slicks, The / Pneumonias, The    Meet The Dirty Beat !!!
France Has The Bomb    Invisible Angle / Grim Trigger
Francis Harold And The Holograms    Mirror Of Fear
Frodus / Atomic Fireball    Frodus / Atomic Fireball
Full Speed Ahead (2)    Born And Bred
Funeral (5)    Cry Of State Desperation
Funeral Shock    Funeral Shock
Funerot    Stranded In Time
Furnace (4) / Relics (2)    Furnace / Relics
Future Phones    Future Phones
Gastr Del Sol    20 Songs Less
Gauge (3)    Mints
Gay Beast    Gay Beast
Generations    Our Times
Germs    (DCC)
Geronimo (11)    Gimmick
Get Down (2)    Get Down
Get Down (2)    Get Down
Get Rad    Bastards United
Get Rad / Protestant    Get Rad / Protestant
Get The Most    Moment In Time E.P.
GG Allin And The Criminal Quartet*    Carnival Of Excess
Ghost Hospital    D+
Ghost Town Trio    Have You Heard?
Girls Of The Gravitron    Malthusian Lovesong
Glycerin (2)    ...From The Depth
Goat Shanty    Clearly Prespin
GobbleHoof    Headbanger
God Forgot    God Forgot
Godrays, The    Songs For T.V. Stars
Godstar    Single
Godstar    The Brightest Star EP
Golden Age, The (2)    Time & Distance
Golden Boys, The    Got No Home
Golden Palominos*    Omaha
Golgatha    Ich Weiss Nicht Ob Ich Weinen Oder Kotzen Soll E.P.
Gomek    What The Hell Happened?
Gomez    How We Operate
Gone But Not Forgotten    Seattle Crew Demo
Goober Patrol    Eight Of Spades
Good Clean Fun    Let's Go Crazy / Victory Records Sucks
Gorilla Angreb / Lokum    Split In Half
Gossip, The / Tracy And The Plastics*    Real Damage
Grabass Charlestons    Sister Series Vol. 2
Gram Parsons & The Fallen Angels / Jenny And Johnny    Love Hurts
Grandprixx, The* / Proteens*    Wicked Split!
Gray Ghost    Succubus
Greater Than One    Bloodstream / Airstream
Grenadine    Christiansen
Grievance    Grievance
Grievance    Grievance
Grifters    Stream
Groundwork (2)    Groundwork
Groundzero / Eye 2 Eye    Groundzero / Eye 2 Eye
Groundzero / Fleshold    Groundzero / Fleshold
GTC, The    The GTC
GuidingLine    The Boyscout Revival
H2O (7)    Seveninch
Haemophagus / Grind Crusher    Haemophagus / Grind Crusher
Half Empty    Welcome Home
Half My Time    No More Lies
Halfways, The    (She's A) Heart Attack
Halfways, The    (She's A) Heart Attack
Hallraker    Sessions
Hallraker    Sessions
Halo (11)    Neverending
Handplant    Keepin' It Rad
Hands Tied    Hands Tied
Hangovers, The    Mailorder Freak 7" Singles Club (May)
Harpoon Guns    Harpoon Guns
Hasil Adkins    Sally Wally Woody Waddy Weedy Wally / Miami Kiss
Hatebreed / Neglect    Hatebreed / Neglect
Hatewaves    Taste The Beast
Haywire (3)    Painless Steel
Head Hits Concrete    Hope, Fear And The Terror Of Dreams
Health Hazard / Sawn Off    On A Path To No Tomorrow / Songs Of Praise
Heartfield (2)    Il Mio Silenzio...
Heathen    Heathen
Heathen*    Heathen
Heavy Vegetable    Head Rush
Hellacopters, The    1995
Hellshock    Arrows To The Poor / Last Sunset
Herds    Herds
Hibachi Stranglers, The    Parasol Parade
Hip Cops / Gate (5)    Hip Cops / Gate
Hipshakes, The    Ok Alright
Hirax    Chaos And Brutality
Hisataka    Dirty Dog
Hives, The    Tarred And Feathered
Hog (7)    Hombre Muerto
Holding On / Real Enemy, The    Split Seven Inch Twin Cities Hardcore
Holy Mountain, The    Your Face In Decline
Homostupids    "The Glow" E.P.
Horace Pinker    Horace Pinker
Hostage Situation    Hostage Situation
Huasipungo    Canciones Para Una Causa Perdida
Human Mess    Uncaged Animal
Humus (7) / Terror Firmer    Ipnosi Collettiva / St
Hybride    Instinct Maternel
Hylkiö / Urban Riot (2)    Hylkiö / Urban Riot
I Accuse!    Untitled
I Am The Cartographer / Humanifesto    Split
I Quit! (2)    That's It... I Quit!
Idiots Parade / Saywhy?    Idiots Parade / Saywhy?
Idora    To Life, To Movie, To Lie, To Die
Iggy Pop    Real Wild Child (Wild One)
Impetus Inter    PR Of RPM
In Arm's Reach    In Arm's Reach
In Reach    Seize the Day
In The Red / Anchor, The    All The Sixes / Opposite Of Awesome
Inane (2)    Inane
Incontrollados    Hvem Vil Det Gavne?
Incontrollados    Hvem Vil Det Gavne?
Inhalants    Kolchak, The Night Stalker
Initial Detonation    Initial Detonation
Inner Strength    Time For Reality
Insect, The (2)    Hard To Cry
Inside Out (2) And Youth Of Today    Benefit 7"
Insight (9)    What Will It Take?
Insomnio    Walking On The String
Instilled    Unfinished Business
Integrity (2)    Walpurgisnacht
Integrity (2) / Hatebreed    Integrity / Hatebreed
Intro To Airlift    The Music Of
Inversions, The    Domestic Disturbance
Ira Et Decessus / Amoniako87    Ira Et Decessus / Amoniako87
Ira Et Decessus / Nor Jainkoa Bezala    Ira Et Decessus / Nor Jainkoa Bezala
Iron Age    The Way Is Narrow
Iron Age    Butcher's Bill
Iron Age    The Saga Demos
Iron Hand    Usurper Divine
Ivy Crown, The    Right Side Of The Bed
J Church / Off With Their Heads    Grin And Bear It E.P.
J. Bannon*    The Blood Of Thine Enemies
J. Rocc* & Rhettmatic    The Beat Junkies 45 Series Volume 1
Jack Torrance    S/t
Jacks, The (2)    Concrete Death
Jam, The    In The City
Jandek    Your Other Men
Japanther vs. Panthers    Seven Inch Lovers
Jawbox    Tongues / Ones & Zeros
Jazz June, The    Breakdance Suburbia
Jean Mills Society Torch    Start Tomorrow
Jeffrey Novak    Home Sweet Home
Jenny Lewis & Whispertown 2000    Paradise/Hometown
Jennyanykind    Windchimes
Jerk City    Jerk City
Jesuit    Jesuit
Jesuit    Jesuit
Jesuit    Jesuit
Johnny Motel & The Fast Fucks    Johnny Motel & The Fast Fucks
Johnny Panic    Happy Together
Joshua (10) / Nightmares For A Week    There Are No Rules / Doomsday Party
Josiah (2)    The Electric Cool
June (8)    Genius / All Of Me
Jupiter Lander    Jupiter Lander
Just Die!    Garages And Basements
Justified Anger    Gas Hikes Ep
Karma Payment Plan, The / Triac (2)    Split
Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground    Diggin' / My Friends All Passed Out
Kicking Spit / Stymie (5)    Kicking Spit / Stymie
Kill Crush Destroy    Kill Crush Destroy
Killing Flame, The    Back To Ash
Kindle (2) & Lebensreform    Co Op
King Khan & BBQ Show, The    Animal Party
King Kong (3)    Hot Dog Days
Kings Of Oblivion, The    Gotta Love Me
KIT (2) / Deerhoof    Buddy Series #2
Kitchener    The Price Of Progression
Kolokol    Grundrisse
Kriegstanz    Kriegstanz
Kudgel    Alphabet Song / Eskimo Pie
Kung Fu Dragon    The Dukes Of Premium Rock Vs. The Man
L.E.S. Stitches    Down The Drain b/w Parasite
L7    Monster
Lady Sovereign    Ch Ching / Hoodie (Spank Rock Remixes)
Lambchop    Whitey / Playboy, The Shit
Lapse (4) / Eddie Brock (3)    Lapse / Eddie Brock
Last In Line    Crosswalk E.P.
Learn Nothing    Learn Nothing
Learn Nothing    Learn Nothing
Les Hulks    Les Hulks
Let Downs, The    Atlanta
Lets Grow    Neverending Story
Let's Grow*    Years Between Gatherings...
Levellers*    Hope St.
Lie    Why!?
Life Trap    Bleak Reality E.P.
Lifer (2)    Shroud
Light The Fuse And Run    1, 2, 3
Lighten Up    I'd Rather Be Snoring
Like Wolves / Oak And Bone    Oak And Bone/Like Wolves
Line Of Fire (2) / Capgun    Fierce Labor
Lita Ford    Close My Eyes Forever (Remix)
Living Eyes    Starve For Agony
Living Hell (2)    Pavor Nocturnis
Living Hell (2)    Living Hell
Liz Phair    Carnivore
Loaded For Bear (2) / Half Gorilla    Loaded For Bear / Half Gorilla
Lonesome Organist, The    Untitled
Looper    Impossible Things
Lord Finesse    Signature Sevens Vol.3
Lord Finesse    Signature Sevens Vol.2
Lord Finesse    Signature Sevens Vol.1
Los Llamarada    The Restless Light
Los Olvidados (2) Vs. Cliftons, The    Skate Rock Fight
Lost Goat    October
Love Tan    Love Tan
M Is The Thirteenth Letter / Monade    M/Monade
Machine Gun Romantics / S.S.E.    Dead Regan Era HXC Split EP
Madball    Been There, Done That
Mail Order Children    Thinking Of Raising A Family
Majestic Four / SMOL    Majestic Four / SMOL
Make It Last    Next In Line
Maledictus Sound*    Wedding Party
Mammoth Grinder    Obsessed With Death
Mammoth Hunter    Mammoth Hunter
Man Vs. Humanity    Anti Imperialist Culture Sound
Man Vs. Humanity & Bury Me Standing    [Crash & Burn]
Manic Attracts    Animals / You Were The Ones
Manikins, The    The World That Once Was Ours
Manix, The    Van Activities
Mannequin (3) / Transistor Transistor    Mannequin / Transistor Transistor
Mans, The    JC/BC
Manta Rays    Manta Rays
Manual Seven    The Shattering
Martha And The Muffins    Women Around The World At Work
Mass Separation / Dregs Of Humanity    Mass Separation / Dregs Of Humanity
May Day*    Lost In Sabbath
MC5    Looking At You / Borderline
Mealticket    Lisa Marie
Meanest Man Contest    Contaminated Dance Step / Feelin' Pretty Psyched (About Love)
Measure [sa], The    Means To An End
Medication (2)    Don't Die/Fog
Meltdown (12)    Demolition
Mercury Rev    If You Want Me To Stay
Mesrine / P.L.F.*    Mesrine / P.L.F.
Metal King    Worship The Real Metal
Meth Mountain    Monotony
Methadones, The    I Believe B/w Exit 17
Milk Toast    Milk Toast
Millenial Reign    Bones Dust Nothing
Mind As Prison / Disciples Of Christ (2)    Mind As Prison / Disciples Of Christ
Mistreaters, The    Stranded
Monade / Scott Bond (2)    Split
Money Mark    Insects Are All Around Us / Cry
Monikers    Eat Your Young
Mooney Suzuki, The    Shake That Bush Again!
Moo-Rat Fingers, The*    Actung Duschbag
Morbid Organs Mutilation    War
Morbid Organs Mutilation    War
Mordant Music    Dead Air
Morning Again    My Statement Of Life In A Dying World
Morrissey    You Have Killed Me
Mother Night (2)    Mother Night
Mount Vernon Arts Lab / Clockwork (8) / Omit    Split
Mud City Manglers, The / Spoilers, The (4)    The Mud City Manglers / The Spoilers
Multiplex (6) / Exit-13    Multiplex / Exit-13
Murder Of Crows (2) / Copeater    Copeater / Murder Of Crows
Murderers, The*    The Murderers
Murder-Suicide Pact    Lobotomy Kit
Murdock (6) / Sutek Conspiracy    Murdock / Sutek Conspiracy
Mutiny (5)    Mutiny
MxPx    Punk Rawk Show
My Hero Died Today & Man Vs. Humanity    Light My Fire And Burn Down Baby Split Seven Inch
My Luck    ... Is Frozen
My Own Lies / Houses In Texas    My Own Lies / Houses In Texas
My Revenge!* / F.P.O.*    My Revenge! / F.P.O.
Naked On The Vague    Chitty Chat / Goodbye Dear Cliche
Narrows    Narrows
Narrows    Narrows
Narrows / Heiress    Narrows / Heiress Split
Nations Afire    The Uprising
Nekhei Naatza*    תתכחשו ליהדות (Renounce Judiasm)
Neon Blud    Whipps
Neon Nazis    Problems
Neon Nazis / Hips (3)    Untitled
Nevertheless (2) / Arise (6)    Split
New Mexican Disaster Squad    Weapons & Equipment Of Counter-Terrorism
Newgenics    Every Girl In The World / We're The Only Ones
Nice Face    Thing In My Head
Nice Nice    There Will Be Slogans
Night Owls (2)    Night Owls
Nirvana    Smells Like Nirvana
No Comply (3)    No Comply
No Contest    Fuck Everyone
No Reply    No Reply
No Rights    No Rights
No Time Left    Zero Effort Solution
No Turning Back    Rise From The Ashes
No Way Out (5)    In With The Old Out With The New
No Way Out (5)    No Way Out
NOFX    Liza And Louise
Nomos (4)    Nomos
Normaa    International Calling
Normals, The (3) And Jeff Clark (2)    The Street Of Your Heart B/W School = Shame
Northless / Protestant    Volume Two
Now Denial    Brothers Not Fighting
Now-Denial, The / Highscore    Hope Vs. Disillusion Ep Pt. 2
Oak & Bone*    Oak & Bone
Oasis (2)    Lyla
Oath, The* / Total Fury    The Oath / Total Fury
Obits     I Can't Lose
Off With Their Heads / Dear Landlord    Off With Their Heads / Dear Landlord
Off With Their Heads / Four Letter Word    One For The Road
Ohuzaru    Ohuzaru
OM (8) / Six Organs Of Admittance    Bedouin's Vigil / Assyrian Blood
On The Outside    Demo 7"
Ones, The (7)    Shame Shame Shame
Open Wound    Stranglehold E.P.
Operation Eat Shit    Operation Eat Shit
Operation Latte Thunder / Are You Fucking Serious    The Kitchen Split
Opposite Force    Against My Desire
Opposition (2)    Pre-packaged
Orthrelm    Untitled
Out With A Bang!    Love My Life
Outlast    Hardcore
Overcast (3)    Begging For Indifference
P.M.R.C., The    Polyphonics For The Modern Renaissance Cannibal
P.P.M.    P.P.M.
Page99 / City Of Caterpillar    A Split Personality
Paindriver    The Truth...Is All That Matters
Pandamonium (2)    Pandamonium
Pandamonium (2) / Total Fury    Total Fury/Pandamonium Tour 2007
Paperhead, The    Pictures Of Her Demise / She Is Above Me
Path Of Destruction    1:00 A.M.
Patti Smith    Two More
Pedestrians (2)    Pedestrians
Pekatralatak / Tekken (3)    Fuck Off & Die / Don't Play Too Fast ... Or I Get Sick
Pellinore    Memento Mori
Permanent Trip    Permanent Trip
Peter & Craig    Thieves, Blizzards And Aliens
Pets, The (3)    Baby It's You B/W No Pets Allowed
Pets, The (3)    Sticky Situations
Pets, The (3)    Let's Go/I Want Fun
Pezz (2)    The Wicked Leading The Blind
Pink Lincolns    Sumo Fumes 2
Plutones, The    Hit Me
Polar Bear Club    The Summer Of George
Police Beat    Time For Coffee!
Polyphonic Spree, The    Soldier Girl
Poster Children    Thinner, Stronger b/w Pointed Stick
Praise (6)    Growing. Changing. Healing.
Prank    Prank
Pricks, The (2)    Going To Jail
Prisoners    Society's Bitch b/w Old & Dumb
Programm C    Lucifer Turns UpThe Volume
Project X (6)    Straight Edge Revenge
Propagandhi    How To Clean A Couple O' Things
Prozacs, The / Johnie 3    The Prozacs / Johnie 3
Prurient    Church Of Ammunition
Psychedelic Horseshit    Who Let the Dogs Out?
Public, The (2) / See You In Hell    The Public / See You In Hell
Puffy Areolas    Rock N Roll Express
Purple Circle Seven    Say Blue / Voodoo Butcher
PUS*    A Life In Fear
Put-On's, The    Get Your Kicks
PX*    Who Makes The Heroes...
Pyramid Scheme    House Arrest
Queers, The    Bubblegum Dreams
Queue Up    I Hate You Mr. Einstein / Vampire's Kiss
Quicksand    Quicksand
Race Against Time    Depths Of The Antbed
Radikalkur + E.M.S.    Erkenne Dich Selbst...
Rain Like The Sound Of Trains    Bad Man's Grave / Cooking With Anger
Rain On The Parade    Fired Up! E.P.
Raiser / Forced March    Split
RAMBO* / Crucial Unit    Rambo / Crucial Unit
Rammer    Rammer
Rapture, The    The Chair That Squeaks
Rat Byte / C.F.L.*    Rat Byte / C.F.L.
Ratas Del Vaticano    Chido E.P.
Rational Animals    Perception Becomes Reality
Raymond Brake, The    New Wave Dream
RC 5    RC 5
Reaching Forward    Shadows Of Emptiness
Reaching Forward / Ensign    Straight Edge Hardcore
Reason Of Insanity    Live 09/30/04 On WFMU
Reason Of Insanity / Bad Eating Habits*    Reason Of Insanity / Bad Eating Habits
Recluse, The    Summer Showers
Rectify (2)    By Your Side
Red Crayola, The*    4 Teen
Red Dons    Escaping Amman
Red Handed (3)    Red Handed
Red Reaction / Life Set Struggle    Red Reaction / Life Set Struggle
Redemption (11)    Redemption
Redrum (15)    Redrum
Refect Refect    The Future
Refuse The Statement    Refuse The Statement
Reinforce    Youth Shall Sing!
Reivers (2)    Schemata
Remain (4)    Die Alone
Remenbers, The    It's
Retainers    Lose It
Retainers    Waste Of Time
Revelators, The    Versus: The Prozac-Poppin' Whinin' Sissies
Right On    No Joke E.P.
Rise Above (3)    Rise Above
Rise Against    Rise Against
Rise Against    Re-Education (Through Labor)
Rites Of Thy Degringolade    Totality's Kommand
Rites, The    Your Last Rites E.P.
Robot Attack / Hypatia    Robot Attack / Hypatia
Roc Marciano*    Do The Honors
Roc Marciano*    Warm Hennessy
Rocket From The Crypt    Ghetto-Box Rock
Rocket From The Crypt    Dancing Birds
Rocking Horse Winner, The / Electro Group    Tomorrow / Panzer Treat
Romance (4)    Live : Gateshead / Newcastle / Glasgow
Roskopp (2) / OSK (2)    Split
Roskopp (2) / Superbad    50303Grind
Ruination (2)    Dead Horse EP
Run Riot (3)    Break Mirrors
Saboteurs    Saboteurs
Sacriphyx    Lone Pine
Salako    The Bird And The Bee
Samuel (8)    Lives Of Insects
Say Goodbye    Anti-Social E.P.
Say No More (3)    Face To Face With Reality
Say No More (3)    Hard Core
Saygoodbye*    Misanthropy
Scale Sheer Surface    Speaker Killer
Scared Straight    Born To Be Wild
Scarred, The / Void Control    Split 7"
Scars On Broadway    They Say
Schlong    Limp 7"
Scott Da Ros    Monster Mashout / Humans Bury Deep
Scraps    Crush Europe `92
Screaming Females / Full Of Fancy    Full Of Fancy / Screaming Females
Screen Out    Despair Of Ignorant
Seasick (3)    Ennui
Seein'Red*    Marinus
Self Destruct    Self Destruct EP
Seraphim (8)    Seraphim
Serotonin (9)    While I Breathe I Hope
Set To Explode    Set To Explode
Seven Years War    Seven Years War
Severed Head Of State    Severed Head Of State
Severin    Beagles! Beagles!
Sex Vid    Nests
Sexual Slurs    Sexual Slurs
Sgt. 6 Assault    Save It For Another Day
Shank (3) / Minute Manifesto    Parasite / Minute Manifesto
Shapes And Sizes / Weird Weeds, The    Unusual Animals Vol. 1
She & Him    In The Sun
Shearwater    Rooks / The Rainbow
Shoot The Hostages    Shoot First Live Free!
Shot Gun    Shot Gun
Shutdown (2)    XDecideX
Sick E's    Whispers From The Front
Sick Llama    Nightly Melting
Sick Sick Birds    Chemical Trains EP
Silver Tongued Devil    Motorcycle Boy
Skip Jensen & His Shakin' Feet    Evil Weirdos
Skull Stomp    Bad Intentions
Slöa Knivar*    Hemmakvälls Massakern
Slaktmask    On The Desperate Edge Of Now
Sleeper Cell (2)    Sleeper Cell
Slicks    My Household Remedy
Sloane Peterson    Second Chances
Slogan Boy    This Record
Smoke Or Fire    Prehistoric Knife Fight
Snake Apartment / Landed    Split
So Be It (2)    The Wrath Of The Skies
Soberesponse    Different Path
Socialcide    Burn In Hell, Bundy
Some Girls    The DNA Will Have It's Say
Some Still Believe    Some Still Believe
Something In The Water    Submitted For Approval
Soplerfo    SAMpler
Sorry Excuse (2)    Sorry Excuse
Sound Smith*    Song 9
Southside Stranglers    Too Much TV
Spark, The (2)    Less Slow, More Go!
Spider Babies    Rock And Roll Rejects
Spider Babies    Rock And Roll Rejects
Spinanes, The    All Sold Out
Spinanes, The    Madding
Spirit Of Youth    The Abyss
Spitboy    Rasana
Spitting Teeth    Don't Believe The Hype
Splinter (4)    Untitled
Spoonful / Right For Life*    Spoonful / Right For Life
SPOX PhD    Brilliance / Four Times Raw
Spread Eagles, The    Don't Talk To The Narc!
Spring Reverbs    Les Reverbs Au Printemps
St. Dad    Do As I Say, Not What I Do
Stalker (21) / Skrupel (2)    Split
Stand Up    That's Real E.P.
Standpoint    Standpoint
Stanford Prison Experiment    Mr. Teacher Dad
State (2)    Sanctimony E.P.
State (2)    No Illusions
Static 84    Another Funeral
Sticks And Stones    World To Be Saved, Song To Be Sung
Stinking Lizaveta    Refinery / Crooked Teeth
Stranglers, The    Bear Cage / Shah Shah A Go Go
Strate Coats, The    The Strate Coats
Straylight Run    Un Mas Dos
Streetwalkers (2)    Vile Thoughts
Stripmines    Sympathy Rations EP
Stump The Host    California Zephyr
Sudden Walks    Haulin Ass Gettin Paid
Sudden Walks    Haulin Ass Gettin Paid
Suffer    Suffer
Sum Of All Fears    1995 Sin Of Anger Demo
Summon The Crows    Summon The Crows
Sunset Riders (2)    Sunset Riders
Sunspring    Slinky
Superchunk / Coliseum (2)    Horror Business / Bullet
Supersleuth    The Hate Divides
Supersnazz    I Wanna Be Your Love
Supersuckers    Saddle Tramp
Suppression With Facialmess    Collaboration EP
Surfer Blood / Holiday Shores    Surfer Blood / Holiday Shores
Survivors (2) / A New Enemy    Untitled
SV*    State Violence
Swank (3) / Jersey (3)    Split
Swingin' Utters    I Need Feedback
Switchblade (3)    Switchblade Tour 2004 7"
Sworn In    Sworn In
Take Control    Tides
Talk Hard    Sarah Connor's Will
Tank 18    Tank 18
Tank, The    ...Standing In Your Way
Tanks    The Girls EP
Tear It Up / Down In Flames    Tear It Up / Down In Flames
Teenage Moods    Sugar Band
Teeners, The    Pill Me
Teepee (4)    Aware
Tempest (23)    Solace
Tempo Zero - Alcatraz (7)    Communication...
Terminal State (3)    Sick
Terminal State (3)    Panic Attack
Terror Firmer / Eating Machine    Toxic Mutation / Untitled
Terror Firmer / Minkions    Terror Firmer / Minkions
Terror Zone    Lord Of Wrath
Terrorain    1988 Demo
Thermals, The / Thao With The Get Down Stay Down    The Thermals & Thao Split
These Are Powers    Silver Lung / Funeral Xylophone
Thieves (4)    Positive Vibrations
Third Death, The    Third Death
Thirty Ought Six    Talon / Moreau
This Ship Will Burn    A Fool's Paradise
This Side Up (3) / White Frogs    This Side Up / White Frogs
Thurneman    Luggsliten Levnad
Time Flies    Can't Change The Past E.P.
Times Square Preachers    Don't Be Numb!!!
Times Square Preachers    Nazis Raus
Tindersticks    The Hungry Saw
Tino Valpa    Class Six Lifestyle
Tipper's Gore    Musical Holocaust
Title Tracks    Every Little Bit Hurts
Tito Ramos / Bilal    Heaven (Is Not For Everyone) / Free
Today Is The Day / Coalesce    In These Black Days Volume Three
Today's Overdose    Today's Overdose
Tortoise    Tour 1998
Toxic Narcotic / Unseen, The    Boston's Finest
Transgressions, The And Side Project, The    Stop Wasting My Time
Transplants    DJ, DJ
Tranzistors    Yoo Will
Trapdoor Fucking Exit    Devils' Egg
Trash Talk    Plagues
Trephine (2)    Reprogram...Recondition
Trial By Jury    Alter
Truman Peyote / Turtle Ambulance    New Wife, New Life / I'm Gonna Be Okay
Tumult    The Heroic Bloodshed E.P.
Turn The Tide    What's Behind These Eyes
Ugly Truth, The    Fall
Ui    Match My Foot (D Mix 2)
Ultimate Blowup    Ultimate Blowup
Understand    Bored Games
Unfun / Stymie (5)    Unfun / Stymie
Union (5)    Anaesthetized
Union Town    Demo 07
United Super Villains    Escapist
United Super Villains / Krammies, The    United Super Villains/The Krammies
Unity (13)    You Are One
Universal Order Of Armageddon / Born Against    Split
Unruh / Creation Is Crucifixion    A Split Seven Inch Battle To Death
Unseen, The    Raise Your Finger, Raise Your Fist
Unseen, The    Protect And Serve
Unwelcome Guests    The Painter
Unwritten Law (3)    Do You Believe In Justice...
Up Front (2)    What Fire Does
Up Front (2)    Daybreak
Uproar (2)    Die For Me
Utter Bastard    Utter Bastard
UV Rays    Are Sick Of Humans
V/Vm    Machine Component 4
V/Vm    Machine Component 3
V/Vm    Machine Component 1
Vacant State    Internal Conflict
Vacation Bible School / God Damn Doo Wop Band, The    Covered
Vaccine (3)    Human Hatred
Vae Victis (5) / Ahriman (4)    Vae Victis / Ahriman
Various    It's Pounding In!
Various    Twin Cities Hardcore 2007
Various    Confederacy Of Scum, Loathe It To Death
Various    Panx Vinyl Zine 04
Various    The Right To Assemble
Various    World's Lousy With Ideas Volume Six
Various    We Love You Jeff R
Various    Retrogression 10
Various    4 Corners
Various    Sounds To Make You Shiver
Various    As We Look To The Future
Various    Carbon 14 Hall Of Fame
Various    New York Rocks
Various    Panx Vinyl Zine 02
Various    Open Zine IV
Various    Consolidation (UK Hardcore Compilation 7")
Various    Prevent This Tragedy - Skate-Core Compilation Vol. 1
Various    Times Still Here
Various    Fuck Christianity
Various    Erase Yer Head No. 9
Various    Die Human Race
Velocity Girl    Nothing
Veloz    Veloz
Venison    1/15/1991
Vertigo (12)    Bad Syd / Going To Pieces
Vertigo (12)    Rub
Vertigo (12)    Driver #43
Verve, The    This Is Music
Vetiver    Hey Doll Baby
Vetiver    Wishing Well
Vicious Cycle (2)    I'm Watching You
Victims    Lies Lies Lies
Vile Gash    Vile Gash
Violent Minds    Violent Minds
Virgin Witch    S/T
Virgin Witch    S/T
Vision Of Disorder / Nunchaku    Through My Eyes / おお焼き場は命
Vision Of Disorder / Uzumaki / Dive (11)    Vision Of Disorder / Uzumaki / Dive (11)
Vivian Girls    Tell The World
Volume (6)    Check This Planet - I'm Gone
Vows, The (3)    The Vows
Vulgar Pigeons    Untitled
Vulgar Pigeons    Genetic Predisposition
Vultyr    Suicide Propaganda
Walkmen, The    Lousiana
Warmers, The    Thin Air
Warpath (2) / Jim Jones Party Mix    Split
Wasted Time (2)    No Shore E.P.
Wasted Time (2)    No Shore E.P.
Wax Museums    Rambo Knife
Weezer    (If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To
Wet Bags    Down By The Docks
Whatever Brains    Rapper's Delight II
Wheels On Fire    Cherry Bomb EP
When Seasons Change    Time Will Tell
Wide Awake    The End
Wild Willy Barrett    Let's Play Schools
Wind Of Pain    State Of Brutality
Windsor For The Derby    Now I Know The Sea...
Wise Up (2)    On The Brink Of Ruin
Witchypoo    Olympia Must Die
With Honor    With Honor
With Honor / Distance, The (6)    With Honor & The Distance
Woollen Kits    Shelley
Worlds Collide (2)    Worlds Collide
Wormwood (2)    Wormwood
Worn Thin    Worn Thin
Worn Thin    Remnants Of What Could Have Been
Worn Thin    Worn Thin
Wreckage (3)    This Is America
Wretched Ones, The    Nice Guys Finish Last
xBrainiax / No Comply (3)    Are You Okay?
X-Rays, The*    Grown Up Drunk
YAWP!    The Only God
Yohuna    Revery
Yokohama Hooks / Flip Tops, The*    Split
Yossarian Is Drowning    Yossarian Is Drowning
Young Accuser, The    Unsound
Youth Brigade / Screw 32    Spies For Life / Blind Spot
Youth Of Today    Disengage
Youth Riot    Burn Glendora To The Ground
Zero Progress    Derailed
Zero Tolerance (7)    Fuel The Fire

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